Dafdilly’s (Very Late) New Years Eve

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In my last AC:WW post, I announced my plans to get back into playing AC:WW regularly, decorate my town with candy patterns, and work on catching up to the present time. I left off around Christmastime in my last post, and I’ve only progressed a few days since then (to New Years Eve), but I’ve made a lot of progress as far as getting my town back the way I like it. Having such a barren town (ever since the dead spot testing) was depressing, and bothered me way more than not having my town match the correct date.

It probably sounds like I’m complaining about the fact that I did the dead spot testing project sometimes, but at least it did its job: 100% of the trees I planted grew, there wasn’t even a single wilted sapling!

Big Top snuck out on me one day when I forgot to check the neighbors. I was kind of bummed because his house was in a nice part of town, and when he moved, I felt that spot was marred a bit by having a sign there instead. But I’m glad it was Big Top rather than one of my favorite neighbors (none are locked right now, so I have to be careful). I have different neighbors in mind for Dafdilly’s permanent lazy neighbors.

And Lucky is not one of them. xP But still, nice to meet you Lucky 🙂

This image of a balloon present in the snow became a very familiar sight to me. 😛 I have always wanted to try to position presents — real presents, not patterns — under cedar trees (like in my header image this winter), and I finally did it! It was easier than I thought, all you have to do is put patterns in places where you don’t want the presents to land.

There was lots of back-and-forth DS-to-DSing between Dafdilly and Red Bank because I had hoarded lots of cedar saplings and flower bags there. So I used my original character Amy from Cutetown (who lives in Red Bank now) a bit, and I was surprised to see this New Years letter from 2006! 😮 Part of the surprise was that it was in my inventory letters; usually I only keep disposable letters (like from Redd, the HRA, and Nook) there. Maybe I’d had something stored in the letter at the town hall and then took it out.

Yay, it’s New Years Eve, my trees are fully grown, and the cedars are lit! 😀

I admit I was a little disappointed with how few cedars were lit, though…

Red paint was on sale at Nook’s the day before New Years Eve, and I thought it would match the surroundings in town well.

A distant shot… just messing around taking photos.

I decided to change the middle piece of my path from my own chocolate pattern to Wendell’s chocolate pattern for AC:CF that I adapted for AC:WW’s palettes; I like the way it looks better, especially with my border pieces.

More pictures of the gate area:

I even (temporarily) changed Dafdilly’s flag for the candy theme. It is simple, two candy canes forming a heart.

Dafdilly’s old town flag. For the amount of time I’ve had it like this, it might seem like it’s Dafdilly’s official, unchangeable town flag, but I actually threw it together very quickly, didn’t put much effort into it, and always intended to change it later. But I’ve never felt like focusing on it too much…

The side path branching off from the main path to a bridge. I remember previous “versions” of this path. It would be fun to see what different parts of my town have looked like over time through different landscaping.

The few blue roses I have are thanks to friends, thank you so much!! :mrgreen: I don’t have limitless pastel roses to arrange around town, so I thought spacing them among lots of white roses would make them pop and give an elegant feel to the waterfall area.

This area is supposed to give a much different feel, like an unkept forest. I had trouble figuring out what to do with black hybrids, and I thought they made the most sense here.

The start screen can be a good way to take scenery pics, especially over bodies of water. The flashing “TOUCH TO START” text is annoying, though. >_<

Some ice cream and candy canes near the museum. I had to change my candy canes a bit in order to reduce the number of pattern slots they take up, but the ice cream is the same.

This gingerbread house is new! I like it better than my peanut brittle house.

The small but dense fruit orchard on my island.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think cosmos are fitting by the beach for some reason.

Just an array of candy patterns near the shops. In general the candy patterns are a little repetitive because I only had so much space for patterns, but I tried to keep things interesting by having some areas just dedicated to one type of candy, some areas with only certain colors of candy, and other areas with a mixture of all the candy, like here.

I planted a money tree (the only one in town) by Nook’s; based off the Ables’ episodes, it seems like he would be interested in having one. 😛 And like the blue roses, I haven’t ever made my own gold rose (because I want to use my black roses to grow blue roses instead), so the two I have here are also thanks to friends. 😀

Melba’s house… It would have been nice if she chose the pink house style instead for this house shape because of the wooden fans. Oh well, bad luck.

Lots of red flowers about 🙂

A lollipop meadow / clearing in the woods. 😀 Wherever there’s lollipops, I tend to plant colorful fruit trees.

This is the spot I mentioned earlier (it’s the north-east corner of town) where Big Top used to live. There’s a bit of a peppermint forest going on, and a color scheme of red/white.

There’s also a snowman family back here! I messed up, I meant to place them one space apart from each other, like this.

Whitney picked my favorite house style and favorite house location in my town (no one’s lived there since Margie), so I rewarded her by making it a nice spot with lots of matching pink hybrids. Thank you Whitney! 😛

My town is perfect for the first time in a while, it’s good to hear this from Pelly again.

I mostly took pictures in the daytime because it’s optimal for taking pictures, but I liked how it looked at night as well. Such a wonderful festive atmosphere with all the changes of music on New Years Eve, and the lit cedars in the dark.

Even though it didn’t match with real time at all (not even close…), I still enjoyed the festivities. 😀

It makes sense Puddles might be nostalgic because she’s the neighbor who has been in my town the longest.

Aww 🙂

Fireworks! :mrgreen: I didn’t get that many pictures, but I’m sure you all have seen them before. 😛

I also made my first town tour video! The first 6 minutes are for the town tour, and the rest is a house tour. Those who are familiar with my rooms through WiFi or reading my blog probably don’t need to see the house tour.
I have wanted to do them in the past, but didn’t because of poor quality. This still isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s an improvement for me and I did the best that I could with the equipment I have. RedTux TK on YouTube has offered to come over to my town and do his own video tour this weekend, and his videos are practically emulator quality somehow, so I look forward to that. 😀

And lastly, if you’re interested, this is the gridded map of my town:

From here forward, I’ll be focusing more on catching up to the present time, along with a few general “blog housekeeping” type things like updating my site’s appearance for spring. And speaking of updating for spring, I’m also thinking about what I should do for my town come spring! I’m wondering if I should go straight to something pink for the cherry blossom festival coming up in April, or if I should go with something colorful and flowery (think the rainbow-esque palettes) for spring.

For the cherry blossom festival, I was thinking I could create a path that incorporates motifs from the lovely series, and I wanted to set up a little lovely cafe in a clearing of cherry blossom trees since palette 5 has both a faux ground color and pink colors. Another idea I was thinking of is a pink rose path border inspired by this:

For a general, rainbow-colored (not pink for the cherry blossom festival), flowery spring path, I would probably use palette 16 or something similar:

For this general colorful flowery path border, I would try to imitate one of the flower types in the game (like I did with the pink pansy path on my patterns page): either roses, cosmos, or pansies, probably. Feel free to give me your thoughts 🙂 But you don’t have to, of course. I’m sure I’ll figure something out once I get caught up. I can’t wait for spring in my town! 😀

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15 thoughts on “Dafdilly’s (Very Late) New Years Eve

  1. Your town is really ‘sweet’! xD The lollipop meadow sort of reminds me of my circle of trees right in the middle of town. I love how you organized your flowers and patterns!
    I can’t wait to see your update on the cherry blossom festival! I think it’s gonna be great! As always, of course! :mrgreen:

    • Thanks! Yes, I was quite inspired by your ring of trees and by Teru’s cedar forest clearing for my town. 🙂 I have always thought your layout of trees in StarCity and An Ville was really great; I think I’ve commented on it in some of my WiFi posts. And you did it without any dead spot testing! 😆 I never tried any interesting tree layouts (or even rows) before dead spot testing because I was very pessimistic about dead spots. I thought they would all die and I didn’t want to waste saplings. But it turns out dead spots are not as limiting as I thought.
      Believe it or not, I have never experienced spring before in my town. I started my town in the summer, and last year’s spring was skipped. So I’m really looking forward to the cherry blossom and flower fest (I better win!) for the first time 😀

      • I got inspired by Teru’s Cedar Forest too. I tried making one in City Folk, but due to inactivity, I haven’t really checked if they’re dead or what. xD
        You haven’t experienced spring yet on your town Twisk looks spring-like. 😛 Good luck on the flower fest! I used to take the flowers the villagers plant and plant it all over my house. (Even on the back. xP)

  2. Wowww, what an awesome new post to find waiting for me when I checked out my Reader 😀 You sure did a lot of work around town for New Year’s, and what a festive New Year it was! :mrgreen:

    The balloon presents under the cedars are such a cute idea ^_^ And that was smart, using patterns to direct where the presents landed 😯 The new paths look great, too! Everything goes really well with the snowy ground.

    Lollipop Island (if it’s still called that) looks so vibrant and the colourful sweets and flowers blend together seamlessly :mrgreen: I was so caught up in all that candylicious goodness that I thought the fruit on the trees in the next pic was more candy :P. Your gingerbread house looks fabulous ^__^ The level of detail is amazing and… is that a lolly in a wrapper for the window? xP I really like the cute candy cane hearts too, on the flag and gingerbread house.

    I always love red and white themed areas, but nice job also gathering all those different red-and-white items! And the lollipop meadow with the tulips was a nice combination, ringed by fruit trees.

    You did an amazing job, getting to this point from a completely bare town that was ‘in hibernation’ for so long. Congratulations on having such success with your tree-planting! All the work you did for your dead-spot-testing finally paid off.

    Ooh and your first town tour video was great! 😀 It was good to see how all the places in the photos tied in together at the end of the post, and it was perfectly recorded, too. How did you set everything up? All that camera work in the house looked tricky 😛 And lastly, cool town tune! I suddenly recognised it when you played the it on the harp, Forest Life! ^_^

    • Thanks Teru! 😀 Yeah, it was a good deal of work; about halfway through I realized it was going to take a lot longer than I originally estimated, but I figured at that point I might as well finish. Eventually I should probably try to figure out a good (and somewhat permanent) layout of trees and flowers that isn’t so specific to a certain season/theme.
      The “window” is supposed to be one of those peppermint candies in a wrapper; I was kind of at a loss at what to put on the wall there. 😛 It’s nice to hear your impressions on the patterns! I tried to improve the shadows of the lollipops with your help from a while ago, but they might still be a little off and imperfect. Do you think they make sense now? I also outlined this kind of shadow (sorry for the incompleteness), which might be better, I’m not sure.
      I’m glad you liked the video! 😀 I recorded it last weekend with my dad’s camcorder and tripod (equipment for home videos :lol:). I put my DS flat on a desk in a dark room and had the tripod in front of the desk, with the camera pointing straight down. I had my DS lighting on the lowest setting because if it was any higher, for some reason it would just be way too flooded with light and washed out on the filmed version. I also played with the settings, the white balance and exposure. I found this tutorial on YouTube which mentions some sort of cord that you can connect between your DS to certain cameras to get flawless sound? o_O I wouldn’t have guessed there would be such a thing! My sound is very staticky… but you recognized my town tune anyway, yay! 😀 It hasn’t always been that — for a while it was just something random from La-Di-Day — but recently I thought Forest Life would be a good choice, I like it a lot.

      • Arrgh, I’ve been waiting all week to reply but I’ve been out and about doing uni stuff everyday until now >_< Good job persevering with the decorations until they were done ^^ And you were able to preserve all your hard work in a video 🙂 That's a good tutorial. I'm really bad at playing with my DS flat on the table (I walk into *everything*) so you probably remember my flower video wobbling all over the place because I wanted to play normally… The sound cable is too technical for me to understand 😛 I know there are some people who modify their DS/3DS so get perfect video too (directly from the console to the computer), but that sounds both risky and expensive to me.
        The lolllipops look great 🙂 I don't know which shadow would look better either, since I've never actually tried doing realistic patterns in AC before (so you have more expertise than me in that area :P). I can only say, try the other shadow if you have time and see how it feels when you go past them in the town. It'll probably work well because it's the same type of shadow the actual in-game objects have. Nice snazzy new lollipop designs too, btw 😀
        Oh and I also forgot to say in the first comment, looking forward to see whatever you decide on doing for spring (I know it'll look beautiful either way :P) If you do choose to do something for the cherry blossoms you could preserve a piece of it somewhere and not have to put it all away so soon. Pink always couples well with green to give the impression of spring, with or without cherry blossom time 😀

        • I’m glad you understand the difficulties of playing flat on a table! I had trouble with that as well, I didn’t feel like I had as much control as usual in navigating around my town, and it does looks a little awkward at times in the video (like when I’m changing directions). I’m curious how those perfect sound/picture DS videos work, but it seems a little too complicated for me personally. RedTux TK has been doing AC:WW town tours with a capture card, and he did one of my town last weekend, I look forward to seeing it when he uploads it. ^_^
          Yeah, I’ll try out that other shadow to see how it looks 🙂 My ice cream shadow is similar (I didn’t have enough space to do anything else), I guess it’s like if the sun is shining directly over top of the object.
          Right now I’m sort of hoping to do a colorful flowery path first, and then decorate pink for the cherry blossom festival later. It might mean that I’ll continue to be behind time for a little while, but I’ve been looking forward to spring in Dafdilly for so long, so I’m thinking it would be great to go all out for it and not rush through it. :mrgreen:

          • I can’t wait to see RedTux TK’s video of your town ^_^ I really like it when there’s commentary in gameplay videos, and you can hear their thoughts and impressions.
            Haha, I had my spring season all jumbled. For some reason I assumed the cherry blossom festival was near the start of spring. You’ve definitely been waiting a long time 😛 Go for it! :mrgreen:

            • I wonder what a town tour with my commentary would be like, probably a rambling mess. >_< But I think he does a good job, I've enjoyed watching the other video tours and seeing some different towns and interior decorating.
              The cherry blossom festival starts on April 1st, but there's a month before that when the grass is an especially vibrant and warm green that I love. 😀 Like in the flower-arranging (with Queenie :P) picture in your gallery!

  3. You really do a lot of Christmas/New Year decoration on your town! I’m just so impressed every time I see your work! I love how the white trees fit with the cherries:) The lollipops really look awesome:) I think balloon presents under the cedars are just a very smart Idea:) I definitly would be looking for your cherry blossom festival path for spring, because I really love spring so yeah..! Keep working:) Maybe I’ll copy (if you say I can do it) the path for my town ❤

    • Aww, thanks Emma, this is a sweet comment! 🙂 I put a lot of cherry trees around town because there are some cherries in my patterns, like on top of the ice creams. I’m really looking forward to spring in my town too! 😀 I’ll try to update my patterns page sometime in the future for more spring/summer things.

      • Yay! I’m just so desperated even in ac: ww I need the summer/spring to come around, and what a fantastic way to decorate the town with new patterns so be sure I’ll be looking forward to your pattern’s page ❤ Looveee*

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