Nook ‘n’ Go Opens, Second Debt Paid Off

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Yep, the title pretty much sums up the major events of the day! Both my home and Nook’s shop are a little larger than before, but both expansions will be short-lived because they will be expanded yet again. xD


Ooh, a spotlight item already!

I caught many valuable fish yesterday, turned my house into a temporary aquarium, and then sold them all this morning:

Which means…

I have enough money to pay off my debt again! 😀

While trying to find a sea bass for Peewee, I saw this coconut washed up on the beach!

Since Nook sold a shovel and an axe today, I was able to bury it where a tree used to be, so it will definitely grow. Once it does, I’ll be able to catch goliath beetles and such. ^^

Thanks to my medicine, Amelia’s feeling well again! She gave me a fairytale wallpaper, which I put up in my house.

Noo, Joey, you can’t leave yet! I think I convinced him…

This conversation was hard to follow 😛

I’m so glad to have caught these quickly without needing to hunt them!

They are now dueling in my museum:

Farewell shots of Nook ‘n’ Go and my house since they’re both re-modeling/expanding again tomorrow:

I know I mentioned regretting that I couldn’t spend more time with Nook’s Cranny in the last post, but I don’t really have a similar attachment to Nook ‘n’ Go. So at this point, I’m just going to keep supporting my local shop to expand more and more!

I don’t think my house looks bad so far! It’s kind of cozy. 🙂 This room’s going to be huge tomorrow!

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