Cherry blossoms in Dafdilly

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This Dafdilly re-landscaping project has its roots back in the holiday season of 2015. Around that time I was feeling pretty burnt out from AC:NL, because I had been working on a new mosaic path for Citàlune that was proving difficult for me. And meanwhile, I have the sort of job that gets more stressful during the holiday season, so putting those factors together, you can see why I wanted to take a break from AC:NL. I found myself gravitating towards playing AC:WW instead, because it was more mindless and stress-relieving than pixeling a mosaic path in AC:NL, and easier to pick up and play in short bursts in my shorter amount of spare time.

But then, because I am the way I am, these little AC:WW sessions evolved into something much more ambitious over time, and eventually became a project to figure out what Dafdilly’s dream neighbors would be, obtain & place those dream neighbors in town through plot resetting (it works in AC:WW too!), and re-landscape Dafdilly for its first cherry blossom festival. 🙂 (Somehow, in past years I kept missing it!)

First, welcome back to Twisk’s house! ❤ In the same old cliff-side corner of town, same old landscaping-limiting pavement in front, but as always, circled by trees and flowers the best I can. 🙂

As fun as it is to have a pink roof to match the cherry blossoms, strangely I’m really looking forward to going back to the sky blue roof that’s my favorite (it matches Twisk’s hair ^^) and green trees. Because I think green trees would look quite nice with this garden’s kind of cool-colored palette, and green’s my favorite color…maybe I planted too many regular saplings & should have sprinkled some fruit trees in the garden as well.

The house’s flower garden is definitely in my favorite state that it has ever been in 😀 Finally, over time, I’ve accumulated enough hybrids to go wild with this pastel hybrid garden with the color scheme I envisioned for Dafdilly long ago.

Twisk & company even have their own little turnip garden now that I didn’t really plan for! It seems I planted so many trees around the house that it wouldn’t let me plant anymore in this area; the trees here died, so there was a blank spot I had to fill with something. (And if you wonder how I was able to make this turnip garden on the fly, I hoard Joan’s red turnips, buy one from her every time I see her xP).

Now that you’ve seen the yard, let’s take a break and go inside for a bit! 🙂

You’ve probably seen this before 😛 But not in capture card quality, so why not, here is Twisk’s lush fairy forest abode once again~

And Bell still has her cutesy/silly bathroom 😛

This room belongs to the new human resident in town, Cadence! I decided to let Melody go, my sporty character, because I was always less enthusiastic about designing her rooms, and I needed to delete a character to plot reset anyways. Plus having a character with this sort of aesthetic taste is more interesting to design a room for, and I like the dynamic it adds with the rest of the house’s whimsical rooms.

Harmony has a cloudy regal room again, I missed it! I like to think of Harmony’s and Cadence’s two studies as opposites, but alike at the same time ^^

Back outside!

Dafdilly’s gate pond garden, with lots of pansies in a color scheme to match the season & the pattern path. Ideally I should have made a completely new path, but I was a bit lazy and reused a path I made in 2011 that didn’t get a lot of mileage back then.

This is my first and only gif, taken of the secluded lily pond by the lake. Despite how simple it is, it was kind of a pain to make, and I feel like I didn’t use as an efficient & quality gif-making method as others do who make gifs of AC:NL using a capture card… but I hope to learn more over time.

This is an elegant white & blue garden to the right of the lily pond area 🙂

Also will have a few scattered pictures throughout this post that were taken with my phone’s camera. I still really appreciate the aesthetic of camera-taken AC:WW screenshots, but the camera I used to take them with isn’t functional anymore, and I’m not crazy about my phone’s screenshot-taking capabilities 😦

This tea table by the waterfall is kind of bringing back a piece of ‘vintage Dafdilly,’ which tickles me a lot ^^

The museum’s simple white rose garden at nighttime. When I first saw that moon I thought it was a glitch, but I must have forgotten what AC:WW ‘new moons’ are like 😛 Wish a prettier phase of the moon could have been out tonight.

The area below the museum still has the same pink/yellow/white color scheme that it had before — I still like it, so why fix what’s not broken, I suppose 😛 I did add some more trees and flowers and spruce it up for the cherry blossom festival, though:

Lily hanging around Eloise’s place

To the right of Eloise’s house, there was a cute little nook by the lake to fill with something, and I thought it would be cute to make it a picnic area in Eloise’s yard, where she can invite her friends~

Eloise wandering the paths near her home 🙂

walking the road to Roald’s house

Roald’s beach house, right above where the river meets the ocean & forms a little private piece of land, is definitely the best home-location in Dafdilly imo!

Dafdilly’s ‘island’ or area in between the split river 🙂

There are two more beach houses on the other side of the river, along the ‘Scallop Beach’ lined with scallops and sunny cosmos per Dafdilly tradition:

Puddles’ new — or should I say old — house location! A little backstory: she was one of my first 3 neighbors in Dafdilly, and this was her house location back then. I let her move out at one point and she ended up in my dad’s town Red Bank. I regretted letting her move, and had her move back in at the soonest opportunity — but she ended up in a different spot. Now I moved her out & in again for the last time, and she’s back to having her original house location ❤

Butch’s house — such a pretty home for a cranky neighbor, and once you walk inside, it’s all posh black & white xD I love the “rainbow” of cosmos in this area. There aren’t really any cool-colored cosmos, so I think they look warm, sunny, vibrant, and tropical when grouped together — perfect for the beach areas.

If you remember, the first task Nook has you do as a part-time employee for him at the beginning of the game is plant trees and flowers around his shop, saying, “The shopping experience is greatly enhanced by clean and alluring surroundings! I’m counting on you to give the place a little charm, indeed!” I like to think that Nook would be pleased with how his department store’s grounds have grown more elaborate over time, with bell trees and red and gold flowers. 🙂

The Able Sisters’ garden is much more modest but still suits their pretty little shop.

This is an area in town that I like to think of as Dafdilly’s suburbs 😛 These two houses, belonging to Lily and Bob, are the closest neighbors in my town. That, along with the proximity to the shops and the town hall, and the neat aesthetic of white picket fences and pansy gardens, is what brings to mind a little suburban neighborhood area, which tickles me a lot~
(Though I think I’ll like this area even better when the cherry blossoms are over; I think green trees would look better here.)

A closer look at the pansy garden in front of Lily’s house 🙂

I love Lily & her yard ❤

Walking along the path through Dafdilly’s suburbs brings you to the town hall plaza, which I decided to surround with colorful roses this time around. Since the town hall plaza is often a place for festivity throughout the year, it seemed fitting for its garden to have the flower family with the most variety of colors: roses. However, the garden is hard to capture in one picture because of the large stone plaza, and it’s best appreciated if you walk a circle around the plaza.

To the left of the town hall plaza, there is a flowery field that transitions from the neat rose garden to a more wild & uncontrolled atmosphere.

And this is the more wild atmosphere that the area in the center of Dafdilly transitions into: a vibrant, overgrown forest, giving off a slightly magical feel, where it’s rumored that gold can be found growing on trees and amongst the flowers.

I was inspired by the aesthetic of forest towns in the AC:NL community, trying to incorporate a fairy ring into my own little Dafdilly forest. 🙂

This is Melba’s new house location, which I love for her much more than the old location (her old location was where Bob’s currently is, in the Dafdilly suburbs). Melba was the first villager introduced using the fairytale/sweets carpet and wallpaper in her home, and in HHD she requests for a house with a fairytale atmosphere, so this riverside cottage in between two woodlands (one in northern Dafdilly that I call Sugarplum Woods and will share more about, and the one I just showed with the fairy ring clearing) is a much more fitting house location for my favorite neighbor ❤

Melba spending the night indoors 🙂 I love how this area looks at sunset.

And as mentioned when talking about Melba’s house, this is the trail into what I like to call Sugarplum Woods, named for its flora and foliage of sugar-sweet pinks and purples, creams, and ripe reds. In places overgrown with weeds and wildflowers, and in other areas neatly gardened and farmed by its few residents, it’s a pleasant woodland nestled in a valley between rocky cliffs and a rushing stream sourced from a high waterfall. The sweet-smelling shrubs and herbs by its scenic waterfall, and charming wildflowers and gardens in the woods, attract wildlife and visitors alike 🙂

Nibbles’ home is tucked away in the back of these woodlands, with her own little red turnip garden.

Perhaps where there was once a more neat rose garden, but grew wild with shrubbery and proliferated over time.

The bank by the waterfall, overrun with wildflowers, clovers, shrubs, and herbs ❀

And lastly, this picture doesn’t show off landscaping but I love how it came out and the atmosphere it gives off 🙂 This area in town is probably my favorite, and has already become quite special to me; I hope that I’ll continue playing Wild World long enough to see it in other times of year, like Autumn and Winter, because I think it would look lovely.

Those are all the scenery pictures I have for now, and I thank you for reading through this huge post if you did! Mentions of Dafdilly’s new dream villagers have been scattered throughout, but I thought I would list them here again at the end and why I picked them:

Melba – There was no question with Melba, she is my favorite villager and has lived in Dafdilly for years.
Puddles – In a weird way, Puddles is sentimental for me when it comes to Dafdilly as a town, since she was one of its 3 original villagers. My town wouldn’t feel right without her.
Bob – Bob isn’t a sentimental favorite (yet), but he has been a favorite of mine from afar for years, seeing cute and funny screenshots and fanart of him in the fandom. He’s iconic, the perfect lazy cat, and I’m very happy to have him.
Butch – I mostly picked Butch because I love his house in my town, the pretty pink+blue house style with the wooden fans. But I definitely don’t find him unappealing as a villager either; he has a cool house interior and he was one of my early neighbors back in my first AC:GC town.
Eloise – I loove Eloise’s house style, and her design as well: a bright yellow elephant with a cute face — she looks more like a peppy than a snooty to me.
Roald – Butch, Eloise, and Roald are my pink-house-style villagers, so I picked all three of them partly for that reason (it’s my favorite house style in Dafdilly). But as for Roald, I also think his house’s interior is really fun (it has lots of toys), and I find it amusing that a chubby-looking penguin would be the town jock.
Lily – I picked Lily over others because she has a house shape & style I liked (the purple-checkered-door one in my town), but I also truly find her design very appealing: such a pretty turquoise that goes well with the white & pink accents in her face. I love the dynamic of having two pretty frogs in town :3
Nibbles – Nibbles doesn’t have one of my top favorite facial designs (it’s definitely not one of my bottom least favorites either, though), and I have no prior experience with her, so it was tough for me to decide that she was one of my dream neighbors. But really, it’s all because of her purple house (there weren’t a lot of good candidates for villagers with this house style) being the perfect addition to my Sugarplum Forest area, and I figured she’d grow on me.

So all in all, it was a matter of having a few favorites I had to keep, and picking others based on checking off all the personality boxes and balancing my town’s house styles, while still ending up with a nice group of villagers that I could grow to love.

This is an overview of the representation and distribution of my town’s 4 house styles, which were house styles I reset for and were a big reason why I chose to keep this town in particular:

When I first started picking dream villagers, ones like Stitches and Static and Rosie, it seemed like an overwhelming number of them had the dark green house style that Melba has, and I kept getting that house style over and over before. So I got kind of sick of it and it’s only represented by Melba in my town now, lol.

In addition to picking some of my villagers with their house style in mind, I also plot reset for them to be in places where their house styles would work well with the location & landscaping. And I’ve locked all 8 of them in town forever through the errand-locking trick, so that none of them will try to pack up to move ever again:
Bell has locked Melba with Bob, and Butch with Lily.
Harmony has locked Nibbles with Eloise, and Puddles with Melba.
Cadence has locked Roald with Butch.
So I’m really set as far as villagers are concerned, unless I get too chatty with my secondary characters!

As tradition goes with one of these Wild World re-landscaping posts, I also have a gridded map and town tour video to share:

Looking to the future, I definitely see myself putting down Wild World for a while, but once again, definitely not for good. I plan on focusing much more on New Leaf in the months ahead, with the game-update approaching, and I’m also really eager to update Citalune’s dream address again. Something I could see myself doing, though, is when April rolls around again in 2017, maybe I’ll pick up Wild World again and progress through time like normal? That way, I could match the season, although I’d be a year behind real time. It’s just a thought, I’m not sure what I’ll do! But I’d love to see Dafdilly through other seasons again, as much as it was fun to finally experience the cherry blossom festival in AC:WW for the first time ❤

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3 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms in Dafdilly

  1. this makes me so happy!! 😍😍
    I just started playing ww again yesterday and I actually want to work on my town now

    I still have nooks cranny 😭😭so happy I found ur site. I’m going to add it to my favorites :-))

    • Aw, glad it made you happy! ^_^ Ah cool, and I’m happy too to hear you’re having fun playing Wild World — good luck with working on your town, you’ll get there! 😀
      And thank you so much! ❤ I might be transitioning to more AC:NL posts now, because of the New Leaf update, but don't plan on putting AC:WW down for good, and there's lots of past AC:WW posts on this blog~

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