Beginning of September

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I’ll be honest, I’ve gotten behind not only in posting, but also in my game in general. There were a few weeks I wasn’t able to play much AC:NL at all, and I don’t like to leave things to chance (like Melba moving out, or the most amazing item showing up when I’m not there to buy it), so I’ve been catching up through the days I missed by TTing. As I write this post I’m at around mid-September in my game, so that’s the extent of what this post covers. But I’m going to try to catch up to the present as soon as possible!

I got my first jacob’s ladder, yay! 😀 But only one, and no golden can, because I was wanting to demolish some things and quickly lost PTS. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll get it again.

I experimented with changing the motif on my mosiac paths. It’s usually just an abstract circular pattern, but here it looks more like a star/snowflake type thing. I wasn’t sure if I liked it better or not, so I reset without saving (so I wouldn’t have to re-do the path to how it was before). Any feedback/opinions?

A few weeks ago I met up with Ryann in her town Shantaki to do various trades/gift exchanges, and Jasper from Windfall came as well. I hadn’t WiFied with either of them in a while, so it was great to see them again! 😀

I proudly whipped out a balloon I recently got from a trader at an AC forum, and to my surprise, both Ryann and Jasper had balloons as well. 😛 I guess they aren’t rare, but I don’t really StreetPass, so balloons are still novel to me.

She offered to give me two blue roses so that I could breed more of my own, which was extremely generous! Thanks so much for everything, Ryann, and for having me over! 🙂

Melba’s started making unexpected visits, so I guess my friendship level with her is getting high.

Saharah gave me non-clashing carpet and wallpaper for once!

It reminded me of my character Harmony’s room in AC:WW:

And I got the lunar horizon (which I’d been wanting for Estel’s bedroom) with one of my other characters! 😀

I thought it might be fun to put together a Fall-themed room since I got the carpet and wallpaper from Saharah a while back, but I don’t think I have enough alpine furniture to really do it properly.

Argh, the HHA Showcase can have bushes next to street lamps, jealous! xP

I decided to use the fertilizer Kiki gave me with the blue roses Ryann gave me to see if I could grow another blue rose, and it worked!

Since then, I’ve continued to water the blue roses daily and I haven’t managed to grow any more… guess the fertilizer is much more effective! xP

Ugh, what an unfortunate picture for an exciting gold badge.

The picnic basket given on Labor Day was cute! ❤

Finally got all the emotions! There were a fair amount of days it slipped my mind to get a new emotion, so it took me a little while.

Guess I have a new dance move for Club lol, the Shrunk Shuffle. 😆

Katie and I brightening up a rainy day with the Flourish emotion! 🙂 I had to wait a pretty long time for this emotion, to the very last row.

Aww, we match, I never noticed! :3

Frank decided to move out, which I was quite happy about since his house was in the middle of a path. (I also hope Robin can move out one of these days so I can build the Café. >_<)

To replace Frank, yet another neighbor from my digital town Bywater moved into Citàlune, but this time it was a planned and wanted move, since I consider Colton one of my dream neighbors. 😀

I loove his house exterior and think it fits well with the sunny color scheme on the fairytale-city side of town.

And the interior of his house isn’t bad either, he seems to share similar tastes with Estel!

In remodeling the train station and town hall, I’ve made a pretty big step in getting my town more the way I dreamed of it pre-game. 🙂 (The train station, believe it or not, I unlocked first. On a long car ride a while back, there was nothing better to do, so I just visited my own town over and over using my dad’s 3DS. 😛 ) I wonder what the origin for the town hall is, like if it’s supposed to resemble a Russian church, or just be a generic palace that might be found in a fairytale (hence the name)? I don’t know, but I like it a lot!

This rock in front of the town hall — which has even made me consider resetting before — is still a nuisance and an eyesore, but after moving the path to the town hall farther down than it was before, I feel like I have more space to landscape and build PWPs without the rock majorly getting in the way.

Katie and Lyra in one of my favorite spots in town. 🙂 She comes to my town a lot…

I decided to expand the entrance to Estel’s castle by building a central fountain with bushes wrapped around it in a circle (not done with the bushes yet). I have to say, I’m not crazy about this light green grass color at all, not for my town anyway. xP But I look forward to seeing the changing colors this season; hopefully I’ll like it more when reds, oranges, and golds are added to the palette. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Beginning of September

    • I wasn’t looking to completely change my entire path quite yet; rather, I was wondering whether this or this is a better motif design for my current path. But thanks for sharing your thoughts!

        • Sure, I’ll try to help:
          Step 1. Go to your Dashboard. I think it should be
          Step 2. On the black sidebar on the left, select “Appearance” and then click “Widgets”
          Step 3. It should take you to a page that looks like this. On the left, under “Available Widgets,” there are many grey rectangular boxes, each a certain type of widget for a different purpose. The most basic and versatile one is the plain “text widget,” but there are many other useful ones too. Drag the widgets you want to use for your blog over to the side of the page with the blue rectangular boxes, under “Sidebar.” You can also drag some of the blue rectangular boxes that are already there back to the grey boxes section; this will remove the widget from your sidebar.
          Step 4. Once you have all the widgets you want in your sidebar, you can start to edit them how you want to and write in them. Click on a rectangular box — representing a widget — to edit that widget, and then save your progress when you’re finished. You can also drag the blue rectangular boxes up and down along the Sidebar to change the order of the widgets.
          A few links that might be helpful:
          WordPress’s official widgets information/support page
          Mayu’s WordPress hints page: this has lots of tips on useful HTML, which you can use to customize a basic text widget to make it whatever you want it to be.

  1. I liked the star path ‘cos it looked more 3D. Plus, you focus a lot on stars and moons, so a sun would be kinda off-track, sorta like you play in the night, as Citálune was meant for. Everything looks perfect and in place, but there’s something bugging you and…it’s the sun in the path. Maybe star path wait crescent moon border would look better, and with different colours, maybe? I don’t know, both paths look fab!
    You love blue roses, don’t you? 😀
    Oh, Colton is one of your dream neighbours? Lucky, I’ve only got one close to a dream neighbour. What type is he?
    You and Melba are, like, besties. But she hasn’t given you her picture! Bad Melba. Katie’s in your town so much, she’s like a little pet kitty. She wouldn’t make a bad neighbour, I guess. There aren’t any puppies or kittens, but there are bear cubs.
    I think your town hall is bea-uuuuu-ti-ful! It actually matches the picture built up in my mind about what your town would look like. ( Well, roughly…I pictured it at night 🙂 )
    Oh, you changed Estel’s look! You’re also playing a lot more with…whassername…Lyra, is it? I made extra characters (Dapple, Menomini and Socorro, but they’re mainly for storage and I have no idea what to do with their houses right now)
    I just re-read the thing on how you re-visited and re-visited your own town on your dad’s 3DS. I will do something similar when I feel like it!
    I love the driveway/pathway/road/whatever to Estel’s house! It has more of a ‘total queen’ aura than ‘mayor’!

    • Thanks for the advice about the path! I do think I might give the star version of the path another try. Though that path is on the sunny, colorful side of town, and it’s actually the other side of town, where Estel’s castle is, that I’m trying to make look especially nice at nighttime (with lots of whites and cool colors). I just couldn’t bare having my whole town being laid out to look best at nighttime, I want some colorful hybrids and stuff too! xP So I like to think one side of town is the ‘city of the sun’ and the other side of town is the ‘city of moon,’ but ‘city of the sun and moon’ in probably any language would of course be too long for a town name.
      I do love blue roses, but I guess the reason why I fixate on them is because they’ve always been such a struggle for me to grow. I think I could put them to good use in my town if I manage to grow a lot of them 🙂 That’s why I’m not set on “legit” growing them from scratch from hybrid red roses; it’d be really nice to just finally have some blue roses to decorate with, regardless of how I got them…
      Colton is smug, so he’s one of those flirty ones 😛 It feels really good to have another dream neighbor! 😀 I hope you get some more of yours soon, good luck!
      Aww, thank you! Yeah, I feel like that side of town with the town hall and train station looks best at sunset (specifically, at 6 PM, when the streetlights come on) rather than at nighttime. But Estel’s castle really shines at nighttime, I think ^_^ I’m glad you like it! It’s been fun to make the mayor’s estate as grand and regal as possible 😛

  2. Hey!
    I really do like your path! It looks like the Willy Wonka’s little sticker candies!
    No problem, Amy! After getting the T&T Emporium, and buying fdertilizer every day, its like an 80% chance that you’ll get a hybrid if you plant the fertilizer nearby- it’s awesome! 😀 I’ve already got those two blue roses back, haha! 🙂
    Aww, I didn’t know your villagers could surprise you in your house! I guess you must be really close with Melba! I hope Ryann gets that way with Joey and Chief soon. ^ ^
    Let me know if you want some alpine furniture, as well! I’ve got the blue furniture ordered for you, but you gave me more than enough money to buy the blue furniture with! 😛
    Congrats on the gold badge! I haven’t been playing that much – doing just the dailies, which is really depressing me, therefore not pushing me farther in the game. 😦
    Wooww, your town looks like it’s really coming along! Hopefully I’ll be able to visit it soon! ^ ^
    I really like how you’ve done the rainbow flower pattern! And it looks like you’ve done a lot of breeding this past while – congratulations! 😀

    • Hey! 🙂 Thanks! My intention was brightly colored jewels/stones, but I see what you mean about the candy strips 😛
      Ahh, I can’t wait to get the Emporium! I’ll probably use it on the blue roses like every day xP
      I’m missing the alpine bed, closet, low table, and sofa, but I think the most painful one I’m missing is the large alpine table, since it’s perfect for a kitchen (so just ordering that would be fine). Thanks so much for the offer! Is there anything you’re looking for?
      Yeah, I wish I had time to play more as well 😦
      Thank you! 😀 Hopefully we can get to WiFi sometime again soon ^_^

      • Oh, I see about the jewels! I’ll keep my eye out for a path like that! 🙂
        Oh, I can get you the closet, sofa, and large table if you’d like? :3 Actually, I was wondering if you have any leftover Bug-Off furniture? No big deal if you don’t, I’m just missing a few pieces from it still.
        Yes! I’ve got lots of furniture for you! And it’s takin’ up space on my ground rn! 😉

        • Thank you so much Ryann! 😳 And I’m sorry about the inconvenience I’ve caused you in cluttering up your town with items! I’m busy tonight (Wednesday), but I should be free Thursday, Friday, and this weekend, so feel free to let me know if there’s a time that works for you. 🙂 I’ll bring over all the Bug-Off furniture I have and you can take whichever ones (if any) that you don’t have. Ahh, first the blue roses and blue furniture, and now this — I definitely owe you! So don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything you want xP

  3. Heya, I was just looking at a strawberry pudding that reminded me of you, so… here I am, you know?
    Just kidding xP
    Congrats on the new train station and town hall!! They look sooo lovely with the fairytale clock and lamps. Heehee good job having the perseverance to unlock the station that way 😛 I could never put my finger on what the town hall reminded me of; it looks like a cross of Russian church, the Taj Mahal and… fairytale-ness. It looks so dreamy all lit up just after 6pm.
    The grand entrance to Estel’s palace is getting more and more impressive, too ^_^
    For absolutely no definable reason, I think I like the circular pattern mosaic more. Maybe just because you didn’t have to squish anything up for that one so it feels well-proportioned? The mosaic path is such a good and versatile idea itself though that any way you decorate it looks good 🙂 Ahh, in an ideal world with unlimited storage space, you could have varying mosaic patterns across town, using up all of the different motifs you want to have x3
    The autumn-themed room looks so nice and cozy x3 Is that wallpaper the same as the old mush wallpaper? I’m so glad there’s a better- matching carpet now! Estel’s bedroom reminds me of a cool room I saw recently that had a starry floor as well as wall, and there was nothing in there but aurora screens. It was like floating around in the cosmos o_o
    Aww, Isabelle is so cute in that dress x3

    • Hahah, more reminding you of desserts 😆
      Thank you! 😀 I love having the train station and town hall remodels, they make me appreciate/enjoy my town much more than before. ^_^ Yeah, visiting myself over and over was pretty tedious. It would’ve taken (possibly literally) forever to get the train station otherwise, though 😛
      Same, it reminds me of all those things too. I learned that that style of dome is called an “onion dome” and it’s not only used in Russian architecture, although that’s what they’re most associated with.
      Thanks for the feedback and kind words about the path! 🙂 I see what you mean, with the star one I feel like I could have added in two more ‘points’ to the star if I had just a bit more room, so it does seem a little squished. I like that the star shape is sort of mirrored in the lilies lining the path, though. Ahh yeah, I’d love to have a fancier, more detailed and varied mosaic! In the future I’d like to try a mosaic-style path that isn’t just made up of circular stones, but a variety of differently shaped stones.
      It’s actually not the mush wallpaper (which looks the same as it did in Wild World); it’s a new wallpaper and carpet set from Saharah called the maple floor and maple wall. The mush series would look great with it, though! I look forward to getting the mush series in this game, it was always one of my favorites in Wild World x3
      Ooh, that room sounds cool 😀
      I just realized, I guess the Labor Day picnic basket was exclusive to North America… I got four of them, so I can give one to you sometime if you want ^_^

      • Oh yeah, lol xP
        That’s funny, I’ve learnt about ‘onion domes’ before too, but it was in German class 😆 Whenever I can’t remember the word for ‘onion’, I think of the word for ‘onion dome’ first 😛
        Ah cool, I’m glad they made that new wallpaper/floor set! Saharah keeps giving me boring ones though -_-
        Lol, it’s real-life Labor Day here tomorrow, but I doubt Animal Crossing will be doing anything about it 😆 Oh a picnic basket would be nice ^^ But don’t worry about keeping one for me especially if you want to give them to anyone else. I also got a veggie basket from the European Autumn Moon, if you haven’t got that from anyone. It looks nice and rustic 🙂

        • Really? Happy labor day! 😛 So is Australia grouped with Europe as far as DLC and holidays go? I’ll give you a picnic basket the next time we WiFi, and hopefully we can WiFi soon one of these upcoming weekends or something. 🙂 As for the veggie basket, only if you have multiples, because I wouldn’t want to take an item of yours if it’s your only one.
          Don’t worry, you didn’t spoil anything, I’ve caught up past the Autumn Moon event. I’m on September 20th now, trying to get all caught up while I’m on Fall break!

          • Haha, our Labor Day isn’t anywhere near as big as it is in America though (I think). Apparently we don’t even have a common date for it across all the states.
            Yep I got 3, so of course you can have one! Not just for AC:NL, but for the 3DS in general we’ve been grouped with Europe, and so far we have gotten all the same DLCs and holidays, which I’m pretty sure will continue.

  4. I love your new paths it matches very well with your hybrid flowers! 🙂 And the colour coordination from it it’s pretty awesome!

    For a few days I bought me New Leaf, because it looks on your blog so awesome and I’m happy to see your city grow so fast, I also can copy a few of your ideas and don’t have to change my whole town! 🙂 And I really like your idea to create a fall-house/room.

    Oh, and I wanted to ask you if you maybe have a dreamcode for your town and maybe can publish it? I guess it would be great to visit your town in my dreams. (Gosh, I sound like a stalker! :D)

    So, once more lots of wishes from germany! 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! 😀
      Wow, that’s exciting! I hope you enjoy New Leaf! You’ll be starting your town at a beautiful time of the year, with all the changing colors of Autumn. 🙂
      Sure, my dream address is 4800-2245-2005! I also have it listed on my Citàlune information page along with the date that I last updated it. (Yeah, I’m not so good about updating it every day…) It might be a little while before you get the Dream Suite, though. I remember that it’s triggered when you see Isabelle asleep at her desk, so check up on her often after the first week or so. Oh, and don’t feel like a stalker, I like visiting others’ dream towns as well! I’ve been doing it so much lately that I got a new Dreamer badge from Phineas today. 😛 When you visit, you’ll probably find that my town has lots of imperfections and still a lot of room to grow… xP
      Anyway, good luck with your town, best wishes to you too! ^_^

  5. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂
    I really enjoy New Leaf but in the first week it’s a little bit boring, I guess. I don’t like it that I complete something and have always wait for the next day, but I think when I have unlocked more things, I have more fun. And I can’t wait no longer for my dream suit. 😀 I watch so much videos, and it looks so awesome, so yes, I will have an eye on Isabelle. 🙂 But when I got it your town will be my first dream. I think it will be a whole new experience to see your town in real and not only on photos.
    I will tell you how awesome it actually is! 🙂
    Oh and I think every town owner guess their town has too much imperfections, I know your town is unique and awesome with much work on it.

    • I agree, it’s a reaally slow start. :/ I remember just spending a lot of time fishing and bug catching for the museum at the beginning, since there wasn’t much else to do as the mayor. Hopefully the game’s pace will speed up sooner for you than it did for me (it took me a few months to feel like I was making decent progress).
      Aww, thank you, I’m honored 😳 Mine really isn’t that great compared to many towns out there, but I appreciate it! You’re right, though, a town’s imperfections are always most clear to the owner. xP

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