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I’m going to indulge myself a bit with the length of this post since it’s been so long since I last did a post on the happenings in Citàlune, and there’s a lot I want to share! Feel free to take breaks while reading, read a part one day and the rest another day, just scroll through the pictures, whatever works for you. xP

We’re starting off in mid-October in my town, and around then I had my first double rainbow! 😀

I also took a picture of it in front of the town hall and tried to edit the rock out, forgive me for that. 😛

Phoebe here came from my dad’s town a little while back with a pretty messed up house:

Whenever Phoebe asked for furniture, I tried my best to give her pieces that would fix it back close to (or inspired by) its original condition.

Her house is looking a little bit better now that I bought a gorgeous bed and a simple red loveseat for her from the Bell Tree Forums. The gorgeous bed didn’t break my bank, and I got the loveseat for free — TBT is a great place!

Speaking of my dad’s character, he’s considered a hometown hero in his town! 😀 That seems like a great rumor to have, I’m jealous! I’m usually a pro-listener.

Snapped a picture of Phoebe standing in Lyra’s flower arch.

I actually later demolished that arch. >_> It’s because I reached the 30-limit of PWPS; I’ve been building lots of PWPs for house-repelling purposes lately, and I didn’t need that arch there in order to repel any houses. I can’t wait until I get all my dream neighbors, so I can build the PWPs I actually want! 😥

I’ve been wanting a whirlpool bath for a while, and came to the conclusion that one wasn’t just going to fall out of the sky for me, so I decided to suck it up and go island-hopping on Club Tortimer (a somewhat painful activity for me xP). I just about cried tears of joy when it finally showed up! I also picked up a hibiscus flower, striped wetsuit, box of chocolates, and toy hammer while looking for the bath.

I wanted it for Estel’s bathroom! I’m going for a Greek/Roman bath-house feel, with lots of (white) baths, showers, sinks, and statues. One day the whole town can get clean in this bathhouse! 😀 But first I’d need to expand this room (need to expand my other characters’ rooms too ._.)

Showing off my new striped wetsuit/hibiscus flower outfit! I actually gave the flower away as a gift, though, since I couldn’t see myself wearing it much.

Robin moved out, and I “put her up for adoption” on Tumblr, as I usually do now (I figure it’s better to give a neighbor to someone who wants them, rather than force them upon an unsuspecting WiFi friend). She gave me another copy of her picture in her goodbye letter! Bye Robin, the last of my original neighbors! 😥

To replace her, I picked up my dream snooty from someone on AC:NL Adopt:

It’s Gloria!

More tears of joy: I got her house right where I wanted to without much trouble! Maybe my house-repelling PWPs are helping a bit! 🙂

Welcome! Enjoy your stay forever here 😈

I loove her house exterior (maybe one of my favorites in the game!) and I’m excited about her garden possibilities! 😀

But I’d rather use those hybrid pansies and tulips elsewhere (I don’t have many of them), so I’m using a garden of lilies and violets instead (I have an abundance of them):

Her house looks nice with all the streetlights around it at night!

Gloria’s house interior is a little altered from its original condition (which I also love!), but that’s understandable, and hey, it gives me something to work towards fixing!

I got an idea that really excites me for Lyra’s castle: a golden roof from the HHA theme challenge!

But first I’d have to expand all her rooms and get a certain number of points under a fairy-tale theme, so in the meantime, this yellow roof will have to do. 😛 I like the idea of a gold roof because the fairy-tale roof seemed a tad cookie-cutter (in that I’d seen many other castles just like it); the gold emphasizes that this is the castle of the sun (in contrast to Estel’s castle of the moon); and the gold stands out a lot more against the blue sky.

I also changed Violet’s house a bit by changing the door from a regular pink arched door to a fairy-tale pink arched door (just to add a bit more fairytale-style architecture to town), and a new hedge.

Then later on I decided to try out the fairy-tale roof Lyra used to have, along with a new mermaid door:

I like the new roof, but I consider the mermaid door a House Part Experimentation Fail, so I’m waiting for another arched pink fairytale door to show up again. >_<

Gracie came for the last fashion check! I was kind of hoping for one of my favorite themes, like ornate, but whatever, i’m just glad they’re over with now! 😀

WOOOOOOO! Sorry Gracie, I can’t help it! :mrgreen:

And she was true to her word, the T&T Emporium opened just a few days later! 😀

The interior reminds me a lot of Nookington’s with the lush red carpets.

I think what I’m actually most excited about is the fertilizer, because a practically guaranteed hybrid of your choice every day is pretty sweet! And I can’t really afford the sweets furniture here right now — maybe next year.

I went to Choco’s town of Belltune recently to drop off some persimmons, and the Harvest Festival was going on! (My date is behind real time, so I haven’t had it yet.)

I went to visit my old Carmen, but she didn’t introduce herself or talk about anything other than the Harvest Festival, so I’ll have to visit another time if I want to see if she remembers me.

There are many beautiful spots like this in Belltune! 🙂 Thanks for having me over, Choco, I really enjoyed looking around!

Originally I was going to try to give Melba pieces that were in her house in Wild World, but now I think I’m just going to give her customized green furniture because it matches her carpet/wallpaper in New Leaf well. I really miss how she had the sweets wallpaper and carpet in Wild World. 😦 I tried sending her wallpaper and carpets and she didn’t use any of them, so I don’t think changing neighbors’ wallpaper/carpet is an option in New Leaf.

Gossip about Rain 😛

I went to Marina’s town RainCity to give her a chessboard rug, and she gave me a balloon, thank you! 😀 I thought we looked cute together with our black eyes and white hair, somewhat coordinating outfits, and balloons!

We also went to the island together and it was a lot of fun! Thanks for having me, Marina!

Neighbors on benches 🙂

I played around with improving Estel’s bedroom:

Like the entrance hall to Estel’s castle, the bedroom is sky-themed, but unlike the entrance hall with its many rainbow screens, Estel’s bedroom is nighttime-themed with lots of aurora screens and a mix of aurora-matching colors. The aurora borealis is kind of a real-life passion of mine, and it’s on my bucket list to see it in person one day, so having this bedroom for Estel appeals to me a lot. ❤ I might get a little emotional when I see the aurora in Citàlune for the first time, even though it's just in a video game. xP

Finally the paths I’ve been working on based off the fairy-tale bridge are done! 😀

It’s not a flawless reproduction of the fairy-tale bridge, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s debatable whether it was worth it or not getting so far behind real time for making these paths, or if these paths are even that much better than my old mosaic ones, but it’s always satisfying for me to make a new path, so I don’t regret it.

I also finished the other pattern I was working on, the flowers-on-grass pattern to turn the town tree plaza into a flowery forest clearing (which I didn’t put nearly as much time and effort into as I did with the path above):

This area in town was inspired by Lothlórien from the Lord of the Rings, and the flowers are based off of the Elanor and Niphredil flowers native to those woods (the golden star-shaped Elanor flowers and the white Niphredil flowers).

I actually wanted to create a town inspired by Lothlórien in a pre-Dafdilly (and pre-AC Blogging) Wild World town I had called Goldleaf; the pattern I made for it years ago is kind of embarrassing, looking back. The flowers weren’t really well-drawn and I couldn’t figure out how to blend the pattern in with the grass, so I never ended up completing that theme in Wild World. Finally doing it in New Leaf feels like I’ve come full circle or something! 😆

I built a flower clock, but this is really just a fancy house reppeller. Robin and Elmer used to live here, and I’ve noticed this is a popular spot villagers want to move into while doing the reset trick. By by building the flower clock here, I’m forbidding anyone else from moving in this area. 😛

Thanks to some help from Teru with the holly starts, I finished Estel’s hedge! I wanted to re-arrange it in a way in which two statue fountains could fit in on either side:

The hedge goes all the way from Estel’s castle to the waterfall. Eventually I plan on having two fairy-tale benches below the two statue fountains, but I don’t have enough PWP-space right now to do so (I’ll have to get all my dream neighbors first).

I also finally cleaned up my town’s flower-filled beaches! I’ll probably regret it the next time I want to do a gardening/landscaping project (it was so handy having a flower storage spot), but oh well, it’s nice having normal beaches again.

And then of course, at the end of the month was Halloween! 😀

I opened my gates to see if anyone wanted to come experience the festivities and get some Halloween exclusives, and Serena’s new character (from her new town) Bolty from Sea Cove came dressed as a detective!

And a bit later on, Marina from RainCity came dressed as the girl from Aika Village, that was a cool idea! 😮 Bolty’s detective costume had already been ruined and turned to rags by then. -_-

Haha, Serena singing along to the repetitive Halloween music at the bottom there. 😛 Ahh it was really fun and cute going trick-or-treeting in AC with friends, thank you guys so much for coming!!

This was such a touching surprise to find out that Marina had made a dress especially for me! ❤ It's especially appreciated since I'm so incompetent at making pro-dresses myself; I tried once when I first got the game, wasted a few hours of my life, and decided never again. 😛

A moon hairpin happened to be on sale, which was lucky since it matched the dress so well (there’s a crescent moon on the back of the dress). Thank you again, Marina! 😀

Tried to get a few pictures of Jack’s vanishing poof!

After the night was through, my pockets (and plazas) were filled to the brim with Halloween goodies, and I have no space in this tiny room to put them all xP

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41 thoughts on “End of October

  1. Aww nice town 🙂
    I have quite a few of my dream villagers, Zell, Apple, Monty and Maple. Monty’s house actually contrasts with my town design.
    I have like, 5 rare swim suits now 😛

    • Thanks 🙂 Congratulations on your dream neighbors! It’s a bummer when favorite neighbors’ houses aren’t perfect, but ah well, it’s still nice having them around. Yes it seems like you use Club Tortimer a lot!

      • Thank you! Actually, all my dream neighbours houses are beautiful. Im pretty lucky so far, but I think thats because I have a golden and white lucky cat, and I heard it brings you good luck in real life AND AC.I don’t actually use club tortimer at all now, because I seem to be quite a bit rich and I have nothing to spend it on.. I should go on there, because I REALLY want a toy hammer, and the silver axe you gave me is starting to break.. So I should go on a hunt for my 3ds and go to club tortimer tonight. 🙂

  2. I saw that yesterday! It looks INCREDIBLE! How’d you get the snowflakes to fall, let alone follow the mouse?!?!? It’s probably a WordPress thing, right? Yeah, Liam, if you’re reading this, you did good. xD
    OMG that page for house exteriors is so helpful and it looks soy good! 😀
    Wow, you got lucky searching in Club Tortimer! It’s helpless when I go for a bathing suit and the kitchen island thingy. WOW, again! Your bathroom looks incredible! There’s so many options for AC rooms/towns/villagers, too bad there’s a limit!
    Also, I have a question via gold roses – can they breed themselves? Like if I put two gold roses beside each other, would they breed more gold roses or like black roses? 😦 I reaaallyyyy don’t want to have to get rid of my Beautiful Ordinance to grow some.
    Oooo, congrats on the golden roof! 😀 How hard was it to achieve the challenge?? I wanna try for it, but right now my town’s a mess, my villagers hate me, still working on growing hybrids and maybe ten trees tops in my town. I’m so busy, I cry.
    YAAY finally the Emporium! Soy happy for youuu! :P)
    Ahh, I missed the Harvest Festival this year. I have a horrible memory when it comes to remembering dates for events. >.<
    Okay, I've been working on getting 20 of each hybrid to store on my beach for like 3 months straight now, getting nothing else in my town done, and it looks like you STILL have more hybrids than I do! And your town is SUPER developed, like it's almost complete, or at least that's what it looks like! I NEED to know your secret to staying on top of AC and the mass production of hybrids that you have!!
    Ouu, do you mind if I take your flower pattern?! It looks soy good! 😀

    • Hehe I’m glad you like it! Hope Liam sees this and the appreciation his work is getting xD Yep, the snow falling is a WordPress thing, but maybe the same could be done with BlogSpot if you can edit the CSS/HTML of your theme/blog appearance (I’ve seen some people have snow fall on Tumblr blogs too, for example).
      It didn’t feel like I got lucky, after all the searching I did 😛 But yeah, I’m thrilled I have it now! I still might want to go island-hopping more sometime to get a bottled ship, sea globe, and sand castle, so I’ll keep an eye out for those items for you. ^_^ (I assume you want the pink wetsuit, I think that’s one of the most popular ones)
      Oh, and I heard someone say on Tumblr that “good item luck” can help with finding rare items on CT! So using feng shui (I don’t…) and the daily lucky item might help a bit.
      I don’t think you can breed gold roses like that, they have to come from black roses watered with a golden watering can. 😦
      I actually don’t have a golden roof for Lyra’s house yet, I was just writing how that was my goal for her house — sorry if that was confusing! I think to start the challenge you have to have all rooms fully expanded, and I don’t have that done yet, so I couldn’t even start the challenge if I wanted to 😛 Right now Lyra has a yellow roof, though, and I think a gold roof should look fairly similar — just more metallic and shiny, I think.
      Hahah I laughed about your hybrid mass production comment 😆 I’m actually probably way behind you in growing many types of hybrids (I don’t have tons of hybrid pansies, tulips, cosmos, or roses), but I have so many dang lilies and violets in town that I grow tons of lily and violet hybrids. xP
      My town is still incomplete, but I’m glad you think I’m making good progress, thank you! :3 I’m sure your town is coming along too! During the weeks my blog was quiet, I actually wasn’t absent and I was busy working on my town in my free time, so I guess that’s my secret 😛
      The flowers-on-grass pattern was made to blend in with the late-October grass, so I don’t know how helpful it would be, but it can be picked up via Wendell in my dream town, if you like! 🙂
      Oh, and feel free to let me know if you want to set up a WiFi meeting; I still have to give you those purple pansies!

      • Oh, sweet! I guess that would make sense! I really need to use Feng-Shui, it does so much more in this game than it did in Wild World, so I just ignored it back then.
        ARGH OMG, that ruins my plans. >.< Do you think I could hire you to make 20 golden roses for me in your other town? I'll pay ya haha, it could be your part-time job!
        Oh, I see! I thought it seemed more involved in the AC manual, and I was really shocked when I thought you said you had it available already! :O
        Oh! See the weeks when I don't post doesn't mean I'm on AC anymore than my blog…it really means I'm busy and can only wish that I had my game cartridge in my fingers! 😦
        Oh, true! It frustrates me that the grass was made to look 3D so that at every angle its a different shade or of a different depth. Otherwise we could do so much more with grass, cause to be honest I don't really like how the Town Tree is in the middle of pavement, like it's just so mainstream, you know? I loved how you covered it in flowers, it just looks so much more like a meadow and really majestic! 😀
        Haha, oops, I said oh three times in a row to start! 😛 Yes, please! I can probably WiFi sometime this weekend if you can?! 😀

        • Haha sure, I’ll work on it! I actually have the beautiful town ordinance in Citalune, so I grow black roses and gold roses in my other town, which has the bell boom ordinance. It isn’t too hard to grow whatever flower I want in my other town, actually, because there aren’t many “competing” flowers like there are in Citalune. So I’ll try to grow you some 🙂 Curious what you plan on using the 20 for!
          Yeah, the grass might not have looked as fancy and textured in Wild World and City Folk, but it was pretty awesome for making patterns that blended in with the grass! (Well, as long as the pattern could be made with the colors provided on palette 12/13.) New Leaf’s fancier grass makes it harder to blend things in perfectly. 😦

          • I guess my OCD needs it to be an even number of each flower (hybrids and normal flowers), so that they’ll equally be spread around my town, haha! I do that with fruit trees, each fruit gets even appearance, and hopefully bushes too, just maybe not THAT specific. 😀 I just hope I won’t have to grow more cos that’d be a nightmare. O.o

    • Thanks for the compliment, Sophie! Too bad it doesn’t really match the Winter theme of the blog too well. Maybe it’ll seem less out of place in the spring and summer months. 😆

  3. Dang, for a minute I thought that I’d be the first comment…Haha.
    I made it through the post in five minutes! Well…eight. Whatever.
    I noticed that you’d been changing your header and background around. I think Liam did an awesome job, it’s really eye-catching and emphasizes (I spelled it correctly, right?) your ideas of Citálune as the ‘The town of the Sun and Moon’, ’cause it’s all golden and stuff.
    Pheobe’s quite cute, she’s like a female, better-looking version of one of my neighbours, Phil. Speaking of neighbours, Al moved in, and he’s even uglier than I remembered. T_T But he had the good manners to move in exactly on a recently-vacated space. And his house isn’t too bad, but he himself is incredibly unwelcome, particularly as he replaced Margie, who’s adorable. (If you can call an elephant adorable…) Why is Gloria one of your dream neighbours? I mean, is it her house/appearance/memories or what?
    What’s ‘island-hopping’? Is it going to islands via Club Tortimer or TT to get one of the island-exclusive items? I love the bathroom, the Roman bath houses always seemed so nice to me.
    Congrats on T&T Emporium! I want it so badly, and Gracie STILL hasn’t come over. Stupid giraffe.
    I love Belltune, but I always feel like Sea Cove is so inadequate compared to it. Haha, Pii was dressed up as a chef! I took part briefly in the Harvest Festival, but then my little cousin (Age 2) started smacking my 3DS and going, “Ha!” and I was already losing patience with the festival, it wasn’t interesting, all go-here-catch-that-bring-it-back-and-do-it-again.
    Oh, I’d love to see the aurora borealis too! I also wanna see stuff like geysers and lagoons in Yellowstone, and the Galapagos etc, etc.
    Your patterns are so cool! I didn’t actually get to see them yesterday.
    It was so fun Wifing! I’m sorry I had to go so soon, but it’s exam week. *Sigh* I think I’ll be a detective again next year, I didn’t get to show off my costume that much. My poor, hideous detective shirt…LOL Marina’s dress is so nice 🙂

    • Hahah nice, glad it didn’t take 30 minutes or something 😆
      Yeah, with being busy with AC:NL and school stuff, making headers and backgrounds of my own hasn’t been a huge priority, so it was really nice of Liam to come to the rescue! 😀 I am somewhat proud of my town hall area, I think it emphasizes (you spelled it right :P) my town theme with its colors of the sky fading from blue to gold. The dark blues and purples representing nighttime, and the sunny colors of gold and red at the end of the fade representing the daytime!
      Phoebe does have a gorgeous design, she’s supposed to look like a phoenix! But I’m letting her go soon since her house in an awkward location. Finally gonna google Al so I can see who you’re talking about… 😛 Oh, well I don’t think he’s too bad! But yeah, not one of my favorite designs haha. Al is a strangely short, simple name for an AC character.
      I picked Gloria because of her house! I also don’t really mind her appearance (though it might not be to everyone’s taste), and I think her house interior is nice as well.
      Island-hopping is going to Club Tortimer, checking the items, and immediately leaving if they aren’t what your looking for, then trying again over and over. Each Club Tortimer island is different, so you can do this, but you can’t really do it on your own island without TTing. Also, there are special exclusives that are only at Club Tortimer and can’t be found at your own regular island; the whirlpool bath is one of these items.
      Thank you! 😀 I hope Gracie shows herself soon! She comes after you spend a certain amount of money at T.I.Y., so my advice is to get shopping! xP
      I’m sorry to hear the Harvest Festival wasn’t too fun. 😦 I’ve heard it can be kinda stressful to get all the ingredients. To be honest, I might not be too intense about trying to get all the Harvest exclusives, and I might end up keeping some of the ingredients to put in a kitchen! Some of them like butter, vinegar, etc., look really cute! ^_^
      Thanks! Yeah, I picked up the patterns in the plaza so that we could drop stuff there for Halloween, sorry you didn’t get to see them! (You can in the dream of Citalune, though!)
      I really enjoyed having you guys over for Halloween, thanks so much for coming! 😀 Your detective outfit was great on short notice 😛

  4. Your path designs look great! Your fairy-tale paths looked even better in person than what I had seen of them on Tumblr, and your patterns by the plaza are gorgeous! They don’t look rushed at all 😀
    Yeah, I’m usually either a pro listener or an aspiring designer… Actually, I think I’m a Bell-pincher right now, for some reason 😛
    Thanks a lot for the chessboard rug! I wasn’t able to complete the chessboard room for this update due to not expanding the basement enough, I tried to get a similar effect to what I had in mind 🙂 It was lots of fun going to the island!
    It was so nice of you to host the second-chance Halloween! I had a lot of fun 😀 It’s weird how I got so many duplicates, though, like the cauldron, the wall, and the floor…
    I’m happy you liked the dress! I was originally going to wear it last month when I thought our first WiFi would be in Citàlune; alas, it wasn’t, so the dress didn’t come out then 😛 Like I said in the WiFi, I tried to go for a less froufrou, princessy fairy-tale look (I got the impression Lyra would wear those kinds of dresses) and for something more… I don’t know, something sleeker than the traditional fairy-tale dress, but still containing enough fantasy elements so that it could be classified as a fairy-tale dress. Basically, something I got the impression Estel would wear!


    • Aww thank you, that’s so nice to hear you liked them even more in person x3
      I’d love to be a flower fan or hometown hero! I don’t know why I’m such a pro-listener but it seems like I’m stuck at that one. 😦 Or happy tourist if I do a bunch of tours to get a certain island item, lol.
      You’re welcome! That’s understandable, I’m having trouble getting all my characters’ rooms expanded too. It’s overwhelming all the money it costs when you have three or four charas — I don’t even know where to start! I’m sure it’ll look great once complete 😀
      Thank you for coming, and I agree, it was a lot of fun! A bummer about the repeats, though. -_-
      Ooh, it sounds like you analyzed my town feel, and the unique styles of Estel vs. Lyra pretty well when making the dress! Estel and Lyra are my two castle-owning characters (while Violet and Fern are my two cottage-owning characters), but you know the differences between them well! 🙂 The dress you made for Estel has appropriately nighttime-ish colors with a touch of bright colors (like the moon and stars), and it has an appropriately fitting fairy-tale fit like you said. ^_^ Thank you so much again for making it, it’s lovely! 😀

      • I lost the reply I had to this comment before, so here we go again -_-
        You’re welcome! Your paths are always gorgeous 😀 I can see how much work you put into them!
        I was a hometown hero once for a short time, I remember 😛 I’ve also been a flower fan before! It seems like most of the rumors, except for freshman mayor/new face and pro listener, seem to change really quickly…
        Ugh, when you have to expand in a set amount of time, finding the money is really a pain 😦 I try to keep over a certain amount of Bells in my ABD when I expand (or when I pay off PWPs), and the basement was already more than I anticipated it costing… Oh, well, I’ll have it completed someday!
        I actually gave the extra creepy items I didn’t want to Heather/Bunnie, who got ACNL after Halloween was over 😛
        Haha, thanks! I remember you saying Estel was like the moon, and Lyra was like the sun, so I figured I shouldn’t make it too flamboyant… Oh, and I’m just guessing here, but I get the feeling Violet would choose to wear an apron over her clothes or a dress with a “country” feeling 😛 BTW, the yellow spot on the shoulder of Estel’s new dress is actually an “E” meant to look like a moon! 🙂


        • This page has some information about the different rumors and how they’re obtained, if you’re interested (and if you don’t mind being ‘spoiled’ about the different rumors).
          That’s true about Estel:moon & Lyra:sun, though I don’t usually have Lyra wearing anything particularly “sunny” or “fiery” because I like the way the blue lace-up dress color-coordinates with the fairytale decorations and color scheme. Her hair is fittingly bright yellow, though! And you’re right, Violet wears more casual outfits, and since her main room is a kitchen, I think an apron-covered outfit is very fitting! 🙂 I’ve had her wearing a pinafore dress for a while.
          Oh, my first thought was that it was a crescent moon, but after you said it was an E during the Wifi, I thought “hmm, I’ll have to look closer later.” Turns out it’s both an E for Estel and a crescent moon, what a clever idea! 😀

          • Oh, I see! I remembered reading that being a Time Traveler usually didn’t last very long, and I thought some of the other rumors worked like that…
            Yeah, I can’t really picture Lyra in a really fiery dress (like that one dress from Gracie’s in the fall), either… I actually can’t picture her wearing anything BUT the blue lace-up dress! 😛 IDK, I thought of her as being more like a classic princess (think Disney) than a bright, “sun” person – though she does look sunny! And Violet does look cute in her pinafore dress 😀 Hmm…I wonder what Fern will wear once she expands her house?
            Thanks! 🙂 I also just thought of something…a crescent moon is actually really fitting for your town, since, besides being a moon, it looks like a C for Citàlune 😆


            • Yeah, I use my theme as a way to guide making decisions about my town landscaping and interior decorating, but I try not to take it too literally at the expense of decisions not based on the theme that would make my town/characters look better, you know? I also approach it in a fairly abstract fashion, mostly using different colored flowers to distinguish the different sides of town (whites and blues–moon, bright/warm colors–sun). I might one day make sun/moon-decorated paths to better illustrate my theme, though 😀
              Ooh, I do like what you pointed out there about the C for Citalune being like a crescent moon, you are full of good ideas like this! 😛

              • (Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier! I’ve just been kind of busy lately :P)
                Well, I love what you’re doing with your town! Like I said, I can actually get a sense of your characters’ personalities and such just by reading your blog/going to Citàlune in the Dream Suite 😆 Keep up the amazing work 🙂
                Thanks 😀 You said in one of your blog posts that the “lune” part of Citàlune meant “moon”, but it seems like a really strange (and cool!) coincidence that the first letter of your town name actually looks like a moon…


  5. Citálune looks beautiful! 😮
    I’ll look at your dream address soon.
    I’m really bad at town design. 😦
    Robin is one of my dreamies, I love her!
    I missed 2 fashion checks, first one I forgot, second I had no historical clothes, but I passed one recently. c:
    What’s the white lacy dress your wearing? Is it a design or a buy-able dress (don’t really know what to call it). 😛

    • Thank you! 🙂 I finally updated it again, happy dreaming~ ^_^
      Aww no, I’m sure you’re not!
      I’m glad you like Robin! I felt bad for her when I ‘put her up for adoption’ since it took hours to get someone who was interested, whereas for some of my other neighbors, I got many offers instantaneously. :/ But she’s a nice neighbor and has a nice house style, I think!
      That’s a shame about the two missed fashion checks, but congrats on passing one! 😀 Good luck with passing more in the future (hopefully soon) 🙂
      It’s an order-able one called a cake tank dress! There’s also a version with short sleeves. I liked it so much and I was tired of waiting for one to show up at the Able Sisters, so I admit I ordered one from the Bell Tree Forums… 😛

  6. Amy. Your town. It’s so. PERFECT. I can’t believe how much it’s progressed since our last WiFi. I really love your combination of pastel colours through to the bolder, vivid use of tulips – it almost gives everything a glow.
    I also love the new path! The 3D effect to it reminded me so much of your Wild World days when all of your patterns would be so precise and detailed. So, how long did it take in total? 😆
    Reading your posts give me a huge sense of nostalgia; I rarely get time to play Animal Crossing so reading about your beautiful town is the next best thing! I really wish there was an easier way to stay in contact (I always feel terrible logging onto wordpress because even while I’m inactive I’m still getting the odd comment and view here and there) but I rarely use ACC anymore, either. Well at least I can check on your blog every week or so and talk to you this way. 😀
    Wow. Now I really want to play New Leaf… 😛

    • Aww, thanks Liam! It’s not “done” yet but I’m glad you like it so far! 🙂 When I visited your dream town I really liked what you’ve done for it, too, with all your white flowers, white paths, and street lamps looking beautiful and glowing in the nighttime!
      It’s nice to hear you think it’s 3D, thanks! Haha, it took a few weeks (but not working on it 24/7, of course) to finish 😛
      Yes, I feel the same way! But I don’t mind too much as long as we have at least the occasional contact, and don’t completely lose touch. I’m not on ACC much these days either (been using TBT instead), but maybe I should start returning there. Aww, I remember we had a private thread going on there for a while. 😛
      Hopefully you’ll have some more time to play New Leaf with the holidays coming up? 🙂

      • Oh no, you visited my dream? I haven’t updated it in so long, it just looks barren and plain! I’ve swapped out the white paths for a cocoa brick path for the winter and I’ve actually got a few areas I like now. 😆
        I agree, it’s good that there still is that sense of connection present. 😀 I remember that PT, I believe it’s been lost into the ACC abyss now though. 😦
        I hope so, although the holidays don’t really apply right now with all my exams coming up. I have 8 or 9 pieces of art to finish, maths revision, Spanish assessment preparation and a Biology exam to prepare for. Looks like I’m gonna be working on Christmas Eve at this rate! 😆

        • Haha, you always sound so displeased when I tell you I’ve visited your dream town 😆 Don’t worry, it was fine! But I’m glad to hear you’ve made some more progress that you’re happy with, that’s great! 😀
          Aww that stinks, I’m sorry about all the work you’re loaded with during your holiday break! I just have a few more exams to take and then I’m pretty much free. Good luck with your assignments and I hope you’re still able to have an enjoyable Christmas and break! 🙂

  7. Dear Amy!

    At first, I’m really in love with your new path design, it’s so lovely and beautiful and it’s great to dream of your new town and to see the new stuff. 🙂
    I really like it that you decorate your townie-houses and that you don’t only give them furniture it doesn’t fit. And I think Melbas house looks really nice with the new furniture. Her old Wild World furniture was so dark and now the colours are bright and it fits perfect to her personality. 🙂
    And Amy Estels bathroom is such beautiful! I think I will copy a few details of it (I hope it’s OK for you), when I can expand my rooms and I’m not so limited with my furniture. I have the feeling it takes so much time to collect the right items. But back to your bathroom: I really like the idea with the statues and the plants. 🙂 Oh, and I’m actually really jelous of your striped swim-suit. It looks kinda cute and old fashioned: I love it! 😀


    So, you got Gloria and her house is so awesome! The colours are great and I like the roof so much, it reminds me every time of a rose. You say so much times you want to have your dream neighboors and than you want to build more PWPs, but what are your dream neighboors, and which PWPs came in future? 🙂
    I’m always smiling when I see the picture you and your friend Choco stays next to each other and she wears the little cooking cap. I like it to wear dresses or accessories for the right festival or season. I really enjoyed the harvest festival, I hope you will like it too. It was the first festival I celebrate in New Leaf and it’s so damn cute! 😀 I hope you will enjoy it!
    It was great to see a new post from you and I hope you will have the chance to work more on Citalune in the winter break. I’m exited to see your town with snow, I guess it will be match perfect with your new design! 🙂
    Kind regards,

    • Aww thanks, I’m glad you like the new path and enjoyed my updated dream town! 🙂
      Yeah, it bothers me a bit when neighbors’ interiors don’t look good, so I try to give them furniture pieces that will mesh well with their house — and hopefully boost our friendship level in the process! I preferred Melba’s Wild World decor since it reminded me of a cozy candy cottage in the woods of a fairytale, but I’m abandoning that theme in New Leaf since it seems impossible to change her wallpaper and carpet to the sweets ones. 😦
      Thank you! I loved the whirlpool bath so much that I had to fit it in somehow, and what better way than a super posh bath-house for Estel’s castle? 😛 Yeah, unfortunately it takes a few months to build up a somewhat decent catalog. I remember feeling frustrated at the beginning of the game at the lack of options for decorating my rooms, since I was used to such an extensive catalog in Wild World. But hopefully your catalog should start catching up soon! 🙂 The HHA Showcase’s StreetPass and SpotPass houses help some, if you have access to those.
      Her house is such a pretty addition to town, I’m really glad to have her! 😀 Hehe, well I thought for the most part I’d keep such plans for the future a surprise! 😛 But I’ll say that most of my dream neighbors were chosen for their houses, so hopefully I’ll end up having lots of matching/color-coordinating houses in town with fairy-tale doors! And this winter I was hoping to put up a bunch of illumination projects, but with the current state of my house-repelling PWPs and the 30-PWP limit, I have no room for them. 😦 So I’m hoping to get my dream neighbors asap!
      It was really cute of Choco to dress as a chef! Haha, I don’t know if I would’ve thought to order that hat 😛 I like to change my outfit a bit with the seasons as well, though not every single day because that would be tiresome for me. xP I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the Harvest Festival! I hope I can catch up to the Harvest Festival and past it quickly; it would be really nice to have my town match the correct date for Toy Day and New Years and such. But I have a lot of catching up and work to do still T_T I have some big hopes, dreams, and plans for my town this winter, I look forward to it! 😀

  8. Pingback: Villager Story ~ Autumn to Winter | ~ Lily of the Valley ~

    • The couch in Estel’s room is a mermaid one! I got it from the island shop for 40 bells or so, I think. It’s not a Club Tortimer exclusive.

      • actually, I meant the one in her bathroom, I don’t think the white couch thing in it is a mermaid one 🙂

        • Oh okay, then it’s the chaise lounge! 🙂 Which is just a regular item that can be bought from the Nooklings’ shop, or ordered from the HHA Showcase, etc

  9. Haha, I thought it was funny that the picture Estel was dancing in had the 3 of my most wanted pieces from the sweets series 🙂

    • Ohh really? Haha 😛 I wasn’t able to afford to the sweets series the last time it was available, but I’d like to buy it the next time it comes around. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll both have better luck in the future!

      • yeah, I was hoping to use some of the sweets furniture in Lurai’s kitchen, and I’m trying to collect Gracie furniture for her “summer/vacation” room, which will include the full Cabana series in it (that darn cabana wall won’t show up for me!) 🙂 lol not to mention trying to collect the full Gorgeous series for Ai (my older sister’s character) but everything is just so expensive! 😦 (sorry for my rant, ahaha, I’ve just been really frustrated this week)

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