First Day of Spring in Dafdilly

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I’m done with my town renovations and have finally reached the first day of spring! And finally is an understatement, my wait has actually been longer than just a few months, it’s been almost two years. >_< I remember back when I first started this town in the summer of 2011 and decided on its concept — colorful and flowery — I was already looking forward to spring the next year, thinking that it would be perfect for my desired theme and that I would have grown enough hybrids to decorate my town with by then. But for a lot of 2012, I was distracted by other things, so I missed spring that year too. 😦

I’ve grown attached to this town since its creation (back then my word to describe it was “suitable” since I wanted the blue gate and more ponds :P) and it holds so many memories, like all the WiFis with buddies I’ve gotten to know through the Animal Crossing community. I’m excited for New Leaf, but it also feels a little bittersweet for me knowing that soon I might not play in Dafdilly as much anymore (hopefully still some) after that. So finishing off with the season I’ve always looked forward to and experiencing the Flower Fest and Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time in Dafdilly will be especially wonderful and fitting. I’ll try to savor it and not rush through it to the extent that I did for January and February.

Anyway, lots of pictures ahead! Feel free to scroll quickly past 🙂

To start with my preparations for spring, I replaced some of my dress patterns with flowery patterns based on clothes in AC:WW. I think those dresses I had displayed look cute on AC:WW girl characters, and I had them up so that WiFi visitors could get them, but I don’t WiFi much in AC:WW these days, and it looks awkward when grumpy and jock characters are walking around wearing dresses with a mismatching skin color. These new patterns won’t look unnatural and they’ll help my neighbors contribute to the flowery atmosphere. ^_^

Top row: butterfly shirt by Teru, loud bloom shirt knock-off, pop bloom shirt knock-off, floral knit knock-off
Bottom row: colorful squares shirt by Teru, Twisk’s petal dress, rose dress, silk bloom shirt knock-off

I also re-decorated my rooms:

I have a library room now! 😀 I’ve always loved this wallpaper and carpet. The carpet is very elaborate, so having it in the main room does it justice.

It’s also sort of a general living room in addition to a library. I feel like there has to be multiple areas of interest in a room this big.

I might stop doing this, but for now I’m keeping up my tradition of giving all four of my characters a room that somewhat matches the current season and each of their personalities/tastes (Twisk — garden, Bell — young/playful, Harmony — elegant/regal, Melody — outdoorsy/sporty).
I brought back Twisk’s forest room after a while of having the nighttime courtyard garden instead.

Now Harmony has a courtyard, but it’s in a beautiful meadow clearing with her bed right in the middle. 😛 I love the calming music box song with the sounds of pouring water.

Bell has a backyard room with her usual toys.

And Melody has a camping room. I think I must be missing some camping items in my catalog, I didn’t have a lot to put in here…

Not gonna lie, I was a little giddy when I stepped outside and saw all this green, even though I was expecting it. One of my favorite Dafdilly moments :mrgreen:

The path connecting my house with the gate. It’s always satisfying to lay down the patterns in my own town after making them in an emulator. 🙂

My red gate was a big reason why I wanted the main path to be red bricks. Though I think white bricks, bricks on a dirt background, or some sort of wooden path pattern could maybe look good with these flowerbed border patterns as well.

I tried to arrange a rainbow rose garden by the gate pond, but I can’t do it perfectly because I only have one orange rose and I wanted to use some of my other rose hybrids elsewhere. It’s still colorful, though! 🙂

I made a lily pond (based on the outdoor bath) and rose arches (inspired by a new item in New Leaf) to go in this pastel rose garden.

A better view of the rose arches:
I wanted to make the rose arches taller, but since my paths use up a lot of slots, I didn’t have many left for additional patterns.

The museum and its white flower garden:

The road to and from Whitney’s house:

I enjoyed making the area around Whitney’s house pink and white during winter, but now with the addition of yellow and orange flowers (and green grass), I like it even more. ^_^

I’ve prevented Whitney from moving a few times now, but I’ve decided she won’t be my permanent snooty in Dafdilly, so I’ll let her move when the time comes. I’ll be sad to see Whitney and her house (with its own private beach) go. 😦 Hopefully someone else will move into this spot…

Here I have some dandelion puffs I’ve been collecting in my secondary towns (Red Bank and Imladris). Even though dandelions are borderline weeds (but I don’t think they count as either weeds or flowers for the perfect town rating), I still love having them to run through and blow the petals off.

Hehe, I remember that I didn’t even know you could do this until Teru told me while visiting her town a while back.

A picture of the lake taken on the start screen 🙂

I brought back the diagonal brick path and warm-colored flowers on my island:

The river split. I like how you can see flowers on the other side of the fork.

My island’s tiny beach 🙂

As usual, I like to have cosmos by the beach.

Samson’s beach house. He’s lived here for over a year, one of my longest staying neighbors. I never intended to keep him that long, he must like it here. xP

Red, yellow, and orange cosmos on this side…

…and red, pink, and white cosmos on the other side.

Nook’s and Ables’

Behind the shops there’s a field of pansies. 😀

Colorful tulips by the town hall. And Redd’s tent, he chose to come today…

Apollo has a large garden of tulips as well. Maybe it’ll grow me some purple ones 😛

The area behind the town hall in the upper right corner of town is supposed to have more of an unkept forest feel, with a color scheme of red, black, and white.

A house in the woods. Five out of eight of my neighbors have this green house style, which is getting ridiculous — some of them need to pack up and move already! >_< But I do think this style looks better now that it's spring and the snow's gone; it goes well with the environment.

I’ve been hoarding red turnip seeds from Joan so that I could have a turnip farm. 😀 I thought about planting them by my house, but then I thought they would be fitting on this strip of dirt.

I couldn’t decide which side of the waterfall I wanted the picnic area to be, so I did both. 😛

This side of the waterfall probably has a better view, though.

Haha, I found out on accident that you could get a close-up smiling picture of your character outdoors after they eat a fruit and wipe their mouth. It makes for a nice change from the thoughtful frown.

I just like the way the two paths meet the bridge here 🙂

Red and white roses lining the path from the bridge to the gate.

That’s all the scenery pictures I have for this post! I also made a town tour, if you’re interested:
And a gridded map:

Onto some villager news:

Saying goodbye to Jay, who moved out a few days before spring’s arrival.

After DS-to-DSing between Dafdilly and my other town Imladris, Patty moved in as Jay’s replacement. Neighbors from WiFi friends’ towns are always interesting, but she’s from my own town, and I’ve already had a Patty in Dafdilly before. T_T This should teach me to clear my 9th slot after DS-to-DSing in the future…

Oh really? I was there too and I don’t remember any tea. 😛 The snooty characters’ way of talking makes me laugh, always so sophisticated. Her impression of Liam was “festival freak.”

Then she came over to my place and we had tea together.

She had lots to say on my furniture, I guess this room does seem like it would appeal to a snooty character.

It’s been a lovefest lately, all my neighbors saying such sweet things. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “First Day of Spring in Dafdilly

  1. Wow, I’m amazed! Your town is so beautiful! I love it! The red brick path definitely fits with your gate and the trees around your house is put in such a nice order! It’s nice you brought the brown brick path again! I always really liked it!

    Oh, and my favorite addition to your town was your lily pond and the flower arches! 😀 (and whoa, they have flower arches on ac:nl?!) The flowers and the patterns fits so well together! It’s really nice to see your town blooming with life again! I wish I could visit it once more…It really would be sad to leave it once AC:NL comes out and you just fixed your town up. 😮 Hm, I hope you won’t though.. The hard work would be such a waste. 😛

    Anyway, You’ve done a really good job on this! 🙂 I hope you continue to make more beautiful layouts, specially on AC:NL. ^^ This town gives me so many memories, like what you feel as well… 😥

    • Aww, thanks Choco, this is a sweet comment. 🙂 I miss our Wild World WiFis, they were always so fun! But New Leaf is getting soo close, it’ll be out in no time and we can all WiFi easily again. 😀
      Yeah, it would be a shame to abandon my Wild World town after all this time, especially because there are still various goals I want to complete (getting 8 dream neighbors, completing the museum, etc.). But I just don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain two towns well at the same time or not. The beautiful town ordinance in New Leaf should be very helpful, though — no more wilted flowers at all!

      • W-whoa. The beautiful town ordinance doesn’t make flowers wilt?! Hm.. I’ll probably pick the rich town ordinance first while starting, so when i sell things, i get sell them for a higher price! 😀
        Yeah, It is pretty hard maintaining two towns.. but it’s gonna be summer near your place,right? maybe you can have much more free time for the two towns! 😀

        • Yep! And hardly any weeds, no garbage in the rivers, and your neighbors help in planting flowers. 🙂 But it’s a good idea to have the rich town ordinance at first; after all, you probably won’t have too many flowers to water in the beginning. The only thing that seems strange to me about the rich town ordinance is that buying things is also more expensive.

          • It’s okay to have the rich town ordinance in the beginning, even if buying things is expensive.. lol, because we don’t have too much bells to buy a furniture in the first place. xD

            I also heard you can dig up sapphire,emeralds and rubies.. That probably sells a lot more in the rich town ordinance! but after saving, i’ll probably plant all my saplings outside now and switch my town to “beautiful town” ordinance. 😀 That’s my plan. xP Which reminds me…I procrastinated this summer and only got to planning one pattern.. T _ T

            • Haha, that’s true 😆
              That’s okay! This is the sort of game you can play for a long time, I don’t feel like you need to have everything planned out before getting the game. I have a vague idea of the general feel I want my town to have eventually, but I haven’t made any patterns yet for New Leaf or even identified all the community projects I want. I’ll just go with the flow 🙂

              • I just feel like i need to plan it because i’ll be busy with school and all. 😛 I am having an art block.. or at least, pixel block or something. lol.

                Good luck with both of our future towns! Yours will surely be awesome!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I have never, EVER seen such great ACWW work! You’re a total pro at this! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I haven’t commented…until now, I guess. But how did you get so many hybrids? I know you use Imaldris as a flower-generator, but I doubt that I’d ever get that many. Plus your designs are fantabulistic (Not a word, I know, but that’s how good your designs are – they make you bend the rules of English.)! I couldn’t help but notice your previous conversation with Choco. And I noticed you speaking about Greek mythology as an inspiration for town names.
    And yes, I know the comment thread isn’t this one, but I have no idea which one Greek myths were mentioned in.
    I’m a huge Percy Jackson fan and have a photographic memory, so I can probably give you info on that stuff. Asphodel was where spirits who’d done nothing important went for the afterlife. So…not my personal choice. Elysium was an afterlife paradise. I’m going to name my town Ogygia (Oh-jee-jee-ah) after an island where the daughter of Atlas, Calypso, lived. It was said to be beautiful and full of flowers. I’m hoping to make my town like that. There are other names, too, that I thought about. For some reason one was Northpaw. And I considered a lotta names in Irish (Saileach – Willow, etc – Oh, forgot to mention, I’m Irish :D) but I like Ogygia. I’m so jealous that Jay moved out of your town – he won’t get outta my Wild World one! Sorry, that was off-topic. But, yeah, mythical names or names in a little-known language (E.g. Irish) sometimes work a treat. I just want to say that your designs and town are great. Sorry for rambling. 🙂
    Some stranger named Serena.

    • Wow, thank you! This was a sweet comment to come home to, and it’s nice to hear from someone who’s read my blog. 🙂
      Growing hybrids has been a goal of mine since I started Dafdilly, so I’ve always had areas in town set up to grow various hybrids since the beginning (eventually they grew to large “hybrid farms”), and I guess they’ve accumulated over time (about 2 years). But I also try to spread them strategically around town to maximize their effect. Instead of putting a bunch of hybrids in one place, I tend to put them with other common flowers, like the pink tulips, yellow tulips, and white tulips area for example. It creates a colorful atmosphere without using all of my hybrids in one spot. I do the same in other areas in town too, like my island (mostly common flowers, with pops of pink and orange here and there), my pansy field (a lot of common pansies are there as well as hybrids), my forest area (red and white flowers with some black thrown in), etc. I think this creates an illusion of having more hybrids than I really do. 🙂
      Teru was thinking about looking to sources in Greek mythology for inspiration in town names. Thanks for the additional information about it, it’s interesting! When I first heard the name Asphodel Meadows, it didn’t sound too bad to me, I mean a meadow of flowers sounds pretty. (And I like the way it sounds phonetically.) But I guess it’s not the best or the worst afterlife, it’s in the middle. Just like it’s probably not the prettiest flower in the world either…
      Ahh, Elysium and Ogygia both sound wonderful. 😀 Google image searching Ogygia produces some lovely pictures, and Wikipedia has an excerpt from The Odyssey describing it that brings to mind beautiful images. It’ll be a great name for your town! I like the others you came up with as well. Sorry for going on a bit in this reply, but yeah, thanks for commenting! ^_^

  3. Thanks for replying so much! (Though I guess it IS your blog). I was expecting a much later reply, what with you being busy landscaping and with school and all. 🙂 Your theory on how mixing hybrids with common flowers made it look a lot like you had a lot more than you do, but it still looks like a ton! Yes, I have about five hybrids…I’m hopeless at it! But I don’t really mind, because I’m saving my Animal Crossing power for New Leaf. It sucks being in Europe New Leaf-wise, because we get it second last. But I guess Australians are even more annoyed, getting it last and all. I’m gonna try and get tons of hybrids in New Leaf – it’s the first time I’ve actually waited for and AC game, so I’m hoping to put the most effort into it, especially because everyone (Including me) has been waiting for it for so long!
    The reason I went on about town names is because you said you’re not entirely happy with the name Citálune. It’s a great name, but I too can see a bit where you’re coming from.
    Personally, I don’t think Citálune goes with your ambition of having a Marchen themed town, because the Marchen items just don’t slot with the name for me. Citálune makes me think of fountains, marble statues, streams, imperial white buildings and plenty of white and blue flowers. However, Ci’gazze (The spellcheck is going crazy with me right now) does make me think of promenades and exotic markets, golden buildings with colourful domes and gold, pink, blue and orange flowers. But that’s just me, and Ci’gazze is the worse name – not bad, but not as good as Citálune. Wikipedia has mythical land names, but some are too long or just don’t sound right or match the intended purpose of your town. And you’ll have the town forever, so you want to pick a really good one. The way I came up with Northpaw was to get two things I like and smash them together – Paw came from animals, and North from an imaginary land from a thing called Bella Sara, called North of North. Or just grab an old book and flick through the pages, like Anne of Green Gables – Avonlea sounds great – I just don’t know if it’s a real place or not! And, if you actually kind of like my crummy suggestions, you could name your town them. But Citálune is great. Sorry. I seem to lecture you. This isn’t so much a comment but a one-sided conversation. Oh, and as a note, saileach (Irish for willow, as I said previously) is pronounced “Shall-uch”. I forgot to say that.
    I rambled – AGAIN! 😀
    The now not-so-stranger Serena.

    • I’m actually out of classes now. ^_^ Good luck in growing hybrids in New Leaf! 😀 I’m looking forward to doing that as well.
      I felt a little silly about that one post afterwards, going into detail about non-AC subjects like Cittàgazze and Ys, but I guess I’m glad I did now, because it’s led to great advice like this. 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! I do think you’ve really put the nail on the head about why the name Citalune doesn’t have a “that’s the one, it’s perfect!” feeling. I felt like Cittàgazze would be perfect; I was really drawn to the description of it and loved the thought of re-creating the atmosphere for my New Leaf town. But you’re right, Citalune, my attempt at coming up with a name that fits the character limit and has a similar feel as Cittàgazze, does actually have a fairly different feel. One problem that I ran into is that I wanted to start my town name with something like “Cita” or “Citta,” so I was looking for Latin roots (or maybe Italian or French words) to go at the end that would sound good and be fitting for my town’s theme. And I didn’t really find any that would fit the character limit and that sounded good after “Cita” except for lune.
      Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll keep searching and pondering for alternatives! Flipping through pages of various books can be a good method, I found the name Dafdilly that way. Maybe I’ll go to a library and do that, so that I can get sources out of my own collection. It might sound ridiculous :P, but you’re right, it’s important to get a town name I’ll always be happy with since this game can be played for such a long time. But if I can’t find anything, I guess Citalune it is… I could also put certain pathways, fountains and such to match the name and feel of Citalune rather than the original feel I was thinking about that was inspired by Cittàgazze.

      • I guess, you COULD just half-misspell Cittágazze – Citágazz or Citágaze. But I get what you mean – and it also doesn’t look great. But I hope you find a really great name for your future town. Just look for random, thick books if you want to find a name, because that generally works. Again, good luck! 😉

  4. Ahhh sorry it took me so long to comment on this, I’ve been MIA for a bit (and might be on and off for the next couple of weeks) >_< Congratulations on finally celebrating Spring in Dafdilly! The whole town looks gooorgeous, including the redecorated house :mrgreen: I love Harmony's new room, and the new library main room (though somehow it still reminds me of dessert: I keep seeing cream and strawberries, even though I know the red are flowers xP).
    It's so great to see all those colourful paths surrounded by lush green grass! O_O The entrance to your town with the rainbow roses looks amazing. (Heehee, your leaf umbrella is playing tricks with me – here it disappears into the pond, and for the rest of the post I keep seeing random puddles on the ground xD) The lily pond and rose arches are a nice surprise. That spot looks so soothing and peaceful. Also the little side paths are really cool, with the diagonal parts and smooth turns and the grass border on some sections. Did that take up a lot of slots? They're so good you'd only know they were patterns if you knew about the game 😯
    I had to grin at Whitney's comment, "You really worked hard to get this place all spiffy, didn't you?". She has no idea 😛 Naww, a sweet picture with Melba at the end 🙂

    • That’s okay, I know you must be busy! Good luck with your uni work, I think you might be nearing the busy end of a semester soon 🙂
      Thanks Teru! 😀 Haha, your thinking the carpet looks like dessert reminds me of the comment in your most recent post about how you thought our umbrella patterns looked like desserts! 😛
      I liked the way the main paths look with the grass, too; I think the green I used in the patterns matches pretty well with the current grass color. Later on it’ll change to a darker, more bluish green though. I’m glad you like the side path! I like making side paths like this, although they do take up a lot of pattern slots (12) and there are a few awkward looking areas where neither the grass version nor the dirt version of the bricks blends in perfectly because the grass and dirt areas in Wild World are so patchy and irregular. I like how there’s the sound of water tricking near the lily pond since I put it by the lake, it is very soothing. 🙂
      I thought that was very appropriate of Whitney to say, having just re-decorated my rooms. She can think I did it all for her 😛 I wonder if neighbors act a bit differently towards you once they’ve given you their picture; Melba’s been saying that to me some lately and I still think it’s sweet every time ^_^

      • You’re right, I’m in the last 2 weeks of semester ^^. And I’ve got 7 assignments to do x_x (I don’t know what they’re called in America – projects? Includes essays, portfolios and stuff).
        LOL, what’s with me and dessert? I don’t even eat it that often xD
        Wow, 12 patterns o.o It felt like it would be something like that, but that’s like… a third of all pattern space, and you still had all those other designs 😯 Oh, that trickling water would be a very nice touch ^_^
        Yeah, I think there are some special things neighbours say to you after they become close. I can’t really tell with a lot of my neighbours though because their personalities make me unable to tell whether they’re being serious, lol. But cranky (sensible) Cyrano occasionally comes up to me specifically to thank me for teaching him lots of stuff (i.e. for being his friend :P).

        • Wow, I’m sorry you’re being swamped with assignments right now, and good luck with them!
          Yeah, for the candy patterns and these patterns, I’ve used all 32 of them! I haven’t had Twisk wear the petal dress lately because of that, there’s no room. xP Hopefully I can save some room for that in the future, it’d be good for spring/summer.
          I think I’ve noticed that with cranky neighbors too. A different Melba moved into Imladris and when talking to her a lot one day, she said something like, “I hope we can become good friends!” I’m impressed that there’s a bit of varying dialogue when you’re close to neighbors, it’s a nice touch. Also, since I’m not always good about befriending neighbors I don’t care for :oops:, I’ve noticed that only neighbors you have a good friendship with will send letters on New Year’s Eve and such.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it! ^_^ Yeah, the flowers are a bit of a pain to water, but I like making my town a flowery paradise. 😛

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