Days 4 & 5: New watering can, new ordinance, new friends

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Yesterday I finally got myself a watering can! I didn’t realize that all I had to do was ask Isabelle for advice for living and complete a few simple tasks, like bringing her a seashell. If you need a fishing rod or net, she’ll also give you one of those too. But not both, I think, so look to see what tools are at Nookling’s Junction first. Might be a helpful tip for those in Europe who are starting their New Leaf town soon. I hope you all enjoy the game! 😀

Thursday, June 13 (Day 4):

Isabelle giving the watering can

You’re a lifesaver, Isabelle, thank you!

I’ve been wanting to wait until I have an axe to start planting the foreign fruit I’ve gotten, so that I can be sure they’ll grow by planting them where a tree used to be, but I’m losing patience. If an axe doesn’t show up soon, I might just have to plant them anyway! I’ve heard growing trees isn’t too much of a problem in New Leaf, so that’s good.

No axe


My development permit came yesterday! 😀 I can now assign an ordinance for my town and build community projects like fountains, benches, and street lamps. Though I haven’t built one yet because they’re pretty expensive, so I want to choose and place them carefully… maybe even make a gridded map of my town first? But it also might be good at first to just put projects in certain areas where I don’t want villager houses to move into, so I don’t know. >_<

Out of the four options for town ordinances — early bird town, night owl town, rich town, and beautiful town — I picked the beautiful town ordinance. It was what I always planned on implementing pre-game because it sounds so amazing: no wilted flowers, no garbage, few weeds, and more flowers popping up! But the night owl ordinance was very tempting for me as well; it would be nice for the shops to be open later, especially in the summertime when there are so many valuable bugs late at night. And I don’t have many flowers to care for, so the beautiful town ordinance’s value is not a whole lot right now. Well, if I change my mind, it’s only 20,000 bells.

When I saw pictures of the game before having it myself, I thought these two types of flowers (red lily on the left, purple violet on the right) were the same! I can see the difference now, but they look fairly similar. I do love these new flowers and hope to have many in my town. 😀

I also paid off my first home loan yesterday! It was nice to see Pelly clapping for me. 🙂

Lyra seeking Drift's house for shelter from bee swarm, but the door is shut

Poor Lyra, should’ve tried to make it to the Re-Tail shop instead 😛

Friday, June 14 (Day 5):

My newly expanded house today 🙂

I tried to see if there are any palette colors that will match the grass and dirt in this game, but it doesn’t look like there are any great ones:

In AC:WW I really liked making patterns that would blend in with the environment, so this is a little disappointing for me.

I was wondering what the shadow under the bridge was — thought it was a strange new fish or something — but it turns out my character is casting a shadow through the bridge somehow. 😛

I went to visit Ryann in Shantaki today: 😀

First step into Shantaki ^^

And right after stepping into town, there was another visitor, Cassidy from Miagen!

Group picture by Ryann’s growing tree 🙂

Katrina was in Shantaki, so I took the opportunity to visit her for the first time. Katrina was actually in Citàlune the other day, but I forgot to go inside her tent because I never bothered to in AC:WW. 😛

Katrina seeing visions of Tortimer

It’s like she’s predicting the future; I should be getting the island tomorrow, I think! ^_^ She also told me that my lucky item was polka dot rain boots. (Sounds cute!)

Shortly after, we headed to Ryann’s island together 😀

Happy faces

Cute emotion shots from the tours. We did several of them, it was really fun! I don’t know if I remember all the names, but there were a few fishing tours, a fossil-hunting tour, and one called the elite hammer tour.

The elite hammer tour was a blast! I was laughing pretty much the whole time, it was so ridiculous and fun. The only tour we didn’t do well in was the fossil-hunting one, and it was probably my fault. 😳

Failing at the Fossil Hunter Tour

I thought I was doing well in the Fossil Hunting tour as I was digging up all the fossils, and when my pockets were full I proudly brought them over to Tortimer, but he told me I had to display them in the houses scattered around, and I didn’t know how to do that correctly. I don’t think I’d do any better a second time, I’m pretty confused about it! 😛

We also went to the main part of the island, which looks beautiful at sunset with all the warm-colored flowers and hibiscus bushes. I see some growing trees — so you can plant new trees and flowers on the island? I like the idea of making my island a flowery paradise, as long as I don’t have to water them everyday. 😛

Got to go swimming again! ^_^

I’m terrible at catching finned fish, I missed at least two while I was there.

Not too great at bug-catching either…

Then I had to go, so Ryann and Cassidy kindly escorted me back. Thanks for such a fun WiFi, I had a great time! :mrgreen:

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22 thoughts on “Days 4 & 5: New watering can, new ordinance, new friends

  1. Congrats on the development permit! 😀 and also, You can get an axe when the gardening shop opens. 😛 I wanted to go to Shantaki too. 😀 But there were some internet problems so i couldn’t go. :/

    • Thanks Choco! Oh okay, so the axe isn’t sold at the standard item shop anymore, but instead the gardening shop? I really look forward to my gardening shop opening, for more reasons than just the axe 😀 Aww, I’m sorry about the internet problems!

      • Yes, It is only sold in the gardening shop. ^^ My nook’s store is gonna upgrade tomorrow, so maybe it’ll be also sold there? I hope? 😛

        Doesn’t matter, My internet’s working fine now. ^^ I think? But I got to wi-fi for a few minutes during a fruit trade on ACC.

  2. Hey! I added you just know (A bit late, I know…) And I’m pretty sure that the Wi-Fi’s gonna work today! So it’s 7p.m. my time, 3p.m. yours.
    Ogygia is great, but because I liked the layout so much, I ignored the circle grass (Which I despise), the fact that the town fruit was pears, not cherries, and that I don’t have a lot of great neighbours or three ponds. But my house is in an awesome location-in a nook in the river, right beside the sea-to-river joining waterfall. I’m looking forward to Wi-Fi’ing tonight (Or this afternoon, for you :D)

      • Hi, um, the Wi-Fi didn’t work. I don’t know if it was the Internet’s fault or what, but I had my gate open for 20 minutes and nothing happened. I’m not blaming it on you, of course. I just wanna know if you had Internet trouble or had to do something or forgot.
        No worries! 🙂

        • Oh, it’s not 3 PM my time quite yet, I was going to go over in a bit! I’m sorry if there was confusion about time zones! 😦 As I type this, it’s 2:39, so I was going to look for gates soon. But your town sounds great to me — I like circle grass, it means you’ll have lovely stars in the winter! And I’m glad to hear that you found such a wonderful house location. 😀

          • Oooh. That explains it! 😀 No problem-o, time is a pretty complex thing. Now I’ll work it out exactly. How about tomorrow (Sunday the 16th) same time? I’ll know now not to get all ‘7p.m.! Time to open my gates!’ Ireland can be a bit of a pest time-wise – we’re not part of the UK, but we’re closest to its time etc. Yeah, but I look forward to Wi-Fi’ing if the Universe would be so kind as to let us Wi-Fi. Only thing, my town’s gonna have rain tomorrow. But I have the gardening store! (I mighta, you know, cheated just a little…) And your good luck on growing hybrids seems to be in effect – either that or it’s a whole lot easier to grow them.
            So, I open my gate first, then you yours. Fingers crossed!

            • Sounds good, hopefully it will all work out this time. I’ll look for gates at 3 my time, which should be 8 your time? (Earlier would work too, if that’s a little on the late side for you on a Sunday night. But we also don’t have to WiFi long!)
              Oh wow, you know your town’s weather! 😛 And I’m jealous that you have the garden shop! Out of eagerness and a bit of frustration for wanting an axe, I did kind of look up the requirements for getting one… I guess I need to plant more stuff, hope I get it soon! I also hope I get my first hybrid soon, I haven’t yet. I’m glad the hybrid-growing has been going well for you so far 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about the axe – I feel the same about the slingshot! It’s really irritating how balloons keep floating by when you can only get the slingshot in the T&T Mart. -,- Wow, it’s really disappointing how no colors match the ground color! I was really looking forward to making a path! 😦 Aww! Thanks for coming over yesterday! I’m glad you had fun, I did too! That fossil tour wasn’t your fault! But it was cute how you brought it to Tortimer. xD It was a really confusing tour – that’s all! We should WiFi again sometime! :3

    • Yeah, it would be nice to not have to wait until the balloons get near the beach to be able to hit them down with a net! I didn’t realize that some tools would be made available in later shops, thought I was just getting unlucky stock.
      I thought it might be cool to make some patterns like I had in my AC:WW town, like bricks or stepping stones that are spaced apart on a dirt or grass pattern, but oh well, I guess I’ll have to make different styles of paths instead. 🙂
      It was so much fun! Thanks again for having me over, and for the pears, block, and island visit! I’m sure we will, I look forward to it 😀

      • WHAT YOU CAN HIT THEM DOWN WITH A NET?! Ommgg I didn’t know that!! Thank you!! 😀 Haha, me too! Because you’d either get a net or a fishing rod with a shovel everyday it seemed! Please let me know when you have paths available because I’d like to use those in my town! Besides, I can’t paint a pattern to save my life.. >_< No problem! We were happy to have you!

        • Oh, I thought you knew! Yeah, the present dips a bit lower when it nears your beach/cliff, and you can knock it with your net. But since presents can go in both directions, and you only have cliffs on one side of town, I don’t think you can knock down presents that are going in the direction away from your beach. (could be wrong)
          Aww, I’m flattered that you’d want to use paths of mine! 😳 I’m sorry I haven’t made any yet, I guess there are all these other goals to work towards in the beginning of the game (paying off loans and community projects, fishing and bug-catching, along with WiFing and such). But I’d really like to make some eventually. 🙂

  4. Typical, getting the watering can right before you don’t need it anymore. 😛
    LOL, love that picture sequence of Lyra at Drift’s door xP I didn’t see the 2nd pic at first.
    Too bad about the palette colours ._. You don’t realise how limited the colours are until you start designing. (And rewinding a bit, I should tell you that I found a town! :P)
    Do you have any favourite island tours so far? 🙂

    • Haha, true! 😆 I’ve heard that watering flowers (even if the flowers don’t need it) helps your chances in growing hybrids, so I’ve been watering some flowers still. Not sure if it’s actually true or not, but in my experience so far it is? 😕 I was having trouble growing hybrids for a while, but for two days I watered all my flowers and I got three hybrids both days all of a sudden!
      Yeah, I’ll really miss doing paths like that. 😦 I liked that having a dirt or grass background let you do non-square path patterns. Now if I make paths to my villagers’ houses, they’ll be all square and blocky and unnatural looking, I think. I might try to have pattern paths leading to the major buildings on the ‘city’ side of town, and try to work towards dirt paths on the more earthy side of town.
      Yay, awesome! I’m so happy you found the right town! 😀 I can’t wait to hear about your life in AC:NL on your blog, and WiFi together :mrgreen: My favorite tours might be the Ancient Fish Encoun-Tour (it’s fun to catch all that rare fish) and the Hammer Tour, which is a lot of fun when you’re doing it with other people. Probably the least interesting are the Fossil and Scavenger tours, but I often use the Elite Scavenger Tour to accumulate lots of medals. I get 16 every time I do it! 😮

      • Hmm I think I got hybrids more easily after watering too 🙂 I haven’t had any hybrids these past few days and I realised I haven’t bothered watering them since putting in the BT ordinance.
        I actually liked the Scavenger Tour ^^ Though I only did the easier ones. I liked the Hammer Tour too, but I got a lot of medals the first time I did it, and the subsequent times I only got a few despite doing better.

        • Yeah, it’s kind of a bummer about that, because the main reason to choose a beautiful town is so that you don’t have to water flowers anymore. But then you’ll get less hybrids, it seems. I still like having no wilted flowers, though, and the peace of mind that I don’t need to water any flowers (just ones I want to try to grow hybrids with), so I still like the beautiful town ordinance. I’m jealous of my dad for having the night owl ordinance sometimes, though, it seems very handy.
          Yeah, I like the Scavenger Tour well enough, but I tend to do it over and over in order to get lots of medals (the Elite version gives 16), and it becomes a bit of a chore when just grinding for medals. I’m up for doing pretty much all of the tours, but the Elite Fossil Hunting Tour, Elite Gardening Tour, and Elite Item-Matching Tour are especially difficult and I end up losing… some of the easy versions of these are okay, though.

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