Days 9 & 10: Storms and mapping

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The day before yesterday, playing a bit before bed, I saw the first thunderstorm in my town! The only other time I had seen it pour like that was in the Ancient Fish Encoun-Tour on the Island. Though it’s continued to be stormy in my town, so the novelty has worn off some. xP

Tuesday, June 18 (Day 9):

Yesterday I found Gulliver washed up on the beach, unconscious. After waking up, he wanted help figuring out where his destination was, and he provided a few clues. He mentioned matryoshka dolls, so I knew the answer must be Russia. I wonder if I should’ve tried to do this with my other characters, but I forgot. >_<

A new garden shop opened yesterday! 😀 I love the exterior, with the warm colors and tulip-flowerboxes, it looks like a pretty cottage. ^_^ There are often birds around it too.

I like the shop-owner, Leif 🙂 His stock is not the most extensive right now — just two flower bags, 1 sapling, and 1 tool (either a watering can or an axe, I think). I’ll try to buy everything each day in the hope that it expands eventually.

I also got to visit Cheryl’s town Bluebell yesterday! 😀

It’s already such a beautiful town, so I took lots of pictures:

I can tell she’s been busy landscaping, and all that hard work has really paid off! 🙂

WiFi crashed again, unfortunately, but thanks for letting me see your town, Cheryl!

After that I decided to work on making a gridded map of my town, which I’ve been wanting to do so that I can better plan paths, trees, public works and such:

I don’t know if the acre system is in New Leaf (like for the perfect town rating), but the towns seem to divide well into 5×4 acres. I’m not thrilled about my neighbors’ house locations, all clumped together on one side of the river. When I was planning one side of my town to have a city feel, and the other side of my town to have an earthy garden feel, I was thinking in terms of landscaping, not population size. 😛

At Re-Tail I found Cyrus awake for the first time! He offered his assistance in refurbishing furniture. I’m not really sure how it works, but it sounds like a neat feature to add more customization and uniqueness when decorating rooms.

I paid off Violet’s and Estel’s home loans yet again yesterday. I don’t really have any business doing this since I hardly have any furniture, but I think the exterior of the houses gets prettier in later expansions, and I’m eager to see it!

Wednesday, June 19 (Day 10):

….Uh, no one came! 😛

Estel got a new upstairs room today. Just keeping a few balloon items up there for now. 😛 I also bought a new mailbox for her today that matches perfectly with this wall. I’d like her house to look like an elegant white mansion one day.

After expanding Violet’s house twice, I can finally see the flowery decorations on the wall! 😀 I paid off her loan again today, so she’ll have an upstairs room as well tomorrow.

Fern got a new door. I saw it at Nook’s Homes and thought, “that’s perfect for the rustic feel I want for Fern’s house!” But I ended up not really liking how it looks on her house. I’m not good at visualizing how different house parts will look put together, I guess.

I didn’t get any hybrids yesterday, but today I got three: a pink cosmo, pink lily (yay, I’ve been hoping for one!), and an orange pansy.

My new matryoshka (from Gulliver) and tissue box (from the post office):

Built a new bridge today! It’s another cobblestone one. I want a different bridge that I haven’t unlocked yet, but the unlocking process seems to be pretty slow, so I figure I should go ahead and build one. Geez, I was hoping my neighbors would at least pitch in a little, but I had to pay for the whole thing!

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26 thoughts on “Days 9 & 10: Storms and mapping

  1. Oh my god, I feel like i’m totally missing out. 😛 I haven’t been playing AC:NL for 3 days.. All I could do all day was either look for hybrids and new clothes/accessories etc. and talking to villagers… 😛 Sad no one came to your new bench’s ceremony. 😛 Maybe it was too late at your time. xD Also, love Estel’s house!
    I really feel like this will be a really, really successful town and i can see your improvement in every post you make! 😀 I haven’t even build a bridge yet, I was planning to go up to 1,000,000 bells first. I’m still at 400,000..

    • Yeah, it wasn’t a convenient hour for anyone to come, I guess. 😛 It was strange to see Isabelle going through the ceremony with only me there to witness it!
      Aww, thanks Choco! I do have lots of dreams about my town, but it seems like it will be really slow to enact them. All this unlocking! >_<
      You've made a lot of progress with your town, and it already looks great! And I"m sure it'll get even more beautiful as time goes on 😀 That's a good idea about collecting money before spending it; that way, you might get some prizes from the post office as well. I tend to just collect the money I need for things on the island, and then spend it almost right away…
      Hope we can WiFi again sometime, like maybe when Teru finds her town! 😀

      • Well, I’m pretty sure your town will be a really developed town soon! I’ve been neglecting my AC:NL lately… so you guys might even be more advanced than me now… 😛 probably.
        I see you online right now.. Just in caseee, I am opening my gates until about 12 or 1 AM— lol

        • Nah, I haven’t done too much as far as town development lately either. Just one bridge and two benches. 😛 I’m putting more thought into planning now that I have my gridded map, though! The Summer Solstice today is pretty cool, but it means I can’t build anything I guess.
          Aww, I’m sorry I missed it, I would’ve loved to come!

          • Teru’s town was open last night (morning for you) but i couldn’t go because it was raining so hard here, the internet wasn’t that good.. xP

            Haha! I would have loved to have our faces on the face board. 😛 It was also weird to have daylight and the background music is for 7-11 pm. 😆

  2. You got Gulliver! He comes quite a bit in this game, so I recommend always checking the beach in the morning. 🙂 Unfortunately, he only comes with one player though, so you weren’t missing anything when you didn’t check with your other players. I visited Cheryl’s town too! Three times actually! :0 I left my tools there last night…whoops ahah. Your houses look so pretty, by the way! I really like the white mansion idea for Estel! 🙂

    • I was happy to find him, he has amazing prizes! Thanks for clearing that up; I was regretful that I didn’t try to get something with my other characters, but I guess I didn’t miss out on anything after all.
      Oh, awesome! Bluebell is such a lovely town 🙂
      Thanks, I’m glad you like them! I feel like I’ve been somewhat lucky with the house parts showing up at Nook’s Homes.

  3. I’m so glad you liked my town! ^_^ I didn’t really plan anything tho… Planning gives me a headache so I just go with the flow. Anyways, how do u even make a map like that?? The gridded one?

    • It’s so pretty, thanks for having me over! I’d love to visit again sometime 🙂
      I just made the map using MS Paint, and used holes and patterns to measure things in my town.

  4. I feel like rain is more forgivable when it’s a thunderstorm. xD Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on a thunderstorm — all I’ve had for the past week is clouds and rain! I think it’s cool that you’re going for a split town layout (half city, half country). My own plans for Miagen is to make it super rustic and old-fashioned-looking; kind of like the vision you have planned for Fern’s house? (I’d recommend using one of the stone roofs… it’s an instant rustic/farm house transformation!) And as for the door she’s got now… it would look better if it weren’t so tall!

    • I agree, and nighttime thunderstorms have a great summer feel to them. Though I miss the sunny weather I had when I first started my town… at least there always seems to be nice weather on the island if I want to see clear skies and stars again.
      Thanks! 🙂 I can’t wait to start making my mark on the town; right now it doesn’t feel like I’m making a whole lot of progress. xD I also really look forward to seeing the vision you have for Miagen, I’m sure it will be lovely! 😀

  5. The garden shop is so cute x3 I used to think Leif was a bit creepy (I think it was his face), but I like him too by now 🙂 Same with Isabelle; I wouldn’t want any other assistant.
    I don’t know why, I’ve always liked seeing neighbours’ houses clumped together. It gave a cozier towny feel and in the case of NL frees up space elsewhere for largescale landscaping 😛 Of course it depends on where they are clumped up… and how their houses look.
    Whoooa, really? No-one came to your yellow bench ceremony? 😛 Was it at a bad time or did everyone think keeping dry was more important?
    Wow, Estel and Violet’s houses are looking good, especially with the flowers you’ve collected!
    Lol yeah, I wish putting in new projects was more of a community effort, but I don’t think villagers put in more than a few hundred Bells.

    • Isabelle is especially sweet, probably one of my favorite NPCs now! I feel like she has a lot of personal touches to her dialogue, different from the business-like dialogue you go through with most of them.
      I think houses being close together has the potential to be nice, but I don’t really like the way mine are. >_< A lot of them are in the way of where I would put paths, so I'm not really sure how I'm going to lay down paths because of them. It would probably look pretty messy until some of them move out. I hope I can get villagers I like with good house styles and locations one day. T_T
      It was almost 6 AM, so I thought maybe a normal neighbor would show up, but no one was up that early, I guess. What a sad ceremony, all rainy and no one there except Isabelle and me. xP

    • Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear that! 😦 I would be upset as well if it were me, I love hybrids and take pride in growing them. I hope that you’re able to grow them back!

  6. How do you take pictures?
    Are you playing the game on your computer? Or taking a screenshot of the 3Ds? Thank you! (:
    By the way, this is Tammy!
    Long time, no see! ❤

  7. Hi ! I’m really curious about how you made a gridded version of your town map! :O I really need to do some work on my town as well, and this looks so perf and all but I cant figure out how to do it like yours 😦

    • Hey! Unfortunately, there’s no program made especially for this, so I drew it up myself in MS Paint (which is very time-consuming, but I personally thought it was worth it for me). First I laid patterns in my town to mark the acres. New Leaf towns are 5 acres wide and 4 acres tall, and each acre is made up of 16×16 spaces. (A space is where a single flower, pattern, hole, etc. can go.) I made two different color patterns (and which would be easy to “count”), and laid the patterns in my town like this. Once that was done, it wasn’t too hard to record on a blank gridded map where rocks, buildings, water, etc. were, doing one acre at a time. I dug holes to measure distances. Good luck, if you choose to do it, and feel free to let me know if you have more questions! 🙂 (And if you choose not to make a gridded map, it’s very understandable :P)

      • thank you so so so much for letting me know! I was getting so frustrated trying to figure it out. But that sounds simple enough now that you explain it..Thanks! ❤ But how did you get the river and whatnot that patterns cant go on so accurately on your gridded map?

        • Actually, I figured out how you did it I think!
          You surrounded the ponds and rivers and things with patterns to measure them,something like this
          and then count the size of inside the red line block by block..right? i think i explained that right enough XD but it works for me!

          You should do a tutorial on how to grid map your New Leaf town for others who might be interested in making landscaping easier. I think alot of people would find it helpful!

          Just a suggestion! 🙂

          • Sorry for not responding earlier — wanted to respond last night but my computer was acting up. But yeah, it seems like you’ve figured it out well! I did the same thing, but with digging holes. 🙂 And as for the rivers going through the middle of acres, I’d just try to complete as much as possible on one side of the river, and then I’d go to the other side of the river and complete that side. When the river is straight, it’s usually 4 spaces wide, so that might help when plotting the river.
            I never thought of that; I’m hoping that a program for New Leaf similar to Sarouk’s gridded town generator for Wild World comes out eventually. 😛 It’d make things a lot easier!

    • I made my grid by coloring in squares in a grid on MS Paint, while walking around my town measuring the distances between buildings, rivers, and other objects with patterns and holes. It was a lot of work, but it’s a very helpful map to have and I use it a lot!
      I also explained it to someone else in this comment if you want to read that! Good luck, if you end up doing it ^_^

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