First Day of Spring in Dafdilly

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I’m done with my town renovations and have finally reached the first day of spring! And finally is an understatement, my wait has actually been longer than just a few months, it’s been almost two years. >_< I remember back when I first started this town in the summer of 2011 and decided on its concept — colorful and flowery — I was already looking forward to spring the next year, thinking that it would be perfect for my desired theme and that I would have grown enough hybrids to decorate my town with by then. But for a lot of 2012, I was distracted by other things, so I missed spring that year too. 😦

I’ve grown attached to this town since its creation (back then my word to describe it was “suitable” since I wanted the blue gate and more ponds :P) and it holds so many memories, like all the WiFis with buddies I’ve gotten to know through the Animal Crossing community. I’m excited for New Leaf, but it also feels a little bittersweet for me knowing that soon I might not play in Dafdilly as much anymore (hopefully still some) after that. So finishing off with the season I’ve always looked forward to and experiencing the Flower Fest and Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time in Dafdilly will be especially wonderful and fitting. I’ll try to savor it and not rush through it to the extent that I did for January and February.

Anyway, lots of pictures ahead! Feel free to scroll quickly past 🙂

To start with my preparations for spring, I replaced some of my dress patterns with flowery patterns based on clothes in AC:WW. I think those dresses I had displayed look cute on AC:WW girl characters, and I had them up so that WiFi visitors could get them, but I don’t WiFi much in AC:WW these days, and it looks awkward when grumpy and jock characters are walking around wearing dresses with a mismatching skin color. These new patterns won’t look unnatural and they’ll help my neighbors contribute to the flowery atmosphere. ^_^

Top row: butterfly shirt by Teru, loud bloom shirt knock-off, pop bloom shirt knock-off, floral knit knock-off
Bottom row: colorful squares shirt by Teru, Twisk’s petal dress, rose dress, silk bloom shirt knock-off

I also re-decorated my rooms:

I have a library room now! 😀 I’ve always loved this wallpaper and carpet. The carpet is very elaborate, so having it in the main room does it justice.

It’s also sort of a general living room in addition to a library. I feel like there has to be multiple areas of interest in a room this big.

I might stop doing this, but for now I’m keeping up my tradition of giving all four of my characters a room that somewhat matches the current season and each of their personalities/tastes (Twisk — garden, Bell — young/playful, Harmony — elegant/regal, Melody — outdoorsy/sporty).
I brought back Twisk’s forest room after a while of having the nighttime courtyard garden instead.

Now Harmony has a courtyard, but it’s in a beautiful meadow clearing with her bed right in the middle. 😛 I love the calming music box song with the sounds of pouring water.

Bell has a backyard room with her usual toys.

And Melody has a camping room. I think I must be missing some camping items in my catalog, I didn’t have a lot to put in here…

Not gonna lie, I was a little giddy when I stepped outside and saw all this green, even though I was expecting it. One of my favorite Dafdilly moments :mrgreen:

The path connecting my house with the gate. It’s always satisfying to lay down the patterns in my own town after making them in an emulator. 🙂

My red gate was a big reason why I wanted the main path to be red bricks. Though I think white bricks, bricks on a dirt background, or some sort of wooden path pattern could maybe look good with these flowerbed border patterns as well.

I tried to arrange a rainbow rose garden by the gate pond, but I can’t do it perfectly because I only have one orange rose and I wanted to use some of my other rose hybrids elsewhere. It’s still colorful, though! 🙂

I made a lily pond (based on the outdoor bath) and rose arches (inspired by a new item in New Leaf) to go in this pastel rose garden.

A better view of the rose arches:
I wanted to make the rose arches taller, but since my paths use up a lot of slots, I didn’t have many left for additional patterns.

The museum and its white flower garden:

The road to and from Whitney’s house:

I enjoyed making the area around Whitney’s house pink and white during winter, but now with the addition of yellow and orange flowers (and green grass), I like it even more. ^_^

I’ve prevented Whitney from moving a few times now, but I’ve decided she won’t be my permanent snooty in Dafdilly, so I’ll let her move when the time comes. I’ll be sad to see Whitney and her house (with its own private beach) go. 😦 Hopefully someone else will move into this spot…

Here I have some dandelion puffs I’ve been collecting in my secondary towns (Red Bank and Imladris). Even though dandelions are borderline weeds (but I don’t think they count as either weeds or flowers for the perfect town rating), I still love having them to run through and blow the petals off.

Hehe, I remember that I didn’t even know you could do this until Teru told me while visiting her town a while back.

A picture of the lake taken on the start screen 🙂

I brought back the diagonal brick path and warm-colored flowers on my island:

The river split. I like how you can see flowers on the other side of the fork.

My island’s tiny beach 🙂

As usual, I like to have cosmos by the beach.

Samson’s beach house. He’s lived here for over a year, one of my longest staying neighbors. I never intended to keep him that long, he must like it here. xP

Red, yellow, and orange cosmos on this side…

…and red, pink, and white cosmos on the other side.

Nook’s and Ables’

Behind the shops there’s a field of pansies. 😀

Colorful tulips by the town hall. And Redd’s tent, he chose to come today…

Apollo has a large garden of tulips as well. Maybe it’ll grow me some purple ones 😛

The area behind the town hall in the upper right corner of town is supposed to have more of an unkept forest feel, with a color scheme of red, black, and white.

A house in the woods. Five out of eight of my neighbors have this green house style, which is getting ridiculous — some of them need to pack up and move already! >_< But I do think this style looks better now that it's spring and the snow's gone; it goes well with the environment.

I’ve been hoarding red turnip seeds from Joan so that I could have a turnip farm. 😀 I thought about planting them by my house, but then I thought they would be fitting on this strip of dirt.

I couldn’t decide which side of the waterfall I wanted the picnic area to be, so I did both. 😛

This side of the waterfall probably has a better view, though.

Haha, I found out on accident that you could get a close-up smiling picture of your character outdoors after they eat a fruit and wipe their mouth. It makes for a nice change from the thoughtful frown.

I just like the way the two paths meet the bridge here 🙂

Red and white roses lining the path from the bridge to the gate.

That’s all the scenery pictures I have for this post! I also made a town tour, if you’re interested:
And a gridded map:

Onto some villager news:

Saying goodbye to Jay, who moved out a few days before spring’s arrival.

After DS-to-DSing between Dafdilly and my other town Imladris, Patty moved in as Jay’s replacement. Neighbors from WiFi friends’ towns are always interesting, but she’s from my own town, and I’ve already had a Patty in Dafdilly before. T_T This should teach me to clear my 9th slot after DS-to-DSing in the future…

Oh really? I was there too and I don’t remember any tea. 😛 The snooty characters’ way of talking makes me laugh, always so sophisticated. Her impression of Liam was “festival freak.”

Then she came over to my place and we had tea together.

She had lots to say on my furniture, I guess this room does seem like it would appeal to a snooty character.

It’s been a lovefest lately, all my neighbors saying such sweet things. 🙂

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This is an AC:WW post, but not on my main town Dafdilly, so feel free to not read it if you’re not interested. ^_^ I just thought I would share about a new AC:WW town I have on one of my extra gamecards, which I’ve decided will be permanent, called Imladris. It’s actually not totally new, though; I’ve had Imladris for about a year now, when I used it to store Dafdilly’s flowers while I was doing the dead spot testing project.

Recently I’ve decided to keep Imladris because I don’t think it’s a bad town (I like the house styles and triangle grass) and because I think I could put it to certain uses. It will be helpful to have some more storage space (I’m a pack-rat when it comes to non-orderable items) and I plan on using it to grow hybrids. I used to grow hybrids in Dafdilly with what I call “hybrid farms,” fields of common flowers arranged in a diagonal formation to produce certain hybrids (like this one to grow pink tulips). Now, though, I feel like I have enough common flowers and hybrids to make more decorative gardens around town, and I would prefer have those in Dafdilly rather than the more boring hybrid farms. But I still want to have some way to produce more hybrids without ordering from giveaways and such. I’ve never ordered flowers from giveaways before because I find it more rewarding to grow them naturally… the wonderful feeling when you see a new hybrid you love pop up! 🙂 However, I have received some rare flowers from friends during WiFi. I used to feel differently about it — originally I wanted my first blue rose to be one that I grew myself — but then I thought that gifts like that from friends are equally special. Probably even more special! I remember receiving a blue rose from Saima, Choco, and Teru, and they each have memories of those WiFis attached to them. 😀

I’m trying to grow hybrids in Imladris in the most natural way possible. I haven’t time-travelled at all because I have Imladris’s gamecard in my 3DS, which is always set to the correct time. I also haven’t used any help from Dafdilly; the watering can and common flowers are all from Imladris.

So far I have grown a purple pansy and an orange pansy this way. Patty also grew me a pink tulip during the flower fest.

Eventually I plan on having small, equal patches of flowers that will each produce a type of hybrid. I hope this will help me even out my collection of hybrids, which is very uneven. >_< To show what I mean, here is a list of my hybrids I put together before preparing for my candy theme landscaping (so it's a little outdated) updated 5/12/13:

Jacob’s ladders: 73
Pink tulips: 22
Orange cosmos: 20
Blue pansies: 15
Purple tulips: 12
Pink roses: 11
Pink cosmos: 11
Purple pansies: 10
Orange pansies: 10
Black roses: 10
Four-leaf clovers: 6
Purple roses: 5
Black tulips: 3
Blue roses: 3 (all gifts from friends)
Gold roses: 3 (all gifts from friends)
Black cosmos: 1. I didn’t actively try to grow them in the past, they’re my least favorite hybrid.
Orange roses: None. 😦 Weird, right? I often have red and yellow flowers by Nookington’s because it matches well, but no orange roses yet. Obviously some of my hybrid-growing farms in Dafdilly were more effective than others… 1. Just grew my first recently!

Imladris’s map is nothing fancy, but it’s not bad either. I like the two ponds and the way the museum is way off on its own.

What I do really like about this town are the houses! 😀

This house style is simple, with a dark blue roof, white walls, and wooden beams, but it’s actually one of my favorites. It has a nice cottage feel.

This one has a lighter blue roof (more turquoise), green beams, and a white wall.

I don’t even really know the best words to describe this house style (orange and gray? warm colored cottage?), but I think it’s so lovely and has a wonderful feel to it. 🙂
I don’t know what the fourth house style is yet (every AC:WW town has four different styles of houses), but I think it’s fairly lucky that I like the three so far and that they don’t clash with each other.

EDIT 4/25/2013: I’ve found out what the fourth house style is:

This house style has always reminded me of a log cabin. It belongs to Mitzi, who can be seen in the background. 🙂

Wow, the Mona Lisa at Nook’s Cranny! 😛

Kid Cat, who snuck out of Dafdilly recently, lives in Imladris now. He’s wearing the lollipop dress inspired by Princess Lolly of CandyLand, but it doesn’t suit him at all. >_< He seems to like it, though. He even said "Why haven't you designed anything this good?" xP

He sang me Dafdilly’s town tune, which is from Forest Life by K.K. Slider.

Through DS-to-DSing between Dafdilly and Imladris, the 13th Zodiac has come to Imladris! I love this constellation, which is originally by Teru. Choco also liked it, so a while back she created this constellation as well in her AC:WW town StarCity, and I got it from her through WiFi. It’s nice to see StarCity recalled in the game’s dialogue even though the town has long been gone.

The constellation on a clearer sky. It’s perfect, looks just like a cat! And I love cats 😀

And speaking of Teru, she actually came to Imladris recently! ^_^ It was for a 9th slot neighbor trade, transferring Apollo from Imladris to her town Bundeena. I didn’t get that many pictures because the WiFi was very brief, but it was good seeing Rain again 🙂

EDIT 4/27/2013:

As you can see, my orange rose growing area isn’t complete yet, but I still grew one today — my first orange rose! 😀 It happens to match my outfit. I like this hat and shirt together! I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to put this outfit together, but both were on sale at Ables’ the same day and I thought they matched pretty well.

I won’t be doing any more posts on Imladris, I just wanted to make its existence known. Lastly, a small update on Dafdilly: it’s still on February 20th and the candy patterns and landscaping are all still intact, in case anyone wants to WiFi. But I’ve been working on making new spring path patterns on the computer, and once I have them ready, I’ll start working on re-landscaping for spring. I’m sorry that it’s taking me so long. 😦 I spend a fair amount of time doing trial-and-error with these patterns, like first I was going to do a wooden peg fence, but then I decided I didn’t like that and instead did a plain white picket fence. And I’m also putting a lot of thought into getting the flowers inside the fence just right, like the ideal pixels that will produce an AC:WW-style pansy, rose, or cosmo on the ground. I’ll try to speed up the process, though! 🙂

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Speeding through the last of winter

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In my last post solely on Dafdilly, not WiFi meetings, I left off at New Year’s Eve in my town. I’ll start with a few last scenery pictures of this day taken on the start screen, and then move on to the beginning of my catch-up process. Please excuse any “TOUCH TO START” text and feel free to scroll quickly past. ^_^

The main path connecting my house and the gate.

Dafdilly’s lake. It looks so big at this angle, I want my character to swim or ride a boat in it. xP

The museum.


Puddles walking around lolliop island.

And Whitney’s house, with Whitney in the background 🙂

Well, as much as I enjoyed having my pristine candy paradise to visit (and not have to do any work :P), I couldn’t stay on that date forever:

All the wilted jacob’s ladders in my garden were certainly not a welcoming sight as I stepped outside on January 1st. But the rest of my town wasn’t so bad, and there were some positive things too: the cedars were still lit, my mailbox was full of “Happy New Year” letters from villagers and from Mom (with bells!), and my favorite of all these things was the special music playing on this day. I almost wish I had done my town tour video on January 1st instead because of the music!

I also got a fortune from Tortimer:

Filbert moved out, but not without taking a souvenir of Dafdilly with him, apparently.

The cedars are no longer lit, but this was a lucky day when no flowers in this area were wilted. ^_^

Look who moved in to replace Filbert: my own Kiki! 😮 She lived in Dafdilly for a little while, then moved to Red Bank, and now she’s decided to come back. She is wearing one of the patterns my dad made, but I think it was designed for an umbrella.

This, on the other hand, wasn’t a pleasant surprise. >_< I thought I had convinced Kid Cat to stay when he packed up, so the next day I was shocked to see this empty lot where his house used to be. But I DS-to-DSed with another town (a town I used for flower storage called Imladris) and he lives there now, so I can try to move him back to Dafdilly when he moves from there.

To replace Kid Cat was Rolf, another resident from Red Bank.

I actually specifically tried to move him to Dafdilly because I knew what his house shape was (each villager has a certain house shape):
I was hoping he might end up with the pink and blue house style with the wooden fans, making his house look like this (which I love!). But like the three or four of my neighbors who had this house shape before him, Rolf picked the green house style I have in my town. I came to the realization that in each AC:WW town, all house shapes must have a specific designated house style. In other words, every time a neighbor moves in, it’s not like they have a 1/4 chance of picking any of the 4 house styles your town has. They will pick the house style that their specific house shape comes in (for your town). I looked over all the pictures I’ve taken of houses in my town and it all fits. 🙂 Just a bit bummed that I won’t ever have Rolf’s/Static’s/Curt’s/Sally’s house shape in that pink and blue house style with the wooden fans.

I let Kiki move away again… If Jemma was still playing AC:WW, I would have tried to move Kiki to her town, since she loved Kiki but her own Kiki moved away.

Rolf is interested in fashion and he wants new clothes, but I think he already looks great in this icy design. 🙂

A new house and new neighbor to replace Kiki. (But this is actually where Kid Cat used to live :()

It belongs to Mallary. When I first saw her, I thought “haven’t I had her before?” 😕 I was thinking of Maelle, another snooty duck whose name begins with M.

January 13th was Puddles’ birthday. 😀 I gave her a baby panda stuffed animal.

And a few days later she came to deliver a cake to me for my own birthday, just like last year. 😛 I also went ahead and painted my roof pink, with spring in mind. Maybe a little early, but you never know when to expect a certain color of paint at Nookington’s.

Mallary’s stay here was short-lived. Whoops, I named the file “Maelle packed up” 😆

Not being very specific there, Mom 😛

My neighbor to replace Mallary is Kitt. 🙂 I’ve never had a kangaroo before, their babies are so cute!

Kitt’s house is the same as Mallary’s: the same house shape, the same house style, and even the same house location! (Though the same location was just a coincidence.) More evidence of my new house style/shape discovery.

I’ve gotten down snowman building to a T:

Aww, I was so happy when Melba gave me her picture. 🙂 I haven’t put much effort into obtaining villager pics in a long time, so it was a sweet surprise. I’ve decided that I’m not really going to be a completionist in this game; I don’t care if I never get Phyllis’ picture, the town hall model, all the villager pics, etc. I’ll just enjoy playing the game and forming relationships with the animals I care about. 🙂

Melba’s picture replaced Tom Nook’s on my fireplace. 😛 It says “You’re my new best bud!”

Bright Nights began at the beginning of February! :mrgreen: Last year my town was very barren during Bright Nights because of dead spot testing, so it was nice to enjoy the festive atmosphere more this year. Here are my neighbors’ lit houses:

The winner (or “Bright Star”) was Whitney. *shrug* They’re all great! 😀

It was also nice to see the cedars lit again for Bright Nights. 🙂

Two more neighbors moved out: Kitt and Rolf. I cycle through neighbors very quickly because I’m eager for my favorites to move in as soon as possible. Here are their replacements:

I’ve had Jay before in my first AC:GC town Ordale, my first AC:WW town Cutetown, and my dad’s town Red Bank. Even my dad remembers him! 😛 He’s not bad for a jock in my book, but Kid Cat’s cuter.

I was shocked to see Apollo move in (today in real time, February 20th in the game) because just a week or so ago I did a neighbor transfer to try to move Apollo from my extra town Imladris to Teru’s town Bundeena. But this is a new Apollo, what a weird coincidence. xP

The leaves have turned green, a sign of spring coming soon. It adds a nice splash of new color to my town 🙂

I laid down this main path to the town hall over one of the “dead spot paths” I discovered, and I see neighbors use it all the time! 😀 I’ve observed their movements some and I think I can confirm that they use the dead spot pathways to move purposefully around town without bumping into trees, but they can also stray off the paths as well.

Waving to Puddles, who is appropriately in the pink area in town. ^_^

My town is on February 20th, and spring begins on February 25th. I’m going to have to do a lot of renovations to get my town looking more fit for spring, though; it’s very customized for the winter candy theme right now, with patterns on a snow background everywhere, mostly red and white flowers (hardly any yellow ones), and cedar trees all over the northern part of town. I’m not sure how long it will take to make new patterns and re-landscape my town for spring, but I’ll try to work hard on it whenever I can, I promise. 🙂

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Visiting Sherwood

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A few days ago I got to WiFi with Liam again! A year and a half of no WiFis together at all, and now two all of a sudden 😀

Yes, I’m glad I finally got past New Years too. xP I’ll post about the goings-on in my town during January and February another time.

Liam’s new haircut to replace the pink style he got last time 😛

Having a snack before heading over to his town.

Since it’s a pretty new town, I was shocked to see all these awesome patterns as soon as I stepped into Sherwood. It looks amazing, what an entrance! 😯

In the first step, all I could see were the water and bridge patterns, so for a moment I thought the town might be water world themed (like this), but it’s actually a pond by the gate. 🙂 It’s so convincing that you really want to just cast your line out and catch those fish!

And a little further down I was amazed to see even more patterns! I love this elegant but simple white brick path. It especially appeals to me because it reminds me of the feel I wanted my AC:CF town Seahaven to have (but never got around to implementing).

He has these nice side paths leading to other parts of town, like gardens and villager houses. I’m glad my patterns page was useful to at least one person; the path wasn’t designed by me (it’s Wendell’s path from City Folk), but I put up a version of it that will work with Wild World palettes.

Wow, all these lovely flowers 😮

It’s hard to decorate a room in a new town and with a limited catalog (I find it frustrating to even attempt!), but I think this room already has a great, warm, homelike feel to it. 🙂 I liked the welcoming jacob’s ladders at the door.

My Margie must have been in my 9th slot in our last WiFi, she lives on in Sherwood now! :mrgreen: I enjoyed talking to her again, it’s nice to know she remembers me.

This was a bit confusing, though; she moved out of Dafdilly over a year ago, and before moving to Sherwood she was actually living in my dad’s old town Red Bank. ❓

He gave me a gold rose! Thank you so much! This brings my number up to 3. 😀 Some of his flowers died when he couldn’t play for a little while, I bet this spot used to be even more beautiful.

Such a full sky! They’re based off real-life constellations, like the Big Dipper is in the upper left corner.

A rainbow rose garden, so pretty! ❤ This idea has occurred to me as well because roses have the most colors and hybrids (in AC:WW, at least).

We also blew some of the dandelions around town, and Liam got a really nice shot of Twisk and edited it later. I love it! 😀 I tried to do the same for his character, but I’m not very good at this sort of thing. >_<

Here’s the un-edited, full-sized picture if you want to do something better with it, Liam:

Thanks for letting me explore Sherwood! 😀 If you want to see more, check out his new post!

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First WiFis in a looong time

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Last weekend (not this current weekend, but the previous one) I WiFied for the first time in quite a while — I think my last one before had been with Jemma in July! It was nice to visit another town and to have guests again. 🙂 Taking pictures during WiFi meetings is a bit more difficult because things happen faster than during regular play, and I’m a bit rusty at taking quick, clear screenshots at just the right moment while still smoothly conversing and walking around during a WiFi meeting. I’m sorry about the not-so-great pictures. >_<

Also, I know I posted about New Years Eve in my last blog, but well, my town remained on New Years Eve for these WiFi meetings. Everything was in such a pristine, flawless state on December 31st, and it was hard to move past that date into the realm of wilted flowers to water, cracks in the ground to dig up, and weeds to pull, especially when I knew I was going to have visitors over. But I’ve started to catch up and my town is no longer on New Years Eve, it’s in mid-January now. Not very far, but making at least some progress feels good! I’ll post about my catch-up process another time. In the past, I would often put WiFi meetings and regular play in the same post, but now I think it’s better and more organized to separate them.

Anyway, let’s get on with it!

Heading off to visit a new WiFi friend, Marge in Hobbiton! I actually mentioned this town name in my “AC:NL musings and town name ideas” post as one of the location names I like from Lord of the Rings. 😛 As you probably know or guess, it’s where the hobbits from the story live. Like Animal Crossing towns, it’s a lazy, comfortable place with rivers, woods, and fields.

Seeing green grass and rain was a refreshing change for me. I look forward to the rainy season in my own town!

This was her first WiFi, I think, so I bought something from Nookway. It might’ve upgraded to Nookington’s by now! ^_^

Hobbiton’s town map:

I gave her two of my spare Gracie shirts, and here we are matching briefly! 😛 After this she changed into the butterfly shirt.

Meow-zah! 😆 I wonder what her neighbors’ impression of me was, like how they will describe me later (fish philosopher, flower girl, etc.). It’s determined by your outfit. Strawberry shirt + jacob’s ladder = ?

Marge’s main room is fully expanded and has a great backyard theme going. 😀

Daisy’s picture. I bet a lot of the normal types feel this way, and I can see why, among all the other loud personalities. o_o

The outside of Marge’s house and garden 🙂

Then we visited her favorite neighbor, Daisy. I’ve never had her before, she’s sweet!

I really like that she has a library sort of room. I’ve always wanted to have a library as well, but which one of my characters would it belong to? Harmony? I’ll probably ditch that formula I have (main room-candy, Twisk-garden, Bell-playful, Harmony-elegant, Melody-sporty) at some point so that I can try some new interior layouts.

Stopping to look at these palm trees after having a fun net fight / tag game. We couldn’t do that in my town, there are too many flowers…

There’s a koi, her favorite fish! I have never really thought about what my favorite Animal Crossing fish are.

Hobbiton’s fossil exhibit, nearing completion. 🙂

After exploring her town for a while, Marge came over to Dafdilly. Welcome!

Heading over to my place 🙂

Then coming outside for a bit to give her the four-leaf clover that was on my table, since she liked it (it appears as a book indoors). I’ve gotten several randomly and from de-weeding Red Bank and Dafdilly.

Santa’s house, I like that! 😛 Once I put a festive tree and toys underneath, so it probably gave more of that impression then.

It was smart of Teru to hold off on donating the mosquito until she finished her museum, the mosquito sure is annoying. >_<

It was nice to see my exhibits for once, which I hardly ever take the time to do. 🙂

After a trip to my Shampoodle and Ables’, Marge is looking a lot different.

I’m glad others like Melba, she’s my favorite! 😀 Because of not playing AC:WW for a while last year, having Melba in my town still feels somewhat new, I get happy every time I see her walking around town.

Kid Cat used to live here. 😥 I let him move away on accident recently, and not because I forgot to check. I said “Don’t go!” several times and I thought he said something that sounded regretful/unsure about leaving, so I assumed he was going to stay. I guess it wasn’t the right dialogue. I consider him (or Poncho, maybe) one of my “dream neighbors.” In general I’m not a fan of the jock personality, but a well-rounded town should have all the personalities, and I like Kid Cat because he’s a cute cat and I like cats, and because he’s got a helmet on which matches his personality perfectly (unlike Big Top, who is lazy and has a sports helmet). But after he moved out I DSed-to-DSed with another town right away, and it worked. He currently lives in a town I used for flower storage called Imladris, and I can move him back to Dafdilly sometime.

Giving Pelly and Phyllis some work to do, Marge was kind enough to mail my villages letters! 😀

After that, it was time for her to go. Goodbye ♥ Hope we can wiFi again sometime!

Later on I had another WiFi meeting, this time with Liam! Finally! 😛 I think it’s my fault for the wait, since my time playing City Folk was so short-lived and my Wii wasn’t connected to the internet.

Showing him where I hid the cicada in my courtyard garden 😛 I think it adds a nice nighttime feel along with the wallpaper. We also had a discussion about the Manekin Pis in this room; I asked if it was a real-life sculpture and he replied that it was, and I googled it later. I’m familiar with most of the paintings in Animal Crossing, but not with the sculptures, I admit. Here are some links if anyone’s interested:
Manneken Pis
The Little Mermaid
Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth)
I always love receiving statues from Gulliver! Some of his items I don’t know how to incorporate into a room very well, but statues are nice for both indoor and outdoor themed rooms. Getting multiple copies of the same statue isn’t bad either because there are some rooms where that could be fitting, like having symmetrical statues on different sides of a throne- or palace- style room.

We went down to see Whitney and her private beach next. This is my favorite house location in town! It was especially nice with the warm, welcoming light on in the evening and the peaceful 8 PM music playing.

Close enough 😛

Dafdilly’s Shampoodle is popular today! For a while there, it probably wasn’t getting any business.

Liam was brave by answering randomly to Harriet’s questions, and this is how it turned out! 😛

I think he likes Static! Static is one of my favorites as well (and a dream neighbor for Dafdilly), if only he picked a different house style. >_< I'll go into my house style frustrations and a new discovery I made about house styles/shapes in a different post…

The interior is nice, though! We had fun playing the guitars.

Melba’s, on the other hand… And her original layout is so nice, too! It influenced my own main room a lot. Neighbors seem to throw out their furniture over time, I’ll have to send her stuff.

Yay! 😀 This isn’t horrible when it comes to party popper pictures, which are difficult to time.

Lucky was my newest neighbor at the time of this meeting, so his interior decor here should be pretty close to how it is originally. The placement of the watering trough between two asteriods seems eerie to me, does anyone know what the significance of it might be?

Chatting with the snowmen.

A weird moment as we say practically the same thing at the same time 😛 My snowmen are always saying they want a family or snowladies, so that’s why I build them close to each other, but they never notice.

Yes, by far my favorite exhibit! Thanks to some help from Teru, it’s complete! I have seen this painting in person. 😀

I look forward to catching these summer bugs and fish again in AC:WW and AC:NL! Haha, it seems like with everything I see, I think “I can’t wait to do that in New Leaf!” 😛

It was nice to find out someone else always thinks of pokeballs when they see this floor! 😛 It’s a neat curved layout of bricks, though, it would be interesting to try making a pattern for outdoor paths like that. Soon after this Liam had to go to bed, it was getting very late for him. I had a great time for our first WiFi meeting, and I look forward to more in AC:WW, AC:CF, AC:NL, whatever! 😀

My last WiFi meeting on this “day” of December 31st was with RedTux TK, who has been recording tours of Wild World towns with his capture card! It’s really nice of him to do since his videos are such great quality, and it’s always fun for me to see different towns, rooms, and landscaping.
It was interesting to hear a complete outsider’s perspective of my town; he seemed confused/less enthused by some things that I like and that make perfect sense to me, like my character/town name and the dresses at my Ables’. But he was very complementary, I appreciate it! 🙂 I laughed when I saw his reaction to the sold out signs upstairs; Liam bought those, and one of them was a cabin couch, which he would have wanted. 😆 But I gave him all the cabin stuff in my catalog after the tour, including the cabin couch, so it’s all good. Thanks a lot to him for coming over to my town and doing this tour! It was cool seeing a video of my town in such great quality! :mrgreen:

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Dafdilly’s (Very Late) New Years Eve

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In my last AC:WW post, I announced my plans to get back into playing AC:WW regularly, decorate my town with candy patterns, and work on catching up to the present time. I left off around Christmastime in my last post, and I’ve only progressed a few days since then (to New Years Eve), but I’ve made a lot of progress as far as getting my town back the way I like it. Having such a barren town (ever since the dead spot testing) was depressing, and bothered me way more than not having my town match the correct date.

It probably sounds like I’m complaining about the fact that I did the dead spot testing project sometimes, but at least it did its job: 100% of the trees I planted grew, there wasn’t even a single wilted sapling!

Big Top snuck out on me one day when I forgot to check the neighbors. I was kind of bummed because his house was in a nice part of town, and when he moved, I felt that spot was marred a bit by having a sign there instead. But I’m glad it was Big Top rather than one of my favorite neighbors (none are locked right now, so I have to be careful). I have different neighbors in mind for Dafdilly’s permanent lazy neighbors.

And Lucky is not one of them. xP But still, nice to meet you Lucky 🙂

This image of a balloon present in the snow became a very familiar sight to me. 😛 I have always wanted to try to position presents — real presents, not patterns — under cedar trees (like in my header image this winter), and I finally did it! It was easier than I thought, all you have to do is put patterns in places where you don’t want the presents to land.

There was lots of back-and-forth DS-to-DSing between Dafdilly and Red Bank because I had hoarded lots of cedar saplings and flower bags there. So I used my original character Amy from Cutetown (who lives in Red Bank now) a bit, and I was surprised to see this New Years letter from 2006! 😮 Part of the surprise was that it was in my inventory letters; usually I only keep disposable letters (like from Redd, the HRA, and Nook) there. Maybe I’d had something stored in the letter at the town hall and then took it out.

Yay, it’s New Years Eve, my trees are fully grown, and the cedars are lit! 😀

I admit I was a little disappointed with how few cedars were lit, though…

Red paint was on sale at Nook’s the day before New Years Eve, and I thought it would match the surroundings in town well.

A distant shot… just messing around taking photos.

I decided to change the middle piece of my path from my own chocolate pattern to Wendell’s chocolate pattern for AC:CF that I adapted for AC:WW’s palettes; I like the way it looks better, especially with my border pieces.

More pictures of the gate area:

I even (temporarily) changed Dafdilly’s flag for the candy theme. It is simple, two candy canes forming a heart.

Dafdilly’s old town flag. For the amount of time I’ve had it like this, it might seem like it’s Dafdilly’s official, unchangeable town flag, but I actually threw it together very quickly, didn’t put much effort into it, and always intended to change it later. But I’ve never felt like focusing on it too much…

The side path branching off from the main path to a bridge. I remember previous “versions” of this path. It would be fun to see what different parts of my town have looked like over time through different landscaping.

The few blue roses I have are thanks to friends, thank you so much!! :mrgreen: I don’t have limitless pastel roses to arrange around town, so I thought spacing them among lots of white roses would make them pop and give an elegant feel to the waterfall area.

This area is supposed to give a much different feel, like an unkept forest. I had trouble figuring out what to do with black hybrids, and I thought they made the most sense here.

The start screen can be a good way to take scenery pics, especially over bodies of water. The flashing “TOUCH TO START” text is annoying, though. >_<

Some ice cream and candy canes near the museum. I had to change my candy canes a bit in order to reduce the number of pattern slots they take up, but the ice cream is the same.

This gingerbread house is new! I like it better than my peanut brittle house.

The small but dense fruit orchard on my island.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think cosmos are fitting by the beach for some reason.

Just an array of candy patterns near the shops. In general the candy patterns are a little repetitive because I only had so much space for patterns, but I tried to keep things interesting by having some areas just dedicated to one type of candy, some areas with only certain colors of candy, and other areas with a mixture of all the candy, like here.

I planted a money tree (the only one in town) by Nook’s; based off the Ables’ episodes, it seems like he would be interested in having one. 😛 And like the blue roses, I haven’t ever made my own gold rose (because I want to use my black roses to grow blue roses instead), so the two I have here are also thanks to friends. 😀

Melba’s house… It would have been nice if she chose the pink house style instead for this house shape because of the wooden fans. Oh well, bad luck.

Lots of red flowers about 🙂

A lollipop meadow / clearing in the woods. 😀 Wherever there’s lollipops, I tend to plant colorful fruit trees.

This is the spot I mentioned earlier (it’s the north-east corner of town) where Big Top used to live. There’s a bit of a peppermint forest going on, and a color scheme of red/white.

There’s also a snowman family back here! I messed up, I meant to place them one space apart from each other, like this.

Whitney picked my favorite house style and favorite house location in my town (no one’s lived there since Margie), so I rewarded her by making it a nice spot with lots of matching pink hybrids. Thank you Whitney! 😛

My town is perfect for the first time in a while, it’s good to hear this from Pelly again.

I mostly took pictures in the daytime because it’s optimal for taking pictures, but I liked how it looked at night as well. Such a wonderful festive atmosphere with all the changes of music on New Years Eve, and the lit cedars in the dark.

Even though it didn’t match with real time at all (not even close…), I still enjoyed the festivities. 😀

It makes sense Puddles might be nostalgic because she’s the neighbor who has been in my town the longest.

Aww 🙂

Fireworks! :mrgreen: I didn’t get that many pictures, but I’m sure you all have seen them before. 😛

I also made my first town tour video! The first 6 minutes are for the town tour, and the rest is a house tour. Those who are familiar with my rooms through WiFi or reading my blog probably don’t need to see the house tour.
I have wanted to do them in the past, but didn’t because of poor quality. This still isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s an improvement for me and I did the best that I could with the equipment I have. RedTux TK on YouTube has offered to come over to my town and do his own video tour this weekend, and his videos are practically emulator quality somehow, so I look forward to that. 😀

And lastly, if you’re interested, this is the gridded map of my town:

From here forward, I’ll be focusing more on catching up to the present time, along with a few general “blog housekeeping” type things like updating my site’s appearance for spring. And speaking of updating for spring, I’m also thinking about what I should do for my town come spring! I’m wondering if I should go straight to something pink for the cherry blossom festival coming up in April, or if I should go with something colorful and flowery (think the rainbow-esque palettes) for spring.

For the cherry blossom festival, I was thinking I could create a path that incorporates motifs from the lovely series, and I wanted to set up a little lovely cafe in a clearing of cherry blossom trees since palette 5 has both a faux ground color and pink colors. Another idea I was thinking of is a pink rose path border inspired by this:

For a general, rainbow-colored (not pink for the cherry blossom festival), flowery spring path, I would probably use palette 16 or something similar:

For this general colorful flowery path border, I would try to imitate one of the flower types in the game (like I did with the pink pansy path on my patterns page): either roses, cosmos, or pansies, probably. Feel free to give me your thoughts 🙂 But you don’t have to, of course. I’m sure I’ll figure something out once I get caught up. I can’t wait for spring in my town! 😀

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Plans for Dafdilly

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Hey everyone, I hope it’s been a great new year for you all so far!

I’m really sorry I haven’t been able to do much for my blog since changing my URL. 😦 Since starting up school again, with classes, homework, and other activities, my days have been very full and it’s been hard for me to find a lot of time for Animal Crossing related things. Usually I’m reluctant to post unless I have lots of pictures of one of my towns, but I feel like a little update is necessary since it’s been so long.

In my last post, I hinted that a return to playing AC:WW regularly again was a possibility, but that I hadn’t decided yet, with AC:3DS coming out in the not too distant future and all, and my town being months behind. Well, I decided recently that I do want to start playing in my AC:WW town again and posting about it.

Whenever I say my town is behind, I mean that for a number of days (or months :oops:), I didn’t play AC:WW. And when I want to play again, I set the DS date to the last day that I played to prevent neighbors from moving away and flowers from dying. So when I’m behind in time like this, to catch up, I time-travel forward one day, play that day, time-travel forward another day, play that day, and so on until I’m at the present day. But this time, I felt my town was just way too far behind to catch up this way, so I decided to just set my town to the present without playing the days in between.

You might wonder, “What about the neighbors? Won’t they all move away if you time travel months ahead?” Actually, if you time-travel forward a long period of time, you should only have to worry about one neighbor moving away. Time travelling forward any length of time = only one day passing as far as neighbors moving away are concerned. I knew it would be Maelle who’d move away because she was packed up before I time-travelled:

Bye Maelle…

I also didn’t have to worry about flowers because I’d packed them up a long time ago because of dead spot testing and hadn’t put them back in town yet.

So all I had to worry about was…

…lots and lots of weeds! It’s not very fun to pull that many, but if you’re focused, it doesn’t take forever.

And on the plus side, I found three four-leaf clovers!

And lots of gyroids. As you can see, only three fossils were to be found after all that time; this is because you can only have three fossils buried in your town at once, so it’s important to dig them up each day in order to get new ones. New gyroids are planted after any day it rains or snows, so they accumulate over time.

My neighbors were of course concerned about what had happened to me during my long “vacation.”

A new neighbor moved in to replace Maelle: another snooty, Whitney.

Then Tabby moved out. I’m eager to see who will replace her… a favorite peppy, like Rosie? 🙂 Pleeeeaase?

All this was happening during my winter break, so I got a holiday greetings letter from Mom. I hope you all had a happy holiday season as well!

I thought it would be cool to decorate my town with Christmas patterns, but I didn’t start making them soon enough. I only had a few days to make patterns and I didn’t get very far because I was busy spending time with family and such as well. This is the path I started to make, and didn’t finish (no point now):

It’s supposed to be hedges or holly bushes (not enough greens on the palette to really differentiate between the two, anyway) covered with snow and decorated with festive tinsel and ornaments.

It didn’t turn out as good as it looked in my head, but one thing I liked about it was that I made multiple patterns for the horizontal border pieces: one with a present, one with a candy cane, and one with a stocking. I think it adds nice variety to the path:

I’ll admit now that my town has gotten behind again. 😛 I set my town to the present on December 22nd, started to work on the festive path, but on December 25th time became frozen again. The reason why I’m not letting time pass normally is because I want to landscape and decorate my town again before New Years Eve in my town, when the cedars are all lit up. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s my game, and I can play it how I want to. xP

The patterns I’m planning on decorating my town with are candy-themed. I know… again? 😛 But I had already made these main paths and side paths a long time ago (and I’ve never used them in Dafdilly before), so it will save me the trouble of having to make new ones right away:

A different side path:

And to make this post less boring, I’ll share a few more candy-themed patterns I made a long time ago, but can’t use for my town right now because they were meant to blend in with the summer ground.

This is supposed to be a peanut brittle house. I’m also working on a gingerbread house, and I hope it turns out better.

I based my peanut brittle house on Gramma Nutt’s from CandyLand. 😛

And here’s an ice cream cone I made to sort of blend in on the summer dirt. Like the peanut brittle house, it was done on palette 5, an interesting palette because it contains a color that sort of resembles the summer dirt, but not as exactly as the colors on palette 12 do. On palette 12, I could have maybe used a grass background, a tan/brown cone, and turquoise ice cream to make a summer ice cream cone pattern, but I thought the colors on palette 5 would be funner with the pink and purple. I like the ice cream I made for the winter ground better, though, and ironically the color options were much more limited there. 😛

Well, that’s it, I’ll continue working on pattern-making and landscaping (using my dead spot testing results to plan trees) and getting my town to look the way I like it, instead of a barren wasteland. I can’t wait until it’s back to normal, and playing in it again day-by-day regularly, and hopefully WiFing again 😀

Edit: I realize I’ve made a lot of references to palettes in this post that would be confusing for someone who didn’t know them, so here’s a list of all the palettes:

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