About time, Wendell

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Wendell finally visited Dafdilly today! :mrgreen: Normally I wouldn’t be excited about his visit since all his patterns are available online, but I’ve been wanting him to come so I can start the red turnip trade.

Starry but lightening sky at 5 AM

I also enjoyed playing around 5 AM this morning! (Hey, I’m on summer break! And have weird sleeping habits sometimes.. xP) I love how pretty the fading stars are against the brightening sky, and the music is nice and calming as well.

Well, time to satiate our starving artist visiting Dafdilly today!

Digging up my red turnip garden

Aw, I’ll miss my little red turnip garden. 😥

Giving Wendell the red turnip

Here you go~

Wendell wiping his mouth

Haha, I tried to get a picture of him eating it, but all I got was him wiping his mouth…

He gave me Saharah’s turban! ^_^ I think the concept of the turnip trade is pretty cool, since there are all these special visitors coming in and out of town and they might leave things behind on accident.

Twisk trying on the turban

Hmm.. not Twisk’s style 😛

Bell gets a turban from Wendell as well

Bell also got a turban (how many did you lose, Saharah?!), which is good because I’ll have a chance at getting both the massage chair and the red vase when she comes next.

Harmony gets the country guitar from Wendell

And Harmony got the country guitar! I’m glad I only received one; it would’ve especially been a bummer to get three guitars in return for all my turnips. So, a good start to the red turnip trade. 🙂

Melody gets the puddle pattern from Wendell

Melody caught a crawfish (but it can be any of the three fish found in holding ponds) to give to Wendell in exchange for my favorite pattern of his, the puddle pattern. I don’t know where to put it, though. 😛

Amelia moved tonight, and I was able to get a parting picture this time. She’s still wearing the dirt pattern I had at the Able Sisters briefly to transfer between characters. -_-

Parting shot with Amelia

Bye Amelia, it was nice having you in my town again and I had fun with your personality quizzes! 😛

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4 thoughts on “About time, Wendell

  1. Haha,I remembered when i saw wendell for the first time 😆
    it reminded me of my sis 😆 so hungry 😛

    For 1 month of playing AC:WW (with my Scallop)
    my town isn’t that bad,Pascal 😆

    • haha, it’s funny how it took / is taking him so long for him to come to both of our towns! But if you have a scallop already, then that’s a big part of the turnip trade completed already. ^_^ I have lots of scallops, but they’re just for decoration; I’ll go through the trade the long way.

  2. whoaaa… I miss the red turnips! I wish they kept that feature in new leaf.. I would love to harvest red turnips again.. xP It would also be a rly great feature for dream towns with a farm styled town. 😛

    • I miss it too!! I see a lot of farmland+crops QR codes and whatnot, but the old red turnips would’ve been perfect, I wonder why they got rid of them 😦

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