Visit to Jemma’s town

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Isn’t this house pretty? I found it randomly when resetting one of my extra gamecards. It’s a Static’s house, and each villager always has the same, specific house shape… I have a Static in my town too, and also have this house style in my town, but he chose one of my town’s other house styles instead. >_< So no pretty pink and blue house with double wooden fans for me.

But that’s just a random picture that was on my camera when I uploaded the pictures from…

…a WiFi meeting with Jemma this morning in her town usa!

I wasn’t expecting any gift exchanges since this was a pretty spur of the moment, short-term notice WiFi, but she gave a surprise gift of several items and a purple rose! Thank you so much, purple roses are beautiful and always a help towards my pursuit of growing my first blue rose.

This balloon present flag is adorable!

I thought Jemma’s outfit was really cute, with her blue pigtails, green eyes, colorful polka dot shirt, rose in her mouth, and dandelion in her hair.

While she was preparing a game for us to play, I tried to get a full picture of the gate. But it’s not very good, you can see a reflection of my camera in the black.

It was like a memory game; she would list off a sequence of fruits, which grew longer and longer each time, and I would show I remembered the sequence by walking a circle around each fruit in order. I got all of the lists right, yay ^_^

I suggested a fishing contest to see who could catch 20 fish first, but with 3 minutes left on the timer and ~10 fish left to go, we were nowhere close. xP So it turned into a contest to see who could catch the most fish before the time ran out. I think those are the classic AC fishing contest rules anyway, though there can be variations, like who can make the most money off their catches, etc.

I was hoping to see a finned fish, but these are good catches too.

Ah, she beat me by 2, good job! 😀

We did a bug catching contest next and I was able to win that one.

Catching bugs was easier and more exciting than fishing, but they aren’t usually worth as much. This agrias butterfly was the rarest I saw.

*waves to Jemma across the river*

After taking a look at usa’s map and seeing all the awesome neighbors she has, I asked to go visit them.

First we visited Pecan, she’s one of my favorite snooties! 🙂 I want Queenie or Eloise for Dafdilly, but back when I was thinking of maintaining a second town (see my very first post >_<), I wanted Pecan to be the resident snooty there.

Well, I would base my ideal type on more relevant things to a relationship than Tae Kwon Do or making cheesecakes, but whatever works for you, no standards are too high. 😛

Her house is nice and looks close to the original decorations, maybe she’s a bit newer?

You must love it in usa then, there are many bright fruit trees everywhere, very pretty. 🙂

What? I see stuff in there!

She has Puddles too! And what’s more, both of us had her as our very first neighbor! (Well, you start off with three neighbors, but I consider her the first since she was at the top of the list on my map.) At first I was wondering why she was calling me Puppy ♥er, if it was a nickname or something, but then I realized it must be her catchphrase. 😛

Aww, seeing Butch makes me nostalgic a bit. He was one of my first neighbors in my first Animal Crossing town on the GameCube, and I talked to him a lot.

That’s nice 🙂


But he warmed up to me quickly… we just met Apollo!

Ooh, I’ve been to A casa 🙂

Caroline is so bright, vibrant, and colorful — even her shirt is, I love it. She’s packed up but hopefully Jemma convinced her enough to stay, good luck!

After meeting usa’s last resident Drift, who seems cool, I thought I’d better go because…

My low battery warning light had been on for a little while, and I wasn’t sure where my charger was. >_< So I thought it would be best to leave in a normal way rather than the power randomly shutting off and ending communication… but I would have loved to stay longer.

Thanks for having me over, Jemma! I had a great time. 😀

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34 thoughts on “Visit to Jemma’s town

  1. Hey Amy! I bet you don’t even remember me! Heehee~.
    But, I just wanted to tell you I MOST LIKELY will be bringing my blog back! Yaay! I’m glad to see you’re still doing well 😀
    With truck loads of love- Tammie

        • Hey…I made you a fanart… Heh.. It’s not very good ^__^`
          None the less, I hope you like it…. *nervous laugh* 😆
          It’s my first time using GIMP… :-{)
          Here ya go >.<:

          • 😯 Wow! Thanks Tammie, I love it! :mrgreen: The hair is really pretty — it looks so soft and floaty — and you did a great job on the eyes! I’m honored you would do something like this for me, saved it to my computer ❤

            • 😮 Really?!!? Thanks! I wasn’t expecting that! It’s no biggy, you’re one of the best bloggers around. 🙂

              • so you definatley deserve one* .
                Do you mind me asking what you used for your…uh…whatsit called….the…Oh! Header 😆 ! ?
                Wild guess here…was it ? :/

              • Aww, thanks for saying that! I don’t update nearly enough to be one of the best AC:WW bloggers though. xP
                I used Photoshop, but I’m sure you can probably do the same thing with GIMP and other editing programs.

              • @ Amy:
                😆 I had to use this because your comment doesn’t have a “reply” button to it >.<!
                It's funny because I was going to say Photoshop first, 😆 .
                & Don't be so hard on yourself! 🙂 If you don't think you're one of the most-best-animal-crossing-bloggers-on-wordpress out there, than you HAVE to at least give yourself credit to say you're the best pattern maker! 😀
                Also, when AC3DS comes out, do you think you'll stop playing ACWW? 😕 Just curious 🙂

              • Yeah, my comment settings only allow for threads to be 8 comments deep so that the area for the text doesn’t become really tiny and make the comments too long. But you can continue replying to the last comment with the Reply button an unlimited amount.
                Haha thanks, you’re sweet! 🙂 But I don’t think I’m that either… Mayu is! 😛
                It depends on how good AC:3DS is and how busy I am with other things, I suppose. If it surpasses AC:WW to the point where I won’t miss playing AC:WW from playing AC:3DS (and it does look really good in the latest trailer), I could see that happening. But if the new features turn out to be too complicated or too much work (like the grasswear feature is in AC:CF for me), then I may prefer the simplicity of AC:WW.
                Btw, let me know your new blog if/when you make it! ^_^

              • 😥 Mayu… sigh… I wonder what happened to her 😕
                Yeah I couldn’t blame you if you did 😀
                I’m getting MORE AND MORE excited by the day!
                😆 I can’t believe I’m going to be mayor! Poor Tortimer 😆 he probably retired 🙂 OR…WHAT IF THE PEOPLE ON ANIMAL CROSSING DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM! xD Dun..dun..dun…. 🙂

              • Edit: And I will! I’m still working on the design and stuff of the website, then I’m going to give my town a total facelift… c:
                It should be up by next month? eep, >.< But no promises ^___^

              • I always imagined Tortimer would retire, I can just see him saying something like “I’m getting old and my shell isn’t what it used to be, and my back hurts… I’ll just sit in my massage chair all day.” xP (As if that isn’t what he did before, you can see him snoozing in the town hall all the time :P) But I never thought of an election, that would be really cool and exciting (even if you’re guaranteed to win)!
                Oh okay, no rush… I look forward to it 🙂

              • 😛 OHMYGOSH 😆 😆 Or what if he…. 😥 …. went to a better place? To be continued 😀
                I’ve been hearing that AC3DS is coming out next month!?!?!? Do you know if thats fact or rumor 😕 ?
                Aaaaaaaaand, ( 😆 I know, I know, I talk- er- type, too much xD )
                I’m like, on the edgeeee of getting wifi but this always happens -___- Have you had this problem before? If so, how did you fix it?


                One true media does not give my good quality camera justice! 👿

              • Haha, I don’t think they’d kill off Tortimer, I bet you might even still see him around somewhere in the game, like at The Roost or something. 😛
                AC:3DS might be coming out in Japan sometime soon (I don’t remember the exact release date), but it won’t be coming out in Europe and the U.S. until next year. 😦
                It says that One Shared Media video was deleted…
                Yay, your new blog! Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out… good to have you back! 😀

  2. Wow! It looks so much fun! T_T I still can’t find my DS.. I have multiple tasks this weekend.. find my DS,study the chinese numbers and other stuff for tests and drawing for a contest entry. 😛
    I really missed wi-fing with you guys. 😥

      • Thanks for the support. 😀 the last place i’ll look is my school’s locker. xP if it’s not there. then it’s good bye DS… I am nothing without my DS!! T_T

    • Jemma said that they died (those were dead spots, maybe), but that we can try replanting them another time. 🙂 It’s white, but the lighting makes it look grey. 😛

  3. Wow you had a great time right? Oh Pate!!!!! I really miss Pate 😀 He was my best friend!!!! ^^ I really like wifi but I just wifi 1 or 2 times in a lot of time! Good post xD

    • Hehe, it was cool seeing a neighbor from your town in usa, I bet you two have lots of neighbor exchanges like that. Yeah, I don’t WiFi a ton either actually, there are many who open/look for gates daily. And thanks! 🙂

  4. 😆 Yeah I know I was just joking :p .
    I deleted it because It’s not that important & I’ll just look in my wii package to see if I can find the code 😉 .
    MMMMMMmmmmmmm >______< 2013!!?!?!?!?!??! NOOOOOOOO000ooooooo…
    I have nothing else to blog about? Because I'm reaallyy sick of playing acww right now and I don't have cf or the original -.-
    Great this means my blog will be unactive for possibly a year! 8(
    And thank you ^—^

  5. Gosh I feel terribly stupid and rude! I knew weeks ago that you had already published this post, and still I ignored it! I really am sorry, I though summer would be the time to relax a little bit but I was playing sports and going to the beach all day, packing luggage, helping my parents organize… And when I finally got free time I used it to relax, honestly I haven’t even checked my blog in like 2/3 weeks? So I’m really sorry, I will comment more often from now on and I’ll publish our meeting after i write this comment xD

    Okay so back to this post; thank you so much for coming over! I had such a great time and you have said such great stuff about me and my town I just didn’t resist to put a smile on my face reading this post! I though visiting the neighbors with you was very fun and competing against you in the fishing and bug catching contest was also nice! I shall beat you next time, Puppy♥er! 😆
    We absolutely have to organize another wifi meeting soon, hopefully with 4 people!

    • Haha don’t worry about it! You aren’t compelled to comment on anything. 😛 I’m glad you’ve been enjoying your summer! 😀
      I had a great time too, your town and neighbors really are awesome! I guess that’s a bonus to keeping a town for a long time rather than restarting; after a while you start to get more and more of your favorites until most of your town is neighbors you like. I’ve collected several of mine too. Yeah, I hope I can finish re-landscaping sometime in the near future and have you guys over!

  6. Hey Amy I just wanna say or well I just wanna ask… are you here right? It’s been a long time I don’t see you active except for your comments on acwwbook , that’s how I know your not out blogging 😀 ) I hope you can be posting soon again 😀 btw no preassure! I hope you would like my new posts 😀 ^^

    • Yep, I’m here. I know I haven’t posted in a while; at this point I should probably make another announcement post saying I don’t have a lot of time or motivation for Animal Crossing right now.
      I haven’t forgotten about your blog, I’ll read your new posts when I have more time to dedicate to reading them properly and not just skimming. 🙂

  7. Hey Amy! I really hope vacation is going well, mine is except for one tiny thing, can you check you e-mail please, I really found it was necessary to tell you because I don’t know what to do and you may know something about these sorts of stuff, thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
    Happy, happy, happy vacation!!!

    • Hey Jemma! I responded via email; sorry if it was not quick enough, I’ll be more diligent about checking it these next few days. I hope everything can be worked out soon and that meanwhile you’re having a pleasant vacation!

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