Preparing for October

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There have been lots of rainbows in Dafdilly lately! There was one last Monday, another a few days later, and one yesterday that I got multiple pictures of as it grew brighter and then faded.

Full picture: 🙂


Well, last week I kind of left everyone hanging about whether or not I won the Bug-Off, but I did!

Bug-Off trophy in Harmony's room

It’s my first trophy in this town! 😀 I was still wearing Teru’s lovely butterfly shirt that I appropriately wore for the Bug-Off itself.

I left the red vase I got from Saharah a while ago on the town hall pavement so that I wouldn’t forget to give it to Crazy Redd this time. 😛

Crazy Redd: That red vase there. That's a very nice item! .... In exchange, I present you with the special Crazy Redd's safe! Redd's heard that greedy ol' raccoons consider it quite the showcase item!

What a heavy hint 😆 I didn’t waste any time and went straight to Nook, not even stopping to see what it looks like.

Tom Nook: To tell you the truth, I've always wanted a safe of my own.... Well, I shall respond to your kindness by giving you this wonderful thing, yes? It's my glamour shot! I tried hard to come across as casual, yet forthright, hm?

Haha, I was surprised by how he carefully described his ‘glamour shot’ 😛

It’s on my fireplace now:

Tom Nook's photo on the fireplace

I was very tempted by this crown since they don’t show up often:

A crown pops up at the Able Sisters

But I only had ~700,000 bells in my bank account at the time. I even started trying to make 300,000 bells so that I could buy it, but after selling all my fruit for about 100,000 bells, I decided that it wasn’t the smartest thing to empty my bank account for. Besides, I bought one in my original town (which is now saved in my dad’s town)… I kind of want to buy one in Dafdilly eventually, though. The royal (king) crown, too.

Lobo: Real adults try to be balanced and not act like complete psychos.

I get a kick out of the use of quotations here 😆

Twisk, Bell, Harmony, and Melody on the island

Stitched-together photo of Twisk, Bell, Harmony, and Melody on the island together at sunset. ☀️

Melody was up late working on finishing all the pieces for the new side path:

Melody finishing making the side paths

As you can see by the timestamp, Melody was in the Able Sisters past 11 PM — they don’t kick you out like Nook does! I’m going to have to edit the side paths all over again when the grass changes color in October. -_-

Goodbye shot with Joey

Joey moved out Friday, but I got a picture before he left. 🙂

It was weird seeing Joey’s old house location empty since he was one of my original eight neighbors:

Joey's empty house plot

The spot wasn’t vacant long, though! Pudge lives there now, who moved in after WiFing with Kammile. (He’s not from Kammile’s town, though, he was just in Kammile’s 9th slot.)



On Saturday night, Kammile invited me to come to StarCity to pick up some gifts she ordered just for me! 😀 It was my first time meeting her character Dawn. ^_^

Off to StarCity

Kammile gave me 3 furniture items I’ve been wanting a long time:

  • a lovely phone
  • a cabin chair
  • an apple tv
  • and a bag of 99,000 bells! 😮

Thank you Kammile, that was so nice!!

Kammile and I exchanging gifts

I wanted to give a few things in return, too, so I gave her an Arc de Triomphe model I got from Gulliver recently, a meadow vista, a groovy shirt, and a few plants.

She also invited me to hunt for buried treasure in her town:

Treasure hunt

So fun! And so generous ❤

Setting off sparklers with Kammile

I still have lots of fireworks in storage, so I brought some over to set off during our WiFi meeting. 🙂

StarCity's island

Kammile’s island, dubbed Flower Paradise, looks so lovely! She’s using the new side path I made, so our islands are coordinating really well right now! ^^

Twisk and Dawn morphed

Twisk and Dawn were morphed after visiting Gabi’s house, and we had fun taking strange pictures of the sight.

Christmas tree in Kammile's house

Kammile prepares for things a lot sooner than I do! She first started preparing for her upcoming Halloween party in August, I think. 😮

Kammile's kitchen

I love this cozy dining room! The flowers on the table are a nice, realistic touch.

Kammile's Sky Balcony

And I was excited to see this new sky balcony! 😀 I love formal gardens that make use of the columns and statues in the game, and create a peaceful atmosphere with running water. The new décor has increased her HRA score as well!

Kammile's bathroom

…lol 😳 I was surprised to see that those button-controlled sayings work when sitting on a toilet, to be honest.

Dawn playing dress-up

Dawn also played dress-up a lot, which was fun to see 😛

Landscaping in StarCity

She allowed me to explore her town when she went offline. There are lots of breeding spots and benches scattered throughout her town. 🙂

Pattern pond by the waterfall

I found this amazing pattern pond by the waterfall! I want to try making my own water patterns sometime, but I don’t know if they’ll turn out this good. 😛

Autumn scenery in StarCity

And a real pond! 😆 This is actually my favorite pond you can get in the game! Not all towns have the same shaped ponds; this one, for example, only shows up in ‘blank’ acres that contain villagers’ house plots. I hope I get this pond in Trildale 🙂

StarCity's Able Sisters

Wow, I love the patterns at her Ables’! *_*

Kammile/Dawn comes over to Dafdilly

Next, Dawn came over to my town! I had time to put the lovely phone and apple tv she gave me into my house real quick.

Lovely phone: Watch your cash flow. Maybe you should wait a month before buying that tiara.

The lovely phone belongs in Bell’s room. ^_^ Its message was fitting since I was thinking about buying a crown earlier that week. 😛

New apple tv in the fruit kitchen

Yay, the apple tv completes my fruit kitchen! :mrgreen:

Bed bumping on Harmony's bed

Bed bumping on Harmony’s bed 😆

Kammile reuniting with Baabara

We had time to visit some of my neighbors before I went to bed (as you can see, it was getting pretty late), including Baabara, who used to live in StarCity — and we’re going to try to move her back there! Thank you again Kammile for the wonderful gifts and WiFi session 😀


Yesterday I grew a black rose, and since I grew a purple rose last week, here’s an update on my blue rose breeding spot(s):

Blue rose breeding spot

Still haven’t gotten one, though. 😛

I also got my first bottlemail from a real person that day — from none other than Kammile’s character Devon! 😆

Bottle mail from Kammile's character Devon

After depositing the money Kammile gave me, along with some money I made myself the past several days, my balance was was over one million bells!

Pelly: The current Bell balance is 1,002,000.

Which means…

Tissue box

I got a tissue box in the mail later. 🙂 Once I bring over the ~5 million from my original town (being stored in my dad’s town), I’ll be well on my way to earning the piggy bank.

I re-arranged Bell’s room a bit, now that I have the lovely phone, and it’s pretty much complete. I would like some advice, though, on which of these is better:

(1) Set-up with the froggy chair and lily-pad table, and a carpet of pink and green polka dots and stars:
Bell's room set-up with star and polka dot carpet

(2) Set-up with the green chair and green desk, and a carpet of peach and yellow checks:
Bell's room set-up with check-pattern carpet

The concept for Bell’s bedroom comes from how I imagine her as a character (elementry school age — hence the alarm clock, area for doing homework, etc). I set up a poll:

It’s just for fun, but I’m curious to see the votes!

So now you’ve seen how I used the lovely phone and apple tv, and here’s how I used the cabin chair Kammile also gave me:

Cabin chairs in my main room

My previous chairs might have been more colorful, but I think these cabin ones fit the rustic fairytale cottage feel I’m going for in this room more than econo chairs. 😛

Rainbow gif

It rained for a little while yesterday, then cleared up, and I was lucky to see all the stages of a rainbow!

Yesterday was also Yay Day:

Compliments for and from my villagers

Haha, I said Peewee was a musical genius since he made Dafdilly’s town tune and I’ve been too lazy to change it to something better. 😛

Goodbye shot with Maple

Wow, it looks like Maple’s moving already :/

My biggest project I completed on Sunday was re-planting Dafdilly’s trees in preparation for October.

First, I recorded the trees as they were (shown as green):

Current trees in Dafdilly: Gridded Map

Then I planned my new trees:

Planning new trees in Dafdilly: Gridded Map

As you can see by comparing these two maps, I kept the layout of trees mostly the same… Even though I’m not 100% satisfied with my layout of trees, I don’t have time to completely re-plan the layout of trees right now. What I did do is strategically spread out different types of trees since they will all change to different colors in October and November depending on their types. Fruit trees are usually the darkest, and then saplings and bell trees come in two different lighter shades. Cedars and coconut palms don’t change color as much. I’ve been stocking up on axes and saplings since the beginning of this town, and fortunately I had more than enough for the job. 🙂

Planted saplings

A picture of an area in my sapling-filled town once I was finished. (I got into the tree-planting spirit with this haircut and outfit 😛 )

Growing baby trees

And now it’s full of baby trees! 🌱

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12 thoughts on “Preparing for October

  1. Wow… that map must have taken a LONG TIME!
    I just wanted to let you know that after you design something on top of another pattern, if that “another pattern is on the ground”, then it will change by itself and you won’t need to pick it up and lay it down again. I would have put down a path but mine always look messy. That nice map layout makes me want to put down another path.

  2. Hey, question: When is the grass or trees going to change next? (Since you knew that it was going to change on Sept. 16th) Maybe Oct. 1st?

    • Ahh you’re right, that would have saved a lot of time since my new path patterns and my old path patterns did pretty much correspond with each other exactly. So not only did I have to spend time laying down new ones, but I had to pick up all the old ones as well. >.<
      Yep, the grass is going to change color on October 1st to a lighter green (picture) and it will only last until the 17th. I’m kind of stuck on how I’m going to blend patterns in with the grass because there isn’t a green light enough on palette 12. I might have to give up on that until winter… 😦

  3. Wow! That’s like one of the biggest projects I’ve ever seen! 😆
    Great job on the map! And may I ask with which program you made the image? Programs really help when doing these type of images and I would like a similar program to design my paths!
    Thank you Amy and a million congrats!

    • Thanks! 😀 I hope the work pays off by making my town look really nice this Fall. I just used MS Paint for editing the map, I don’t have anything fancier than that. 😛 Gridded maps are great for planning stuff like this, it’s great you have one now! 🙂

      • Use this link ( to make a gridded version of your town map by choosing the corresponding acres… I’m going to get my DS so I can do this and lay down a path once and for all! I’ve always picked mine up after a few days because I feel like mine are always messy and not planned well.

  4. Cool post! 😛
    Hey you gonna do a pattern’s page? 😉
    Hope yes ! XD
    I so your poll I voted this : (1) Set-up with the froggy chair and lily-pad table and a carpet of pink and green polka dots and stars
    Becose I think it’s more funny! 😆
    Well…. yes….. I have a new post, and 3 new pages on my blog! XD
    Comment if yoy want! Xp
    PS: Do you now where’s Kammile? 😥

    • Thanks! Yep, the delay for the patterns page is because I want to make patterns that blend in with all the grass, snow, and dirt first. >.<
      Haha, thanks for voting! 😛 I guess Kammile's been busy with school for a few days. She did say in her last post that she was going to be cutting back.

  5. Ok thanks!
    BTW thanks too for comenting in my blog, thats not publicity: did you see the “Beyond Hogwarts” page, was really cool and interesting! 😉
    Ps: I love your map!

  6. Aww….. You comment a lot in my blog! Xp
    Well I have a question: Did you now how to do a new chat box?
    Becose I don’t remember! 😆

    • No, sorry, I’ve never had a chatbox and I have no idea. xP Why, do you want a new one? I thought you got a new one with the help of Jemma a few days ago.

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