Halloween in Ordale

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Happy Halloween everyone! Today I felt like checking up on Ordale again to see what festivities might be going on for Halloween. It was a rather fruitless exercise, as you’ll see, but I had fun. 🎃

Stepping into Autumn in Ordale

The outside of my house looks much the same as in my first post on Ordale — and the same as it did around 6 years ago, in fact. 😛 The only difference is the grass and trees have changed to Autumn colors since then.

Nook is having a monthly raffle instead of selling candy

I was hoping that Nook might be selling a few pieces of candy today, so that I could at least participate in trick-or-treating a little bit, but it looks like I missed out.

Found a concierge shirt at the dump

Still, I decided I would try to participate anyway and thought this concierge shirt I found at the dump would be a good enough costume. 😛

At the post office, with the town tune board

Confused at the lack of trick-or-treeting going on, I went on a search for the town bulletin board. The post office seemed like the most logical place for it to be after playing AC:WW for so many years.

At the police station, with the town map board

But it wasn’t there, so I checked the police station next. Man, I’ve really forgotten how to play this game…

Copper: Strange that you should ask... I have recently acquired a flyer for Crazy Redd's Furniture Emporium.

I thought for sure Copper might have some information about today, but all he had to say was that Crazy Redd’s going to come on November 5th. 😛

Pulling weeds

Well, I gave up on that and began a mission to rid Ordale of 6 years of weeds.
Maybe I should’ve just looked for Wisp later… 😛

De-weeding done, enjoying a moment by the waterfall

But I got it done in the end. 🙂 I find it easier to de-weed in AC:GC because you can focus on one acre at a time.

Stunted tree

I have a few of these half-grown trees around town that have stunted in their growth, what’s up with that? :/

Everything is perfect! Ordale is a very liveable place.

Wow, after all the weeds were pulled, the wishing well had this to say, which I didn’t expect at all. 😮 Ordale couldn’t possibly be close to perfect if it was an AC:WW or AC:CF town! I assume that AC:GC’s standards must be lower.

Junk on the ground on the plaza near my house

So I guess junk on the ground doesn’t matter? I wanted to pick everything up anyway, but Nook wouldn’t let me sell anything today because of the monthly raffle.

While taking that picture I finally found the bulletin board — right outside my doorstep. 😆

We have the best (and only) selection of Halloween candy in town! Treat your trick-or-treaters to the best! Be sure to stock up before the 31st! -Nookington's

Still no information about what time the festivities start, but by now I was just relieved that there were definitely going to be some. 😛 After seeing the notice about buying candy, though, I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be getting any of the spooky series because of my lack of preparation. 😦

Trick-or-treeting began at 6 PM and this music began to play.

Freckles: Candycandycandy!!! I need candy! Gimme some candy now, ducky!

The first costumed neighbor I ran into was Freckles, who demanded candy as soon as she saw me walk by.

Freckles: Hey! What are you trying to pull!? This isn't candy, ducky!

I tried giving her a pear and got my hopes up when she ate it, but she wasn’t pleased. 😛

Freckles: Ha-ha! See what happens when you don't share, ducky!

My concierge costume turned to rags. 😦 I met many other neighbors and they conducted themselves in a similar fashion, but I didn’t waste any more fruit on them, haha.

Jack: How did you know I was the true Jack, King of Halloween?

Finally I found the real Jack, distinguishable as being the only pumpkin-head who doesn’t run up to you when seen.

I hoped my conversation with Jack might go differently from my neighbors’, but it was pretty much the same thing.

My already raggedy clothes were transformed into rags yet again, but when I checked my pockets, I noticed lots of jack-o-lanterns and jack-in-the-boxes there:

Jack-in-the-box and jack-o-lantern

Hey, they might not be items from the spooky series, but I thought the jack-o-lantern in particular was a really cool gift. I think they replaced items that were in my inventory, though, similar to how rags replace the clothes you’re wearing. I wasn’t carrying anything important, though. 🙂

Saving and quitting

(I really need to figure out how to change my roof color and door window. >_<) Overall it was fun and I'm glad Ordale is now weed-free, but next time I'd better prepare by stocking up candy first. xP

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16 thoughts on “Halloween in Ordale

  1. That’s nice! I wish they wouldn’t have “kicked out” the Halloween festival when making Wild World, oh well, luckily you play AC:GC!
    I hope you don’t mind me linking to this post in my blog 😉
    If you do mind, just tell me 😀

  2. Pingback: Happy Halloween!!! « My AC:WW blog, acwwbook.wordpress.com

  3. Happy Halloween Amy! Great post! It’s interesting to see how Halloween goes around in AC:GC!
    I linked to this post in my Halloween post, hope you don’t mind! 😉

    • Thanks Jemma, I hope you had a great Halloween and also thanks for linking to my post. 🙂 I was interested to see how Halloween would go in AC:GC, too, I was pretty clueless. 😛

  4. Hey Amy! May I ask how did you create your background? I would like to create a nicer one for my blog and don’t know where to find a base image, where to edit it…
    Don’t worry! My background won’t be similar to yours! xP

    • I downloaded a DS emulator and an AC:WW rom from the internet, took computer screenshots of trees and the sky, then I copied and pasted different parts of the screenshots together using MS Paint. If you want, I’d be happy to make one for you! What background were you thinking of?

  5. Haha that was funny, reading about your day in Ordale 😛 Running around looking for a bulletin board that turns out to be right outside your house, worrying about Halloween festivities that just start at their own sweet time after you give up on it 😀

    Well, congrats on your PTS! And how many years did that take? 😈 (Though you probably got it back when you were a kid, too? :P)

    I always thought that the Harvest items looked a bit Halloween-ish (dunno why it’s that colour-scheme), so I think they suit the Jack’s pretty well in those last pics 😛

    • I feel like I know AC:WW really well, so it felt kind of good to be clueless about Animal Crossing again since I’ve forgotten so much about this game. 😛
      Since all I had to do was pull weeds to get PTS, I assume I must have had it too when I was younger. 😛 I don’t understand, though, I have lots of stuff on the ground, too many trees in some areas, and very scattered flowers. 😕

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