Help with deciding on a dream neighbor? + A cool AC book I got

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Hey everyone! I’m sorry for this non-town news post; I haven’t reached the end of December in my town yet so I can’t really do a “End of December” post. 😛 I was wondering if anyone would like to give advice/opinions on a decision I’m struggling with: my “dream” (permanent) lazy resident in Citalune. I think a lot of you know that my criteria for choosing dream neighbors is based mostly on their house exterior — specifically, houses with fairy-tale doors and bright color schemes. (It might seem strange to pick based off houses, but I’m not really picky about neighbors because I feel like I can grow fond of almost any neighbor with time. On the other hand, I am picky about how my town looks, and house exteriors have an effect on that. Plus, many of my neighbors will be close together so it’s ideal if their houses look good together.)

Here are the houses of my 9 decided dream neighbors:

The homes of my 9 decided dream neighbors

I’m not just going through my list of house exteriors and picking my 10 favorites as my dream neighbors, though. If I did that, half of my town might be peppies (lots of fairytale doors and bright colors in the peppy section)! I want to have a balanced set of residents: an equal number of male and female villagers, and at least one of each personality type.

That’s where the decision of the lazy neighbor is giving me trouble. There isn’t a stand-out fairytale-style house in the lazy section; most of them tend to have kiddie or laid-back styles. I’m having trouble deciding between Erik, who doesn’t have a fairytale house but has a really lovely cabin-style house, and Doc, who has the closest thing to my criteria for a fairytale house:

Erik vs. Doc's houses

I think the location of the house is important to consider as well for deciding which house would be most fitting. This is where I plan on putting the house of whichever lazy resident I choose (give or take a few spaces):

House location for Doc or Erik

The house will be above a winding dirt path that connects Re-Tail and a ramp to the beach. The path and the house will be surrounded with colorful tulips and fruit trees, and maybe also some bushes, tree stumps, and mushrooms.

I got this house location once when plot resetting for a different neighbor:

House plot for Doc or Erik

Now for the pros and cons as I see them:



  • His house exterior might be one of my favorites, fairytale criteria aside.
  • He has an appealing design (would be very cute to see him walking around in the wintertime!)
  • His cabin-themed room is so cozy and well-done!


  • His house exterior doesn’t really match the rest of the houses I have in town.
  • His brown house might sort of clash with the bright pink and blue Re-Tail building nearby.



  • His house exterior would better match the rest of my town’s houses.
  • His house would coordinate pretty well with Re-Tail nearby, since his house is bright blue with a touch of pink, and I think the brick fence would be lovely surrounded by colorful tulips.


  • Even though his house meets my criteria the best out of all the lazy characters, it’s still not one of my favorite house styles.
  • Doc’s appearance and house interior might not be quite as appealing to me as Erik’s (but still, fine enough imo).

Thank you so very much for bearing with me through all this! I’m just really having a hard time deciding, and I thought it would be best to describe my thought process and criteria a bit before asking for help. 🙂 I really appreciate any help, and feel free to vote in this poll if you don’t feel like leaving a comment:


I also wanted to share about a book for AC:NL I got for my birthday that I think is pretty cool! It’s not just a standard guide book, it’s kind of specialized towards the designing/customization aspects of AC (landscaping, room decorating, patterns, etc.) — what a neat concept!

The cover looks like this (sorry for the bad quality, I took photos rather than scans):

AC Design Book Cover

It has a section showing different types of town styles for inspiration:

Cozy village

This one, village 02, was my favorite! The suggested PWPs were a windmill, tulip topiary, and brick bridge.

Cozy winter village

It looks like village 03 is the same as 02, just at wintertime? I loved how convincing the snow on the path looked!

Sunny village with bricks-on-dirt path

This one just stood out to me because of how well the base color of the path matched the dirt! I want to find that color (or blend of colors) too! 😮

Winter wonderland village with illuminations

No fair, how did all 5 of these trees get lights?! I have lit cedar trees right now and they’re very scattered and random…

Zen village

I wouldn’t currently feel qualified to make a zen themed town (don’t know enough about Japanese landscaping in real life), but I always love seeing them, they’re very nice! 🙂

Wedding ceremony room

There are lots of room designs shown too! ^_^

Bush blooming dates

Bush blooming dates.

Tree changing dates

Tree changing dates.

Hybrid guide

There’s a guide for all the hybrids too, but this one is for the more difficult hybrids: the purple tulip, black cosmo, purple pansy, and blue rose. I heard that the English Prima guide has a mistake, saying that blue roses are made from BlackxPurple, so it’s good to see that this guide shows the idea of “generations” of roses being important to produce blue roses.

Carpet and wallpaper pattern tips

Carpet/wallpaper tips. Depending on how you choose to tile the pattern, you can do some pretty cool things!

White pot refurbishing options

The section that might’ve been most enlightening for me was on furniture customization! I didn’t know about the option to re-make this white pot; I especially love the one with flowers on it (so much that you can see I dog-eared the page xP), I’m going to reburbish that one myself!

Morning glory refurbished pink

A pink morning glory? 😮

Violet screen refurbishing options

And pretty much all of the flower furniture from Weeding Day can be refurbished into multiple colors! *_*

Chaise lounge refurbishing options

A fair amount of options for this chaise lounge.

Throne refurbishing options

I’d heard that the throne could be refurbished, but didn’t know what all the options were or what they looked like, cool!

There’s also a list of the house exterior parts, PWPs, a section of QR codes for paths and things, and more — it’s a pretty fun book to have and I’m glad I got it! ^_^

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27 thoughts on “Help with deciding on a dream neighbor? + A cool AC book I got

  1. Hm… Those villagers are hard choices.. to have a nicer looking villager or a house that looks more fitting in your town… if it were me, I’d pick erik instead.. xP I rather have good villagers than good house designs but you seem to like both of them equally so I really don’t know..
    That guide book looks really cool! (even though it’s in japanese) Wow! This really makes me so inspired to make my new town.. tbh I have no town design ideas…. But I’ll try figuring something out.. 😛 btw I’m gonna try breeding a blue rose using that guide in the future! It looks difficult but I’ll try since I’m hopeless in making blue roses.. 😛

    • Yeah, it would’ve been a lot easier if there could just be a lazy neighbor with a great fairytale-style house xP Doc’s is the most fitting, but it’s not great enough for me to not consider Erik instead. Anyway, thanks for the feedback! 🙂
      Oh, I figured you would try to re-create the same feel as Belltune again! But it’s always fun to try out a new style of town too 😀 After having just a very “town” feel in my AC towns for so long, I looked forward to trying out the fairytale city theme in Citalune instead, and I’ve enjoyed doing that ^_^
      I’ve always had a lot of trouble with blue roses too! Even in AC:WW I was never able to grow one on my own 😛 And then in AC:NL they made it even more difficult >_< I just used a breeding pair to grow mine; I was having no luck and I really wanted to use them in my town's gardens, and I figure Animal Crossing at the end of the day is about making myself happy, not getting frustrated trying to grow blue roses xP I'd be happy to give you a breeding pair when you get your new game, if you like! But I understand that some like the challenge of breeding them, so if you go that route, good luck! 🙂

  2. Your AC book looks cool! I got a prima games one, but how did you get that? I guess it depends, but the blue one and the yellow one (3rd one) are cool. That book again, the winter lighting one is cool. Mind if I cope the picture for my own ideas? (not to post on the internet btw) Those carpets remind me so much of optical illusions 😛 Seriously!? a pink one/.

    • Since it’s a Japanese book, ordering online is your best bet if you’re interested. Here’s a link on Amazon for instance, but there may be better places to order it.
      That picture you’re referring to with the 9 houses is actually of my already-decided-on dream neighbors, and I was asking for the opinion of Erik vs. Doc for my dream lazy resident, sorry for the confusion!
      Of course not, the ideas provided by the book don’t belong to me xD And in fact, the idea of illumination projects surrounded by lit cedar trees isn’t really owned by the book-makers either! It’s a pretty common idea 🙂

      • Ok! Its just I asked for one for Christmas, and I ended up with a different one.Also, I’m sorry but I wanted to know who that villager was because I actually wanted him.
        Thank you! This Pic will come in handy for some ideas on my own town 🙂

  3. Erik! Erik! Doc is so ugly! (I know there’s a poll, I just wanted to make it clear)
    Aw, that guidebook is freakin’ adorable!

    • Haha, thanks for the feedback 😆 I guess I figure I can grow fond of anyone after a while 😛 But Erik would indeed be a nice neighbor to have!
      I agree, I love it! ^_^

  4. Gosh that sounds like a huge undertaking you’ve got going for this winter! I think it also takes guts to completely redo a previously well-established landscape like Citàlune’s, so good job for going for it, and good luck for completing it! :mrgreen: Congratulations on completing the villager houses guide too! With WordPress’ limited formatting options, I think you’ve done an excellent job on it, and the category links are really thoughtful! The QR code page looks like a ton of work, too x_x It’s so generous of you to share all your hard work and continue updating the fairytale bridge path like that. There’s so much going on in your blog even when you’re busy with study!
    Oh my your town’s houses are gorgeous when they’re grouped together like that 🙂 As for your dream lazy villager, I think you can already predict that I’d be significantly biased towards Erik’s adorable cottage house. Even when I read up on your pros and cons, Erik’s ends up sounding better 😆 Despite his door not matching the rest of your town, I think the overall atmosphere his house conveys is an important factor as well. Though as for which atmosphere you’re going for, that’s up to you to define: what atmosphere each of those houses gives, and what atmosphere you want in that spot by the cliff, which is cozy corner yet open cliff at the same time. As for Doc’s house, even though he has the fairytale door, something about the cylindrical shape combined with the wooden panels rubs me the wrong way 😕 It feels detached from the rest of the fairytale style. But as I said, I’m extremely biased, and Erik’s house happens to fit my tastes perfectly, and in your town it’s your tastes that matter.
    (But a moose! A MOOSE! xD )
    I thought it might have been this book when you said you got a cool book ^__^ I was thrilled to find the same one in a gaming store in Japan, discounted as 2nd-hand (which by Japanese standards is literally still brand new ). The design pages are a delight to flip though, but I just love the pages with lists and guides all laid out clearly, with none of that lazy “find out for yourself! 😀 😀 ” approach from Prima. The blue rose guide has me pretty confuddled, though -_- And wow I totally fail, because the other day I really wanted to see all the Weeding Day item remakes, and couldn’t for the life of me find any such info. It took reading your post to remember I had this wonderful book x_x I also looked all over the net for the season changes…
    Aww that’s so cool that someone actually did a Let’s Play of your town x3 I didn’t realise until MiiVerse came out just how popular Animal Crossing is among French players! And I’d imagine they’d also love your town especially, with its opulent decorations and with Western rather than Asian pop culture inspired aesthetics! I’ve also always wanted to hear Citàlune pronounced in French (I pronounce it interchangeably in my head :P), so secret mission complete, woohoo x3

    • Aww thank you for everything Teru, this is such a sweet wonderful comment!! x3 I’m glad you like the QR codes page and how the villager house exterior guide turned out! And a number of those house pics in the guide are thanks to you, I really appreciate your help on the guide 😀
      Part of me will be sad to overwrite the gold trees update in my dream town since I really loved that time of year, but I hope I can make my town just as beautiful for winter, thanks for the well-wishes for my plans! 🙂
      Wow, you’ve made such a great case for Erik! Thanks for going into detail about your thoughts on their houses and the vibes they give off, it’s extremely helpful 😀 It’s true I might be putting a little too much emphasis on the door; I guess the idea of having all fairytale door houses in my town was tempting for me xP But you’re right that despite the door, Doc’s house doesn’t give off exactly the same feel as the others, and overall I prefer Erik’s as well. The house will be kind of out of the way and not nearby many fairytale projects or buildings, so maybe Erik’s cabin would be more fitting after all because of that 🙂
      Ah it’s cool you have it too, and that you were able to get it that way in Japan! 😀 I do find it such a cute guide to have, even if a lot of the information might be available online ^_^ Yeah, when I said that it looked like the guide got the hybrid red roses business right, I meant in comparison to the Prima guide, which I think said the combination to produce blue roses was BlackxPurple and was completely wrong (and could potentially be a confusing misdirection for many AC:NL players out there trying to grow blue roses!). The flowchart in this guide for growing blue roses does look a little strange, like I’m not sure why some of the steps are there, they seem unnecessary 😕 But at least this guide gets the idea across of “generations” of roses being a factor, and maybe it is possible to grow a blue rose with the steps provided, even if it’s not the quickest way ❓
      Yeah, I felt so surprised and flattered when I found it, and it was really interesting to see my town and characters in French! 😀

      • I’m always a bit sad to overwrite past dream updates too, just because most of the time they were during a particular time of year I liked or there was some special weather going on that I don’t know when I’ll see again (as for my town itself there’s not much to feel sad about cos it barely changes 😛 ). I did hear that updating your town on a different 3DS can give you a new dream address though, so you could in a sense preserve your previous dream until it gets removed from the server… But I doubt you could go back to a previous address, so things could get messy in terms of sharing it with others if it keeps changing. (I also don’t know how changing 3DS’s effects the game info such as playtime and friends – I know so far that it changes your HHS).
        And correction to part of my previous comment – How gorgeous your dream houses look, present and future, grouped together like that :mrgreen: (Btw what about Melba? >__< ) Also I was just looking through some past posts yesterday and came across this picture from an island tour 😆
        Oh btw I forgot to ask before, how much of the video can you understand? 😀

        • I see a good amount of new things whenever I visit, actually! In your latest update there are new projects like wisteria trellises (a part of your house-repelling project I assume, but they look very beautiful and spring-like as well!), flower re-arrangements, room changes, neighbors, etc.
          Oh, thanks for the info on that! I’d heard about dream addresses changing for others, and while I like the idea of having multiple dreams uploaded for people to visit, I don’t really like the idea of my address changing, or people searching for my town in the dream suite and seeing two there, and thinking “which one is it?” I do have access to my dad’s 3DS (which is really my old 3DS, I guess) most of the time since he doesn’t really play anymore, and I have played in Citalune on it before, so this is something important to keep in mind, thanks!
          I’m glad you think so! 😀 I like looking at them like that too, and seeing the common colors of pink, yellow, blue etc. repeated among them, all the fairytale doors, and some walls and fences in common too ^_^
          Yeah, I decided I’ll be letting Melba go eventually 😦 Her house style isn’t consistent with the others I want to have, and the location is imperfect too. Most of my neighbors’ houses are one space away from the path, and hers is two spaces away; and her house is across from Gloria’s but not aligned with Gloria’s. So her house isn’t aligned correctly either horizontally or vertically, and that along with her house style (which isn’t ugly, but doesn’t match the rest of them and isn’t one of my favorites), would feel like too big of a flaw in my town for me :/ But I’ve been able to enjoy having her in my town for a while now and I’ve gotten several pictures, and I’ll always hold a special place for her in my heart, and be able to visit her in Dafdilly 🙂 When she moves I’m not sure if I’ll give Melba to a friend (I know Liam likes her a lot), or if I’ll move her to my other town.
          I picked up on bits here and there (better at reading), but I admit I didn’t understand the whole video xP After a few years I’m pretty rusty (switched to taking Spanish in college).

          • Oh since you’ve actually played Citàlune on two 3DS’s, I wonder if you have a better idea of what it affects in the game? Did you notice if your Best Friend list and HHS houses restored themselves whenever you came back to your XL?
            Oh my, it certainly sounds like you got to know Melba well enough, getting multiple pics 😛 Even if she leaves eventually, her time in Citàlune was well-spent ^_^
            Haha same, German at uni was really fast-paced compared to back in high school and I didn’t have time to soak up vocab, so now my French is rusty and my German sucks xP

            • I don’t have access to my usual friends on my dad’s 3DS (my dad’s only 3DS friend is me), but I don’t think anything changes when I go back to my own 3DS, and my BF list is still intact. And actually, nothing changes for me as far as HHS houses even when I’m visiting the showcase on my dad’s 3DS. All my SpotPass houses are still there, and my one StreetPass house (my dad’s character) is still there with the lock icon over it and all. But I don’t know if this is the usual experience for everyone!

              • Oh that’s weird, because back when I switched from 3DS to my new XL, I noticed my only 2 HHS houses at the time disappeared (one of which I remember as being Reggie’s house which was Spotpass). It made me think HHS houses were stored on the 3DS along with Streetpass info, though even so I’ve been a bit scared to experiment, in case that’s not the case! I wonder if your HHS stayed intact because you favourited your dad’s house o_o

              • I have no idea 😮 I would’ve been more cautious if I knew about the risks, but I’m glad my HHA houses are still there. And I’m sorry that you had trouble earlier with losing Reggie’s house, that’s a bummer >_< I wonder if the data transfer when switching from one 3DS to the other had something to do with it. I did my data transfer before starting my town. But yeah, I don't know!

  5. Okay, looks like I’m outnumbered here, but I’d vouch for Doc to be your final dreamie, if only strictly because of location. I honestly do believe, with the spot you’ve chosen for the house of Erik/Doc, Doc is the way to go. I mean, if it were buried somewhere in the forest… Erik in a heartbeat. xD (But come on… you have a door pattern going on! Don’t ruin that now!)

    Ooooh, super jealous of the Citàlune dream video. (I hope when I make a DA, my town might end up on YouTube eventually, too! c: ) All positive feedback, which is also nice to hear–he really liked your dirt paths, eh? 😉 (Not surprised, I love your dirt paths, too!) I like some of the villagers’ names better in French than I do in English, like Francine is Nadine. Not a huge change, but I was never crazy about the name Francine and I like Nadine much better. (There’s also some names that make me go ? like for instance, Kody is Bill. I don’t really know how Bill is any more French than Kody. He should’ve been called Romain or something.)

    • Thank you very much for the feedback! 🙂 It’s given me more to think about, and it’s good Doc has someone in his corner too (imagining both Erik and Doc watching the debate closely to see who will get to move in xP). I wish I could try out both villagers before making my decision, but because of the 16 villager cycle requirement I should be careful and try to make my decision beforehand. Maybe I’ll try to finish re-landscaping that area (because I was not planning on leaving only red/white/yellow tulips there forever), and then I can copy and paste Erik’s and Doc’s houses there to see which looks most fitting 😛 Thanks again for the help!
      To be honest, I think it might’ve been mostly the path that attracted more people to visit my dream got a fair amount of attention when I first made it, and then it lessened I think when people found out how many pattern slots it took up 😛 But I hope they enjoyed looking around! ^_^ I would not be surprised at all if your town is a popular dream destination when you release the address; you’re very creative with your rooms and decorating, I always love visiting Miagen! 😀

      • You’re smart to take as long as you need to decide who moves in. Don’t be hasty–that 16-cycle (although it has its benefits) can be nasty.
        ; w ; Honestly, thank you so much for saying that about my little town…! You have no idea how much that means to me coming from you~

  6. Hmm, that one’s tough but I’ve always had a soft spot for Erik… 😆
    That. Book. I ordered it like a month ago, after seeing WiiFolderJosh make a video about it, but it still hasn’t come! 😦 It’s probably just due to it being shipped from Japan so I’ll wait a little longer before following it up but this post has gotten me even more excited for its arrival!

    • Thanks for the feedback! My town won’t be winter-themed year round, though, but I agree he would be a great neighbor to have and be especially fitting in the winter months with his cozy cabin 🙂

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