First fireworks show in Dafdilly

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Dafdilly had its first fireworks show today! ✨ I really enjoyed the show and went wild taking lots of pictures — I’ll try to be selective in only sharing the best shots. xD But before we get to the fireworks show, there were a few little things that happened last night and earlier today.

Rowan moved last night… I forgot to check before midnight to see if anyone was packed up. I would have let him go anyway, but I like to get a parting picture before anyone leaves. 😦 Here’s his goodbye letter instead:

Rowan's goodbye letter

A new neighbor moved in to replace him pretty much immediately! I guess it’s because my 9th slot was filled after visiting my dad’s town.

Thanks! Pretty nice for a cranky 🙂

Meeting Curt

Red Bank is my dad’s town. He’s even wearing one of my dad’s University of Tennessee patterns. 😆 I think this design was meant for an umbrella, though.

Curt's house

His house! I’m not used to seeing this house style, because only Patty’s had it before.

Amelia randomly gave me her picture! I wasn’t trying to get it since I have hers from a previous town. Now I’ll have two 😛

Amelia's picture

Demanding, isn’t he? 😛 I actually wasn’t annoyed to see Lyle this morning, but relieved, since he didn’t show up last week! I like scheduling when Redd comes.

Twisk chugging coffee

Twisk chugging coffee at the Roost 😛 Need to be awake for the fireworks show later!

Tortimer says our fireworks are the best fireworks around, but he's not sure 'cause he doesn't know other towns well

I have trouble believing that, considering you’re in every town! 😛

I loved the firework show! I planned on making significant progress on my mortgage today, but I was so distracted that I only made a few 99K bell-bags. My favorite fireworks were the huge ones, but they seemed more rare.

Big yellow firework

Some more colors:

Big green firework Big purple firework
Big sparkly purple firework Big blue firework
Big green firework Big pink firework

But the small ones were nice too, especially when there were several shooting up at once!

Little fireworks

Little fireworks

Little fireworks

Little fireworks

Little fireworks

They also sometimes made nice color combos:

Color combos with the baby fireworks Color combos with the baby fireworks
Color combos with the baby fireworks Color combos with the baby fireworks
Color combos with the baby fireworks Color combos with the baby fireworks

I love summer in AC:WW! Fireworks, tans…

Twisk firing a roman candle by the beach

…a wide variety of bugs and fish…

Twisk catching an atlas beetle

…and mosquitos. -_-

Twisk got bit by a mosquito

But that’s just one negative thing among many positives. 🙂

I didn’t forget to see K.K. Slider! 😀 I got some atmospheric scene-shots of his performances:

K.K. Slider's show: scene shot

K.K. Slider's show: scene shot

K.K. Slider's show: scene shot

He performed Café K.K. for Twisk, K.K. Fusion for Bell, K.K. Lullaby for Harmony, and K.K. Soul for Melody.

Twisk enjoying the show Bell enjoying the show
Harmony enjoying the show Melody enjoying the show

Each enjoying their respective, separate performances. 🙂 (It’d be cool if more than one person/animal could come to these things!)

And I got a picture of K.K. making a toothy grin 😀

K.K. Slider's grin

He does this sometimes when he sings, and I really wanted to get a picture of it. 😆

Closing the book on the fireworks show

Closing the book on my town’s first fireworks show~ ^^

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  1. Hi Amy,sorry for borrowing saving your pic in my computer and posting it online
    without permission 😆
    i just did something crazy with it,come take a look at my latest post 😆

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