Let’s try this again…

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Remember how I bought City Folk last fall, created a town, rebuilt it because of being picky, and then nothing happened for months? (Maybe not…) Well, I started looking for a town again recently — mostly because it’s springtime and one of my favorite Animal Crossing series is available at GracieGrace (but I think I waited too late, it’s really expensive and there’s not as much time left as I thought >_<) — and I settled on a town today! It's still called Seahaven and my main character is still named Lyra, but her face is different.

The flying blossoms felt like a celebration for my arrival, a much different atmosphere than last time, late at night with the old-fashioned gate and Autumn grass.

Town map and Lyra’s house location:

I saw much fancier maps while resetting, but some of my requirements didn’t have to do with the map. What I wanted was:
-triangle grass
-the palace gate
-stone/planked house combination
-an island
-at least one bay
-a crooked waterfall
And I got all those things, so I’m pretty satisfied. 🙂

This is my little island and bay. Hope someone moves into that spot!

Crooked waterfalls are my favorite, I love how they look at all angles and standing next to the sideways pool feels cozy.

I also like this ridge on the east side of town with a ramp at the end:

Time to go through the drill of picking a house, talking to Nook, doing chores, etc. >_<

This is the interior of the house I picked (on the map it’s the orange house).
I’ve… seen worse xD The wallpaper’s even kind of nice.

Meeting my closest neighbor first, Peanut:

Willow also lives nearby:

Her big green eyes!

Hugh was hanging outside her house…

Aptly-named Harry:

Sweet Daisy:

And Jitters:

But wait… am I forgetting someone?

Yep, I went to start my job at Nook’s Cranny, thinking I had met everyone, but forgot about the mayor:

Can’t lie with this question, it has to be cats 😛

Just like last time, I planted the gardening job flowers on a dirt spot to hopefully help the grass grow back.

But I planted the saplings behind my house, ahh, they’re so cute during the cherry blossom festival ❤

I can do the AC:WW chores in like 5 minutes, but these seem to take forever because of the additional neighbors and larger town. Harry had sympathy for my plight.

But I got them done in the end. 😛 And I’m only what, 1,400 bells down?

My house looks a little better with the round carpet Peanut gave me, and uhh, thanks for the ancient Greek column Harry. Just what I need for my 4×4 room. It will probably stay this size for a while because I’ll be throwing all my money towards the princess series. My priorities…

Disclaimer: How often and long I play this for is kind of up in the air. I don’t know if I can handle both AC:WW and AC:CF at once, and I’m really biased towards AC:WW and its portability (and of course there’s going to be a new portable Animal Crossing game coming out — hopefully — soon xP). AC:CF’s controls and the fact that I have to play it on the TV are kind of annoying for me, but I’ll give it a try. 🙂

Edit 4/7: Here’s a gridded map I made of my town in its original state. Someone new has probably moved into one of the empty houses today. The trees are so clumped together in certain places while other areas are so bare, going to need to fix that eventually. >_<

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13 thoughts on “Let’s try this again…

  1. Of course, cats are the best animal! 🙂 As you now, I have two in real life. 😀
    But i’m looking forward to wi-fi with you on AC:CF! 🙂

  2. Haha great post the waterfalls in ac:cf are awesome they are more realistic not like acww but the game it’s very expensive and I don’t have a wii…… 😀 Daisy it’s awesome she is one of the best characters like Maple, Peanut, Nan (she was my bestfriend but now she is in usa…. buah buah buah), Mitzi, Kiki and…. pff there’s a lot and all of them are really sweet hehe well I don’t remember more sweet names of characters who stayed in my town 😆 For me cats are the best animal too but I always say turtle cuz I think poor Tortimer… oh and the houses in AC:CF are more realistic and fantastic they are more original and funny (hey.. sorry I’m excited 😆 )
    You are really fast doing this type of maps…. waw I can’t make one of my acww town it’s really difficuld hehe 😀 Do you know Emma Watson have 2 cats too? 😆 that’s funny she loves cats too one it’s calles Bubble, sweet right? 😛
    Well nice post and thanks for sendding to me (and jemma 😛 ) the photos of my party I already published the post! 😉 Thank you so much! 😀

    • It’s cool you noticed those details about AC:CF from my pictures, I like how the waterfalls and houses look in this game too. 🙂 Yeah, my neighbors seem pretty good so far (more should be moving in) for the most part. xP
      Since I’ve had a wii for a long time, getting AC:CF wasn’t such a big deal (I think it was only $19?), and in a way it’s good to prevent the wii from collecting dust. 😛 But you’re not missing out on much imo, it’s not too different from AC:WW.
      Aww, Bubbles is a sweet name. 🙂 Both of the commenters so far like cats, yay haha.

  3. Aww.. i love your town! .. i wanted the palace gate too.. although i’m a little bit impatient… can’t help it! xD Your town’s layout and requirements are awesome! The stone/planked houses are.. so… awesome. o_o
    My houses on City Folk is the North American exclusive house layout and some Regal or Elegant looking houses… really nice combination for my town’s paths.

    hehe, i like cats too! specially baby cats!! ^_^ and AC:WW cats are awesome! Kiki,Tangy,Rosie,Moe and so much MORE (Moe-More rhymes.. i think. xD)
    My all time favorite is Rosie.. :mrgreen:

    • I had to make sacrifices and compromise a bit too. I really wanted my house near a waterfall (you should see all the pics I collected of houses near waterfalls during my resetting o_o) but it turns out the town that met my requirements didn’t have that. Oh well, unless you get really lucky or hack, it’s hard to get every little thing you want.
      Yeah, I think you have the pink cabana/colored cabana house combination, which I really like too, especially the pink cabana houses with their cute pink doors!
      There are lots of awesome Animal Crossing cats, the number growing with each new release. My favorites are Bob (ultimate lazy cat imo) and Rosie 🙂

  4. Haha, you’re so lucky to have found a town that completes all your requirements! And Seahaven is lucky to have found you 😛

    The types of houses and gates in City Folk are so realistic and they look incredible, I’ve seen pictures of the Gracie Collections and I also think they’re awesome, but extremely expensive!!
    I agree with the waterfall, it looks so much better crooked and so much more realistic!
    I can’t wait to see how you make even better Seahaven, and I’m sure there’s going to be a big difference in the next gridded map you make (for example to lay down your town paths), that btw this one looks great! you included every detail of your town! 😀

    Could you explain to me how this house choosing thing works in City Folk? You can choose where your house will be? What happens with the others you don’t choose? Do they stay empty? Is it where your new character will live? A neighbor? Some computer controlled human character? I’m pretty confused as you can see xP

    PS: (Kind of a response to Kammile’s comment) My all time favorite cat is Kiki, as you already may know 🙂

    • Thanks! I thought the gridded map would make laying paths simple, but I’m still having trouble figuring out the best way to arrange them. With AC:WW it’s easy to play around with paths and switch them up, but in AC:CF the animal tracks feature makes paths somewhat permanent so I want to put more thought into them. Animal tracks adds a bit of stress to this game for me lol, I really hope they don’t put it in AC:3DS. -_-
      Every town has four houses for human characters to live, and the location of the houses varies for each town (so you don’t get complete control over your house location, but you get to choose from four random options). One can be near a cliff, waterfall, pond, river, beach, on an island, or just in a plain field. You get to choose which house appeals to you most for your character to live in. The other houses will just sit there empty if you don’t make any more human characters, but if you make four characters (which I’ll probably end up doing) all the houses will be full and you’ll have a lot of debt to pay off. 😛

      • Animal Tracks really don’t sound like an improvement on the game, I’d hate my grass disappearing on my town, and even worst some bugs I couldn’t catch and I would never be able to grow a snowman!

        Thanks for explaining, I understand perfectly now, so if you do four characters instead of decreasing the debt of house like you do in WW (when you work for Tom Nook) you actually have another full house debt to pay for… that sounds unfair but at the same time more realistic, but still it must be harder to get a mansion, unless you stick to one character 😛

        • I agree, you shouldn’t have to worry so much about how often you run or where you walk. :/ It takes away from the freedom of the game. But the natural-looking dirt paths are great, so hopefully in AC:3DS they can implement those without animal tracks… it should be easy to make paths and landscaping an option with your new mayor duties, right?
          The house expansions in AC:CF don’t go as far as they do in AC:WW, I think there’s maybe just a few rooms and a basement (not sure exactly). But yeah, I think I’ll just focus on one or two debts at once. 😛

    • Cool! 🙂 My family has four cats now, we got two new kittens this year. They add a lot of energy to the house, don’t they? Lol, kittens are so cute and funny. Ours: a grey kitten named Dusty, a black and white kitten named Mittens (he has white paws, hence his name), an older orange tabby named Pumpkin, and the oldest is a tortoiseshell cat named Misty.

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