Day 6: Island open!

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But before we get to the island’s opening today, I have a few more things to tell about from yesterday. My dad has AC:NL as well, and he invited me to his town last night to pick up a fossil that I didn’t have yet. He could’ve just sold it (I’m sure I’ll get all the fossils eventually), but that was nice of him! 🙂

His AC:NL town is called Red Bank, just like his old AC:WW town was. We even used to play in the same AC:GC town together, Ordale, many years ago. I remember being mad that he paid off his debt before I did and got the gold statue. 😛

I looked around and talked to some of the neighbors:

Yes, June nights are so pretty with all the fireflies about!

Checking out my dad’s tent. He’s had trouble paying it off because Nook’s Homes closes so early. (But he did finally pay it off yesterday, and has a brand new house today!)

Back in my town, I made sure to talk to Tortimer at the pier before the night was over (I almost forgot!), who was there to tell me that the island would become open to visitors tomorrow.

Aww, there was something that touched me about hearing this from the long-standing former mayor of Animal Crossing.

Saturday, June 15 (Day 6):

Kapp’n was at the pier in the morning:

He hasn’t changed a bit. -_- Though it’s good that he’s back to driving a boat instead of taxis or buses.

I went to the island to catch a Birdwing butterfly for the Bug-Off; I don’t even know if that’s the best bug for the Bug-Off in New Leaf, but in Wild World that was the second best bug to catch (after the Oak Silk Moth, which is the largest, but only available at night). There was also a wet suit available at the island’s shop, which I bought right away since I already had medals from playing mini-games in others’ islands. 😀

My Birdwing won the Bug-Off, but I missed the ceremony, so I don’t get a trophy. >_< I'm used to AC:WW, where you're mailed a trophy if you win. Ugh, I need to stop making assumptions and carrying over habits from Wild World!

Edit: Actually, I did receive a gold trophy in the mail today! So I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that. I’ll try not to miss the ceremony in the future, though; my neighbors seemed disappointed that it was cancelled.

I looked to see if there were any gates open, and Hylia’s new town Ordona was, an old AC:WW WiFi buddy. 🙂

I’m jealous of Hylia for having a deer neighbor, and jealous of Diana for having such a gorgeous house!

Hylia’s house is in a great location:

I love that it’s nestled between the sea, cliff, and waterfall! The area feels private, and yet has plenty of room for gardening.

And the interior of Hylia’s house is already looking nice, love the sunny colors. 🙂

I had to go sooner than I thought because something came up, I’m sorry about that! But thanks for letting me visit, and I’d love to WiFi again sometime.

In the evening, I went back to the island to fill up my take-home box with valuable catches, one of them a whale shark! 😮 I also caught a saw shark, a giant trevally, a hermit crab, and of course lots of palm tree beetles.

I brought back some flowers from the island as well. It sort of feels like cheating to do that, but hey, they allow you to both pick up flowers during the tours (I recommend the butterfly-catching tour) and put the flowers in the take-home box.

I haven’t spread flowers all over town or anything, but I’ve added more to my house’s garden, and I’m sure I’ll continue to use the island as a source of flowers in the future. 😛

Swimming in Citàlune’s ocean with my new wet suit 🙂

Even later at night…

My dad doesn’t have the island yet, so I let him come over to mine. We did tours until he had enough medals to buy his own wet suit.

And we didn’t leave until his take-home box was filled with valuable/rare bugs and fish. He’s not good at catching bugs on trees, so I would stand nearby and tell him when he was lined up correctly and close enough to swing. 😛 It worked pretty well!

Putting our new wet suits to use! Hehe, I look forward to maybe taking more pics like this during WiFi! 😀

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19 thoughts on “Day 6: Island open!

    • Hey! I just tried to, but after waiting for the train for a good few minutes, I got Resetti (WiFi crashed, I guess). I’ll try again now.
      Edit: I tried a few times, but WiFi kept crashing for me whenever I tried to board the train! And the latest attempt, I didn’t see your gates open. I’m sorry that it doesn’t seem to be working today either, but for different reasons than yesterday. 😦

  1. I know, it’s a total pain! We’re having connectivity problems, and I was looking forward to it and everything! I just opened my gates, and I see you’re trying to enter, but I doubt it’ll work. Our router is throwing a fit, apparently. (I opened my gates because my dad’s trying to help me out, but – yeah, Resetti). Maybe next weekend it’ll be working fine, because I really want to Wi-Fi! I’m so sorry that it’s not working out… 😥

    • Aww, I was looking forward to it as well. But that’s okay, I hope it’ll work next weekend (or whenever you want to try again, just let me know). Maybe you could try doing a connection test in your “System Settings” to see if it works there.

      • The strange thing is, everything but my New Leaf connectivity is working. Browser – check. Test – check. It’s so frustrating that I might actually end up grinding my teeth!
        I love Diana’s room. Three days into the game and I’ve aquired about four items. A bed, lantern, the DLC and a Bug-Off trophy. So, in a way, the Wi-Fi is working to my advantage in one way, as I’ll have more time to arrange my house! Oh, and you will get mailed a trophy. I did. 🙂

        • Yeah, that’s weird, so maybe it’s possible the error isn’t your fault? As an example, I was trying to visit someone else today, and I got an error code message for the first time. (I didn’t get an error message when I was trying to go to your town, Resetti would pop up as I was trying to board the train.) But this same person (Liam) was later able to visit my town just fine, so it’s clear both our internet connections are working.
          It’s a gorgeous room, I love the mix of regal and mermaid furniture with the columns, harp, and jacuzzi. I’m probably jealous of most of the animals’ houses right now, a lot of them are so beautifully designed! I’m not happy at all with my rooms, I don’t even like to go inside my house because of it.
          I was happy to see that I got my golden trophy in the mail after all 🙂

    • Yeah, I’d love to have a lavish room like that! I look forward to when I can start to decorate my rooms properly, right now they’re just a random hodge-podge of stuff I’ve managed to get so far.

  2. It looks like you had an eventful day! I’m SUPER jealous of your cliff diving – didn’t know that was possible!! Do you know if every town has the ability to do that? I’m pretty sure I have a beach surrounding all of my ocean! 😦 If I can’t, hat’s be soo disappointing!! )’: Does Hylia have a blog, btw? Her town looks pretty established already! 🙂 Also, the picture with the waterfall in the background at night time is a beautiful picture! If only wordpress and blogger had places to like a photo! 😀

    • Oh yeah, it’s possible in every town, I think! Look for where your beach ends, and there should be a little strip of just ocean.
      She does! I’ll add a link to it in this post, it’s 😀
      I’m glad you like it, it was nice to see a full view of my waterfall. ^_^ (Standing on the beach, it’s hard to see the whole thing.)

  3. The WiFi session that I had with you earlier today was a lot of fun!!! You have so many things and your town is already looking AMAZING. I need to learn how to fish -.- I have caught 1/27 finned fish that I attempted to catch. I made a new account. Idk what my cousin did to my old blog and account. I dont really care. And this is Ck.

    • I had fun as well, it was cool to have my town full for the first time! Thanks for coming 😀
      I just stare at that red ball really hard and wait for it to go under with the splash. I try not to “predict” when the the fish will take the bait because then I often press A too soon and miss them. So I just try my best to wait until I see the ball go under and react quickly, especially with rare fish like sharks. Good luck with it! I’ll check out your new blog 🙂

  4. You go girl!! hahah New Leaf looks soooooo great, I’m a bit jely!! heheh I think I may end up purchasing it, it looks sooo fun! Would you say it’s worth it? (nintendo and game)
    And oh my! You can jump off a cliff!!!! Everything looks gorgeous and super fun!!
    I’ll be excited for more of these! ❤
    Love and miss you!

    • Yay, I was so happy to see your icon in my notifications, it’s great to hear from you! ❤ I've missed you too, I hope you've been doing well! 🙂 I don't think it would be a waste of money if you bought it; I pretty much only got my 3DS for New Leaf, but I'm getting a lot of use out of it (and probably will for years!). And it's been worth it and a lot of fun for me so far! But it is pretty expensive, so it's up to you of course whether you think it's worth it or not (or if your schedule's too busy to play, etc.) Ahh, it would be great to WiFi again (all us old AC:WW buddies! :P)

  5. Wow! Sparro looks awesome, I need him! 😆

    I’m sorry you missed the ceremony, it’s a cute little feature. I’m sure you’ll see it again soon though. I also won using a birdwing, and by the sound of things most people did. Mine scored 112 points, so the villagers really didn’t have much of a chance of beating me. 😀

    It’s cool that your dad’s still playing too! I’m pretty sure I locked Margie from Red Bank in Wild World so she should still be there today. I really wan’t your dad to get her again then I can ‘inherit’ her! 😆

    • Yeah, a bit sad that I missed it, and my neighbors were disappointed too, aww. I’m sure there might be a few more this summer, though! I hope I can get more out of the next Bug-Off by beating the record multiple times and getting furniture each time. 😀 Congratulations on your win, and you would’ve beat me too! 😛 My Birdwing butterfly wasn’t very good (in size and luster), but I guess it was still good enough to win against my neighbors.
      He seems to be enjoying it so far! I’m glad that Margie’s still around, thanks for locking her! ^_^

  6. Congrats on winning the Bug-Off! ^^
    How fun, spending the evening together with your dad in ACNL 🙂 Did he buy the same wetsuit you did? (So it did not disappear?)
    Cool shot of the waterfall at night o_o I have an odd waterfall that is not even visible from the beach…

    • Thanks! It was nice! 🙂 He has his own island unlocked now, so he doesn’t really need to use mine anymore. He’s been getting a lot of use out his wet-suit, and caught a ton of underwater creatures — much more than I have! I don’t go diving for stuff much, I find it a little annoying. They always get away. -_-
      Yep, I’ve noticed that the stock at the island seems unlimited; you can keep buying the same items over and over (as long as you have enough medals). So if you ever see anything you want at my island, feel free to buy it if you want! 🙂

      • I don’t do any diving unless I have a table to play on, where I can put the 3DS down and just put all my effort into mashing the A button. I bet I look pretty crazy if anyone sees me.
        Same to you: If you have any items you really want I’ll keep an eye out for them. I’m not really after any of the island items so I need a way to spend my medals!

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