Dafdilly’s one-month anniversary!

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Not that this post will mainly be about that, since I didn’t throw a party for it or anything — which would have been cool since I have compatible wi-fi now, only I don’t have many people on my roster yet. But it’s true: Dafdilly is one month old! I’m still as happy with the town as I was when I found it, and still glad that I restarted my original AC:WW town that I’d had since I was 12.

I suppose one thing that could count as doing something special for the event is that I’ve been spending a lot of time decorating: making patterns and laying them down, re-arranging flowers, planting and cutting down trees. I would include pictures of all the changes, but I want them to be a surprise for the first visitors of my town. You might see bits of the changes in the last pictures of this post, though I’m not done yet.

Also, I broke my rule of not using my original character’s catalog until I pay off my mortgage. 😳 I wanted to order some nice gifts for my first WiFi hosts and guests, and while I was at it I ordered some furniture for Harmony’s room and my fruit kitchen. I also brought over one of my music boxes and put it in Harmony’s room since it was too quiet. I don’t really regret breaking my rule; it might take longer to pay off my mortgage than I’d anticipated because I’m still looking for the right town on my other Wild World cartridge (but I’ve put that search on hold for a couple days to clean up Dafdilly).

As usual, I’ll start with the day following my last post (August 1st) and work my way up to today.

Crazy Redd has a mama panda plush

Crazy Redd came on my preferred day, Monday, even though I wasn’t able to schedule it with Lyle — because Lyle never showed up! I wonder why? 😕 I was happy to see this Mama Panda plush, though, the only one of its family I don’t have with my original character! 🙂

Roald thinks I blew off his training regimen

Oh, here we go… (This is one of the reasons why jocks get on my nerves)

I say that I haven't blown it off and he claims I'm lying

Not off to a good start with Roald :/

Roald says that if I've been doing ab-training, my belly wouldn't be so pudgy.

Let’s chill a bit about this, okay? -_-

Puddles moved out that night. 😦

Parting shot with Puddles

I like her a lot and I miss her, but I figured there was a good chance another peppy villager would move in afterwards, and I have a lot of favorites from that personality type, like Rosie, Tangy, Bluebear, and Bunnie. I’ll also miss taking pictures in her house! 😛 Love that carpet & wallpaper combination.

Speaking of carpet and wallpaper…

Saharah came again

Saharah came the next day. It seems like she was here not too long ago. o_O if I count the ones my original character has, I now have all the carpets and wallpaper! The closed road was the last one I needed. 😀 I also got the meadow vista, tropical floor, and blue tarp.

Trying a new flavor at the Roost

Brewster’s starting to like me enough to try out different blends, but not enough to give me sugar. 👿

Brewster won't give me sugar

Twisk can't get enough of the impetuous, strong coffee flavor

Twisk using some big words. 😆 I always enjoy hearing her take on the day’s coffee! 😛

Agent S's house

That night when I was laying down patterns, I noticed a new house (but this pic was taken after I’d set up a path to it, as you can see). I used to think brand new, game-generated neighbors moved in at 6 AM, but I don’t think that was the case this time.

My new neighbor is Agent S! Not one of the peppy villagers I was hoping for, but she’s cool. ^^

Meeting Agent S

I’ve heard galloping gumdrops from Puddles, but never this one before 😛

I thought this expression was hilarious. 😆 I don’t think I’ve seen it before on this face.

Harmony stung by bees while landscpaing

Poor, sweet Harmony with her notched axe, getting stung by bees while doing landscaping work for me 😛

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6 thoughts on “Dafdilly’s one-month anniversary!

    • I do, but I took a chance because I was hoping that a peppy villager I like even more would move in instead, like Rosie or Bunnie. But that didn’t work out as planned. 😦 I got Agent S, and I don’t like her as much as Puddles. Oh well, my favorites will move in eventually I guess.

    holy guacamole look at dat tan mMMM dang I miss having tan! I don’t know why but I find it so hard to get tan in AC:NL … >.<

    • 😀 Now Dafdilly’s like over 3 years old 😮
      I find it easier, since now you can get it on the island year-round. But yeah it’s always nice to get a tan in the summer months~

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