Bug-Off + Exploring Bundeena

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I took a lovely trip to Teru’s town today and loved taking in the sights! Even though it was nighttime on that side of the world, the colors of Bundeena’s numerous, beautiful flower fields still showed brilliantly. Back in my town, I’ve had a new neighbor to meet, and a Bug-Off to participate in! 🦋

Baby trees growing

I woke up yesterday morning to see that most of the trees I planted alongside my new leaf-strewn path are growing! 😀

Baabara: Nice handwriting, wouldn't you say? Yep, that one's a good friend of mine!

Baabara misses you, Kammile. I’ll try to reunite the two of you! 😛

Kaitlin: Wait! I know! Asphodel! She's always going on about how she enjoys it there.

This morning I found Kaitlin in Dafdilly, looking for her lost daughter again. Asphodel was a temporary town I created with one of my extra gamecards to visit, and therefore clear my ninth slot, before Pierce moved. That way, Pierce would be alone in my 9th slot when I WiFied with Teru. Unfortunately, I’ve already deleted the town of Asphodel, so it looks like Kaitlin will be hanging around for a while. >_<

Maple: It's such a beautiful morning, I could just scream! I'm Maple!

My new neighbor to replace Pierce — Maple! I’ve had her before in a previous town, she’s really nice. 🙂 I was expecting a normal villager to move in, since I didn’t have any at the time, so that makes sense. And she looks like a “new” Maple, so hopefully this is a good sign that (other than Pierce) my slots were clear!

Maple's house exterior

This is her house. I should probably axe down that orange tree. >_>



This morning I visited Teru’s town Bundeena, home of Rain (her main WiFi character), Sidney (her main playing character), and Breeze. The reason for the visit was to move Pierce back to Bundeena, his original home, but I forgot about the purpose because I had such a good time exploring her town! xP

Walking through Bundeena's gate and seeing 13th Zodiac

The first thing I see when I step through her gate is my favorite constellation, 13th Zodiac! Then Rain came out of the gate right behind me.

In the dandelion puff field

Two flower girls in a field of dandelions. ❤ I usually run over individual dandelions that pop up because I thought they were weeds, but it looks like they aren’t, because Bundeena is a perfect town! Teru says she runs over them, too, which must be especially pretty with all the dandelion puffs in one place like this, and with so many petals flying through the air!

Mathilda's house exterior

Mathilda’s house is so nice. 🙂 I love both the style and structure of it!

Clearing of red tulips in the cedar forest

A little clearing in her cedar forest with red and black tulips. ^_^

Colorful pansy garden at the shopping center

I think this is one of Bundeena’s signature spots: all these pansies in the colors of the rainbow by the shopping center and town hall — which are right next to each other, creating a town square effect.

Teru's blue rose garden

I also love this garden of purple, black, and blue roses by her house! 💙 And I vented about the fact that I haven’t gotten a blue rose yet. xP

Pink and purple hybrid field

This pink and purple hybrid garden is my favorite spot in her town! 😀 I think it has such an indescribably beautiful, airy, romantic atmosphere! And the single gold rose in front of the apple tree adds a touch of fairytale mystery. ❤

Her house is nearby and we go inside:

Finding the lullaboids I gave her in Teru's main room

Aw, yay! I was happy to see Teru made use of the lullaboids I gave her on our first WiFi meeting. ^_^ I think lulaboids look lovely in white rooms, and their sounds go so well with a music box. I also love the new starry wallpaper for this room!

Spotting an awesome butterfly dress design in Teru's house

The first thing I noticed when I walked into this room was her self-made butterfly shirt! 😮 I love the vibrancy of it compared to the original, and it’s so perfect for this warm, vibrant mush room. ^_^ She said she used a square picture of the real Gracie shirt as a guide for making her own version, which is so smart! You can find square depictions of the AC:WW clothes from sprite/texture rips like this, or in certain guidebooks.

Mabel: That design is called Monarch III.

She offered to let me pick it up at her Ables’, so I ran over there immediately. xD

Showing off our matching butterfly parasols

The pattern also looks great as an umbrella, and especially with these pansies! You could probably say that about many areas in her town, though — so many colorful flower fields in Bundeena. 🙂

Stopping by the Tortimer Scandal Spot

Aah yes, I was looking forward to seeing the spot where Rain lured Tortimer away from his Fishing Tourney duties so long ago. 😆

Pierce's old, yellow garden

Aww, it’s the garden where Pierce used to live. It would be sweet if he moves back in the same spot!

Bundeena's orchard

I’ve disappeared in the trees! I don’t have any really dense orchards like this in my town — it looks like it’s hard work 😮

Bundeena's museum garden

This is where I missed a shooting star because I was holding an umbrella! Fortunately, I saw another one later and didn’t miss it that time. 🙂 So neat to see shooting stars in a different town than your own! 🌟

Teru and I in pretty dresses in the hybrid field

Showing Teru my favorite spot in her town. ^_^ And I was surprised and flattered to see she still had the lilac dress she got from my Ables’ during our first WiFi meeting! Our pretty dresses are so fitting in this garden ❤

Teru dozing off in the hybrid field

Rain looks so cute asleep amongst the flowers~ 🥀💤

The last things we had time to do after exploring her town were visiting Anabelle and Cyrano.

Anabelle: But I'm TOTALLY out of cute dresses, ah-CHOO! I've already worn out all mine!

Yay, Anabelle remembered me! She wants new clothes, but I don’t blame Teru if she doesn’t give her any, because I think the butterfly outfit really suits Anabelle’s colors ^^

Anabelle's house exterior

The outside of Anabelle’s house is another one of Bundeena’s lovely spots. 🙂

Cyrano: There's this kid in this town that kinda looks like you, actually... That kid's filthy rich!

My first thought was that Teru doesn’t have any characters that look like me, but I guess human characters probably all look similar to him. 😛

Saying goodbye to Teru and her town Bundeena for the day

Saying our goodbyes. 😦 Thank you again for having me over, Teru — I hope Pierce moves in soon!

If you want to see Teru’s pictures from my visit, check out her post here 🙂


I arrive back in Dafdilly and there’s already a letter from Cyrano!

That getup you wore the other day. What was that? Heh heh! How about you visit me this weekend? -Cyrano, Bundeena

No present, though…I wonder why sometimes there is one and sometimes there isn’t.

Town hall: Hey, everybody! Hope you're all ready for the Bug-Off today!

I completely forgot about the Bug-Off today, so it’s good I happened to be playing at the time! I forgot about all the previous Bug-Offs, too, so this is my first one.

Curly: I gotta say, you've always been a stand-up bud to me. I'm not gonna get misty about it...but I AM gonna give you my photo!

I have no idea how this happened… o_O I don’t really like Curly, so I don’t talk to him much, and I’ve never done an errand for him or sent him a letter.

Curly's photo

Well, here’s what it looks like!

I caught quite a few butterflies for the Bug-Off, matching Teru’s butterfly shirt that I was wearing: 😀

Catching a monarch butterfly

Catching a tiger butterfly

Tortimer: Lobo has you beat with that 97-mm mantis!

Though no matter how many monarch and tiger butterflies, long locusts, migratory locusts, or grasshoppers I turned in, I always got this message from Tortimer. 😦

Lobo: So you think you've got a shot at winning? You'd better stop dreamin'! At the end of the day, only one of us walks away with that trophy!

We’ll see, Lobo. 😈

Catching a birdwing butterfly

Lobo was in the lead until I caught this birdwing butterfly, which set a new record! I’m not sure if I won or not, though — someone could’ve caught a larger birdwing later.

And lastly, here’s a peek of the new side path I’ve been working on:

New side path of spaced brown bricks

Just some rustic, spaced-apart brown bricks, but I really like it! And this side path coordinates with warmer Autumn colors more than the blue bricks one I had before, which was the goal. 🙂 So far I’ve only completed this bit on my island (connecting the two bridges), though.

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22 thoughts on “Bug-Off + Exploring Bundeena

  1. I *also* had the same Tommy & Timmy Episode as you,Nook said that the way to tell them apart was their moles 😆 Oops! Its in here! 😳
    I’ll try to post the 2nd Episode,because i’m keeping the 1st Episode hidden for awhile.. wait.. that means!! WOO-HOO! We can wi-fi so i can give you my Apply TV & Lovely Phone and the Cabin Chair too of course 😉 BUT… If the Delivery comes early i *could* give you that! but for the time being please wait,alert me if Baabara’s Moving but please!! NOT IN MY CAMPING DAYS!! >_< Oh,I hope!

    • Oh and Flowers can cancel the Appearance of a Weed. 🙂
      They said that on a page called “How to have a Perfect Town on AC:WW”
      but i bet there’s LOTS of pages that are called like that! 😛

      • Ah yeah, that’s true; flowers can cancel out lots of things, like fossils you haven’t found, items on the ground (I know this one well :P), too many trees, too little trees, and probably more. xD They’re the most essential part of getting a perfect town! A lot of the guides I’ve read aren’t consistent when it comes to whether or not clovers, dandelions, and dandelion puffs are weeds. I just figured that since there were so many in one acre, it would’ve had an affect on the town rating… I really don’t know though! Anyway, they’re fun and pretty to run through. 😆

  2. 😳 Again.. I hate myself for doing this,i mean i read half of a post and then comment,read the full forgot a thing.. ugh… I hope you won’t mind! 😛
    If you’d like You could join the comments together as one. 🙂

    OK,comment time…
    I LOVE the new side paths that you made! >_< I'm actually jealous!
    As i try to copy it.. which ends into an Epic Failure! 😛
    Sorry,I couldn't ask for permission but can i copy that pattern and i mean

    just the diagonal way like you did on your Island, It's ok, because we both have
    islands anyway xP Sorry,If this makes this request a little too *cheezy* (i hope not)
    I see that your doing a pattern page but for an awesome Pattern Maker like you?
    I couldn't beat any of your designs, I also wish Teru has a Pattern Page! 😛
    She's awesome at making them! xD

    Please? 😐 Well,Thank You~ :]

    • It’s fine, I know this was a long post. xP
      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Here are some instructions I threw together real quick! They’re basically mirror images of each other.
      As for the pattern page (and guides, too :P), they’re currently privately published and I’m still working on them. I just don’t want to have too many under construction pages (like my Trildale one :lol:).
      Aww thank you! I think you’re a great pattern maker! 😀 As for me, I don’t think I’m naturally that good at drawing or making patterns, but I enjoy challenging myself with them.

      • Hehe, I would like to mess around with the colors,changing it to blue? 😛
        I think the original idea was awesome,i can’t put the pattern on my town too much, but i would like to test it as a main path pattern 😆

        but only temporary,i’ll change it right away,just a testing 😆

        Thanks for giving me the instructions, You’ll be an AWESOME pattern maker if you open up your pattern page already. 😀

  3. Heehee,I copied it! it’s on my island right now! but it was reversed version of yours because the path goes left to right. :mrgreen: You can see it after we wi-i or after i post a new one on Saturday or Sunday.. 😛

  4. Haha, nice picture of nervous Nook at the end of his episode there 😛

    Ah, so that’s what I look like sleeping. Looks like my head will topple off 😛 You got some nice pictures in my town, despite it being nighttime! ^_^ I didn’t remember that everything would be bluish till after we set the time ^^;

    As for dandelions and clovers… I just assumed they did no damage to your town status after reading so in a couple of guides that sounded like they knew what they were talking about. And you probably saw that my town is rife with clovers 😛

    Btw, here is what I meant when I said ripped sprites. As you can see, being on the computer you get the clothing designs pixel for pixel, so it doesn’t take much brainwork to copy it onto your canvas after you enlarge the image so you can see better. Lots of the palettes don’t seem to match, though.
    (Btw, isn’t it fascinating that all those items in the game come from those flat, rigid sprites whose shapes and sizes are all at odds with their final products? :mrgreen:)

    Thanks for the visit and taking all those pictures! ^_^ I had a great time too ^^ Nobody has packed up to move yet so I still don’t know who is in my 9th slot xP But maybe it’s a certain awesome, featherbrained someone? 😛

    Btw, nice job on that footpath! The edges blend in perfectly o_o

      • Yeah, it’s really a shame that my theme does that… I wonder why. -_-
        I especially wasn’t sure about whether or not clovers were weeds, but I think it makes since that dandelions aren’t considered weeds since you can pick them up and wear them as accessories and all.
        That..is..amazing! 😯 Wow, thank you so much for that link! I try to make my own icons using screenshots from an emulator, but there’s no good way to view a square image of clothing patterns, carpets, and wallpaper. I think the only way you can do it for clothes is when Sable is sewing and when you set a clothing pattern as your inventory background. (And even with that, the colors are subdued and you have to find the edges yourself.) I guess they must have drawn those sprites pixel by pixel. 😮 And that is fascinating!
        I hope so! :mrgreen: But let me know even if it didn’t work, and I’ll try to figure out where I went wrong in the trade so I won’t mess up Kammile’s. But I tried my best considering the weird things we’ve learned together about the ninth slot so far. 😛

        • Wow, before you mentioned it, it never even occurred to me that clothing patterns can appear in square form anywhere during normal gameplay 😀

          If you’re after carpets and wallpaper, this person has an even more thorough collection in their two threads. They even have all the icons and letter paper 😯

          I know, you did try your best! If it didn’t work I couldn’t even imagine which part of the process could be improved on o_o

          • haha, you read my mind! I’m trying to do the same thing for my guides section, but obviously their way is superior (a sample of mine, you can even see a a few pixels from the staircase :lol:). I’m thrilled to see there’s a texture for the candy wallpaper I have because I was planning on making a path based off of it. 😀 You’re good at finding these. ^_^ If only I knew how to make them myself. 😛 There was a tutorial in the first thread, but the links are broken for me.

  5. :O Awesome! I just saw your lovely background! It’s amazing!
    Fall colors! Nice Trees! Falling Leaves! Everything’s all themed up with Autumn!
    I love it! Compliments to Amy! :mrgreen:

  6. That part about Curly was weird… you never even talked to him and then he just gives his picture!? Maybe he likes you…or have u been sending letters instead…?

    • Nope, no errands or letters. 😛 The only times I talk to him are when he runs up to me with the “ding” noise and an exclamation point above his head. I guess I got into the habit of always talking to neighbors when they do that because there’s always a possibility (even a small one, if your friendship with them isn’t very high) of them giving you their picture.

  7. Great post! Sorry I didn’t comment before, I was not able to! 😦
    So now I know a bit better Teru’s town 😛 (btw great town!)
    I already posted the story I announced in some post (I can not remember which one 😳 ) Oh and I loooove so much your new background!!! It’s amazing!

    • There’s no need to be sorry, you don’t have to comment on any of my posts…only if you want to. 🙂
      Yeah, I know her town a bit better too! I recognize a lot of spots from pictures in her blog, but it helps a lot to be able to explore it yourself and see where certain locations are. It’s very beautiful with lots of well-placed trees and flowers!
      Thank you! I have to leave for a haircut at the moment, but I can’t wait to read your updates (and start on a new post of my own >_<) when I get back! 😀

      • I just feel I “have” to comment on new posts 😛 I like commenting and ’cause you comment so much on my blog when I don’t comment I’m like “OMG!!! I’m so mean!!! 😛 ”
        I have to start commenting more on Emma’s blog too but the thing is I always find her on my e-mail chat and I just say what I have to say there 😛 🙂
        PS: And I know Emma in real life so if I don’t tell her stuff in the chat I just see her someday and tell her! 😉 XD

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