Guides by Me

Animal Crossing Town Name Ideas and Methods

Villager House Exteriors in AC:NH


Villager House Exteriors in AC:NL


Welcome Amiibo villagers only

Villager House Exteriors in AC:WW

11 thoughts on “Guides

  1. Woww–! Okay, I just noticed this… This would be a really great help to my new town … T u T Thank you for putting up these lists of guides!

    • Hey! I’m sorry, I don’t really add guides to this page by request. Plus I’m not really entirely sure your guide has correct info, especially the part about moving villagers out. That method hasn’t worked for me in my experience. The friendship ladder thing is a bit hard to prove for certain too. Hope you understand, sorry again! 🙂

  2. Private message

    Hi! I wasn’t sure where to comment this, but I’m new to this blog and I found it by the villager house exterior section. I noticed you are missing some photos of a few villagers I have on my island (Merry & Cobb). I’d love to help! Let me know if you’re interested in visiting my island 🙂

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