Visiting Sherwood

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A few days ago I got to WiFi with Liam again! A year and a half of no WiFis together at all, and now two all of a sudden 😀

Yes, I’m glad I finally got past New Years too. xP I’ll post about the goings-on in my town during January and February another time.

Liam’s new haircut to replace the pink style he got last time 😛

Having a snack before heading over to his town.

Since it’s a pretty new town, I was shocked to see all these awesome patterns as soon as I stepped into Sherwood. It looks amazing, what an entrance! 😯

In the first step, all I could see were the water and bridge patterns, so for a moment I thought the town might be water world themed (like this), but it’s actually a pond by the gate. 🙂 It’s so convincing that you really want to just cast your line out and catch those fish!

And a little further down I was amazed to see even more patterns! I love this elegant but simple white brick path. It especially appeals to me because it reminds me of the feel I wanted my AC:CF town Seahaven to have (but never got around to implementing).

He has these nice side paths leading to other parts of town, like gardens and villager houses. I’m glad my patterns page was useful to at least one person; the path wasn’t designed by me (it’s Wendell’s path from City Folk), but I put up a version of it that will work with Wild World palettes.

Wow, all these lovely flowers 😮

It’s hard to decorate a room in a new town and with a limited catalog (I find it frustrating to even attempt!), but I think this room already has a great, warm, homelike feel to it. 🙂 I liked the welcoming jacob’s ladders at the door.

My Margie must have been in my 9th slot in our last WiFi, she lives on in Sherwood now! :mrgreen: I enjoyed talking to her again, it’s nice to know she remembers me.

This was a bit confusing, though; she moved out of Dafdilly over a year ago, and before moving to Sherwood she was actually living in my dad’s old town Red Bank. ❓

He gave me a gold rose! Thank you so much! This brings my number up to 3. 😀 Some of his flowers died when he couldn’t play for a little while, I bet this spot used to be even more beautiful.

Such a full sky! They’re based off real-life constellations, like the Big Dipper is in the upper left corner.

A rainbow rose garden, so pretty! ❤ This idea has occurred to me as well because roses have the most colors and hybrids (in AC:WW, at least).

We also blew some of the dandelions around town, and Liam got a really nice shot of Twisk and edited it later. I love it! 😀 I tried to do the same for his character, but I’m not very good at this sort of thing. >_<

Here’s the un-edited, full-sized picture if you want to do something better with it, Liam:

Thanks for letting me explore Sherwood! 😀 If you want to see more, check out his new post!

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7 thoughts on “Visiting Sherwood

  1. You got so many photos! I have about six that are of a good quality. 😳

    I’m glad you could come! Especially at such short notice. I love that picture of us with the food, it looks like I’m devouring the cake head first. 😆 Thanks for the haircut too. I enter your town wearing a pilot’s hat and leave with a new hairstyle. xD

    The conversation with Margie’s pretty strange, she told me she was from Red Bank too. I think she’s a little confused. That’s fine though, she’s still great! I really like her house too!

    Hopefully the next time you visit my town will be a little bit more presentable. 😆

    • Mine weren’t very good quality either; it’s a shame it’s difficult to take photos at nighttime in AC:WW, because otherwise I like playing at night with the peaceful music. I felt the need to adjust the brightness/contrast/etc. with these pictures, which I don’t normally do.
      Haha yeah, it does sort of look like you’re eating the cake. 😛 Unlike me with the chocolate. It looks like I’d rather have your cake instead…
      I thought your town was plenty presentable! I wasn’t expecting as much, you must have worked really hard on it. 🙂 It’s just a shame that the flowers died, but it’s still beautifully landscaped.

      • I also enjoy playing at night, it’s relaxing. that’s why I prefer to WiFi late but obviously our cameras don’t. 😆
        Hah! i never even noticed the way your eyes are watching that cake. Kinda creepy really…
        Thankyou! I’ll be sure to keep on top of watering them in the future! 😀

  2. Ah so what’s what your new avatar is from! I didn’t know what the dandelion puff was so I thought it was a picture of the fairy Twisk flying, and the dandelion spores were sparkles 😆

    Liam has a lot of flowers! I love seeing all the red pansies together 😀 And the roses are so vibrant together, even at night!
    That’s really cool, basing all the constellation off the ones in real life! I wanted to have a Cygnus constellation (just because I like it) in my town before but it was always crooked one way or another 😛

    • lol, I love that first impression! 😆 How creative and imaginative 😛
      He does, it’s beautiful! I do especially love the rainbow rose garden, maybe jacob’s ladders could be used as the green part of the rainbow.
      I think it’s a good idea too, maybe I should try doing that. Though I think I’ve gotten a pretty full sky from WiFis. I get happy every time I see your 13th Zodiac constellation in my town 😀

      • I had no idea it was a screenshot so I really thought it was something like that (and that you put it together on a computer or something) 😆
        I’m glad I didn’t lose the 13th Zodiac constellation when I rebuilt, hehe. I don’t think I have anything of yours, though >_< Unless you made a Great Triangle, Miracle Seed or Hydra? 😛

        • Nope, I actually haven’t ever made any constellations. xP I should sometime, but my sky is pretty full with other peoples’, so I might have to get rid of others to make my own. I showed my mom the 13th Zodiac constellation and she knew it was a cat right away, it’s so good! 😀 It’s in Red Bank now as well.

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