A new month

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The first two fish I caught in September were new ones: a salmon and king salmon! I wasn’t really fishing at the time, but thought the shadows looked interesting enough to take out my rod. I think it’s officially Fall in AC:WW because I’ve seen a few Autumn-only shirts at the Able Sisters, though I think it will still be a while before the leaves and grass start to change. I’m looking forward to it!

Poor Pelly, part 3:

Pelly: I think about Pete all the time, and yet...Do you think maybe Pete has a crush on someone else already?

Pelly: No. It can't be...

She’s starting to catch on… 😦

Well, two neighbors snuck out on me last night, Agent S in Dafdilly and Teru’s Pierce in Red Bank (already!). So it was time for another 9th slot swap between my town and my dad’s town. 😛

I was nervous about it because Pierce seems much more valuable than a ‘normal’ neighbor since he’s lived in several friends’ towns. I sighed with relief when I got back from DS-to-DSing with my dad’s town and saw a house labelled “Pierce” on Dafdilly’s map. 🙂

Pierce: What in the hey?! Hang on! Is that you, Twisk?! Don't EVEN tell me you've forgotten me! Remember in Red Bank? We did one of my patented all-night workouts!

Haha, he remembered me from the other day!

Pierce's house

Once again, I was saved from having to pick up path patterns and lay down new ones since he moved in right where Agent S just moved out. 😛

I expected Agent S to move to my dad’s town as a result of the swap between our towns, but it was better than that!

Kiki in Red Bank

It’s my Kiki I thought was lost forever! This 9th slot stuff is so hard to predict, but for once I’m glad of the surprise. 😛 She’s already in Red Bank’s uniform. 😆

Today was stormy in Dafdilly — it’s been raining a lot this week! Dr. Shrunk was also here today, so I got new emotions for all my characters. Twisk has a full set now (but it can be improved 😛 ), and the rest of my characters each have three.

Dr. Shrunk's emotion options for Twisk: sorrow, joy, rage, sadness

The other emotions offered to Twisk — sorrow, rage, and sadness — were no competion for joy, the flowery emotion! 😀

Dr. Shrunk's emotion options for Bell: disappointment, distress, fear, thought

None of these (disappointment, distress, fear, and thought) seemed too useful, but I liked disappointment best, so Bell learned that one.

Dr. Shrunk's emotion options for Harmony: approval, blankness, thought, disbelief

Approval, blankness, thought, and disbelief were Harmony’s options. I loved the clapping one so I went with that, but disbelief was pretty fun, too. 😛

Dr. Shrunk's emotion options for Melody: anger, blankness, confusion, disappointment

Just like Bell’s, I didn’t find Melody’s (anger, blankness, confusion, and disappointment) very useful, so I just went with the latter because I like it.

Twisk expressing Joy, Bell and Melody expressing disappointment, and Harmony expressing approval

Their new emotions! I’m glad Twisk has the flowery one now. 😀
Bell and Melody both learned disappointment, the one that looks like a heart breaking… I think Pelly needs that emotion. 😦

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10 thoughts on “A new month

  1. Oh great! you caught both salmons XD I only caught the Salmon… but I’ll get you one day king Salmon 😈
    There’s also a lot of new bugs this month (I caught like 3 new bugs or so) I love new months! They take me closer to completing my museum 😛 It’s awesome how Pierce is moving so much to all our towns. And I’m glad your Kiki came back, I love Kiki so much! I hope Kiki never moves from my town 😳
    I’m glad I read this post, it’s very interesting! XD
    PS: Amy I announced the last 4 days of the contest (3 days by now) so if you wanna participate you got to get moving 😉

    • The king salmon’s shadow was huge, so I’m sure you’ll spot one! 😛 Yeah, I’ve caught a few new bugs now as well, like the red dragonfly, but I don’t want to miss any so I think I’ll make a list later.

      You’re right, I need to get on that! 😛 I’ve decided what I want to do, so now I just need to make the patterns in time.

  2. Congrats on successfully moving Kiki! Now I’m even more lost on the 9th slot! 😛

    Resetting for towns was SO much more difficult than I first anticipated xP Going through all that dialog takes time (and you have to take it seriously in case you hit your perfect town), and then your new town only shows you a couple of the 4 house styles.

      • I’ll fix it for you if you don’t mind. :PI’m more confused about the 9th slot as well. 😕 Since I thought your slot cleared everytime you DS-to-DSed or WiFied with someone, I figured Kiki was gone after the last time I visited my dad’s town (when Olivia moved there instead of her). By the way these last two visits went, if I DS-to-DSed again with my dad’s town, Agent S might move there now. 😛 (But I won’t; I don’t particularly love Agent S and I don’t want to risk picking up a neighbor from Red Bank in my ninth slot since we’re trying to move Pierce back to Bundeena. :))Yep, even after resetting a lot during the long car drives, I still didn’t find the right town. 😦 I got close a few times, though. (Every hour or so there is usually a close call with 2 or 3 of the house styles I’m looking for in one town.) I have a lot of patience in finding my second Wild World town since I can always play in Dafdilly in the meantime. 😛

        • So what exactly are you doing while resetting? I’ve been wondering 😛
          It’s not possible to know all the town’s house styles right at the start, so when you find a possible candidate do you wait around for a few days until the others become apparent?
          And are you resetting by switching your DS off and on or by saving and rebuilding (which involves the looong Nook dialog)? 😛

          • I’ve gotten pretty fast, actually. Answering Kapp’n’s questions quickly and with no mistakes has become second nature now! xP (I might have accidently named my character Trildale and my town Violet once or twice, but hardly ever now! :P) And I do switch off the DS when a town is not what I’m looking for. I can usually do something else while resetting; sometimes I even look through your archives while I’m doing it since I love reading your posts. xP
            When I find a town that has a grass type I’m happy with (triangles or circles), a layout I like alright (not too inconvenient), and all visible house styles are ones I’m looking for, I time-travel to see the rest of them. I did this with Dafdilly as well, which you can see here (that post is messed up now that I’ve changed themes -_-). But I play normally and without time-travelling once I decide to keep a town! 🙂

            • Oh yeah, I forgot about time-travelling! Thank god for time-travelling! xP I wonder what I would have done back then if I’d TT’ed and found out my 4th house style… 😛

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