Perfect town (finally!)

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I say “finally” because PTS is something I’ve been wanting and working towards for a while (since I want the flower clock and town hall remodels), but it seems like loads of others got it much earlier on accident or with little effort! xP I think I probably made it difficult for myself by not building the campsite and police station (don’t know if I want those in Citàlune), or the café yet (a house is in the way of where I want to put it). Those projects are worth a lot of “abundant living” points in New Leaf’s town status system.

But anyway, I’ve gotten pretty behind in posting, so I have a lot of pictures to share before I get to the more recent ones on getting PTS:

Yep, we’re starting all the way back in the August Bug-Off 😛

I’ve started seeing some of my past neighbors on Main Street! 🙂 It’s a nice feeling knowing your neighbors enjoyed living in town enough to visit again, even though they’ve moved away.

Melba’s been ambitious about various writing projects lately:

This title sounds familiar, Melba 😉

For the third Fireworks show in August, I thought I’d wear a star print dress to be more festive, and it happened to match the star bopper Isabelle gave me! ^_^

Wow, what a fail, I put this bridge in the wrong place! (It’s supposed to be one space to the left, framed on both sides by those lemon trees.) The zoom-out preview Isabelle gives you can be kind of misleading, sometimes taking away greenery and patterns that could help you figure out the right placement… I demolished it and re-built it, of course. I plan to build the cafe across the river (where the fence is) once Robin moves out.

On August 22 I went to Courtney’s town of Odd Spot to do a bit of a trade, and it was lovely to get to look around again (though my SD card became full, unfortunately). I gave her a few perfect oranges I happened to have, and she gave me a few modern series items I’d been wanting for Lyra’s house — thanks a lot! 🙂

Annoyingly, one of my bushes died, even though it didn’t break any of the “rules.” So I guess this might either be a dreaded dead spot (I was hopeful they were gone in New Leaf…?), or it might be that it was smothered by the fully-grown bushes on either side. I read someone speculate that it’s best to plant a row of bushes one bush at a time, and in a linear order, for this reason. I didn’t do that; I planted a new bush start between two fully-grown bushes, so maybe that’s why it died.

A final shot with the bell, which I demolished because it’s taller than I thought it would be, so it didn’t work well right in front of the town hall (it blocked the view). It’s a nice project, though, maybe I can work it into my town another way. I replaced it with a statue fountain (you can tell I like those, can’t you? xP)

Carmen announcing her plans to move. 😦 Her house was in an inconvenient spot, so I let her go. She’s been here since day 1 and was part of the greeting party when I first stepped through the gate, so I’ll miss her. Maybe I’ll still see her on Main Street?

Watching the last Fireworks show with Melba 🙂

My neighbor to replace Drift was Henry here, who’s originally from my digital town Bywater. This is the second time I’ve gotten a Bywater move-out in Citàlune. -_- I’d rather get new neighbors, so I haven’t connected between my two towns since then. xP

His house exterior isn’t too bad, much better than Drift’s at least. He’s the first neighbor to move on this side of the river.

Saying goodbye to Carmen:


It’s comforting knowing she moved to a great new home! Choco came over and convinced Carmen to move to her town, so she’ll be living in Belltune now. 🙂

And I was thrilled that she sent me her picture in the mail to remember her by — my first villager picture in New Leaf! Her photo frame’s phrase is oddly fitting for the circumstances! She wants me to know I’ll regret letting her go. xP

Kiki from Meadow also came over recently. We had a nice chat and I gave her a silver axe and she gave me some fertilizer. 😀 Thanks so much! I’ll use it wisely, because who knows when I’ll get the Emporium. Gracie still hasn’t come to my town yet. >_<

Thought I’d make use of some hibiscus bushes before they go out of season soon.

Lol, I see you Timmy… or Tommy. xP Before, my rating said that Citàlune was becoming a popular tourist attraction, but after demolishing a picnic blanket and a hammock (I never planned on those being permanent), I went down to this.

But no matter, I had plans for more projects in the works:

A rose arch near Lyra’s castle, as mentioned in the last post.

A hot spring where the picnic area used to be. (And where I’m thinking about moving Violet’s house, but I hadn’t figured that out yet.)

And a fairy-tale clock by the train station. There might be more scenic places for it, but I think it makes sense to have a clock near the train station since (in real life) they function around schedules and times. I love the look of it, but was a tad disappointed to find out that it doesn’t do anything special at hour-changes. (Edit: I was wrong about that, it does do something. :O )

After building those projects, Isabelle was singing a different tune! :mrgreen:

Well, I definitely wouldn’t say this is the best town ever — far from it! 😆 But I appreciate your approval, Tortimer!

I’ll go ahead and end this post here, but just to be clear, I haven’t caught up to the present time yet.

One last (random) thing:

Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know this, but I just recently noticed the “ABC” buttons on the sides of the storage box, tried clicking them, and discovered that I have a lot more storage space than I thought! I was always running out of storage space and dropping stuff on the ground, but this definitely helps a lot (especially since I have multiple characters). Just thought I’d throw that out there in case anyone else didn’t know. 😛

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37 thoughts on “Perfect town (finally!)

  1. Wow, congrats on the perfect town! That’s waaaay into the future for me, ‘cos I restarted Ogygia (If I get bored of something by two months, that means it’s gotta go). I was a good bit more upset, but it’s been gone a while now and I adore my new town, Sea Cove. The name’s not great, but I like it. It’s a lot more like my ideal town, because it’s got triangle grass, apples, four ponds and the river is kinda diagonal. It’s got a right-sided beach, but I wanted that, because everyone seems to have left-sided ones. But what I really liked was where I put my house. Just before the river turns into the waterfall at the sea, it curls around a piece of land, which is where I put my house. Oh, and I didn’t restart without a little bit of cheating…I put all my hybrids, favourite pieces of furniture and clothing, all the fruit and all my money in my brother’s town! Then I got my new character, Bolty (That’s my nickname…sometimes) to pick it all up.
    I LOVE Lyra’s castle! It’s just beautiful! I like your castle, too, but all the pinks and reds blend together so well in that photo (I guess the sunset helped).
    Yeah, the bushes are tempermental. In Ogygia, I noted that they never grew a space in front of the house, which was irritating as I was trying to make paths to my favourite villagers’ houses with bushes. I love Estel’s expression in that photo. It seems like she’s saying “God, whatever” What does the fertilizer do? And the way Isabelle said the residents “Never want to leave”…Was that serious, or will they continue moving out? Carmen’s pic quote is kind of ironic. I just remembered to mention that Kabuki’s house has a cute red cottage look to it, but he’s not cute at all. Yes, I knew the storage has three compartments, my first day I saw them and calculated the amount of space you’d get. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it 😉

    • Thank you! 🙂 Aw, I’m sorry about Ogygia, but that’s great you have a new town you love with those features you were wanting! To be honest, there are things that bug me about Citalune, so I wouldn’t rule out playing in a different town one day, but for now I’m trying to work with what I’ve got. But if I did, I would definitely also bring over hybrids, bells, and everything I can — not going to want to waste all that progress! xP I actually really love the name Sea Cove, that name has occurred to me in the past as well when brainstorming for town names. It’s fitting for a New Leaf town since I think the enhanced ocean graphics and longer cliff-side beach is one of the highlight new additions. That house location sounds wonderful! 🙂 Good luck with your new town!!
      Hehe, yeah, sometimes I like to take screenshots at strategic times of day, at times when I know the sky and lighting will enhance the area. 😛
      I noticed that as well and was pretty surprised about it. I mean planting one space away from a building should be fine…
      When you plant fertilizer within a patch of flowers that can breed hybrids, the fertilizer helps increase the chances that you’ll grow a hybrid. So if you really want a hybrid of a certain kind, like blue roses, then you could plant fertilizer in your hybrid red roses patch and hopefully get blue roses easier. It doesn’t help with growing back grass or anything (which was a rumor before the game came out).
      I don’t think Isabelle meant that literally — neighbors will still move out, but maybe they’ll do so with more regret now 😛 If it worked that way, it’d be a great way to lock in a set of dream neighbors!

      • Heh, I took ages to reply. 😀 Yeah, I’m sorry about Ogygia, too, but I don’t really regret resetting. The only problem with my town is that it’s taking ages to progress, but I’m not a patient person. I think everyone’s towns have a thing that bug them, but maybe over time it becomes a lovable annoying feature, like the pond in Ogygia my friends thought was cool but I felt irritated about its location. After I while I realised it was useful. But I guess it isn’t anymore. 😛 Maybe Sea Cove is good, I recently looked up ‘Ogygia’ in the Dream Suite, and saw that about six people have called their towns Ogygia, as opposed to when I had it, and checked, and there was nothing. Maybe I’ve stated a chain? LOL.
        I don’t think I could plan well enough to take photos strategically. I took ages to get around to designing a path. But the path actually turned out well, which surprised me – I’m good at real-life art but horrible at AC designing!
        Bushes are mean. I’m sorry, but it’s true. It seems to go a bit like this when one gets planted, then dies:
        Mayor: Yay! All these bushes are sure to make my town look amazing!
        *Next day-bush dies*
        Mayor: Never mind.
        Oh, on the neighbours thing- I have Chevre in my town, and she’s planning on moving out. I’m not sure when, but if you or anyone else is interested, you/they’re free to take her. Her house exterior is OK, green roof, white door, cottag-ey build. I’m only saying it because she’s adorable but I don’t have her as a dream neighbour. I just don’t want her to end up in, say, my little brother’s town, to be whacked by nets and axes and shovels, fall into pitfalls, have her house burned by Roman Candles, etc. I don’t think my brother would do that, he likes the cute animals, but his town is kinda bad anyway. He’s 9, and just plays it like the older games. But, yeah, anyway…
        Oh I want to thank you for adding ‘Newdood News’ to your blogroll as I was looking for a new blog to read and I thought it sounded good, so I clicked on it. I didn’t stop reading! It’s really good, and refreshing, too, on the actual newspaper style it’s written in.
        I think that’s all I can comment on in this comment. 🙂

        • That’s true, sometimes it’s best to just accept the flaws of a town and try to work with them. Otherwise you could be resetting for ages and never be satisfied… The placement of some of Citalune’s rocks and ponds bother me, but just like your situation with Ogygia, I’ve learned to like the ponds okay and I think I can work around the rocks. If I have the time and motivation one day (right now I don’t have either), maybe I could try to see if I could find a better town on a different cartridge or something, though. Anyway, good luck with Sea Cove! It’s okay to have a slow start — that’s normal for AC:NL, after all, it seems to take a few months to really feel like you’re making progress. Let me know if I can help any, like with fruit or furniture trades 🙂 I look forward to seeing your new town (whether it’s the Dream Suite or WiFi) sometime!
          Oh that’s strange, I also remember Ogygia being the only town of its name in the Dream Suite at one point. (I often search for peoples’ dream towns with the mayor/town name, since I’m too lazy to look up the codes sometimes. But it makes me feel sneaky :lol:)
          Yeah, the bush rules are already a bit of a bummer, and then we have ones that meet the rules randomly die too >_<
          Aww, Chevre is cute! x3 She lives in my dad's town and she's his favorite neighbor. He always refers to her as "the goat" instead of her name, though 😛 I already have Melba as my hopefully-permanent normal resident, but I'm sure someone might want her! Maybe someone else will see this comment, and there's also quite a lot of villager trading/giving/selling on the online AC communities, like the Bell Tree Forums, Animal Crossing Community, Tumblr, etc., if you're interested.
          Yeah, Newdood News is such a joy to read! I only recently found it as well, and I had fun going back through the posts 😀

  2. Haha! Congrats on the perfect town! I’m gonna take care of Carmen very well. ❤ Serena's right, Carmen's quote IS quite ironic. xDD I am loving your town so far! You have so many hybrids already! I love your PWPs, I haven't been getting good ones myself… I'm waiting for my Uchi villagers to suggest the log bench and the jocks to request the bonfire so i can put it near the campsite. 😀 I haven't been active on AC:NL for the past few weeks but I think this may be a start again since exams are over and I am renovating town and hopefully it would look a little bit nicer than before, but not as nice as your town though. ^ _ ^

    • Thank you! 😀 I’m so glad, thanks for taking good care of Carmen! ^_^ Yeah, it can be tough to get good PWP requests frequently the natural way, so I started strategically swimming for a little while, then walking in front of specific personality types, with my pockets full of bells and flowers so that they couldn’t buy anything off me or sell/give anything to me. Good luck with getting the log bench and bonfire, those projects will look amazing near your campsite! 😀
      I also haven’t been very active, especially this past week; sometimes I’m just too mentally exhausted after a long day to want to do much productive “work” in Animal Crossing. (It can be a relaxing game if you play it that way, but it can also be work xP) Aw, and I disagree, I think your town is just as great, if not better! We’re going for different themes/feels, I believe, so it’s hard to compare anyway. 🙂 Good luck with your town renovations, I look forward to seeing them!

      • Ohhh, thanks for the advice! I heard people on tumblr trap specific villagers with a certain type and walk around and they get their PWPs. 😆 I don’t think I have enough space in town to trap villagers and i’m afraid to push them, since I love most of my villagers. 😛

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations on PTS!! :mrgreen: It’s great too that you got it by building public work projects that you actually like. I love that scene with the flower arch surrounded by pink and red roses and lake, with Lyra’s fairytale castle and glossy perfect apples in the background ^_^
    I probably haven’t had enough villagers move away yet, but I’ve never met a past villager in my main street before. I wish they made that an opportunity to persuade any old favourites to move back, but I doubt they did that. And awww, Melba’s book title brings a touch of nostalgia 🙂
    Aww, too bad the bridge went in the wrong spot, and you couldn’t tell until after you finished paying for it 😦 At least it’s in the right place now, it’ll be a lovely little spot once the cafe is in ( <– is somewhat biased :lol:)
    A couple of my hibiscus bushes died in random places as well, and even though I didn't know about the rules when I planted them, I couldn't find what the problem was afterwards.
    That's so sweet, Carmen sending you her picture in the mail x3 Her saying is perfect, too ^_^ It's good to know she went to Choco's town.
    Hahaha gosh, I would love to be in your position, just finding out about the extra two storage compartments now 😆 My storage is nearly full already xP

    • Thanks Teru! 😀 It felt great to have the town hall renovations and flower clock unlocked! But I was kind of itching to demolish some things (re-thinking my landscaping plans a bit), so I don’t know if I’ll get my own golden can right away. xP I’m sure it’ll happen eventually though, and in the meantime I can use the golden can you gave me (thanks again for that! :))
      Yeah, it seemed to take a little while (maybe several weeks, or a month or so) before past neighbors started showing up in Main Street. First Vesta appeared (and she was the first to move out of Citalune), and next was Vladimir (the second to move out). They’re in Main Street constantly, it’s always nice to see them ^_^ I guess I can expect to see Sylvia next.
      It’s a bummer when a wilted bush start ruins a planned hedge. 😦 Maybe the speculation I read about planting multiple bushes next to each at once, leading to the wilting of bush starts, is right… I sure hope they aren’t dead spots!
      Yeah, but I’m sure that despite my realization that I have a lot more space, I’ll be out of space again in no time 😆 I’m such an item hoarder in AC.

      • I accidentally left all my tools on the beach overnight once after a late night out on the island right near the end of my 15-day wait, and had to start all over again xP
        Ah I see. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lily again soon ^_^
        I wanted to do a maze behind my cafe as a deterrent to using that area as a thoroughfare, but in the end it turns out it wouldn’t be possible because of those rules T_T.
        I planted all of the hibiscuses around my house in two sittings though, and all the rest grew. Looks like more research is needed 😛 I’ll have a play around and see how to get bushes to grow in those gaps left over from the dead starts (maybe by creating other gaps, lol).
        Ugh, I’ve always been an AC hoarder, too. Btw did you get the afternoon tea set item? I hoarded those too and have a spare.

        • Argh, how frustrating that would be! >_<
          I had plans for making an elaborate garden of bushes and topiaries in front of the town hall (which was why I was upset when I realized the rock there would get in the way), but it turns out the rules for bushes would have made such a layout imperfect anyway. There would have to be gaps, and maybe a few would have randomly died as well.
          Yeah, it's a shame the cause of randomly dead bush starts isn't really known… Wish I could find the blog where I read about the theory I was talking about, they went into a lot of detail about it.
          Edit: I found it, I don’t know if they’re right though.
          first blog post about it
          second blog post about it (with more detail)
          Thanks for the offer! 🙂 I also got 4 afternoon tea sets 😛 (gave one to my dad, though) It's such a cute item! It actually kinda matches the regal furniture pretty well, so maybe I could incorporate it into some future dining hall in Estel's castle? 😛
          Need to go get the slushie machine soon…

          • Thanks for adding the blog posts! That was interesting to go through. Do your gardening experiences in your town also match up with what that blogger deduced?

            I haven’t done much with trees and bushes in my town so I haven’t run into any trouble with the trees, but I was able to fill the 1-space gap I was talking about in my hedge, by removing one bush from the end so that the resulting string wasn’t more than 12. In my case it looks like the 12-linked-trees/bushes limit was the only culprit. That new bush I planted had full-grown bushes both above and below.

            I didn’t bother filling the other gap I had because that would have joined the hedge into one looong hedge, which would definitely be impossible (though I think filling that successfully would be a matter of creating another gap elsewhere, as long as there is a gap separating the hedge into strings of ≤12).

            • When I read those blogs, the main thing that I took away from it was the possibility that bushes and trees could get smothered by nearby bushes and trees, depending on the order that you planted them (didn’t really get the stuff about grids, though :P). I thought that might be an explanation of why one of my bushes died (this one), because there were two fully grown bushes on either side of it. But then again, on the other side, you can see that there’s a newly-planted, growing bush in between two fully grown bushes. So maybe luck is a factor, or there’s something else causing it, I don’t know… but the string is less than 12 (it’s 10). For now, my solution was to dig up the corresponding bush on the opposite side, so that at least the gaps would be symmetrical, and I can pretend that the break in the hedge is a little entrance to the fountains on either side. If I had limitless holly bushes, I might try the cascading, one-at-a-time planting method that was suggested in the blogs, and see if that makes a difference.

              • Oh yeah, I forgot about the bush on the opposite side that did grow ¬_¬ Oh well, for what it’s worth, I visited your dream town before I read about your landscaping woes and thought the hedges looked perfect and the gaps well-placed 😛

                Btw completely unrelated, but since you’ve been breeding for blue roses would you happen to know anything about this: When/If your patch of hybrid red roses produces a new red rose, is that red rose a plain one or a hybrid one? I just started trying to breed for blues recently and I’m so paranoid I’ve messed up my patch already =_=

              • Hehe, thanks! 🙂 I’m thinking of extending the hedge more, so maybe the gaps will come in handy after all.
                I don’t know the answer to that for sure — it’s something I’ve wondered as well. But I’ve been removing the red roses spawned from hybrid red roses, because I figured they didn’t come from purple and orange roses like what’s supposed to happen. So far I’ve gotten a lot of purple, pink, orange, and black roses, but no blue ones from the patch. I read on a forum that it took one person over 70 days of TTing to finally get a blue rose from scratch, and it took another person over 100 days. T_T It’d be cool to grow one from scratch, so I’m going to keep trying, but the last time Ryann and I WiFied, she gave me two blue roses 🙂 So I’ve managed to grow an extra one from the two she gave me. If I grow another, I can give you two as well, if you want ^_^

              • Thanks for answering! I’ll start removing them too >_> At least I could group them together and try to identify them by the colours they produce. Wow, Ryann got blue roses so early 😮 I’ll keep trying to breed one for now but after 100 days you can give me a pair 😆

              • Ryann said she got the blue roses from Katrina, and Katrina might’ve gotten them from someone too, so it’s been like a chain 😛 Yeah, if after a while you still haven’t had any luck, I’d be happy to give you a pair! 🙂

  4. Congratulations! I knew you would get it sometime soon after you saying you hadn’t got it yet in a comment! Citalune looks great too, unlike Silkdale (even though I have PTS, ugh). The PWP’s are really starting to come together 😛

    I’ve had hibiscus bushes die too, I bought as many as possible, which wasn’t even enough and 3 of them died! What actually are the rules? It probably had something to do with that.

    Hehe, did you not know about the extra storage space? It really helps with organizing things, you could put different types of items in each menu!

    • Thanks Will! 🙂 I think Silkdale looks fantastic, I looove the park you showed a picture of recently, with the diamond-shaped path around a fountain. That reminds me, I should visit your dream town soon!
      If you go here and scroll past the stuff about AC:GC bushes down to the section about New Leaf, they give an overview of some of the places you can and can’t plant them. They have to be at least one space away from PWPs, rocks, cliff borders, water, buildings, and things like that. And for some reason, you can’t plant bushes one space away from the front of your house; they have to be at least two spaces away. Bushes can grow next to other bushes (as long as they’re in a string that does not exceed 12), trees, and pavement plazas. So if a bush dies and it doesn’t break any rules, it’s a bit annoying and makes you wonder if there’s something else going on, like dead spots, or the theory I mentioned about planting the bushes in the wrong order (and therefore smothering them).
      Haha, I’m feeling really stupid about not knowing about the extra storage space! 😆

  5. Congrats on PTS Amy. Nice to see my daughter in one of the pictures too. 😀

    In fact, you may have noticed that she has’t been online for a few days. She’s been a little naughty in real life so her DS and laptop computer has been temporarily suspended. I’ll let her know you blogged about her though. 😆

    I’ve noticed a few weird dead spots in my town. They drive me crazy. Especially when I was building my orchid and mistakenly planted 2 trees of the same coloured fruit together so chopped 1 down to replace with another coloured fruit, and now it won’t grow no matter what! :/ There’s a theory on dead spots. Sometimes they’ll die if a ore rock is planned for that spot or a fossil space. Someone also found a really in-depth guide of dead spot calculations too, I’ll see if I can find it and link you to it.

    I’m giggling that you only just noticed the storage space too. I think that was one of the very 1st things I noticed on the first 1-2 days into playing. Despite that, mine are all still full. I had to create another character to store the overfill so I could get to PTS myself.

    • Thank you! Congratulations on PTS for your own town as well! 😀 (I forgot to comment the post of yours announcing it recently, sorry! :oops:)
      Oh no, I was hoping dead spots wouldn’t be in this game. T_T The way they worked in past games was like an invisible path of dead spots around town, connecting the major buildings, your house, villager houses, etc. so neighbors could walk along those paths without bumping into trees. In this game, the locations of neighbor houses and human houses aren’t fixed within certain acres, so a set layout of dead spots connecting everything like that wouldn’t work anymore. The idea of dead spots being saved for gem rocks/fossils is interesting. I would’ve thought they were just randomly generated on any spot that happened to be free at 6 AM.
      I don’t know how I didn’t notice those buttons! 😛 Or I guess maybe I did “see” them, but didn’t think anything of them. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that whatever limit there is for storage, I’d find a way to fill it up xP

  6. Hello Amy!

    At first: I feel sorry for my bad english, I’m from germany, but I hope you can understand me! : )

    Your blog is one of my favourite Animal Crossing: (Wild Word) Blogs, but I actually like it to read about your happenings in New Leaf! When I start reading your blog, it shows me how much options I have with my little Wild World town and your videos are a big help. I decorate much of my townie houses and it was a lot of fun. But I’m not really good at it to decorate my whole town and arrange flowers and trees great. So I wanted to ask you if you can maybe write down a few tips, how do you work with trees and flowers? It would be a big help! (I guess not only for me!)

    Lots of greets,

    • Hey! 🙂 No need to apologize, your English is great!
      Thank you, I’m glad you liked my AC:WW blogging! I’m sorry that my playing and posting about AC:WW has sort of fallen by the wayside since New Leaf came out. 😦
      As for tree and flower tips, I think everyone has their own style of doing landscaping, so it’s always interesting to visit or look at pictures of other towns to see ideas from different minds. I’ll try to share some of the things I consider when landscaping, but not everyone does it the same way.
      For my towns, I usually have paths to all the major buildings, which does more than just make navigating around town convenient; paths can also give structure to the town for landscaping purposes. For example, if you look at this gridded map, you can see how the paths divided my town into sections, and I decorated each little section in a different way with trees and flowers. Sometimes the way I choose to decorate a part of town depends on the buildings nearby — for example, white flowers by the museum, red and gold flowers by Nookington’s, pink flowers by Whitney’s pink house, etc. In other areas, I just used certain flower/color combinations that I liked, like pastel roses, for example, or vibrant rainbow colored pansies. You can also color-coordinate your town depending on what season it is. (Spring–pastels, Summer–vibrant colors, Fall–warm colors, Winter–cool colors)
      Ideas for tree-planting:
      – Forests, like an oak or cedar forest. A forest-like layout of trees should be dense but unorganized. (And having clovers and wildflowers scattered throughout should complete the effect)
      – Fruit orchards (of either one type of fruit, or a mix of all the fruits). An orchard layout of trees should be dense (closely packed), but usually they’re organized into neat rows.
      – Rows of trees lining paths. For rows of trees, it’s your decision whether you want to plant a tree every other space, every two spaces, or every three spaces.
      – Color-coordinating fruit trees with the surrounding area (ie. apple trees near a red house, peach trees near a pink garden), or with certain seasons (ie. oranges give a summery feel).
      Ideas for flower-planting:
      – Grouping flowers by type (lots of pansies together, or tulips, or roses, or cosmos)
      – Grouping flowers by color (lots of different red flowers together, or white flowers, etc.)
      – Grouping flowers by color scheme (a pastel color scheme, a sunny color scheme, a cool color scheme, a complimentary color scheme, an analogous color scheme, etc.) A color scheme arrangement can have flowers of only a certain type or a mix of different flowers types.
      – Color-coordinating flowers to match villagers’ houses and major buildings
      – Flowers along the river (I’ve always wanted to do this with jacob’s ladders :))
      – Flower meadows — which would be more disorganized and less orderly than planned gardens. (I think cosmos are good for this, since they can give the impression of wildflowers.)
      – Organized gardens — flowers arranged with symmetry and patterns. (I think roses are good for this, they seem more elegant and come in the most amount of colors.)
      – Sometimes flower arrangements and gardens are just a result of working with what you’ve got. Like, “hmm, I’ve got a lot of hybrid pansies, how about I put them together in a garden somewhere…” And on the other hand, I could dream of a large garden full of blue roses, but that probably wouldn’t ever happen because they’re so hard to grow. 😛
      I hope some of that might help! Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • Thank you very much for your really quick answer!
        It helps me a lot and your gridded map is so sick! 😀 I guess it’s wonderful you spent so much time on Animal Crossing: Whatever “only” to make it for us more clear, when you know what I mean. 🙂
        I have to try it yesterday with my storage flowers to realize your tips and my town looks even better!
        Ouh, and I’m so happy to hear that you want to post in near future more about your Wild World Town. But I understand you really well. I wanted to by me New Leaf so bad, but I don’t want to leave ACWW behind me. Maybe one day, but my first goal is to grab the golden can. ;P

        And I showed so much other videos on YouTube about towns, but yours is really special and amazing – my favorite town as well. Maybe I can ask you a second question?!?! How do you get so much flowers and why grow your hybrids so fast? For me Nooks Store (Nookingtones?) has so less flowers. And it drives me crazy! 😀 And I look around your blog and after 30 days your village is full of coordinated flowers and lots of hybrids. But in EVERY game! 😀 Not only Wild World. Whats your secret? 😀

        • You’re welcome, I’m glad some of it was helpful! 🙂 I forgot to mention that landscaping plans also depend on what “vision” or goals you have for your town. My goal was for Dafdilly to be a cute colorful flowery paradise, but others might want their towns to be elegant and refined, with everything orderly, and others might want their towns to look like a wild forest or rural town. So it all depends on what you want for your town ^_^
          Yeah, I thought I could handle playing Wild World and New Leaf at the same time, but it’s kind of hard, especially since I have this blog to keep up with as well as school. It does make me sad because I still really like Wild World and my town, and it would be fun to see it continue to grow. 😦 I’m open to returning to playing it more, but it’s a lot of maintenance and flower-watering, so I might have to cut back on flowers if I want to make it work long-term. (And I don’t like cutting back on flowers xP)
          I’m flattered you think I have a secret! 😛 I’d been trying to grow hybrids since day 1, putting large hybrid farms dedicated to growing almost every type of hybrid everywhere around town. So Dafdilly wasn’t really that great at first, there were just fields of common flowers everywhere. Eventually the hybrids accumulated over time and I was able to have more interesting gardens. 🙂 Here’s a hybrid-growing guide if you need help with the hybrid-growing combinations.
          As for obtaining common flowers, I bought out Nookington’s everyday for a long time in both my own town and in my dad’s town. I’d also use my dad’s town (which he doesn’t play anymore) for storage, in that I’d drop saplings and flower bags all over his town, and then use them in my own town when I needed to. Having multiple gamecards to buy and store things with was a bit of an advantage for me, I suppose. But buying out Nookington’s flowers everyday should get you a lot of flowers eventually! 🙂

  7. “It’s a nice feeling knowing your neighbors enjoyed living in town enough to visit again, even though they’ve moved away.”

    Though it does start to get a little creepy when they’ve been in your Main Street area for about a freaking month. Does my town have a homeless problem now? I HAVE NO IDEA. HE WON’T GO AWAY.

    I don’t know what’s up with the random bushes dying, either. I’m too impatient to collect a lot of bush starts and plant them all at once, so I just plant them when I get them, and some of them just … die. No reason. Not close to this, nowhere near that, bushes growing just fine here and there, but this one? Dead. Dunno.

    • Yeah, it can get pretty weird! I thought it would just be an occasional thing to see past neighbors on Main Street, but it does seem like they’re constantly camping out there. 😛 They must not like their new towns much xP
      Oh no, that doesn’t seem good for my hope of dead spots being gone in this game. 😦

    • No problem, glad I was able to drop those things real quick before the party over! 😛 It was nice to WiFi again and see your town 🙂 And I think I still probably owe you from all the stuff you gave me early in the game, like the Rococo furniture and whatnot, so you definitely don’t owe me!

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