Art Gallery

This is a page displaying and honoring the beautiful art that has been made for/of/in relation to my Animal Crossing characters/towns. 🙂 Thank you so much to all the artists here!

Estel by Angie (tumblr post)

Estel by snerdman (tumblr post)

Estel by Serena

Estel by Megan

Estel by Nina

Estel’s formal garden overlooking the sea, drawn by Teru.
All I did was color the drawing like it was a coloring book :’)
You can see more of Teru’s art on her deviantart.

Citàlune by Flora Crossing

Twisk & Melba by velvthearts (tumblr post)
Twisk making Melba a flower crown, which she loves! One of the first times I’ve seen the town rendered in art, too — in love with the little spaced apart bricks, colorful flowers, and checkered roof house in the background; it’s so Dafdilly. 💚

Twisk & Melba commission by suzanami mayorette is her ACNL blog. (tumblr post)

Twisk by Choco (deviantart and deviantart post)

Twisk by Choco (tumblr post)

Twisk by Tammie

Twisk by Saima

Twisk, Sugar (Saima’s chara), and Kammile (Choco’s chara) by Saima

Twisk by Saima

Twisk’s petal dress by Saima

3 thoughts on “Art

  1. Aaaah! My drawings are here! ;; These artists are so amazing!! It’s so great people are so inspired by your towns and characters that they drew fanart of it! Even the commission of Twisk and Melba is so lovely! ❤ When I saw Saima's drawing of us, I can't help but remember our old AC:WW days. hehe.

    • I wanted a way to have all the drawings in one place, to sort of honor & display them since they’re so lovely, including yours! Which have a special place in my heart ❤ I hope you don't mind that they're on this page 🙂 Thank you again for them! Ahh yes, some of these drawings, the AC:WW ones especially, are a bit like walking down memory lane hehe.

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