Jingle comes to Ordale

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Indeed, happy holidays everyone! 😀

My AC:GC Mom had holiday greetings as well in this sweet letter. 🙂

Yep, it was snowing heavily last night and it looked beautiful!

I have several log cabin-style houses in Ordale and they look nice and cozy in the snow with the lights on.

Both oaks and cedars can have holiday lights in AC:GC, so your whole town looks festive, not just the northern part.

The music adds to the atmosphere as well:

Isn’t it lovely? ^_^

Found him, the man of the night — er, reindeer of the night — Jingle! 😀

He agrees with Freckles. 😛

Before Jingle can give a present you have to find him in random acres throughout town about five times:

The second time I found Jingle, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic. 😛

He asks three questions before finally giving a present, and what he gives depends on the answers you give. Big things=Jingle furniture, Foldable things=Jingle shirt, Woven things=Jingle carpet, Printed things=Jingle wall. I picked big things since the Jingle shirt wasn’t as important to me as completing the series.

Yes, and I will continue to do until you give me a present. xP This time he asked if I prefer printed things or woven things, and I said woven (carpet).

His final question was a face-off between Jingle furniture and the Jingle carpet since I said I preferred those over the others. I went with the carpet first because I think it’s the most important piece to establish the feel of the series; if I don’t get all the furniture, I can always mix and match red and green furniture from my catalog.

Jingle’s pleased to see me this time, and I could tell he was ready with a present — he even gave a “ho ho ho!” 😛

My first (and only legitimate) gift: the Jingle carpet 😀

Now for some trickery… 😈

After receiving the first gift from Jingle, change your clothes so he doesn’t recognize you and talk to him again, answering his question about what Jingle item you want. Then push him to the very edge of the acre (so that you can still see his antlers or bag from the other acre) and switch acres, going back to the one with Jingle quickly. Talk to him again, receive the item, switch clothes, and repeat the process. 🙂

You get the idea. 😛

He’s so sweet I almost felt bad for tricking him, but it’s the only realistic way to get the whole series, so I didn’t really. 😛

Starting to get suspicious?

Aw, looks like the jig is up.

He took it well, I guess this probably happens to him a lot. 😛

I thought I would be able to continue by using my dad’s character Bob, but…

I found Jingle and talked to him several more times and this is all he would say:

It doesn’t seem fair that only one person can get the Jingle items each year. 😕

I only got the Jingle carpet, wall, sofa, bed, lamp, piano, clock, and chair (some of these twice), but the Harvest furniture had to go anyway. xD

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48 thoughts on “Jingle comes to Ordale

  1. 😥 How about City Folk, I already have one right now. 😆
    Sorry for the long absent, I guess everybody didn’t care about my absent. >_>
    Well, Nice post about Ordale. 😆
    I only got 2 gifts from Jingle because it was already 11:30 PM! xD
    but it was worth it, I sold the items and became rich. not really rich
    but i got to buy 2 items from Gracie Grace, A Trench Coat and the Elegant Hat. 😆
    4 new emotions from the Marquee and new hair style. 😆
    The city’s really fun but i better wish for a nice none cloudy day to meet
    the shoe shiner guy and the balloon guy as well. 😆

    • Well, I got City Folk a while ago, took days to find a town with my requirements, and then deleted that town because I didn’t like the gate. 😛 I haven’t really been resetting lately, been busy with AC:WW and other things I guess. But I’ll go get resetting now 😛
      I did think of you, especially since I expected an excited AC:CF post on Christmas, but figured that you were just busy. Even though this is a school/work holiday for most people, it’s also a busy time of year. 🙂 And I see you have been busy — with AC:CF! That’s awesome to hear! 😀 The balloon guy was there when I first went to the City, so I was sad the next time I went when he wasn’t there, I didn’t know he was temporary…

  2. This is kinda sad… I mean you and tess and now kammile as well all have accf, you’re probably going to abandon acww and and quit acww wifi 😦 I don’t mean to be whiny or anything but I think that’s whats going to happen. Soon you’ll be blogging full time about accf..and having fun wifi parties in the shiny polished version of ac…I can’t help but feel left out… 😦 oh well perhaps I’ll join the fun in ac3ds…

    • I can’t predict what will happen, but for now I still prefer AC:WW. You can sort of tell by the lack of AC:CF posts since I deleted the town from my first AC:CF post. So I don’t think you have to worry about that yet for me. 🙂

      • haha, Me too, Even though i changed my profile pic. 😳
        I continued to play AC:WW today and set the time back to
        December 23rd. 😆
        but for now, my gates are closed so you’ll be claiming your prize
        by opening your gates, I hope that’s ok for you and everybody else. 😳
        I even arranged the contest prizes on my closet. xD

  3. Another AC:CF post…. 😦 I love your accf posts but I just have acww and I love ac but you know.. my speciality it’s harry potter 😆 and I love commenting on your blog but……. sorry I prefer a lot the acww ’cause I understand a lot more of the scene 😆
    Btw love your post! Jingle it’s a really nice person I think and very sweet you have long conversations with him 😆
    Sorry if I’m heavy with the publisity but I work a lot with the official posts or pages and…. I want a reward (comments) for the work ’cause I love harry potter and I love my blog, but it’s not good to do a lot of work and then you don’t have any comment about the real work and this it’s really sad, I mean I love the comments which relate to the work I’ve done, like the (in my last post about Christmas) drawings made by me, you post a really nice (and long 😆 ) comment saying why you love the Christmas in Hogwarts with the 12 trees…. and more, but the really important for me are the drawings ’cause I work a lot for doing good drawings for the post of Christmas and then I see your comment in Jemma’s blog and you say than you love they’re power point, I now your speciality in your blog it’s ac not hp but with a: Love your drawings, in your last comment on my blog I conform.
    Waw this is a very long comment! Sorry it’s a bit boring 😆 But I have to say you this. Waw I feel better now 😆
    Really nice post 🙂 and sorry for the long comment 😆

    • First of all, this isn’t an AC:CF post, it’s an AC:GC post. My blog isn’t solely on AC:WW anymore, it’s a place where I record what goes on in every Animal Crossing town I play in (that’s why it’s called AC Town Record). Feel free to skip the posts that aren’t on AC:WW. 🙂
      You say that you work hard on your posts and don’t like when people don’t mention everything that you’ve done for the post in the comments. I work hard on my Animal Crossing posts as well and I feel the same way when you constantly comment about your Harry Potter blog in my Animal Crossing posts. It’s kind of rude, whereas I don’t feel like my comment on your blog was rude at all. It was a heartfelt comment about what I love about Christmas in the Harry Potter world, which is what I thought your post was all about. I’m sorry you didn’t like my comment, but I don’t want to be pestered about stuff like this anymore.

      • I don’t say your comment it’s rude or hertfelt I just was saying if you see a post with official stuff it’s a little obvious (for me) to say something about this stuff, if isn’t obvious or correct for you it’s okay but I’m really tired to doing the paper of the bad person, the person who always it’s adversting ’cause she just want comments and she thinks the blog it’s just for have comments, the person who it’s always very rude, the person who you are always getting angry with she….. 😦
        Sorry if you are really tired to, but this is me and I and can’t do publish if I have something new and interesting in my blog, so I’m sorry but this is me. And I’m sorry I don’t know about ac:cf or ac:gc I just know about acww and I just comment in your blog (’cause I like acww and your posts are interesting) because believed that you were a super good person, but after the fight of the privete comment made by jemma I think I belived wrong, you are a good person but you aren’t the same with me than before the fight. And I want all like before the fight but I’m starting to think that this isn’t posible.
        Sorry if I’m a rude person and you don’t want rude or heavy persons in your blog, but this is me and I can change myself. Sorry and I hope you can understand this message ’cause I’m being totally honest with you, I’m sorry again I will desaper for you if you want I think with Sarah, Jemma and Sandra commenting in my blog or simply just being my friends and accept me like who I am, it’s okay, they are a super reward for me.

        Sorry again.

        • You spam my posts until I comment your latest post/page and then complain about my comment. You’ve even complained that I don’t use enough smilies before. Can’t you see how that can get annoying?

          • I don’t spam I just say wat I think and I don’t question enything I just as if theres something wrong but it’s just curiosity I can see you don’t understand me Amy. And this hurts me but it’s the life so this is the moment when two friend or to commentor or two companions have to say goodbye. If you understandme you don’t reply like you do, you try that everything resolved, I think.

        • Emma you have no right to blame what I DID to Amy, I respect you forgiving me, it really was a great thing you’ve done for me but do not blame Amy or use what happened as an excuse, please.

          • No, Your spams are the “please comment on my latest post”.
            Not about what YOU think on her comment, You should at least
            appreciate all the comments Amy has given to you and your blog! 😦
            and having not enough smileys on a comment is not an excuse for
            disliking a comment. 😆
            It’s best, If you wanna comment, Just comment or compliment! 😆
            having “please comment on my blog/post/page” on every comment
            you make, It’s actually annoying to me as also. 😦
            It may be good if you advertise your “blog” maybe once but
            i’m also afraid your comment might go on the spam section if it has a link. 😆 Maybe if you say this? “I also have a blog about Animal Crossing.You can visit it if you wanna 🙂 ”
            and having a comment about hp stuff and NOT RELATED to this blog,
            Is just weird? Maybe because people will think your just here to advertise
            your hp blog,posts and pages? 😦
            I’m sorry, I had to tell you what i really feel. 😥
            I’m so sad that we always fight about this stuff, I was thinking you’d
            stop and change but… i was wrong. T___T
            You we’re a great friend Emma, Your friendly and loving.
            but with this kind of stuff coming. T_T I didn’t knew you anymore.
            Amy is a great friend like you, You two are buddies! 😆
            Do you think we should just stop?
            Change what your doing and everything will go back to normal,
            It’s more appropriate for you to advertise your blog ONCE on HP
            related sites, I know you like AC:WW but since you never posts related
            stuff like them and take pictures of your Animal Crossing Life,
            I feel left out on your blog, because it’s about hp and i’m all about AC. 😆
            but i still do wanna comment and like me, Everybody else comments
            WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT. 🙂

            • and people don’t get famous that quickly, HP has come to an end so you’d
              better blog about NEW announcements like, Pottermore? 😀
              Be patient and (for me i never expect, I know somehow just come. 😆 )
              wait for visitors to come, Because i waited about 3 or 4 months on getting
              a regular visitor. >_> (good thing i never given on my blog. 😆 but
              it’s about what i post on my blog, Say what i really feel and do on Animal
              Crossing and it’s not me who’s writing the posts, It’s my character,
              She’s been telling ALL of you my character’s adventures and i’m like,
              A narrator (Ugh, I’ve been a narrator too many times but the best one
              was when i narrated our Snow White play. 😆 )
              I hope we ALL change for the better and i will never butt in on situations like this. >_>

              • OK, let’s all just stop fighting!
                Emma just stop a bit your publicity and we’ll be happy! Everyone will be happy, what you don’t realize is we comment on your blog either you advertise or not! NOT when you advertise, spam and flood our posts! So stop advertising, it’s a win win:
                1- You get comments
                2- We stop fighting
                What do you say? Do you want to end this discussion? 😀

              • That what i’ve been telling her, Well just comment if we wanna?
                Isn’t that a more great solution to this kind of problem?

  4. Yes we have a problem with wordpress, she is triying to fix the problem ’cause I don’t have a lot about the wordpress thermes and blah blah blah… so at the moment we have the same IP.
    Please answer my comment (the long one xD ) It’s important please answer it ! THANKS 😛

    • It’s not a WordPress problem, every computer is assigned a unique IP address… it’s always been obvious to me that “Sandra’s” comments are really written by you.

      • I’m not Sandra sorry if you belive that but I’m not Sandra so you can belive that but we have a problem, my hotmail account was recently hacked and I don’t know what happens with wordpress, you can belive I’m sandra but this isn’t true.

        • Like I said, IP addresses have nothing to do with WordPress or your hotmail being hacked, it’s a unique number assigned to every computer or device with internet connection. You should’ve denied it by saying Sandra is over at your house. 😛

  5. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Amy! Best wishes for 2012 from me!
    Haha, this post looks great, I love when you do posts about Ordale and wish that just like you didn’t stop playing AC:GC you don’t stop playing Wild World now that you have City Folk (or at least lie to us and say you haven’t stopped playing 😆 )
    Lots of Hugs & Kisses…

    • Thanks Jemma! Same to you, I hope you have a great new year. 😀 Haha yeah, I don’t think you have to worry about that for now, AC:WW is still my favorite of the Animal Crossing games and sometimes I have trouble getting access to the TV to play AC:CF AC:GC. I confess I thought posting about all the Animal Crossing games would make my blog more well-rounded and would appeal to more people, but some don’t seem to like it. 😛 Is your WiFi working again, by the way?

  6. Wifi is working great! At least I can see the list with open gates 😛 But I like a lot you posting about all games, even though I only have Wild World it’s interesting learning new stuff about other games 🙂 Especially ’cause you post them 😳 Hehe
    I sent to you an e-mail, maybe you can read it when you have time, 😛
    PS: I just love the name Jingle! (Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock…) I just can’t stand singing Christmas songs 😀

    • Correction:
      “I just can’t stand singing Christmas songs” that wouldn’t be the right way to say what I meant, I meant…
      “I just can’t hold myself from singing Christmas songs” 😛
      Merry Christmas!

  7. Hahaha that was hilarious! xD I didn’t know about this process of swindling Jingle in AC:GC 😆 I almost feel bad for him too 😛 He’s so innocent it’s loveable x3 “Oh, silly me! Of course you’re not the same person.” Yeah, not the same person 🙄
    Nice job getting all those items! It sounds like a hassle.

    • Yeah, he was so sweet after giving every gift. 🙂
      It was kind of disappointing not getting all the Jingle items, but I’ve never done it before, so it was kind of fun. Finding him the first five times was the most time-consuming; after that I started doing strategic acre switches so that I wouldn’t have to keep finding him, haha.

  8. OMG! 33 comments in one post! That’s a lot! Amy I’m sorry for my spam comments 😦 But I was mad with everything so I’m so sorry 😦 I hope you can forgive me and I will try to don’t do more adversting again!
    How about an interesting comment abour Jingle:
    WAW! This post it’s great! Sounds you have a good time with Jingle and you have a lot of Jingle things: the carpet,wall, sofa, bed…. uhuuhu! 😆
    Love when he says:” Hey aren’t you oh silly me of course you’re not the same person” 😆 It’s really lovely and so sweet! It’s bad than in acww there’s no Jingle btw JINGLE ROCK’S 😆
    I’m so sorry Amy and I hope you have a super good Christmas with your family and friends! 😉

  9. The new website is up! Chibicrossing.wordpress.com

    No need to add us to your blogroll- this is just a temoarary blog for now, until we get the permanent blog up.

    Please visit Chibicrossing for more details!~

    • Sure, I’d love to, but unfortunately I can’t WiFi right now and probably won’t be able to for at least a few more days. I’ll add a WiFi status to my Welcome widget, so if you want you can keep an eye on that to know when I’m able to WiFi again.

  10. :O *jaw drops down*
    I was so shocked when I saw what you put on petite-d.tumblr.com ‘s
    blog!!! I didn’t know you followed her! 😀
    That’s so cool… 8)
    Heehee- just saying. I was REALLY surprised when she started talking about actownrecord 😆

    • Oh yay, she has a lot of new posts too. ^_^ Yeah, what I wrote was true, her blog and Teru’s were big inspirations for creating this blog because I didn’t have WiFi at the time and both of them blogged about daily life in their AC:WW towns, not just WiFi like Mayu did.
      I like reading about her adventures in Bentley because she seems to love her town so much and because she views her neighbors as more than pixels. I can’t help but feel whatever my neighbors say is just a randomly generated dialogue and meaningless (I don’t even talk to them that much…), but she actually pays attention to the gossip and formulates theories about her neighbors (like Eloise and Elvis’s relationship :lol:).

  11. Happy New Year Amy! Best wishes for 2012! Now that I realize, 2012 is the last year (until 2020) from the 2nd millennium that has 2 same numbers, 2000-2010 (the two zeros), 2011 (the two ones) and 2012 the two twos! (two twos, did I spell that right?)
    Haha, well sorry for being a bit boring in my comment 😛
    But anyway, Happy New Year! 😀

  12. Awesome, I get back from watching the fireworks, sleep in the next day, have coffee and lunch, and still have time to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xD All the best for 2012! :mrgreen:

    • Wow, all that? 😯 That’s pretty crazy, but I guess that’s just how our time difference is. 😛 Thanks so much, Teru! I hope you had a fun new year’s eve and I also hope 2012 is a great year for you!

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