Acorn Festival

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On October 1st, the leaves started to change! They’re still all green, but some oaks have tinges of yellow now. I can’t wait until they’re all different Fall colors! Oh, and this is Twisk’s look for the Acorn Festival. Only in Animal Crossing do you change your hair color to match an outfit. 😆

Subtly changing leaves

The grass color changed as well, which means…

Side paths don't match the grass again

…that my paths are messed up again. 😛 Since patterns get in the way of acorns spawning anyway, I’m going to wait until the Acorn Festival is over before I change my side paths again. :/

I also spent a while Saturday preparing for the Acorn Festival by removing flowers in front of oak trees. 😦

Preparing for the Acorn Festival by removing flowers in front of oak trees

It was painful to do, but I want my mush furniture! I tried to put the displaced flowers elsewhere in town, but there was really no room, so I ended up saving a lot in letters at the town hall. I can’t wait to get everything back to normal, and to do some re-decorating with my paths.

Puddles: Wow, sparkles! You're living large! Look at you throwing Bells around!

This yellow garden stands out a lot more with the changing Fall colors ^^

It was also Flea Market day, but I had no time to make money off of my neighbors, as you can see:

Puddles: Sparkles, your stuff is so, um...unique. It's

Sorry, nothing for sale! Doesn’t sound like you’re into my furniture, anyway xP

Empty house plot by the river

And Peewee’s moved out, the last of my original eight neighbors other than Puddles. It was so weird seeing his spot vacant. 😦

Tipper's house exterior

Fortunately, on Sunday I found that it’s already filled again! 🙂 Other than all three beach house locations, this one is my favorite.

Tipper: Good afternoon! Have we met, pushy? I don't think so... Anyway, my name is Tipper, and I like to walk aroound.

Ooh, I’ve never had Tipper before! I’ll try to get her picture before she moves. 🙂

Monday was the beginning of the…

Hey, everybody! It's time for the Acorn Festival!

Yay 😀 Time to hunt for acorns!

Finding acorns at the foot of oak trees

Even though I hated doing it, picking up flowers did help improve my acorn count. I wouldn’t have gotten any of these acorns here if I had left the flowers.

It could’ve been better because I missed quite a few as a result of my path patterns:

A few acorns didn't spawn because of path patterns

But I managed to find 28 non-rotten acorns and took them to Tor — I mean, Cornimer.

Cornimer: That's why I love acorns! 'Cause they're painless, smooth, and round! That's right, I love acorns! And they abound when I'm around!

Singing a little song 😆 He sure gets into it… I can’t fault him for a lack of enthusiasm!

Cornimer: Allow me to introduce myself! I am the mysterious Cornimer! Ooh! MEESTEERIOUS!

Whatever you say 😛

Cornimer: By using, er...acorns! Would li'l oakie like Cornimer to divine the future?

Noo, gimme furniture!

Fine, just to get it out of your system…

Your secret fortune: Rotten Acorn

Haha, that doesn’t sound very good to me. >_>

Cornimer: The number of acorns you've given me is 60! But the Great Cornimer hungers for more! MORE, I say!

For the 28 I found yesterday and the 37 I found today (good improvement!), I received the mushroom stool, end table, lamp, chair, and dresser. Hope I’m on the right track so far to getting them all!

Tipper's house interior

Tipper’s unpacked now, so I checked out her interior decorating. The gyroids make mooing sounds! O_o

Nan's house interior

I like what Nan’s going for with this room, but it’s a bit empty now. She’s sick at the moment. 😦

Puddles: Y'know, I was thinking...we're like Dafdilly's sweethearts, aren't we? Just like Mabel and Sable! Maybe we can call ourselves the Puddles Sisters!

Random pictures of Puddles being cute 😛 She says this a lot.

Puddles: What color do you think suits me the best? (Pink!) OK! Now that you helped me, I'm gonna give you this, splish!

Did you even need to ask? ❤

Trying to get an oak tree to change color by planting bells instead of a sapling (it didn't work)

I planted 30,000 bells here, so it better grow into a money tree! >_< I'm trying to have three trees right next to each other that will all be different colors throughout this season. Two of the oaks were the same color before, so I was hoping a money tree would have different color foliage than a regular oak sapling. It doesn’t look like it, though. -_-

(Later edit: I found out that every space in town has a pre-determined oak tree color in Autumn, so it’s useless to try to change it by re-planting or by using money vs. saplings!)

Sacrificing my paths to get more acorns

I decided that since I’m already unhappy with how my town looks at the moment (mismatched path patterns, missing flowers), I might as well pick up all the patterns in the way of acorns, too. 😛 I can deal with my town being ugly for a week to make the most of the Acorn Festival!

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28 thoughts on “Acorn Festival

  1. Woot! The Acorn Festival! 😀 Yeah, The side paths are useless now and my island paths is useless too! 😆

    I like your living room 🙂 It’s like any other living room,right?
    I guess Puddle’s has a … weird?.. opinion? 😐

    Maybe it’s because you didn’t follow some Feng Shui style?
    You know how picky Peppy Villagers are. 😆
    Gabi even complained on my Main Room last time. 😆
    and she visited my house again and didn’t complained! lol

    • Yep, sorry about that. 😛 I enjoyed the paths while they lasted! The good thing about your hedges is that they will last until winter when the ground changes.
      I think she would have still said that even if my room was perfect according to the game’s standards (full series, matching carpet and wallpaper). It’s just some randomly generated phrase, I guess. 😛 She wanted to buy things but nothing was for sale, I felt bad…

      • actually the Ground (the soil) DOES change! O_O
        Since the other palette for Winter has only 4 colors for the soil,
        means… I need to erase the shades on the hedges! they don’t exactly
        last forever. 😐

        If only the AC version for the DS has a “Sweet & Delicious” theme for
        your house, I’m glad City Folk has the complete series of the fairy tale wall and floor! I wish you have a City Folk sometime in the future too.. 🙂

        • Oh yeah, that’s what I meant by saying that your hedges will last until winter. I’m looking forward to decorating my town this winter! 😀
          I know, I would love the sweets theme in my living room! Since it’s not in AC:WW, I went with a cabin feel like Melba’s house, my favorite neighbor. Getting City Folk has crossed my mind recently, we’ll see! 😛 It would be cool to try it out and blog about it for a bit, but AC:WW will probably remain my main game and my favorite unless AC:3DS surpasses it.

  2. =_= You sure had to do a lot to prepare your town for the Acorn Festival. I had the same problem with areas around trees being cluttered that I can’t be bothered to clear, so I’m getting an average of 20 acorns per day xP

    Your terrible secret fortune made me laugh 😆

    Btw do you know if the trees you planted with money got any acorns ❓

    I love that Puddles in her last picture is only giving off pink flowers. Nice capture, lol 😛

    And those town maps are so similar it’s spooky! Imagine waking up in one of those towns and not finding anything where it’s supposed to be 😛

    • Since you already have all the mush furniture in one of your rooms, there’s no pressure to max out your number of acorns or even obtain any of the mush furniture, so that’s nice! Are you going to sell the extras or put them in storage?
      Well, I have a full set of mush furniture from my previous town saved in Red Bank, but since I’m going to use the mush furniture for Twisk’s room, I thought Twisk should earn all the furniture again herself. 😛 I might use some of the extra pieces in my dad’s town for her room, though.
      I know, my fortune is horrible. >_< "Life: maybe next year" "Look behind you!" …Oh dear 😆
      Yeah, a lot of the trees I planted with money produce acorns (I guess they're just like regular saplings if they don't grow into a money tree), but not my money tree.
      Haha I noticed the pink flowers too 😛
      I found another Dafdilly twin a day or two after I made this post:

      Unlike Dafdilly, some of these similar towns have a house location on that tiny island, which I don’t really like.

      • Wow, I just left this conversation hanging, haha. I think those Mush items are still lying outside my house (and as predicted, I came nowhere near completing the set) xD I found a couple of them complemented my courtyard room though 😀

        From how it seemed when I was back on the ACC, nearly everyone who reset at the start of the game was trying to get their own house on the island 😛

        • Yeah, I was one of those people once. 😛 I resetted until I got my house on an island, but ended up not liking it because the island was the biggest part of town (I would rather it be a small feature) and there were only 2 bridges, making it hard to navigate.

    • I saw that email before, but I had no idea how I was going to see the picture. I kept clicking and nothing was happening! 😆 Not used to yahoo, my main email is gmail… Well I’ve downloaded the attachment now and the pattern looks intriguing, I can’t wait to see what it looks like on palette 12!

      • It says the one i gave you has blocked images, You have to click “show images” or it to be copied or saved on your computer. 😛
        glad you figured that out. 😀

  3. Hahaha! 😀 I like your posts Amy! Great job with the money trees! (they never grown in my town 😆 )
    The acorn festival is exciting and I love it!!! I got this secret fortune:

    Guess either of our fortunes are secret anymore! 😛

    • Hey that’s funny Puddles always asks me what color suits her best too! xD You always say the same and she asks the same but you gotta love her! 😀 😛

      • I only have one money tree, the 30,000 bells I planted didn’t grow into one. 😦 They seem really hard to grow; out of all the 1,000 bells I planted the day I re-planted my trees, only one grew. I’ve heard that feng shui (especially the yellow side, which has to do with money) increases the chances of trees planted with money to grow into money trees.
        Haha you got the “Look behind you!” message too! 😆 But at least you got a mini acorn, not a rotten acorn 😛
        Yeah, Puddles says both of the things I posted a lot (the Puddles sisters thing and asking which color suits her best) because they’re things she says when she runs up to you to start a conversation after 15 minutes of not talking to her, and I’m always busy watering flowers, or in this case, picking up flowers and patterns and collecting acorns.

  4. An acorn festival cool!!!! I love your post! It’s so funny! like… with the money trees! I attempt to grow, but always rot! 😦 XD
    Good job Amy! 😛 I answer your comment in y blog! 🙂

  5. Thanks for bringing Peanut to my town. I love her! xD
    Do you have some pitfalls on you? 😈

    Oh,and i can come to your town at 8 AM, My time? (I got a little mixed up. xD
    If i get up early, maybe at 7:30 AM. 🙂 )
    You can take a sneak peek of my town, My flower paradise is half completed! 😀
    I’ll be improving it later, If you want, We can wi-fi for the mean time! 😀

    I let K.K. play K.K. Ragtime, It really sounds good. 😀
    Gives me the christmas feeling! Good thing my house can be open at christmas,
    I’m not gonna throw a party or anything but i just wanna wi-fi at that time!
    I hope it’s snowing! 😀 Too bad snow balls can’t show up during wi-fi. xP

    It’s that when i restarted, I restarted at April! >_<
    No more snow, I started my town at Spring 2011. 😛
    I guess i just can't wait to see the snow again! :mrgreen:

    (Seriously, do you have some pitfalls? 😛 )

    • No problem! 🙂
      I might have a few pitfalls, but it doesn’t look like I have many at all unless I put them in a dresser and forgot about them. Usually Booker has a lot but he only has one right now for some reason.
      Yeah, if 8 AM is okay for you and not too early, that works for me. I can also WiFi later, you know how I often stay up late. xP My town is still under construction in terms of patterns, but I’ll at least try to clean up.
      K.K. Ragtime reminds me of Melba! 😀 She had it in her house and I thought it was so fitting.
      I don’t know what the deal is with snowballs and WiFi, it’s so weird that we couldn’t find any in Nimrodel… 😕 I’ve seen snowmen during WiFi, so you’d think snowballs would still be there, but I guess not.

  6. Woah! It’s been a few days since I commented in your blog Amy! So, just saying hi, and keep up the good work with this awesome blog of yours! 😀
    btw do you believe that Cornimer is Tortimer dressed up? Or, some related someone?

    • I know, it’s been too long since my last update! >_< The reasons for not posting were just one thing after another, but I definitely will this weekend.
      Oh yeah, I definitely think Cornimer is Tortimer in disguise. 😛 I don't think Tortimer appears inside the Town Hall when the Acorn Festival is going on, right? I even tried to give him a massage chair (because I forgot to give it to him the last time he was outside for a Bug-Off), though he didn't accept it as Cornimer. xP

      • I believe that too! And, nope, Tortimer doesn’t appear in the Town Hall during the Acorn Festival!
        I did a pool about this question as I think it’s pretty interesting, as it isn’t assured by Nintendo and there are just rumors about it.
        This is like a mystery question… 😆

  7. Hey, I had fun in our wi-fi meeting. 😀
    I caught a mole cricket, I just realized… If i started on April.
    How did i have a Mole Cricket already? O___O
    lol, It’s because i TT to December 31 to get the Party Poppers. xP
    and caught a Mole Cricket. 😆

    Good luck with the Fountain! ^^ (and a well, that i randomly suggested?)
    I made a Fountain on my own, So the well’s all yours! 😀
    Take a look at !

    I hope your Well goes well! 😆 (and your Fountain!)
    I put the fountain near the Main Gate, so it gives me a City Folk feel.
    and on my lawn. 😆 Even on AC, You can have them! (all you want,so the whole
    town is your OWN lawn! 😈 )

    If we can be Mayors of our towns, We could have done better than Tortimer. xP

    • 😳 Just click it… 😆 You can change it if you wanna
      but just a reminder, There’s a “My fountain” after the “!”
      So, The link could have been named “My Fountain” than LOTS of words. 😆

      • Thanks! I’ve done a draft of it on the computer and I’m going to finish it in the game. I haven’t even started on the well (maybe you saw my latest forum post on ACC and that’s how you knew I was planning on making one?) because it’s not high on my priorities. I need to make new borders for my main path and patterns to go on my fall garden for your contest first.
        Nice fountain! Mine isn’t multi-layered like yours or Katrina’s (which it looks like you based yours on), there’s just one collecting pool at the bottom with lots of water spouting out.

        • Forum post? 😕 I don’t even know where you post your latest forum post. 😆 So, In ACC, You can sneak into people’s privacy and take a look at
          their reply on forum posts?! 😯 I got a bit too far there. 😆

          Thanks, I made the fountain myself, I didn’t want to copy Katrina’s and
          edit it again. 😆
          I’m planning a park on my island so there’s a fountain! 😀
          I’ll put the benches there and some picnic areas!
          But it’ll be hard since i packed and planned at the flowers i grew (via TT)
          and the patterns might mess up my plans. 😦
          Well, Stay tuned to it though, I’m gonna cut and replant my money trees
          again. 😀

          If you need any help with money trees, I can give you some 99 k bells. 😆

          • Then it must have just been a coincidental suggestion/guess, I haven’t mentioned my plans to design a well anywhere else except in that post. 😛 (Yeah, on all ACC profiles there are links to their last forum post and all the threads they’ve made.)
            Ah okay, I just thought it looked similar to hers. It’s great! 🙂
            Good luck with your plans! 😀 It’s funny how our islands have been similar lately, there was the diagonal path we both had and now we’re both going to have a fountain on our islands. 😆

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