Days 2 & 3: Estel gets her house and first WiFi!

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Read → Days 2 & 3: Estel gets her house and first WiFi!

Yesterday Estel moved out of her tent and into her new house! Isabelle thoughtfully brought a gift of wallpaper for the occasion, how sweet! 🙂 I love the apple tree behind this house, I think I’m going to always keep a tree there. (Unless it interferes with some future garden plan?)

Tuesday, June 11 (Day 2):

Estel's humble abode

A nice upgrade from the tent ^_^

I paid off Lyra’s, Violet’s, and Fern’s down payments on this second day in town. I couldn’t my first day in town because I was surprised by the early closing of Nook’s Homes.

I also got to visit my friend Choco (Pii) in her new town Belltune yesterday — my first WiFi in New Leaf! 😀

Stepping into Belltune’s impressive entrance!

She was so nice to give me all this fruit ❗ :

Thanks a ton, Choco! 😀

Belltune’s town tree is growing nicely, and it’s beautifully surrounded with water and flowers.

Love the use of patterns on the plaza *_*

And here, Choco is planning a park area with her first community project:

Choco paid off her first project as I was visiting, congrats!

Meeting Tia

I like Tia ^_^

Heading off to the island, which she’s already unlocked! I wonder if there’s anything I should be doing to unlock various things, I guess I was hoping it would happen naturally without me having to look up stuff in guides…

When I envisioned the island pre-game, I imagined it would be bright and bustling, but my first visit at night was very calm and relaxing. The peaceful music, gentle waves, and starry sky created such an atmosphere. 🙂

Swimming for the first time! 😀

Well, I guess it wasn’t all relaxing and calm, we also did some fun tours (or mini-games), like a bug-catching contest and a balloon-popping race. It’s good to see Tortimer doing well!

Back in Belltune’s beach!

Belltune's beach

I loved the view of the waterfall, and all the baby palm trees. ^_^

Then she came over to my town:

Haha, our town names sort of rhyme 😛

Checking up on my town tree’s progress.

Visiting Vesta and Carmen in Citàlune

We visited some of my neighbors, she liked Vesta and Carmen especially 🙂

Looking cute in some new accessories!

…But after a while, WiFi crashed. 😦 We’d done a lot of catalog trading and such, too! >_< I'm sorry! I didn't realize that WiFi crashes would be an issue; I'll be sure to save often in future WiFis.

Later on that day I checked in with Isabelle, who informed me that I need to obtain a special development permit before I can start making my mark on the town as mayor. And in order to get the development permit, I need to own a house (check) and earn the approval of my residents.

Oh my gosh, that’s horrible! 😳 I guess I’ve been an aloof mayor so far, spending a lot of time fishing… But I’ve been donating a lot to the museum, I thought that would count for something!

I took Isabelle’s advice on raising my approval rating by changing the town tune and flag, socializing with and helping out my neighbors, and writing on the bulletin board (in which I tried to sound like a proper politician 😛 ).

After all that work, I thought for sure I’d be up to at least 80 percent! >_<

Isabelle’s advice then was to water flowers (I don’t have a watering can) and sell things at Re-Tail (which was closed), so I decided to wait for the next day to continue. It would’ve been nice to get it done in one day, but oh well.

Wednesday, June 12 (Day 3):

Aww, there were lots of wilted flowers today, which will be gone tomorrow:

I was able to buy a net today, but still no watering can. I hope I get one soon!

But I was so happy to see a brand new violet flower pop up by the waterfall! 😀

Ahh, I love it! ❤ I'll make sure to keep it safe until I get the watering can.

Meeting Sylvia

Meeting a new neighbor who moved into my town today. I like her already 😛

I also met Digby, Isabelle’s brother, and visited the Happy Homes Showcase for the first time. It’s a series of streets where random houses from other towns are displayed (obtained via StreetPass or SpotPass), and you can even order the furniture seen in the homes! My showcase is empty so far, though.

Then I decided to start working on my approval rating again by filling up the Re-Tail shop with items for sale, and socializing more with my neighbors. I found out that when a neighbor invites you to their house, they’ll let you buy a furniture item from their room! How cool is that? I bought a nice new lamp from Carmen.

Yay, that seemed to do the trick! :mrgreen: I can’t wait to get my permit! She said it might be a few days.

The other human residents of Citàlune moved into their new houses today!

Violet’s house

Lyra’s house

Fern also got a house today with a green roof, but I demolished it, so she’s back to square one. Here’s her new tent:

It’s basically the same location, but I moved it one space to the right. You can see from the strip of dirt on the side where the house used to be. Fern’s house location is above a part of the cliff that juts out a bit, and I felt like her house wasn’t well-centered in this spot before. It was bugging me, so I figured I might as well demolish it and move it before I put more money into the house. Don’t know why I didn’t notice this when I was first picking out the location! But I’ve already paid the down payment again, so she should have her house back tomorrow! 🙂

The last thing I did today was pick up this rainbow screen DLC. 😀 Hehe, it happens to match the shirt I’ve been wearing. I was always jealous of all the DLC City Folk players had, so I’m really happy to start collecting my own DLC in this game!

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14 thoughts on “Days 2 & 3: Estel gets her house and first WiFi!

  1. What a busy two days ^^ WiFi-ing looked like so much fun and it was nice of Choco to unlock the island ahead of time 😀 Swimming on the calm waters under the stars looks very soothing, especially on a quiet evening after work or school in real life ^^

    When you say you “moved” Fern’s house one square to the right… how did that work? Was it possible to demolish the house without deleting the character? Does the mayor’s house have that option?
    Also, I have another question that’s been bugging me for a while that maybe you can finally set straight: Can you go inside other players’ houses? So for example can Estel visit Violet’s house, and where would that other player chara be since there’s no attic? In dream villages the player charas just randomly walk around inside or outside their house.
    It’ll be interesting seeing how long it takes that dirt strip to disappear 🙂 I’ve read someone say dirt patches left by houses were generally recovered after a couple of weeks.

    Oh also, have you talked much with Isabelle grom the front desk? I think I’ve heard before that when you ask for advice, she can occasionally give you a tool. Maybe she could give you a watering can if you don’t get one soon?

    • Apparently there’s a sequence of errands you complete and report back to Isabelle with each time at the front desk, including writing letters, collecting seashells, catching 3 bugs or fish, and finally after completing everything she’ll give you a watering can.

    • I thought that saying I had deleted Fern’s character would sound a little harsh in the post, so that’s why I just said I moved her house. 😛 But I did have to delete the old character of Fern on the start screen, and then I made a new character for Fern and went through the process of talking to Rover and picking out a house again. Hope that strip of dirt goes away quickly! I guess it’s not a big deal though, there are little dirt patches all around town anyway.
      I tried the “demolish your house” option with Estel, and Isabelle just kind of freaked out and said something like, “No, you can’t do that, we couldn’t run this town without you! If you moved out, we’d have to re-create the whole town! Well, we’ll put this notion on the back-burner for a while,” and then returned me to the start screen. So I don’t think you can ever demolish, rebuild, or move the mayor’s house in any way without rebuilding the town.
      Yep, I can visit my other character’s houses! The other characters aren’t visible in any way that I know of, though.
      Thanks so much for the tip about getting the watering can! I have one now and some sparkling, freshly-watered flowers. 😀 I never bothered with asking for advice for living because, hey, it’s Animal Crossing, I know how it works by now. 😛 So I guess it’s not a hard tool to get after all, whereas I’m still waiting for an axe and slingshot…
      I’ll try asking for advice for living with my other characters, maybe I can get some tools for them too. 🙂 Because Isabelle seems to be involved with them as well; she brought them some wallpaper when their houses were built, just like she did for the mayor.

      • Oh whoops, sorry I made you expose the truth 😆 Wow, it’s cute of Isabelle to “protect” the mayor and town from deleting like that 😛
        Oh niiice, I was hoping that’d be the answer. It’d feel like you owned 4 houses to enjoy whenever you played, just that you can’t move the furniture. Oh, that was an option I never considered, that the other characters just wouldn’t be anywhere. (They’re “in the real world” during that time, I guess :P)
        Glad you got your watering can! I know, “advice for living” just sounds like she’s going to tell you how to write on the notice board and talk to people.

  2. It’s finally gonna happen tomorrow! I can’t believe that New Leaf is just a few hours away! (For me) I got my dad to fix up the Internet WF so I think it’ll work if we try to Wi-Fi. Just the problem is that you live in America and me in Ireland, so how much less are you than GMT? Becuase I could say, Wi-Fi ya at 6! And it ends up that due to time difference that it never works.
    Speaking of Wi-Fi, I can temporarily connect using Wild World. My friend code is:
    1636-5367-7973, if you’re interested. But I don’t know if you are, seeing as I’m getting New Leaf tomorrow and we’re planning on Wi-Fi’ing on that together and you’re just trying to maintain Dafdilly, so I don’t know if you want to. But I don’t mind one way or another, seeing as New Leaf is so close!
    Hopefully I’ll see you in Citálune soon (Internet permitting)

    • Oh wow, how exciting for you and everyone in Europe waiting for the game! 😀 I’m happy for you! Good luck with getting a town that you love and with starting the game, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂
      My time zone is GMT-4, it’s NA EST. Ooh, I’d love to WiFi in Wild World too! To be honest, my town would be more interesting to visit in that game; there’s not much to see or do in Citalune yet, and I haven’t unlocked the island. But I’d love to WiFi in either or both games!
      Is that FC for Wild World or your 3DS? Friend codes for Wild World are tied to the character you have in the game, and friend codes for the 3DS are tied to the system itself. (So theoretically, if we shared any other 3DS games, we could WiFi in those too :P)
      Twisk’s FC: 2967-0580-6954
      My 3DS FC: 3222-6062-4806
      Again, good luck with New leaf and I look forward to hopefully WiFing sometime ^_^ Just a warning, the keyboard system in New Leaf is a little awkward for me so far, haven’t completely gotten used to it yet 😛

  3. Yeah, I know, it’s T-minus about 2 and a half hours! Unfortunately, I still have school (Until the end of June) so I have to survive the whole damn day and then run to the store and buy New Leaf! Everyone in my class finds my counting down pretty amusing, but it’s been pretty agonising, as I guess you’d know.
    Yeah, that was my Wild World friend code. (The ad’s just been on again and my fingers got a little weak, to be brutally honest!) My 3DS code is: 1779-0290-2399. Nintendo sure loves to use complicated series of numbers.
    I guessed your time zone would be something relative to that. So 1p.m. my time would be 9a.m. your time? Maybe we’ll Wi-Fi sometime like the 15th, 7p.m. my time, 3p.m. your time? If that doesn’t fit, we’ll work something out eventually.
    Thanks for the good luck! I’m thinking that I will reset, and I’d like triangle grass (Circle grass and square grass are just strange-looking), cherries or apples, a beach facing west, and three ponds. So I’m just really hoping the game won’t hold out on me and cause me hours of painful resetting! 😀 But that would make the town a lot more special. Shuh, don’t worry about being not great at the keyboard, I frequently make mistakes, and it takes me ages to type! So that’s perfectly fine with me!
    2 hours. Ten minutes. Life is hard.

    • Oh gosh, that’ll be a tough day of school to get through! Hope there’s not many tests and such that day. 😛
      Sure, that time sounds fine right now! And I’ll go ahead and add you 🙂
      I hope you get all those things you want, and easily! I think my picky building placement requirements were the main problem for me, moreso than the triangle grass and apples alone. Three ponds is a good number. There were times when resetting that I saw 6 in one town, that might be a little excessive (but cool, I guess). 😛 Good luck again 😀

  4. Hi!!!! Im asking again, if you remember me or not 😛 But anyways, Im already ur friend at the 3ds and I finally got New Leaf as a graduation gift!!!! Im soo happy, today’s my last day of school. I still need to find my 3ds. If possible, can we wifi sometime??? I have always wanted to know how that’d be like cuz my ACWW wont connect to the internet :/ But im sooo excited!!!! I love your blog and it just makes me… excited!!! 😀 Sorry if i sound annoying.

    • Actually, those pictures were taken in a friend’s town, so those aren’t my patterns and I don’t know where she got them. But there are some water patterns here if you’re interested!

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