Fourth debt paid off

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So that means I’ll get my first side room tomorrow! I’ll need to rearrange my main room to make room for the hole in the wall and send lots of two-line letters to get new furniture, because I have nothing to put in there. :/ I actually liked a few things from the Able Sisters’ today: a dazed shirt, waitress shirt (I’ll give it to Bell), and my favorite acccessory, a star hairpin. By the way, the hunt for Trildale is on again!

I found this cute little kitten in my town today. Twisk looks like she’s thinking, “oh, what a bother.”

The only character I’ve DS-to-DS’d with is from my dad’s town; I had my original ACWW character visit Dafdilly the other day and buy something from Nookway so that I could get Nookington’s. It was easy to reunite them.

Come on, almost there, you can even see the gate! 🙄 But she fell over two more times.

Aww, they’re reunited.

Now give me something good! >_<

Surpised Joey. Look how small his eyes are!

I like to pay it off all at once.

All right! And now I’m broke 😛

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