First WiFis in a looong time

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Last weekend (not this current weekend, but the previous one) I WiFied for the first time in quite a while — I think my last one before had been with Jemma in July! It was nice to visit another town and to have guests again. 🙂 Taking pictures during WiFi meetings is a bit more difficult because things happen faster than during regular play, and I’m a bit rusty at taking quick, clear screenshots at just the right moment while still smoothly conversing and walking around during a WiFi meeting. I’m sorry about the not-so-great pictures. >_<

Also, I know I posted about New Years Eve in my last blog, but well, my town remained on New Years Eve for these WiFi meetings. Everything was in such a pristine, flawless state on December 31st, and it was hard to move past that date into the realm of wilted flowers to water, cracks in the ground to dig up, and weeds to pull, especially when I knew I was going to have visitors over. But I’ve started to catch up and my town is no longer on New Years Eve, it’s in mid-January now. Not very far, but making at least some progress feels good! I’ll post about my catch-up process another time. In the past, I would often put WiFi meetings and regular play in the same post, but now I think it’s better and more organized to separate them.

Anyway, let’s get on with it!

Heading off to visit a new WiFi friend, Marge in Hobbiton! I actually mentioned this town name in my “AC:NL musings and town name ideas” post as one of the location names I like from Lord of the Rings. 😛 As you probably know or guess, it’s where the hobbits from the story live. Like Animal Crossing towns, it’s a lazy, comfortable place with rivers, woods, and fields.

Seeing green grass and rain was a refreshing change for me. I look forward to the rainy season in my own town!

This was her first WiFi, I think, so I bought something from Nookway. It might’ve upgraded to Nookington’s by now! ^_^

Hobbiton’s town map:

I gave her two of my spare Gracie shirts, and here we are matching briefly! 😛 After this she changed into the butterfly shirt.

Meow-zah! 😆 I wonder what her neighbors’ impression of me was, like how they will describe me later (fish philosopher, flower girl, etc.). It’s determined by your outfit. Strawberry shirt + jacob’s ladder = ?

Marge’s main room is fully expanded and has a great backyard theme going. 😀

Daisy’s picture. I bet a lot of the normal types feel this way, and I can see why, among all the other loud personalities. o_o

The outside of Marge’s house and garden 🙂

Then we visited her favorite neighbor, Daisy. I’ve never had her before, she’s sweet!

I really like that she has a library sort of room. I’ve always wanted to have a library as well, but which one of my characters would it belong to? Harmony? I’ll probably ditch that formula I have (main room-candy, Twisk-garden, Bell-playful, Harmony-elegant, Melody-sporty) at some point so that I can try some new interior layouts.

Stopping to look at these palm trees after having a fun net fight / tag game. We couldn’t do that in my town, there are too many flowers…

There’s a koi, her favorite fish! I have never really thought about what my favorite Animal Crossing fish are.

Hobbiton’s fossil exhibit, nearing completion. 🙂

After exploring her town for a while, Marge came over to Dafdilly. Welcome!

Heading over to my place 🙂

Then coming outside for a bit to give her the four-leaf clover that was on my table, since she liked it (it appears as a book indoors). I’ve gotten several randomly and from de-weeding Red Bank and Dafdilly.

Santa’s house, I like that! 😛 Once I put a festive tree and toys underneath, so it probably gave more of that impression then.

It was smart of Teru to hold off on donating the mosquito until she finished her museum, the mosquito sure is annoying. >_<

It was nice to see my exhibits for once, which I hardly ever take the time to do. 🙂

After a trip to my Shampoodle and Ables’, Marge is looking a lot different.

I’m glad others like Melba, she’s my favorite! 😀 Because of not playing AC:WW for a while last year, having Melba in my town still feels somewhat new, I get happy every time I see her walking around town.

Kid Cat used to live here. 😥 I let him move away on accident recently, and not because I forgot to check. I said “Don’t go!” several times and I thought he said something that sounded regretful/unsure about leaving, so I assumed he was going to stay. I guess it wasn’t the right dialogue. I consider him (or Poncho, maybe) one of my “dream neighbors.” In general I’m not a fan of the jock personality, but a well-rounded town should have all the personalities, and I like Kid Cat because he’s a cute cat and I like cats, and because he’s got a helmet on which matches his personality perfectly (unlike Big Top, who is lazy and has a sports helmet). But after he moved out I DSed-to-DSed with another town right away, and it worked. He currently lives in a town I used for flower storage called Imladris, and I can move him back to Dafdilly sometime.

Giving Pelly and Phyllis some work to do, Marge was kind enough to mail my villages letters! 😀

After that, it was time for her to go. Goodbye ♥ Hope we can wiFi again sometime!

Later on I had another WiFi meeting, this time with Liam! Finally! 😛 I think it’s my fault for the wait, since my time playing City Folk was so short-lived and my Wii wasn’t connected to the internet.

Showing him where I hid the cicada in my courtyard garden 😛 I think it adds a nice nighttime feel along with the wallpaper. We also had a discussion about the Manekin Pis in this room; I asked if it was a real-life sculpture and he replied that it was, and I googled it later. I’m familiar with most of the paintings in Animal Crossing, but not with the sculptures, I admit. Here are some links if anyone’s interested:
Manneken Pis
The Little Mermaid
Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth)
I always love receiving statues from Gulliver! Some of his items I don’t know how to incorporate into a room very well, but statues are nice for both indoor and outdoor themed rooms. Getting multiple copies of the same statue isn’t bad either because there are some rooms where that could be fitting, like having symmetrical statues on different sides of a throne- or palace- style room.

We went down to see Whitney and her private beach next. This is my favorite house location in town! It was especially nice with the warm, welcoming light on in the evening and the peaceful 8 PM music playing.

Close enough 😛

Dafdilly’s Shampoodle is popular today! For a while there, it probably wasn’t getting any business.

Liam was brave by answering randomly to Harriet’s questions, and this is how it turned out! 😛

I think he likes Static! Static is one of my favorites as well (and a dream neighbor for Dafdilly), if only he picked a different house style. >_< I'll go into my house style frustrations and a new discovery I made about house styles/shapes in a different post…

The interior is nice, though! We had fun playing the guitars.

Melba’s, on the other hand… And her original layout is so nice, too! It influenced my own main room a lot. Neighbors seem to throw out their furniture over time, I’ll have to send her stuff.

Yay! 😀 This isn’t horrible when it comes to party popper pictures, which are difficult to time.

Lucky was my newest neighbor at the time of this meeting, so his interior decor here should be pretty close to how it is originally. The placement of the watering trough between two asteriods seems eerie to me, does anyone know what the significance of it might be?

Chatting with the snowmen.

A weird moment as we say practically the same thing at the same time 😛 My snowmen are always saying they want a family or snowladies, so that’s why I build them close to each other, but they never notice.

Yes, by far my favorite exhibit! Thanks to some help from Teru, it’s complete! I have seen this painting in person. 😀

I look forward to catching these summer bugs and fish again in AC:WW and AC:NL! Haha, it seems like with everything I see, I think “I can’t wait to do that in New Leaf!” 😛

It was nice to find out someone else always thinks of pokeballs when they see this floor! 😛 It’s a neat curved layout of bricks, though, it would be interesting to try making a pattern for outdoor paths like that. Soon after this Liam had to go to bed, it was getting very late for him. I had a great time for our first WiFi meeting, and I look forward to more in AC:WW, AC:CF, AC:NL, whatever! 😀

My last WiFi meeting on this “day” of December 31st was with RedTux TK, who has been recording tours of Wild World towns with his capture card! It’s really nice of him to do since his videos are such great quality, and it’s always fun for me to see different towns, rooms, and landscaping.
It was interesting to hear a complete outsider’s perspective of my town; he seemed confused/less enthused by some things that I like and that make perfect sense to me, like my character/town name and the dresses at my Ables’. But he was very complementary, I appreciate it! 🙂 I laughed when I saw his reaction to the sold out signs upstairs; Liam bought those, and one of them was a cabin couch, which he would have wanted. 😆 But I gave him all the cabin stuff in my catalog after the tour, including the cabin couch, so it’s all good. Thanks a lot to him for coming over to my town and doing this tour! It was cool seeing a video of my town in such great quality! :mrgreen:

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19 thoughts on “First WiFis in a looong time

  1. Looks like you had a busy few days! Thanks again for having me over. It was great (even if it did take over a year to find a time when we were both free :lol:)!

    RedTux’s video is awesome too, I’m glad you got a good quality video. It really shows off how amazing and intricate your town is. You’re attention to detail is unbelievable! I might have to do a town tour video at some point… well, when I’ve actually got my town presentable that is. 😆

    I’m still regretting the haircut, by the way. I don’t even have Nookingtons yet myself so I’m stuck with it I guess. 😛

    I thought the Manneken Pis was real! It was really just a guess. I never even knew anything about it. The boy who became a hero after peeing on a fuse. Doesn’t seem the most dignified way but hey, who am I to judge? xD

    • It was! After such a long time of no WiFis at all, three in a row 😮 Thanks to you for coming over! 😀
      Aww, you don’t have to be stuck with it, feel free to let me know if you want to come over to my town to get a new haircut. 🙂 I’d like to go to your town too sometime, and I’ll make sure to buy something from your Nook’s.
      Really? In our conversation, you even knew it was in Brussels! I just saw it as a fitting sculpture to put into my room, I didn’t think too much about the peeing aspect of it (RedTux TK’s reaction was funny :P) or wonder about a real-life counterpart. But it was interesting for me to discover the origins of AC:WW’s sculptures. I look forward to the new art objects in store for New Leaf 😀

        • Oh my gosh, I love it! Thanks a lot! I’m going to try it as my gravatar. 😀
          I feel like I have a few posts I need to do now… both a City Folk one and a Wild World one. But I hope I can post some pictures I got from tonight soon! My picture quality wasn’t that great either, though…

          • I’m glad you like it! We’ll have to play in the daytime next time so I can get a good quality picture! 😀 No rush! I’ve just been looking through the pictures I shot and… uh… yeah, my camera really doesn’t like your hair in combination to the darkness. Ah well, I think it’s cute! 😆

            • Ohh, I’m sorry my hair was causing problems. 😛 >_< But I think this picture of Twisk blowing a dandelion came out well! I've noticed that photographing Twisk in the Roost often comes out weird too, like her hair is glowing in the dark.

              • But it wouldn’t be Twisk without it! 😆 Yeah, when I was messing with the brightness and contrast I had to remove the hair and do it separately from the clothes and skin tone or the hair would glow. xD

    • Hi,

      I was wondering if u knw about Redtux TK that he makes a utube channel but do u knw his TK stand for but I’m not gonna hurts him or anything cuz I’m just curious then that all but if u just give me a answer????😕

  2. Woah, 3 WiFi sessions in one post! :mrgreen: And those guys got to enjoy the festive atmosphere of a 2nd New Year’s Eve ^^ Haha, did you make use of the new year countdown to time your party poppers? 😛
    “Just a regular girl in a crazy world!” Lol, I like that. I feel that way sometimes 😛 Though I’m sure I’m just as much of a crazy girl in a normal world to some people. I’ve never had or met Daisy before either. And phew, that was lucky with Kid Cat! It makes me more paranoid about making neighbours stay, though. I wonder what is was he said that was misleading. When I stop Pierce from moving, the line he uses most is that he forgot his passport.
    How odd, so Melba threw out her furniture over time for no reason? I didn’t know they did that! I just thought they threw them out if they acquired newer items. Does Melba put some of them in the recycling?
    You’ve seen the Liberty painting in real life? 😯 Does that mean you’ve been to France? Or did it come to the US on loan? 😮
    Yay, the video is up! 😀 Yeah, it’s a common thing to be watching a commentated gameplay video of something you know well and having to watch them just gloss over or miss a lot of things xP 2:58 – That was nice timing 😆 Watching RedTux being taunted by the party popper was amusing. I think I had the secret desire to see him steal it and pop it 😛
    Ooh, I wonder what your new house discovery is x3 And beautiful new blog header! I love the colours in it ^^

    • I didn’t think of that, that would’ve been smart! We actually timed it using a new idea of Liam’s: firing the party poppers as soon as he exits his inventory. So as soon as I saw him return from his thinking pose, I pressed A and so did he 😀
      I wish I remembered Kid Cat’s dialogue that I found misleading too. I read in this guide that there are three different dialogues that will prevent a neighbor from moving if you’re able to get them to say it, and after looking over the jock dialogues, I don’t think Kid Cat said any of those to me… So I should just be more careful in the future and look up the right dialogues. I like the lost passport one the best, it sounds like the surest answer to stay 😛
      I tend to really like the neighbors’ original decorations because it’s like another piece of their personality (just like their catchphrases, hobbies, picture quotes, favorite shirts and umbrellas, etc.). So I rarely send them furniture in letters or help them with certain hobbies in the hope that it will preserve their original layout of furniture, but I’ve noticed that they will ruin it anyway by throwing stuff stuff out over time. 😦 I have a bad habit of not checking the recycling bin, but I bet some of it ends up there.
      I did go to France a few summers ago with my French class, and we of course went to the Louvre. I would have liked to stay longer, actually, but I was with a group of students who weren’t so interested… that’s the problem with travelling with a group. Later on I went to the Musée d’Orsay by myself 😆
      Haha yeah, that was funny for me too, I didn’t mean to leave one on the ground! 😛 I guess it was left over from Liam’s visit. Though I wouldn’t have minded at all if he took it and set it off, I have plenty more in my dressers. But he was showing his good AC WiFi manners, I guess.
      Thank you! 😀 It was nice doing a sunset feel this time. I wonder if you’ve discovered my house style/shape discovery already 😛

      • WOW that’s a comprehensive guide! I didn’t look through the whole thing (of course!) but even just the section on townsfolk had such specific information, I wonder how they got it all (like the lists of furniture different personalities comment on when visiting). The cranky dialogue, “Quit trying to change my mind. I’ve made my decision and I’m stickin’ with it,” sure is misleading as an indication they’ve changed their minds 😛
        How annoying that neighbours start chucking out their things for no reason -_- I mostly ruined my townies’ decorations by doing requests, though. Now I try to send the really bad cases a piece of furniture occasionally in hopes they’ll use it, but they have a hard time letting go of their precious bugs and gaudy shirts -_-
        Woww, what a cool French class :mrgreen: Was it an exchange sort of thing or a school-arranged trip with a set itinerary? Pretty nice you got to go to the Orsay on your own! It’s a pity you couldn’t spend more time in the Louvre, but that’s how it is with groups 😦 Does that mean you got to see the Mona Lisa too? (You didn’t mention it 😛 ) I really enjoyed the Orsay better than the Louvre when I went, from the art to the architecture. During that trip my parents and I visited nearly 40 art museums in 60 days, and that was one of the most memorable ones.
        Speaking of house styles, now that you’re so proficient with juggling neighbours around the 9th slot you could probably see if you can get Static a better house style… if you wanted to take that risk >.<

        • I’ve learned a lot from the guide! I used to think that all neighbors of a certain personality type were essentially the same, but after learning about their unique rooms, favorite shirts and styles of shirts, favorite styles of furniture, different hobbies, catchphrases, likes and dislikes, etc., I think that each neighbor has a bit more uniqueness now. 🙂 Yeah, I think that one cranky dialogue is pretty misleading, I’d probably feel better if one of the other two were said.
          It was a school-arranged trip for the highest level French classes, the idea being that we would use French the whole time we were there and learn more about the culture and such. Haha yeah, I guess I forgot to say I saw the Mona Lisa too! Though there was a huge crowd around it, so I only saw it from far away, and it’s not very big and had a lot of protection. Wow, I’m jealous that you got to see that many art museums! I think my group was art museumed out after the Louvre. 😛 I especially enjoyed going to the Musée d’Orsay as well; post-impressionism is one of my favorite art styles and there was quite a few of that there. It was impressive seeing the Seurat pointillism up close, for example.
          Actually, I did try to do that with Static! The Static I have now isn’t my original Static from Dafdilly, but a Static from “Starmere.” (I use that name a lot when resetting, just in case I find the most amazing town ever, it will have a name I like.) But he still picked the green house style again. Looking back now, it makes sense considering what I’ve learned. Maybe you can make the same discovery I did with these pictures, unless you’ve already noticed it in your town (Cyrano’s/Pecan’s house, for example). I think the green house style is fine, but I prefer the pink/blue house style for house shapes that would have significant wooden fans.
          The less-than and greater-than signs messing with comments happened to me last night too. >_< I hope you don't mind that I fixed this original comment!

          • Hehe, that same crowd was there when see saw the Mona Lisa too. You think, ‘Ooh, there’s a big gap at the front I can stand in’, and then when you get there you realise it’s because it’s cordoned off, duh -_- I did French as well throughout high school, though we never went overseas (by exchange) because it was always a small class. By the final year of high school I was thankful they continued to run it for 4 people 😆 I really loved the Van Gogh room at the Orsay, I wanted to stay longer!
            Lol, I inadvertently touched on your discovery when I had no idea what it was 😆 It had always been on the back of my mind, whether a villager I liked could get another house style if I left them move away and waited for them to come back. I’m so glad you’ve put that to rest 🙂
            Thanks for fixing my comment! Feel free to delete the redundant ones too if they get in the way.

              • I didn’t even notice, I guess we tend to read what we expect to see, even if there’s a mistake. 😛
                I wonder if there’s ever not a crowd around the Mona Lisa…
                I have fond recollections of visiting Musée d’Orsay, I went around the morning/afternoon and I think I remember having a nice lunch at a restaurant there, with a richly decorated ceiling. I also learned of some new artists I wasn’t aware of, Paul Signac and Henri-Edmond Cross.
                I kind of wish it was that way, so that I could keep trying until I get the right house style I want for a certain villager. >_< But this way I can kind of predict what house styles villagers will have when they come to my town. Bob is one of my favorite neighbors and I know if/when he moves into my town, he'll have the blue, yellow, and green checkered door house style.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if u guys knw about Redtux TK that he makes a utube channel but do u knw his TK stand for but I’m not gonna hurts him or anything cuz I’m just curious then that all if u guys just give me a answer????😕

    • I’m afraid I don’t know! I know the RedTux part I think refers to the clothing his avatar wears. The TK could be initials, but like I said, I don’t know for sure. If you’re really interested in finding out, asking him nicely via a comment on his channel probably wouldn’t hurt, he’d probably understand the curiosity and be happy to answer.

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