July 9th & 10th in Dafdilly

July 10, 2011 at 11:50 PM | Posted in AC:WW | 3 Comments

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My house after I got an upstairs room. Pale green roof…just experimenting with different colors.

Now that my coconut palm is fully grown, I can catch these awesome beetles! They all went to a horrified Blathers. 😛

Peewee got choked up when I picked his song to be Dafdilly’s new town tune.

Meeting K.K. Slider 🙂

His performance of K.K. Steppe:

A picture of Rod and I before he moved at midnight. Bye~

Today I put together a fruit kitchen in my new upstairs room:

This looked better in my head. 😕 Twisk’s catalog is still pretty limited, though, so I think this is the best I can do for now.

A remarkable achievement, I know. 😛 I buried three more shovels tonight for my other characters Bell, Harmony, and Melody to use when they turn gold.

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  1. Aww poor Peewee, waiting his whole life for this! 😛

    What an awesome shot of KK! I can see all the thingamajigs on his guitar! :mrgreen: And you reminded me, I missed him once again this week -_-

  2. haha, I always forget too! But when I do remember, I get a song with all four characters, so I guess it evens out.

    • Oh, that’s a good idea, I used to recycle Dr Shrunk like that. But it got tiring getting all 3 characters up one after the other in one go 😛

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