I stream on Twitch 3-4 days a week! We have a wonderful community, and the streams are a chance for us to hang out and chat, as we get creative and decorate in Animal Crossing. The vibe is cozy and relaxing, feel free to join us sometime!



Follow for updates and announcements about stream, as well as other content, and mingling with friends and the AC / streaming community.

Animal Crossing Instagram

The Animal Crossing community on Instagram is such a beautiful and inspiring place, and I’m happy to be part of it and to contribute my favorite screenshots.


Invite link to the Forest Fam Discord server! This is where my community hangs out off-stream. There are channels for Animal Crossing and other topics, and it’s also a great way to keep up with stream announcements and new content.


I love making videos for YouTube and wish I had more time for it! Subscribing and supporting the videos I do make helps a ton and makes it more worth it for me to prioritize. I’d love to make more speed builds and other Animal Crossing videos.


I have such a long history on Animal Crossing Tumblr, and still love its creative community to this day. I like to reblog things I see from the community and contribute my own.

Personal Instagram

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of a homebody, but I like having this more personal Instagram to post silly stories, and share selfies and cat pics.


You can subscribe to my Fanhouse for $3 a month, which is like a more personal social media feed with early updates and access of new things I’m working on. What’s great about Fanhouse is that they give creators a 90% cut on income, compared to say Twitch’s 50-50 cut, so if you appreciate the work I’ve put into streams, into this blog, into sharing custom design codes with the community, or anything of that sort, it’s a great way to support *for less* than a $4.99 Twitch sub, but I actually get a bit *more* than a Twitch sub!


I keep past recordings of livestreams (called VODs) on this YouTube!