It’s time for a WiFi catch-up post!

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And it’s about time for a new post in general! I’m sorry for the inactivity on my blog, but I haven’t been inactive in AC as a whole, since I’ve been pretty busy working on my town, along with doing some WiFing. I got to visit Miagen, Tenshi, Delltune, and Okelani!


Starting off with a lovely visit to Cassidy’s town Miagen in July!

Her town had gone through a lot of development since my last visit, from room updates to dream neighbors achieved to new pathing and gardening.

Blue homes in Miagen

Cassidy’s going for a dream team of blue neighbors in Miagen, and since house exteriors tend to reflect their owners, there are lots of blue house styles as well in Miagen, matching the serene atmosphere of the town’s landscaping with its many blue flowers and winding streams. She’s even working on re-decorating her dream neighbors’ houses with blue furniture, which can be a very daunting process, so major props to her for that!

The bush-lined paths looked really nice too! I bet they’re blue hydrangeas, which must look striking with the rest of the town when they bloom.

Reeling in a dorado in Miagen

I spotted an intriguingly large shadow in Miagen’s river, and it was exciting to reel in a pretty golden dorado! ❤ Aw, I miss the summer fish…

The last time I visited this cafe it was all snow and winter-themed, and this time it was green and flowery! A seasonally updated cafe, how cool 😀

And this freezer room for the cafe was an especially cool idea and execution, I thought!

In general the rooms in Miagen are so amazing and creative, like who would have thought to pair emerald-customized furniture with a nighttime garden? (I actually remember deciding at one point that I’d never use emerald furniture because after seeing pictures online I thought it was too bright for me…But it looks so beautiful here! Lighting conditions can change everything!)

And last but definitely not least, I was thrilled to visit this room again and see how it’s expanded and improved! My applause sums up my reaction — probably one of my favorite rooms I’ve seen 🙂

Besides walking around exploring and admiring Miagen, we also had a really nice chat about a variety of things from pokemon to ideas for fantasy medieval-style taverns 🙂 Thanks so much for having me over, Cassidy, I really enjoyed the visit!


Another WiFi I had, just a day later, was a second visit to Lurai and Ai’s town of Tenshi 🙂 (Last time I WiFied with her character Lurai, this time with Ai). Her cute outfit matched this spot well ^^

And these vibrant pansies coordinate really well with the house exterior of Ai’s house!

The elegant castle exterior of Lurai’s house really appeals to me too 🙂

These were my favorite rooms in the two houses; I loove that doll display(?) item, and there’s such a cool mix of items in both rooms!

Having fun ringing the bell in a field of pansies 🙂

This mushroom stump spot is really cute, and in general Tenshi has such a sunny atmosphere with all its yellow flowers, I love it! ^_^

Admiring the view of a wind turbine across the river

Just as Ai started showing me around an extensive park and I started snapping pictures, I got the dreaded message that my photo storage was full >_< Ahh the park was really impressive, wish I could've taken some more pics! But thanks so much for letting me explore your town, Ai, it was really fun and interesting to see all the new changes and additions 😀


A couple weeks ago — or maybe it was more like a month ago, I don’t remember — I went to Choco’s town Delltune to drop off some perfect oranges, since her one perfect orange tree got destroyed by a new neighbor’s house. (I’d collected a bunch of perfect oranges from a previous town on my other gamecard, so I had plenty to give her)

There was a fireworks show going on, so we had fun watching that and setting off sparklers, and reminiscing about our first WiFi together, which was in her Wild World town StarCity during a fireworks show. And we’d also WiFied together in her first New Leaf town Belltune during a fireworks show about a year ago 🙂

Haha 😛 Unfortunately our WiFi was cut short by WiFi errors, but we still had a really nice time while it lasted 🙂


I made a new friend on Tumblr recently, and normally I’d give a link, but it’s a personal blog and not an AC tumblr or anything. But she’s really nice and even gave me my favorite pokemon, Clefairy, in Pokemon X the other day :3 And a few weeks ago I visited her town, Okelani!

Some pretty spots around town in Okelani 🙂 It’s gone through lots of construction since this visit, so it’s even better now, and you can check it out at the dream address 5300-4608-7132.

This snowman matryoshka is simply adorable! ❤

Hehe, what it says when you pay off a PWP in another town.

A friend of hers stopped by to play too and she was really nice as well 🙂

Group pic~

The three of us went to the island to swim and such, and do tours 🙂 There was a little game-title mention in Kapp’n’s song!

We did well at some tours and failed at others, like this one…I’m generally awful at the maze ones. 😐 But we still had a great time, thanks so much for the fun WiFi! 😀


Since our WiFi got cut short by errors the previous time, Choco and I had another WiFi not too long ago, this time starting in my town since she had a petition to fill up.

Setting off sparklers, always a fun WiFi pastime :3 Thanks for bringing those!

Choco got a sneak peak of some changes and additions to my town, but overall it was quite messy and under construction, so we left to go to her town after she got a look around and got her petition done.

Upon arriving in Delltune I immediately started to explore and came across this beaaautiful spot ❤ I have no words, just beautiful!

Stopping by the riverside well spot, which I’d also admired the last time I visited.

Some cool paving around Re-Tail!

Visiting a very cool neighbor, Ruby the moon bunny 😀 (In the Japanese version her name is Luna!)

Stopping to get a cup of coffee ^^

Yay, congrats on your new lighthouse Choco! 😀

And on your sittable tree, aww (it’s been that long already?!)

I thought I could detect Choco’s influence on the neighbors’ dialogue 😛 Hahah I ❤ you Choco.

We also watched a riveting soccer game xP

What a sweet way to honor your first jacob’s ladder! I wish I thought of it, who knows what my first jacob’s ladder is now..ah well.

A beautiful and touching spot in her town, to honor her dog :’)

It creates a lovely view by the waterfall, too 🙂 Thanks so much for such a fun WiFi and letting me explore your town, Choco — Delltune’s coming along so well and it was such a pleasure to visit! 😀


Well that about wraps it up 🙂 For a lot of these WiFis I had to say that I couldn’t host in my town, so I thought I’d mention that my town is no longer under construction and I can have visitors again for now! But the construction was for the cherry blossom festival, which I can’t keep my town on forever, so I’ll need to make more adjustments at some point. If a WiFi doesn’t work out, you’re also free to visit my dream address (4800-2245-2005), which I just updated recently ^_^ Thanks for reading, hope you all have a great week!

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12 thoughts on “It’s time for a WiFi catch-up post!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Hehe it probably wasn’t, since I pretty much only do planned-beforehand WiFis and my last planned one (besides trades) was the one with Choco in this post. However, it might not be a bad idea to start opening my gates randomly more! The only thing is I have lots of people on my list from trades.

      • Oh, I see… Yeah, that makes sense about having to plan WiFis if you trade a lot.
        By the way, I visited your town in the Dream Suite today and I LOVED IT! I was surprised to see how much it had changed since I last saw it, but I guess I shouldn’t be. 😛 I really like the idea of Fern’s house! 🙂

        • Yeah it gives me a tad bit of nervousness if I open my gates not knowing who out of my 98 friends (half of which I don’t know too well because they’re from trades) will stop by xD Planning/arranging ahead of time just works better for me I guess, but maybe I’ll change my tune ^_^ And maybe I could do with a bit of a clean-out of my friends list.
          Yaayyy, thank you so much, I’m really glad to hear you liked it! 😀 Once I got all my dream neighbors I was able to change a lot of the PWP arrangements. Glad you liked Fern’s house too, it’s a quite different feel from all my other homes!

  1. Wow! I love all the cool rooms and towns you visited! The underwater room looks a lot like the underwater room in Melody’s summer house (which I just got the broken post for the other day)! I plan on doing another post as soon as things settle down here at school and I get Purrl moved in (my last dreamie, yay!) I can’t wait to visit your dream town this weekend when I get home and actually have decent wifi! I’m really excited to see the progress you have made in Citalune! 😀

    • Glad you liked seeing them! 🙂 Oh cool, look forward to seeing your underwater room ^^ I’ve seen many mermaid and fish-themed rooms and such before, but I’ve never seen a room that looked like such a mysterious underwater mermaid temple type thing before, and with that cool blue lighting too.
      Aww yay, good luck with Purrl, and I look forward to seeing that update! Thanks in advance for visiting my dream 😀

  2. Whoaaa those towns are awesome! I personally love Miagen! Those bush-lined paths are awesome! I feel a bit inspired in working on my town hehe >.<
    LOL i laughed at your reactions with my villager's catchphrases.. I couldn't think of anything, really. DOOT DOOT!

    • I agree! 😀 Aw and I’m glad you were inspired, I do love Miagen ^_^
      Hahah it gave me a laugh too, and it’s nice that you actually take the time to give them catchphrases. I usually decline out of laziness, or just give them back their original catchphrase if it’s changed to something weird. But yours put a big grin on my face! DOOTDOOT! xP

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