Dream Diary 1 — Favorites Edition: Sugardew, Angie’s Towns, North

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I’ve been toying with the idea of making ‘dream diary’ posts on WordPress for a while now, and even contemplated making a new blog just for posts like this. But in the end I decided I quite like only having one AC blog to keep up with, so I’m just going to have the dream diary entries become a little side-segment here on A Forest Life that I’ll do every now and then. I like the idea of not only posting about my own town and WiFi friends’ towns, but also showcasing some of the other wonderful towns out there in the AC:NL universe 🙂


Dream Address: 6400-3072-1629
Owner: Mayor Izzie. She used to be on Tumblr but her site’s been deleted, and if she has a new one, I’m unaware of it. But she’s very sweet and talented!

Sugardew is one of my favorite dream towns to visit; I really admire how unique and seemingly spontaneous it is, from the winding paths to the unexpected PWPs and garden arrangements…hopefully you’ll see what I mean! 🙂

I think it’s neat how immediately upon ‘waking up’ in Sugardew, there’s a path for you to follow straight out of the bed. You can tell this town is practically made for dreaming in, since its paths seem a bit impractical for daily play and getting quickly from place to place around town (though maybe I’m wrong about that!).

An example of what I interpret as the spontaneity and creativity of this town…like who else would have thought of this wind turbine placement and path set-up?? But it works so well!

I come here sometimes for garden inspiration because I love how the unexpected flower arrangements (ie. not a ‘pattern’ of flowers) seem to burst with color.

This was my first time using throwing beans ^_^ They’re so fun and I love how they can splash in the water and bounce off objects, very detailed! I got some beans of my own in a trade not too long ago. Oh, and this is a cute little rose garden 🙂

The town hall is beautifully lit by lamps and surrounded by lots of foliage.

A cute lil stump and an Estel lookalike, hehe ^^

Some more well-done PWP placements. Excuse the mid-blink 😛

But this is my absolute favorite spot in my town, it’s just breathtaking with its variety of different plants *_*

This is just a little sample of Sugardew and there’s much more to see if you visit yourself — it’s a very fun town to explore with new things to admire at every turn, so I encourage you to do so!

Angie’s Towns

Maplerow Dream Address: 4C00-00AC-75E0
Wayfield Dream Address: 4F00-0023-63E9
Yorkwood Dream Address: 5C00-00AC-8032
Owner: The mastermind behind all three towns is Angie! She has lots of helpful guides and pretty pictures on her Tumblr, and she’s the creator of the art of mayor Estel I use as my gravatar…many thanks to her for that!


I’ll start off with pictures from the first of her three towns, Maplerow, the one she’s had since release, and which is somewhat based around her hometown. I’ve visited her towns multiple times so the pictures aren’t all from the same visit 🙂

Maplerow is truly amazing during Christmastime! I remember the first time I saw these rooms, I actually had a genuine emotional reaction: of joy from all the festivity :mrgreen:

Warming up by the fire on a cold winter’s night 🙂 Urgh I don’t like when Wendell photobombs in dream town pics.

One of my favorite spots in Maplerow is all the streetlamps lining this path. I ❤ streetlamps, especially lots of streetlamps. It’s a bummer about the 30-PWP limit though.

I loove the riverside windmill in Maplerow. I might’ve been inspired to plant white flowers around my own windmill because of it 😉

This cliffside zen clock is really nicely lined up with Chow’s house!

The little vegetable garden behind the mayor’s house is such a cute idea and a great use of the fence PWP.


Wayfield is probably my favorite of Angie’s towns, so there will most likely be a disproportionate amount of photos for this one. It’s based on her grandparents’ farm, where she would go to spend the summer, and the more rural(?) feel of it is so evident and seeped into every aspect of the town. It’s really beautiful and picturesque and cozy, and has its own character, like it’s a real place.

I still remember waking up in Wayfield for the first time and wandering my way into the topiary and wisteria gardens around the town tree, and thinking “wow, this is gonna be good” 😀 These pictures aren’t from my first visit, though. They’re from an update I especially loved because of the special purple-pinkish sunrise, which I haven’t had yet in my own town.

The elderly couple living in Wayfield, how sweet 🙂

Randy’s farm is one of my favorite spots!

And his chicken coop adds really well to the farm theme.

The portraits on the walls add yet more personal touches to this town 🙂

A tiny weathered cottage in the woods

Aah, lying in a hammock under the stars, with the sound of the waterfall and the rushing river in addition to nighttime sounds, what a beautiful place ❤

This is a minor little detail, but it’s a detail I really love: how well Bonbon’s house here fits in with the forest atmosphere and how it color-coordinates with the black flowers (which have always looked brown to me in AC:NL). Not only do the petals of the black cosmos match Bon-Bon’s house’s wall, the little yellow centers of the flowers match the roof too 😮

In fact, it seems like a few of the black flowers have yellow touches on them (like the tulips and lilies as well), so I loved the addition of yellow hibiscus to coordinate with that, and add a splash of sunny color!

On the other side of the waterfall, instead of black flowers, it feels like you’re walking on clouds with these dandelion puffs ❤

The statue fountain has to be one of my favorite PWPs, I always loove seeing what different people do with it. In this case, the use of it seems pretty simple but I still adore the look of the symmetric trees around it, and the bush-enclosure filled with pink roses 🙂

So much red 😀 The perfect apples are so pretty, and they really pop here!

Stopping to get a sip of water ^^ The water fountain’s a nice little detail by the path.

Lastly to mention about Wayfield, I love the way the villagers’ yards are decorated. They all have their own personality, and this pondside house is especially lovely.


Yorkwood is the newest town of Angie’s, so I probably have fewer pictures of this one, but I encourage you to visit it yourself soon since it’s the perfect time of year to do so, being a Halloween-themed town. (Though in fact, I think all three of her towns are updated for Halloween at the moment!)

You’re given an appropriate outfit and some sparklers and roman candles to set off 🙂

One of my favorite little spots in town! I think in Angie’s other towns the flowers and trees seem more organized and orderly, so it was fun seeing her do the more wild-looking arrangements in Yorkwood!

A graveyard beneath the waterfall — spooky and pretty at the same time ^_^

The festive paths in Yorkwood! You know, I never thought of purple as a Halloween color before, but it does work extremely well with the color scheme!

Such a cute cozy cottage next to this pond ❤ I recommend checking out this edited screenshot of the spot here, it’s really pretty.

Love the look of the curvy river here!

Such an adorable candy cottage *_* (Ngl, my heart breaks a little that I can’t fit the sweets exterior into any of my towns. It obviously appeals to me a lot, having once decorated my AC:WW town in a candy theme!)

That’s it for Angie’s towns! They’re all so well done and different from each other, but you can still see Angie’s own unique sort of landscaping style in each one 🙂


Dream Address: 6C00-008A-0D67
Owner: Mayor Rae! You can find her on tumblr, where she has many lovely pictures of her towns, QR codes of her versatile stepping stone paths, and lots of sweet helpful advice for users’ questions.

If I’m not mistaken, I think North is one of the more well-known towns in the AC:NL community and has already inspired many people, so maybe you’ve already visited or seen pictures of it before! 🙂 But I wanted to start off my dream diary with some of my favorite dream towns, and there’s no doubt that North is one of them and belongs in this post. Something I really admire about North is how unified it is, with consistent paths throughout and a strict color scheme of white with hints of purple. I couldn’t do that, I just love playing with patterns and flowers and colors too much xD So I really admire Rae’s self-control in sticking to a very consistent aesthetic throughout town, and it really pays off.

I think Rae describes her own town remarkably well in the information page on her blog:

earthy and rustic, lots of trees and white flowers
villagers with natural colour palettes — shades of brown and white
lush, green, overgrown with a hint of ethereal presence”

Ophelia’s remark here adds to the mystique of the town and hints at the ethereal presence.

Tehe, I feel so cute in the ouftit provided! 🙂 There are several log benches throughout town for you to sit and admire the natural scenery.

Running around on the lovely stepping stone-and-clover paths throughout North!

The bus stop PWP provides some shelter for the rain — even for two little gyroids, it seems.

Haha xD This instrument shelter seems cool, I think I want to build it in one of my towns.

Feeling like a child again splashing in the puddles 🙂 There’s a cool pattern scattered around North that’s supposed to look like a puddle recently disturbed by a splash, so they’re perfect for taking pictures like this! Just change your clothes/accessory, and when your character is done with their flip in mid-air and is landing in the puddle, snap the picture at the right moment.

The waterfall area is very pretty with its white wildflowers!

Waving to the sweet & cute Lily ^_^ When I talked to her, she said “my horoscope said I would make a new friend today!” 🙂

Julian has recently left North to be replaced by Zell, but he’s still preserved in North’s dream for a little while longer. He looked fitting hanging out by the ‘secret’ fountain (it seems hidden since it’s surrounded by trees).

Lastly, probably the most mind-bogglingly amazing spot in North for me! It’s so perfect, and looks so mysterious and magical, like the shrine of forest fairies or spririts, or the mark of some long-forgotten event from the distant past.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these beautiful towns and will enjoy checking them out yourself in the Dream Suite 🙂 I’ll list the addresses again as a sort of index for this post:

Sugardew Izzie — 6400-3072-1629
Maplerow Angie — 4C00-00AC-75E0
Wayfield Ranae — 4F00-0023-63E9
Yorkwood Olive — 5C00-00AC-8032
North Rae — 6C00-008A-0D67

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7 thoughts on “Dream Diary 1 — Favorites Edition: Sugardew, Angie’s Towns, North

  1. WOW! These dream towns are amazing! 😀 They are so well landscaped with great flower/path patterns and beautiful trees! Makes me realize just how far my town has to go still 😛 I agree that Wayfield is probably my favorite of Angie’s towns (although all of them are amazing). I’ll have to visit Sugardew and North-they look like such cute towns! Maybe I’ll get some inspiration for Lilywood! I love the brick path and flower patterns in Sugardew and I love the garden feel in North! Angie made a guide of how she gets her towns to look really pretty so I’m going to follow the steps she suggests. It will be interesting to collect my dreamies first instead of last! I’m excited to try it 🙂

    • Glad you like them! 🙂 Hehe I agree, they are humbling..and inspiring! I bet you will find inspiration for Lilywood, both those towns are very much filled with greenery! Yeah, I’ve seen that guide and it’s really helpful. I think she suggests collecting dream neighbors first because once your dream neighbors are achieved and landed in town, you can finally figure out how to make use of every area in town. Beforehand it’s like “is this spot going to be used for a PWP/landscaping, or a villager house?” And “welp, guess I can’t landscape here because a villager’s house is in the way” xP

  2. Heyaa 🙂 I absolutely love this blog – the way you write is really incredible! I have been thinking about creating my own AC blog for a while now and I was wondering; firstly – is wordpress easy to navigate and set up? What do you think of it? & secondly, how do you manage to get such clear photos of the game? c: Keep doing what you are doing – this is the best blog about AC I have ever read ! (ps your town is so lovely! :3) ~ Rebecca x

    • Hey! 🙂 Oh my that makes me happy to hear and means a lot to me, thanks so much! x3 Having an AC blog can be quite fun and rewarding, I recommend it to anyone who’s interested! And I find WordPress easy enough to figure out personally, I remember just playing around with it and checking out all the menus and seeing what they did. It’s not too difficult and there are some good tutorial pages. ( http://learn.wordpress.com/ ) I like WordPress a lot because of the friendly community here, the way the posts can be formatted (ie. long journal-esque posts like this work well), and the way you can follow and read others’ posts in the Reader. I take pictures of AC:NL with the standard L+R button combination, then every now and then I take the SD card out from my 3DS and load all the pictures I’ve taken to the computer. A way to get even clearer pictures is the miiverse method: 1. Hit the “Home” button when you’re ready to take your picture. 2. Load miiverse. 3. Make a post with your picture attached. 4. Log onto miiverse on your computer and save the picture (right click, save as). 5. Upload it to wordpress or wherever you want ^^
      Hope some of this helps, let me know if you have any questions! 🙂 And I hope to see an AC blog from you, I’d love to read it! Ahh thanks so much again, and nice to meet you Rebecca! 🙂

      • Thank you so much for the advice and the reply! ^^ The info was really helpful – I have a few ideas for my blog so maybe you’ll see me pop up soon in the world of WordPress~ 😛 Thank you for helping!~ 🙂 🙂

  3. Heya (again) 🙂 Itsa me – Rebecca 😛 I just thought I’d let you know that I took your advice and started a AC blog on here!~ It isn’t very good atm but I’m pretty excited about it haha 🙂 I hope one day it will be as good as this one! Happy New Year Amy 😀

    • Hey Rebecca! 🙂 Oh my gosh that’s exciting news!! And I beg to differ, after just a glimpse I think it look wonderful, and I think it has such a cute witty name. I look forward to following it and reading about the progress of Tempest 😀 How fitting to create a new blog and a new town around the New Year, too~ And thanks, happy new year to you too, hope it will be a great one for you! ❤

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