Villager House Exteriors in AC:NL
*WARNING* Image heavy! If it would be better to browse in sections, use these links:
Welcome Amiibo villagers only

Animal Crossing Town Name Ideas and Methods


Thonky’s AC:NL Guides
GameFAQs AC:NL Guides

Public Works:
Public Works List by aclilyofthevalley @ WordPress
Public Works List @ AC Wikia

House parts customizations:
House Customizations List by aclilyofthevalley @ WordPress

Items Catalog @
Items Catalog + Checklist @

Furniture Customization:
Furniture customization collection by customnewleaf @ Tumblr
Furniture customization collection by avalontown @ Tumblr
Furniture customization collection @ Flickr

Welcome Amiibo Update:
ACNL Amiibo update notes: what’s new by leafshenanigans @ Tumblr
New Villager Guide @ Reddit
New Welcome Amiibo items @ MoriDB
New Welcome Amiibo items by pocky-town @ Tumblr
RV Furniture List @ Reddit
Pictures taken of guidebook containing refurbishing options for new items, and new villager interiors/exteriors by pandapples @ TBT. [Quick link to the new refurbishing options @ Imgur]

The Reset Trick: Control House Placement & Campsite Villagers [VIDEO] by Tina at the Bell Tree Forums
Hiatus guide (how to avoid losing neighbors) by animalcrossingus @ Tumblr
Rumors villagers will mention when nobody is moving by keikleaf @ Tumblr
Environmental changes year-round (bushes, trees, grass) by angiestown @ Tumblr
Landscaping tips by angiestown @ Tumblr
Villager house re-decorating tips by angiestown @ Tumblr
Bush-planting rules by meditationworld @ Tumblr

10 thoughts on “Guides

  1. Woww–! Okay, I just noticed this… This would be a really great help to my new town … T u T Thank you for putting up these lists of guides!

    • Hey! I’m sorry, I don’t really add guides to this page by request. Plus I’m not really entirely sure your guide has correct info, especially the part about moving villagers out. That method hasn’t worked for me in my experience. The friendship ladder thing is a bit hard to prove for certain too. Hope you understand, sorry again! 🙂

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