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This is kind of random, but recently I realized that I can relate a lot to this post of Teru’s about having a hard time resisting taking pictures of the town tree at different times of day/year, only for me, it’s my town hall area that I’m always taking pictures of! I don’t know why, I mean it’s relatively simple landscaping — just a color fade of lilies and violets and some streetlights — but I just love the way it seems to completely change at different times of day. At night, the cool colors in the lilies/violets field stand out, and everything looks so icy and glimmering (bet that part will look even better when snow covers the ground). In the daytime and at sunset, the warm colors in the lilies/violets field stand out more, looking vibrant and fiery. So I think my flower field in front of the town hall suits my moon&sun concept really well, in an odd, abstract way!

Early morning — everything cast in a dreamy, hazy blue, with some faint stars still in the lightening sky.

Daytime — most boring to me since the streetlights aren’t lit up, and the daylight just casts a neutral light on everything.

Late afternoon — the palette starts to get warmer.

Sunset — just after 6 PM, when the streetlights first light up, and the time I usually have my dream town set to. I think both the cool colors and warm colors stand out nicely at this time of day!

Dusk — the stars start to appear. Now that the sun has mostly set, the warm-colored flowers don’t stand out a lot anymore, but the cool-colored flowers start to look especially beautiful.

Deep night — the blue and purple violets start to blend together (in a good way, I think), and the white violets and pink lilies look icy in the distance.I edited the rock out of this last one! 😛 The rock doesn’t bother me as much as it used to (I’m trying to get over it), but it’s still nice to have some rock-less pictures of my town hall, so I hope you don’t mind me editing it out every now and then!

There are still some changes I want to make to my town hall area in the future, but I can’t do them yet. I want to maybe make some special (mosaic?) tiles with the moon and sun on them, and maybe even some water canal sorts of patterns. There are already many water patterns out there, but I thought I’d try to make mine have a fairy-tale style border or something! That’s very ambitious, though, since I’ve never tried making water patterns before — hopefully I’ll be up to the challenge. I can’t do these patterns until I get my dream neighbors, though, and make a permanent character for Fern. I don’t have enough pattern slots with just 3 characters.

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14 thoughts on “A little town hall gallery

  1. Nice gallery! I agree with you – I think your town hall area looks best from the evening onwards! 🙂 It’s weird, I thought the town hall was supposed to be on the side of town that looks best in the daylight (but it does look nice in the late afternoon, too) 😆
    Oh, you like keeping a specific time for your dream town, too? Mine is always at 2 AM, but that’s just for the music and not really for any aesthetic purposes 😛
    It’s really interesting to see what your town hall looks like earlier in the day, since I only think I’ve been in Citàlune during the evening 😀


    • Thanks! 🙂 I like the idea of my town hall being fitting for both my daytime and nighttime concepts (even though it’s technically on the “daytime” side of town), but I see what you mean about the inconsistency there, haha.
      Yep, I pretty much always set it to 6 PM! It’d be nice to mix it up a bit sometimes, but I always chicken out and just go with what I know will look good, 6 PM with the lovely sunset colors and the streetlights lit up. With updating it at night, I’m afraid that too many areas of my town won’t look their best (like the colorful areas), and with updating it in the daytime, I just have too many streetlights around town for that to be an ideal time to update at all. I hope to maybe update my dream town one day during an aurora and a special sunrise, though; I think those would be pretty!
      Your dream town has such a tranquil atmosphere at night with the 2 AM music! I visited it recently for the snowy update and loved it! It was the first time I’d “physically” been in an AC:NL town with snow, I think (other than just seeing pictures and such). It was great walking around hearing the crunch of the snow, hearing the tinkling music, and seeing your new festive paths and such! 😀

      • You’re welcome 😀 The town hall looking good in daytime and nighttime is actually a really cool idea, since Estel (moon) is the mayor, but Lyra (sun) more-or-less “dominates” that part of town 😛
        6 PM seems to be your perfect hour! The streetlights turn on, but the flowers still look pretty 🙂 I can see why a few people like 6 PM for their towns! I’d be excited to visit dream Citàlune during an aurora, too 😀 I haven’t heard of a special sunrise yet…what’s that? I’m never really up for the sunrise in ACNL 😆
        I’m glad you liked my snowy update! I was drawn to the 2 AM music after I heard it in another dream town because it didn’t quite have the cozy, small-town, Animal Crossing feel to it that a lot of other hour songs have, but rather a different “rural” feeling 😛 I was worried I wouldn’t like the music, but I did end up enjoying the snowy version! I’m also glad I could finally do my white and blue paths that I wanted in my town for months, though I’ll be replacing the red and green paths once Christmas is over…


        • Thanks, that was my thinking too! 😀
          Yeah, since some parts of my town look best in the day, and some parts look best at night, 6 PM is a good compromise for my town since it’s kinda in the middle. But it would be cool if we could upload multiple dream towns — like, here’s a dream of my town with the cherry blossoms, here’s one with a rainbow, here’s one in the snow with the aurora, etc. But that would be too much for Nintendo’s servers, hehe! Already I’m not sure how they store all our dream towns, and I wonder if this service will really be here to use forever (or if they’ll shut it down at one point)? 😯
          The 2 AM music is indeed lovely! ❤ I listened to an extended version on YouTube after reading your comment and it has such a nice atmosphere. I should try to find the snowy version on YouTube ^_^ I really liked the 2 AM song in Wild World too. I don't take music into consideration when choosing when to update my dream town, but I admit there's a few that I'm not crazy about at all (3 PM being one of them, haha).
          Edit: I feel stupid for editing this comment, but in case you don’t mind being spoiled about what the special sunrise looks like, here’s what it looks like! (pic from another blog)

  2. I like your lily bit! Its nice 🙂
    I agree, taking pictures of stuff is fun 🙂
    I like taking pictures of sunsets (In real life) before I go places. I actually have some good ones! purple sunset with rainbow.. and so on. I prefer the bit of your post where the sky is orange purple. Its nice! Its the winter solictise today so maybe you can take another interesting pic! 🙂

  3. I love the canal idea! I recommend using Mayu’s Wild World pattern as a basis; it tiles really well! I used it for a bamboo area in my town and just altered some of the colours to better match a pond’s colour scheme. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

    Since that picture I’ve changed my paths from the festive ‘cocoa’ shades to more of, what I’m calling, pale ‘mocha’ tones but I think Mayu’s water pattern is more or less perfect for the actual pattern! 😀

    • Woww hahah, that’s cool, Mayu’s old water pattern for Wild World lives on in New Leaf xD It looks surprisingly great! I didn’t think patterns made for Wild World would hold up well when transferred to New Leaf, but that looks really fantastic in your town 😀 (I’ll follow you on Miiverse btw ^_^)
      Thanks for the tip! I am slightly intimidated in making my own water pattern, since my focus in the past has always been on paths and such, but maybe I’ll at least try to see if I can make my own, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll use Mayu’s and give credit to her somewhere on my blog 🙂

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