July 9th & 10th in Dafdilly: First K.K. Show

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Read → July 9th & 10th in Dafdilly: First K.K. Show

I did some fun things these two days, like decorating my new upstairs room, catching some beetles, and going to K.K. Slider’s first show in my new town!

But first, on Saturday I got a look at my newly expanded house’s exterior.

My house has a more prominent window on the roof now, signifying the new upstairs room. I told Nook to paint the roof pale green — just experimenting with different colors while it’s still convenient to, during my home’s expansion process. (Later, I’ll have to rely on looking for new paint at Nook’s shop.)

Now that my coconut palm is fully grown, I can catch these awesome beetles!

Atlas and hercules beetles

They all went to a horrified Blathers 😛

Saturday was La-di Day, which normally I might not even participate in, if I’m already partial to my town tune. But Dafdilly is a new town and I haven’t come up with an official tune for it yet, so I thought I’d give my townies’ tunes a listen!

Peewee got choked up when I picked his song to be Dafdilly’s new town tune.

And I bet you know what else happened on Saturday (from the title, if anything) 🙂

I headed down to The Roost to meet K.K. Slider for the first time in this town!

He performed K.K. Steppe for me:

A picture of Rod and I before he moved at midnight:

Bye Rod~! It was nice having you in town, albeit briefly!

Today (Sunday) I put together a fruit kitchen in my new upstairs room:

This looked better in my head. 😕 Twisk’s catalog is still pretty limited, though, so I think this is the best I can do for now.

A remarkable achievement, I know 😛 I buried three more shovels tonight for my other characters Bell, Harmony, and Melody to use when they turn gold.

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3 thoughts on “July 9th & 10th in Dafdilly: First K.K. Show

  1. Aww poor Peewee, waiting his whole life for this! 😛

    What an awesome shot of KK! I can see all the thingamajigs on his guitar! :mrgreen: And you reminded me, I missed him once again this week -_-

    • Oh, that’s a good idea, I used to recycle Dr Shrunk like that. But it got tiring getting all 3 characters up one after the other in one go 😛

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