Social Media

I stream Animal Crossing on Twitch Mon. / Thurs. / Fri. / Sat. at 4PM NA EST!

Currently town tour videos. I would like to work on adding more content there in the future!

I often post when I go live on Twitch, as well as updates on other new content of mine: new videos, blog posts, or even just screenshots.
(I don’t post every little thought on Twitter, though, because I find that aspect of social media to be somewhat draining. 💚)

If you want to join a friendly, growing Animal Crossing-centric (but also with channels devoted to other subjects) community and Discord server, this is a great place to hang out! It was newly launched with my Twitch channel.

A long-time hang-out of mine, I love reblogging things from the community and contributing my own screenshots.

Mostly cats and selfies, not gonna lie. 🐱

Another place for me to share my AC screenshots. Every Thursday I post a throwback. 💚