Fourth debt paid off

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With the fourth debt paid off, that means I’ll get my first side room tomorrow! I’ll need to rearrange my main room to account for the hole in the wall, and send lots of two-line letters to get new furniture, because I have nothing to put in the new room. :/ Also of note today, we had a visitor in town: the crying lost kitten, Katie — she’s so cute! :3 But Twisk looks like she’s thinking “oh, what a bother!”

Poor Katie

The only character I’ve DS-to-DSed with is from my dad’s town, Red Bank. I had my old character from my first AC:WW town (who lives in Red Bank now) visit Dafdilly the other day to buy something from Nookway, so that I could get Nookington’s. So it was pretty easy to organize the reunion with Katie’s mom because I have such easy access to the other town.

Helping Katie to the gate

We’re almost there, you can even see the gate… but she fell over two more times, bless her heart.

We made it there eventually!

Reunion with Katie's mom

Witnessing the touching reunion between the two, while I’m daydreaming about which item I’ll get in the mail. There are a few Katie/Kaitlyn items I really want >_<

Surprised Joey with teeny eyes

Look at surprised Joey, isn’t he cute? ^^

Paying off fourth home loan all at once

There’s something satisfying for me in paying off loans all at once, I don’t know why xD The loans are starting to get pretty big now!

Phyllis is still not impressed, though 😛

Fourth debt paid off

All right! And now I’m broke 😛

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