Jemma’s spring party

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I haven’t played AC:WW daily since my WiFi party back on January 15th; instead of a birthday party, it turned out to be more of a going away party, lol. 😛 My town is still stuck in January, but it’s turning to spring in all other Animal Crossing towns, and this morning Jemma hosted a spring party in her town usa! (See her posts here and here, and Usagi’s posts here and here.)

My wintry attire wouldn’t do for the party, I thought, so I changed to something more springlike.

But it turned out to be unnecessary because the first thing I did when I arrived (late, sorry, my alarm didn’t go off as planned >_<) was change into one of Jemma's costumes. I'm Little Red Riding Hood, I guess, and Usagi’s character Nigra is an angel.

Jemma’s town is decorated beautifully for spring, especially the entrance!

And flower paths, flowers everywhere! 😀 I think Usagi was wondering what I was doing standing in the middle of the path for a while, trying to get a decent picture (I’m rusty xD).

All the green is such a refreshing change from my town!

Now for the games…

First was an obstacle course race, in which we dug up a series of holes, zig-zagged around palm trees, picked up two seashells, and brought the seashells back to the other side, still zig-zagging around the trees. I went first but don’t remember what my time was. 😛

Usagi’s turn!

I thought for sure Usagi was faster, so I was surprised to hear I won. 😛

Usagi already scheming for the next game xP

…and she got her revenge! 😛 Usagi won the second game, a race to get through a maze of holes.

Then pitfalls were buried in the holes, transforming the maze into a minefield. I fell into one pitfall, while Usagi was sort of sucked into two of them. o_o So I finished first, continuing our back-and-forth winning/losing pattern.

Jemma and I got distracted chasing butterflies xP

And Usagi fell asleep 😛

Jemma and I hid behind the mansion while Usagi was asleep, and after my nearby comment, Usagi obviously found us easily. 😛

Net fight! 😈 There were quite a few of those, haha.

Jemma had a surprise for each of us inside her house…

The surprise isn’t here, but I stopped to admire this classy main room.

Upstairs Jemma has set up this wonderful Spring Cafe! 😀 There’s a cafe of that name in my city, haha.

Even better than The Roost 😉

After our coffee break, it’s back to the party games. I saw these cute patterns earlier but didn’t realize they had a purpose; they’re actually ‘bases’ and the object of the game is to capture other players’ bases (moving two spaces each turn towards a base) and protecting your own with pitfalls. Fun, creative game!

We all captured each others’ bases though, so it was a tie. 😛

Now for another refreshment break, a picnic 😀

This was really sweet, Jemma set up an area for the three of us to plant fruit trees that she will leave in her town forever. 🙂 I sure hope they grow! >_<

After that it was time to go, but we took group pictures by the gate before partying over. Thanks for hosting such a fun party, Jemma! :mrgreen:

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A WiFi birthday party

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(Edit: Check out Teru’s and Jemma’s posts on this WiFi party as well!)

Today was my birthday, Twisk’s as well. Puddles came to deliver my present, which I was really happy about since she’s my last original neighbor and one of my dream neighbors I’ve locked in Dafdilly. 🙂

I didn’t, though, but okay 😛

Another cake! I already have two on the table in my main room, would three cakes be overboard? 😛

But it was just your birthday the other day! 😆

I also made preparations to host a WiFi party in my town this morning. Teru’s character Rain was the first to arrive:

Yay, I’m glad you’re here! ^_^

The first words she said after entering from the gate:

Thank you! 😀
I thought it would be cool to have a snowman right by the gate, but I totally messed it up after realizing you can’t prop up snowballs into snowmen on the pavement. >_<

Then we exchanged presents! I gave her a lovely phone, which I forgot to leave out for her to touch in our last WiFi meeting, and two of my favorite shirts, the silk bloom shirt and dreamy shirt. And I received a wonderful gift, the last painting I need for my museum’s exhibit! Thanks!! 😀

While waiting for others to arrive, I showed her around. 🙂

I don’t know if these holding areas (in case anyone needed to temporarily drop items) were worth it; they took 8 pattern slots and there was a lot more I wanted to make, like cupcakes and gumdrops.

Lollipop island! xD Well, the lollipops could have been a lot better if there were more shades of each color (i.e. dark purple, medium purple, light purple). All I could really do was a white highlight. But they’re colorful and I had fun matching flowers with them!

I’m much happier with how these ice cream cones turned out; the cone contains browns that are used for winter dirt, so I couldn’t have a dirt background, and the colors I used for the ice cream are the same that are used for snow, but I think it turned out looking okay regardless.

In the board game CandyLand, the object of the game is to make it to the end at Candy Castle, so in this case, I guess the town hall serves as Candy Castle. xP It explains the royal-themed prizes for winning, too: either a royal crown, crown, throne, or lots of bells.

Sleeping Rain ^_^

I finished showing Rain around and was going to suggest that we go ahead and do a two-player race when Skye (also known as MonkeyDoodle) showed up, saving me from leaving my position as judge:

Welcome Skye, thanks for coming!

I gave her a pink rose and peachy shirt, and her present for me is that treasure box by the rock. Inside was a blue dot parasol to go with the rest of my blue apparel. 😛 Thank you!

Starting the King Tut/minefield race!

Rain was first by a longshot since Skye fell into a pitfall; cautiousness won over speediness, a thought that occurred to me as I was planting the pitfalls. 😛

Next was a treasure hunt! I buried Gulliver items, snowman furniture, spotlight items, and an assortment of other things. I hope everyone found some good stuff!

Yay, Jemma’s here! 😀 Thank you so much for coming, it wouldn’t have been the same with just three people!
I gave her a snow shirt and Kiki’s picture since she was one of her favorites and moved away. 😦

Jemma hunted for the remaining treasure and then we began CandyLand! I don’t have any pictures at all from this, I was very busy “drawing cards” using a random number generator. Numbers were assigned with color cards and double color cards, so with every result from the generator I had to check which color card matched up with it and type that in with AC:WW’s keyboard, while trying to keep track where everyone was. Maybe others can fill in with pictures! 🙂

Anyway, Skye got to the finish first and chose a crown as her prize; then Rain, who chose the royal crown; and Jemma close behind, who chose the throne over bells. Then we celebrated with party poppers!

We got pretty good at setting them off close together using the timer. 🙂

Jemma had a few poppers left when we decided to stop, so she got close-up shots from all of us 😆

We did another race since Jemma missed the first one, only this time there were no pitfalls since I dug them up during the treasure hunt, so it was just a King Tut race. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but you can see one of the King Tuts getting up from falling in the background. 😛 Rain didn’t fall, so naturally she won again. ^^ Everyone got equal prizes since it was just luck — no skill in avoiding pitfalls.

Finally we tried out the wrestling game, in which the three guests faced off in a 3×3 square surrounded by pitfalls (a game I first saw here, I think). I couldn’t see well because there was a tree in the way, but all of a sudden I saw both Skye and Jemma struggling in pitfalls with Rain in the middle of the square, the last one standing. 😆 While I worked to sort out the prizes with all the various money bags in my pockets, everyone fell into even more pitfalls over and
over, whether accidentally or purposefully I’m not sure. 😛

Jemma had to go after that, and it was getting very late for Teru, so I partied over after chatting with her and Skye for a while:

Thank you so much for coming, all of you, I hope you at least had a decent time! 😛

A new neighbor moved in today to replace Bill, placing his house right next to the CandyLand track.

At first I thought he was Teru’s Antonio because of the Chic pattern he’s wearing, made by her character Breeze. But he’s a new Antonio, I just have that pattern displayed at my Ables’. 😛

Now time to deliver Teru’s birthday present for me to Blathers… 😀

I wish he’d talk about the paintings a little like he does with the other exhibits. Can the real names not be used because of copyrights or something??

Yay, my painting exhibit is now complete!


The painting that completed my exhibit, thanks again Teru! :mrgreen:

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WiFi + more fishing

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First of all, I’d like to share some wonderful drawings Saima drew:

I love the way she drew Twisk! The flowers beside her and the watering can are a nice touch, she definitely spends a lot of time watering. 😛

This one is of Twisk, Sugar, and Kammile. She did such a great job! The way she drew Kammile’s character gives a carefree vibe that I definitely feel when I WiFi with her. Thanks so much for drawing these, Saima! You’re extremely talented. 😀

On Monday I WiFied with Skye (also known as MonkeyDoodle) for the first time in a while. It wasn’t Rosewood I visited this time, but Genovia, a town on her other gamecard. 🙂

She suggested we play hide-and-seek, so this was my hiding place. 😛 I don’t often hide inside because the loading time for entering and exiting buildings/rooms can be really bad during WiFi.

I heard the sound of crunching snow nearby a few times and all of a sudden my character was being pushed sideways. Skye might not have realized that she was pushing me, but of course it was definitely apparent that she found me once I was out in the open. 😛

She wanted some of the yellow flowers that had been cluttering up Dafdilly (now cluttering Red Bank), and in return gave me a gyroid. Thank you!

Skye said she likes to spend time on this peninsula, and I can see why, it’s a calming place. 🙂

This is a really neat grass pattern, she’s planning on using it for a flowerbed. 😀

Visiting some of Genovia’s villagers…

Those eyes o_o

Aw, it’s Baabara! I’ve always loved her interior decorating. 🙂

Skye’s first hybrid: an orange rose! Congratulations! 😀

Later on she came over to Dafdilly for the first time, welcome!

She went straight to my house, and was gone by the time I responded to her comment about my ever-blinking mail-box — I could hardly keep up. 😛

But I heard her say something about house styles, so I assumed she had reached Monique’s house:

She likes the house, but not Monique. xP

Hi Skye! 😛

Next stop was the shops, and she went to pick up my fountain patterns at Able Sisters.

I’m trapped 😆

Before she was like my pink sister, and now we could be twins! I had Twisk wear the ponytail a lot last summer. 🙂

She correctly identified the owner of each room. 🙂

Bed bumping is always fun. 😀 Harmony’s bed is the only one big enough in my house.

The papa panda caught her eye, so I brought it outside so that she could touch it and add it to her catalog.

Soon afterwards she had to go eat dinner. Thanks, Skye, it was about time we WiFied again! 😀

Later on, I was working on making the day’s snowman and was in the process of rolling the second snowball towards first one, but it wasn’t there anymore! I had to laugh when I saw the gigantic snowball a little way off, seemingly rolling away on its own, and knew it must be a dung beetle — the first and only one I’ve seen so far:

This means the only bug I have left to catch is the firefly! 😀 I started Dafdilly on July 3rd, so I barely missed out on it. >_<

I knew immediately she was from Red Bank because of my dad’s Tennessee Volunteers design. 😛

Maelle replaced Hugh, who snuck out on me. 😦 I guess I would have let him go anyway.

But look what else was in my mailbox…

My second trophy! 😀 Now all I think I need is the Flower Fest trophy.

Catching the dung beetle, and realizing that I only need one more bug, motivated me to go fishing for the Winter fish I haven’t caught yet. I caught all three of the fish I needed before I even filled up my inventory, and this Stringfish was the first one. 😀

I probably should’ve caught a yellow perch before now, it’s been around for a little while… >_>

And right after that (you can see it was in the same place as I caught the yellow perch) I caught a pond smelt, the last of the three currently-available fish I needed, so I donated them all to Blathers and now just need to catch a cherry salmon and loach. 😀

I’ve actually caught a cherry salmon before, but forgot to donate one to the museum last Fall before they disappeared. They’ll be around again in the Spring, though, and I need to wait until then to catch the loach anyway. 🙂 So one more bug, two more fish: that’s pretty exciting and also a relief that I won’t have to do any frantic end-of-month fishing or bug-catching anytime soon.

Argh, again?! I wish I could’ve gotten the Katie &
amp; Kaitlin event with Skye instead because Red Bank is way behind in time, so I don’t think Kaitlin will be there. I’m visiting family tomorrow, so maybe as I’m catching up in Red Bank during the long car-drive Kaitlin will appear.

If not, I guess I’ll have a crying kitten in my town for a while. >_< Appropriate face is appropriate.

I’ve done the best I can. 😛

Poor Blathers, still struggling to overcome his fear of bugs:

Aw, Aurora from Anicotti is packed up already. She should be gone in a few minutes at midnight. 😦 But I hope one of my favorites moves in.

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December’s Fishing Tourney

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I don’t. >_> But I do love receiving these seasonal letters from “mom.” 😛

I had a little snowman family going on: baby snowman, mama snowman, and papa snowman.

My goodbye picture with Punchy, who decided to move away. He’s wearing one of my fountain patterns. -_-

On Friday, my first day of Winter break, Saima’s character Salt came to play. 😀

As a repayment for the time when Saima had Katie in her town and I didn’t have Kaitlin in mine (probably because my town was behind), I gave her three Katie & Kaitlin items.

While picking up the furniture I dropped for her, she accidentally picked up a present. Actually, guests are free to pick up one or two presents if they want a surprise — it could be anything from a toilet to a backyard pool. 😛 But there probably won’t be anything too rare.

The purpose for Salt coming over instead of Sugar was because he had enough free pattern slots to pick up my fountain patterns.

Salt also got a new haircut! 😀 Then we partied over to go to Saima’s town Anicotti, but I never saw her gates open and found out later that it was because her neighborhood had a power outage just as she was opening her gates! 😮 I’m sorry about that, Saima! But thanks for coming over. 🙂

Shortly after Salt’s visit, Aurora from Anicotti moved in — a fitting neighbor to have in the wintertime. 😛 I loove that shirt!

Another perfect snowman. ^_^ I got my first snowman gift in the mail, a snowman bed.

After cleaning out my secondary character’s mailboxes recently, the rest of Kammile’s letters came in, so fortunately nothing was lost. Thanks so much, Kammile!

Later that night, Kammile invited me to her town Alp Wood. 😀

This section of town with all the major buildings is fittingly paved with urban roads. 🙂

She has new paths on her island:

It’s a brick path bordered by fenced-in flowers, looks beautiful! 😀

A pretty hybrid garden 🙂

Taking a picture with this adorably tiny snowman since it’s his last day. xP

I tried to get a full picture of Mallow’s cute-shaped house and this would’ve been the best one if the speech bubble wasn’t there. 😛

A decent one without any speech bubbles, but it has some of those ghostly outlines in the sky that I try to avoid in these types of pictures.

Every Kody I’ve met (when resetting and such) likes to collect shells, so maybe each villager has a set starting hobby? I think Rosie’s starting hobby is collecting clothes, for example.

Resting in Daisy’s library 🙂

We each got a picture of the other’s “talk face” — Mallow’s is cute, isn’t it? ^_^

Yay, she has Nookington’s now! 😀

After that, Mallow came over to Dafdilly for a bit.

When Mallow stood behind the snowman, I assumed she was trying to get it to look like it had a crown on its head, like Teru has creatively done before, so I did the same thing with my blue hat. 😛

We had a little fruit picnic by the waterfall. 🙂

Look at how tiny the cherry gets! Well, it’s actually probably closer to a realistic size. The huge cherries wouldn’t fit in our character’s mouths. 😛

While we were talking she put on this really nice Santa dress. 😀

After showing her the changes I started to make to my main room for the holidays, she had to leave and I had to go to bed. 😛 Thanks for the fun WiFi, Kammile!

Today I finished changing my rooms for Winter. I thought it would be cute to have toys under the tree. ^_^

Haha, I love jack-in-the-boxes. 😛

I still have a dining area, but I had to take away a few chairs (only 2 people can be in a house anyway -_-) to make room for the tree. They were changed to red and green econo chairs to fit the colors throughout the room better.

The cozy reading area by the fire has been tweaked slightly as well.

My character’s rooms were mixed up a bit, not because I didn’t like the old ones, just for a change. This is Twisk’s new garden.

Bell loves toys — her old room had a few here and there — and now it’s a full-scale playroom. 😛

I left a little space for the clackercart to move around because I found out from Teru that it actually clac
kers! 😛

Harmony’s room is the same, but I changed the wallpaper and carpet to the ones from the snowman theme. I’m not a big fan of the snowman furniture, but the carpet is gorgeous!

My sporty character Melody now has a ski lodge as her room.

I would have forgotten about the Fishing Tourney if I didn’t happen to turn on my game near the end of it. 😛

I’m pretty sure this sea bass I caught was the winning fish because I checked right before the Fishing Tourney ended and it was still the highest record. I was prepared to give a tuna, so I’m glad I didn’t have to.

My first tuna 😀

And my first football fish. I haven’t been fishing much lately, so it’s good this Fishing Tourney came along to get me catching these Winter fish!

Make sure to check on Blathers some, he has episodes going on right now. He wants to overcome his fear of bugs, but I don’t have much hope for him. It’s just in your nature, Blathers. 😦

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Last Wednesday Kammile requested to come over to Dafdilly to get a haircut for her new official character Mallow. I opened my gates as soon as possible, around 10:30 PM my time, but started to get nervous as the minutes ticked by. She arrived at 10:59 so we sprinted to Nookington’s and fortunately made it inside just before the bells rang closing time. 😛

This is her new haircut, she looks like the old Kammile. ^_^ We were curious about what would happen since Nook usually kicks his customers out after 11 PM, but I guess he’s more polite when there are guests in town.

After a little while she invited me to come to her town, so we were off to Alp Wood. 😀

She’s been working hard and I got my first look at the new roads around the busiest section of town. 🙂

We had a bed bumping fight, talked some, and finished looking around. Thanks for having me over, Kammile! 😀

Later on I noticed this letter and immediately checked Bell’s mailbox, but it was full of old letters. >_> Hopefully new mail will arrive now that I’ve cleaned it out, thanks Kammile! It was a huge surprise, I don’t remember you sending any letters. 😛

A few days later I went to Sugar’s (check out her new blog!) town Anicotti and was amazed to see all the new landscaping and decorations in her town!

Like this adorable frog pond, which became really popular from Mayu’s pattern page.

As I was admiring the garden square beside the frog pond, Kammile came to play! 😀

A group picture at the town hall, where Crazy Redd rudely plonked his tent on top of the path. I do love how Saima often covers up the large patio areas with patterns, it’s such a good idea to me because I don’t like the pavement. 😛

Sugar’s house is a cute size right now and I love the path, which I think is also from Mayu’s pattern page? The pastel colors are so nice. 🙂

And I was extremely impressed at how developed this palm forest is already! I just loved seeing your town, Saima, it’s wonderful! 😀

The next stop after that was Alp Wood, Kammile’s town. 😀

Things started to get violent and each of us equipped a weapon. xP

It wasn’t all fighting and games, we had a long peaceful chat as well. 😛 Kammile had school the next day and it was getting late, so we said our goodbyes. Thanks for the fun, guys!

But it wasn’t over quite yet for Saima and I, she came over to Dafdilly (still behind -_-) for a bit because she wanted to see my fountain and possibly pick it up at my Ables’. Her character Sugar didn’t have enough free pattern slots at the time, but since then she’s made a new character named Salt so we can do it soon if she still wants the patterns. 🙂

She also got a new haircut while she was over, which brought back memories of my time during the Acorn Festival. 😛
Wow, three towns in one day! I had fun, thanks Saima and Kammile. 😀 And I’m sorry my town was still stuck in November. >_< I finally started catching up this past weekend, though.

I used to dislike the time of year after Fall colors fade and before snow covers the ground, and because of that, planned on cutting down all my trees during this period of time to begin dead spot testing. But I actually really liked the subdued pinks, purples, and browns.

Part of the reason it took me a little while to start catching up to real time after completing the fountain was because I wanted to make new paths to match the pinks and purples in the trees and grass.

I was pleasantly surprised by how this wood pattern turned out because I’m really bad at doing a wood-style texture. 😛 But mistakes and things that look awkward on an enlarged grid aren’t as noticeable when the pattern is on the ground.

Then I added flowers to the sides to match the main path better.

I also had some flower re-arranging to do by the gate and on my island:

Most of my yellow and orange flowers are being stored in my dad’s town now, I don’t know what to do with them. 😛 Once that was done, it was finally time to start catching up: watering flowers, checking neighbors and the shops, saving and setting the DS clock one day forward, repeat. Not a fun process, but I took my time and it wasn’t too bad.

During the Fishing Tourney (which I didn’t participate in) I finally gave Tortimer the massage chair I got from Saharah ages ago and kept forgetting to give him during events. 😛 I know I have tons of scallops on my beach, but I promised myself I would go through the turnip trade the long way to get the golden axe.

Meeting Pippy, who moved in after my WiFis with Kammile and Saima, replacing Curt, I believe?

I found Kaitlin wandering around in Dafdilly after storing some flowers in my dad’s town, but Katie wasn’t in Red Bank. Why does this keep happening? 😕

Aww, Lily from Bundeena’s time to move. 😦 I enjoyed having her but I’m always hopeful that one of my favorite villagers will move in after let
ting a neighbor go. Keeping Margie might also be reducing the chance that I get Melba, but I hope I get her one day. :/

This new purple grass came on the 26th, along with uniform purple and tan leaf colors and the possibility of snow. I suppose Autumn is officially over at this point.

I changed my roof from sky blue to regular blue for Winter and also for a nice change because it’s been the same since I first got my mansion.

Octavian moved in as my replacement for Lily, which I’m fine with since I’ve never had him before. He’s pretty cool I guess. 😛

Going in the “first” records: Dafdilly’s first snowfall! 😀

Snake’s time to move…

I haven’t been too lucky with neighbors lately. >_< Well, nice to meet you anyway, Bill. 🙂

Hugh moved in to replace Goldie from StarCity next (want to try and get her back, Kammile? :)). He isn’t one of the lazy neighbors I wanted either (Bob or Stitches), but his facial expressions are so awesome and unique, aren’t they? 😛

The snow is approaching… 😀

Celebrating December 10th’s snowstorm that would leave my town covered in snow the following day 🙂

Even though I was expecting it, seeing snow all over my town was still such a thrill! 😀

Snow was piled on the gate…

On the houses…

And another first: my first snowman! Not perfect, though. 😦

Couldn’t wait to try making a snow angel! I had to pick up my path, there was no place to run. 😛

Festive trees have started showing up at Nook’s and I have both the big one here and the little one now. I thought it was cool how two teddy bears were on sale on the same day, wish I had the papa bear.

Just one more time-travelled day forward, and finally, I’m back to real time. Phew, it was a refreshing end to my catch-up to not have to do any more watering because of the snowfall. And it’s a relief to be caught up, hopefully it stays that way. 🙂

Aww, my first snowman is starting to melt. 😦

Since he seemed to want company, I built today’s snowman right next to him. 😛 I was surprised he was perfect because I thought the head was too big, but apparently the head being just smaller than the body is AC:WW’s ideal proportion for snowmen.

I’ve been planning on doing a candy theme this Winter for a while, so I’ll get started on that soon (but I’ll take my time a bit more, the snow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon :P). I hope to have a WiFi party or two (I was thinking one could be a general party and the other an AC:WW version of CandyLand) sometime this month or in January if anyone is interested.

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Stuck in November

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A few weeks ago, Saima restarted her town Ivy Hill and invited me to visit her new town, Anicotti, home of her character Sugar:

I see she got the red gate and symmetrical pavement she wanted. 😀

I gave her a few hybrids and some of the more valuable items from my closet as a housewarming gift.

Buying a bike from her Nook’s so that she can get Nookington’s one day 🙂

She’s already started to landscape her town nicely, like this row of trees. Rows don’t usually work out in my town. xP I need to test for Dafdilly’s dead spots one day (soon, I hope).

And this blue and green panelled bridge is another example of her early decorating. 🙂

Love the pastel color scheme she has going on so far! I apologize about these pictures, my camera has trouble capturing AC:WW’s evening colors. It takes a few shots to get a decent-colored one, which there isn’t always time for in WiFi sessions.

Soon she wanted to visit Dafdilly, but I got a picture of her map before we partied over. It’s a lovely town and I’m so jealous that she has Bob! 😛 Bluebear is really cute too, I like her a lot.

Welcome back to Dafdilly! This is Saima’s second visit, but we didn’t have much time for the first one. Sorry my town is behind real time (but it was only a matter of days at this point).

We went to my house first and I showed her the rooms and surrounding area, it’s too bad my garden looked so ugly that day. 😦

She was eager to get a haircut, but Nook’s was closed and wouldn’t open for four more minutes, so I set the timer. 😛

She noticed my scallop beach and I offered her one of them. They aren’t cheated scallops or anything (I haven’t ordered from any giveaways and I don’t have AR); I ordered massage chairs over and over one day by forcing the mail delivery, which you can do by having someone visit or sending 10 letters at once over and over, basically. 😛 Then I talked to Tortimer with a massage chair in my posession, received a scallop, entered and exited the town hall, and talked to him again and again, receiving a new scallop each time.

Passing the time some more by visiting a few neighbors, and then…

The bells alerted us to go to Nook’s, in hindsight setting the timer was a pointless idea. 😛

That’s such a sweet haircut! ❤ Unique, too, and looks great with hats. 🙂

And next was Ables’, which is kind of embarrassing since I use it for storage sometimes, or to transfer patterns between characters. Only half of them are for clothes, and one of them is Teru’s, the super colorful one.

Yeah, the yellow flower area here (it used to have yellow roses as well) got really out of hand. 😆 I’m going to re-arrange my flowers soon by mapping where I want them on a gridded map, in particular spreading out flowers that are heavy in certain areas like this. 😛

After looking around a bit longer and taking some fruit and tools, Saima had to go. Thanks for coming over and letting me see your new town, I hope you’re enjoying your new life there! 😀

Kammile also rebuilt her town recently and I was able to help by creating a new town on one of my extra gamecards for her to use as a temporary storage place for her old items:

I’m the boy, accidently said “I’m not a girl!” to Kapp’n. 😛

When she was done transferring items, I went over to her new town for the first time:

The suspense… xD

Yay, my first step in Kammile’s new town of Alp Wood! 😀

Her new map:

Meloetta’s house is on an island and there are lots of ponds, both great features. 😀

Stopping on the way to Meloetta’s house to admire these awesome cracker patterns!

This is her cute pink house on the outside, already upgraded.

I fell into two pitfalls while I was there. 😛

Her Nook’s is already upgraded, too, and in the process of expanding again, so I couldn’t buy anything. 😦

Kammile wanted to come over to Dafdilly with Harmony as the host for a change, so this was Harmony’s fist WiFi session. 😆 As you can see by the timestamp, Dafdilly is still behind the times.

The first item of business was getting a new hairstyle, which is so cute! 🙂

She went to greet Goldie from StarCity, but Goldie only remembers her as Kammile. 😦

Meloetta and Puddles coordinating well together. 😛 I had to go to bed soon after that, thanks for the fun

The reason why my town is behind is because I wanted to finish my fountain pattern before the ground changed to winter colors that wouldn’t match. I had made this rough draft of a fountain pattern over a month ago:

It’s a rough draft because obviously the base of it wouldn’t be left white, I was planning on having it be cobblestone. And the droplets were going to be white instead of blue; I just didn’t feel like coloring every square in the background a dirt color beforehand to allow for white going on top.

If I’d done those things, the pattern would have been “complete,” but I also wanted to remove the base of the fountain and place rocks instead to give a more garden fountain feel:

This took so long to finish because I kept lingering over silly things like how the pond should be shaped (symmetrical or assymetrical?), where the rocks should be located (all around or in certain places?), and how I should shade the rocks and water. I wanted to make bench patterns as well, but it’s really time to move on with the new season, which will be my next post.

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Long visit to Bundeena with Kammile

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I was looking forward to WiFing with Teru again and to see Bundeena in my favorite Autumn colors, so we set up a time for Saturday night my time at 9 PM — which would be daytime on Sunday for Teru, perfect for appreciating the scenery. I was afraid that things might get mixed up with the time change yesterday, but everything worked out. 🙂


Recent WiFis

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In my last post, I told about the regular, every-day events as I time-traveled day by day to catch up to real time after not being able to play for a while. In this post I’ll bring my blog up to date with recent WiFi visits: a villager trade with Kammile, a Halloween party in StarCity, and WiFing with a new friend Saima in her town Ivy Hill. 🙂