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I haven’t been posting as much because I’ve been spending most of the time I have for Animal Crossing trying to find the perfect town for Trildale, but I’ve still been playing in Dafdilly every day, even if it’s minimal. I’ll give a quick update about what’s been going on this week! Last Saturday I scheduled with Lyle for Crazy Redd to come Monday, dropping all my money on the ground so that he couldn’t rip me off with one of his insurance deals. And I forgot to see K.K. Slider’s performance, oops! I bought a red turnip from Joan Sunday morning and tried to buy more with my other characters, but found out you can’t do that. 😦

On Monday I bought my first legitimate painting from Redd!

Strange Painting

The real one is apparently Ambassadeurs: Aristide Bruant by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

I also got my wish for hybrids other than orange pansies 😛

Black Rose

A black rose from my red rose field

Pink Tulip

A pink tulip in a lonely corner of town

Ooh, an ivory piano. 🙂 This was on sale at Nook’s Wednesday.

Ivory piano spotlight item at Nook's

I remember in my previous town I wanted one of these real badly, so I kept sending furniture to Olivia so that she would throw hers out. Eventually she did, but she didn’t put it in the recycling bin. 😕 (Got one from Wishy later on, though)

Yesterday, a purple rose grew! 🙂

Purple Rose

Gosh, I forgot how pretty these are!

Now I can try breeding blue roses! I won’t get my hopes up until I have many more black and purple roses, but I guess I might get lucky.

One black rose + one purple rose = small hopes and big dreams

Worth a try~

I also got another pink tulip:

Another pink tulip

Any pink, blue, or purple flowers are appreciated since I want to cover Dafdilly in pastel colors. 🙂

I was watering flowers on the right side of town when I heard the noise of Gulliver’s UFO! I pretty much freaked out (I figured it was a Pete day) and just barely shot him down. This is where I was standing when I did it:

Shot Gulliver down at the last second by the cliff

So close to missing Gulliver!

Meeting Gulliver

Meeting Gulliver

He ended up giving me a metroid for collecting his ship parts — not one of my favorites, ah well!

His outfit costs more than his ship

lol… Cassiopeian couture

Sable’s begun to tell me a bit of her family’s backstory each day, which is always special to hear.

Sable's first pair of mittens: made for Mabel

She told me the story of the first clothing item she ever made, so sweet!

Green Roof

Still trying out different roof colors… this one’s just labeled as green, but wow, it’s bright!

Vesta left Dafdilly last night. 😦 I’ll miss her a bit, especially if I don’t like the neighbor who replaces her, but she isn’t one of my dream neighbors that I want to keep forever, so it makes sense to let her go.

Goodbye shot with Vesta

A decent picture of the two of us before she left. Bye ❤

A pink cosmos popped up in front of Rowan’s house today 🙂

Pink Cosmos

I love pink cosmos, they’re so vibrant! I put it in my hair and changed into my petal dress to match.

Dark Green Roof

My new dark green roof, which I like more than the regular green. Tomorrow it will be turquoise 😛


Saharah was in Dafdilly today. All my characters helped her deliver, so I got the lunar horizon, Saharah’s desert, ringside seating, and tropical vista.

Pelly cheerful to get her own mail

This was Pelly’s reaction when I delivered Saharah’s carpet — what an expression, so cute! 😆

Puddles trading a cream sofa for an icy shirt

A pretty good deal if you ask me! I put the cream sofa in my main room because I thought it might look nice with the sweets/fairytale wall.

Sable and Mabel's childhood

Aww, the story of their childhood is so sad, but also sweet and uplifting in way. At least they had each other, and they grew up to be so kind and hardworking! You can tell that Sable perhaps had to grow up a little fast and help take care of Mabel in their parent’s stead, and she did a great job, it sounds like. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Covering this past week

  1. Congratulations on getting all those lovely hybrids and catching Gulliver! I do that once on a blue moon 😛 And we’re onto our 4th Metroid by now… as opposed to my 6 non-Metroid Gulliver items -.-

    • haha, I did think of you when I got that Metroid, how that’s all you got from Gulliver for a while. Another continuing thing that cracked me up when I read your old posts is that Kody was always in the background applauding your catches! 😆

    • I feel that way too actually!! Always so exciting to get a hybrid in ACWW! But in New Leaf it’s kind of not a big deal, what with the new watering mechanics (watering=increased chance of growing hybrids) and fertilizer and all. I’m just like…oh, a new hybrid, what am I gonna do with it >_>

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