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The excitement of the events in December and for the New Year may be over, but the end of January has been very beautiful to witness: from shooting stars in the cold winter sky, to heavy snowfall, to budding green leaves appearing in the trees—beckoning Spring to come.

About halfway through the month of January, the oak trees’ leaves changed from orange-ish to green! It’s such a nice change. One of my only qualms about winter in AC:NL is the sad, orange-brown, dead-looking leaves on the oak trees. The winter leaves could have at least been a dark purple color like they were in past games.

I might’ve only gotten third place in January’s fishing tourney, but I was able to get the rest of the fish furniture this time, so I was satisfied! I don’t even really have plans for the fish furniture, so I guess this is just the collector in me. 😛

Eh these aren’t that good, but I just like taking pictures of balloons when they pass through town. 🙂

Speaking of balloons…

Paula’s pondering reminded me of this cute & clever idea and fan art! (Sorry for the link to a reblog, but it looks like the original maker, islanne-crossing, deleted their blog.)

On January 20th I witnessed a meteor shower in my town for the first time! 😀 The first meteor shower in my town that I know of was sometime last year, but I missed it and only found about it afterwards through the bulletin board. I’m glad I was finally able to see one in my town because part of the reason why I liked naming my town Citàlune was because of the beautiful night sky in New Leaf, and so I really looked forward to seeing night-sky-events like auroras and meteor showers. ^_^ Here are some pictures I took to remember it:

It might’ve been cool to update my dream address during the meteor shower, but I don’t want to update my dream address as long as Erik’s house is where it is. >_< Though I actually thought his house was a nice touch in the background of this particular photo 😛


I got the next highest version of the Traveler badge (the silver edition), mostly as a result from visiting back and forth a lot between my two copies of the game.

Aww, Melba’s reaction after convincing her to stay. It’s not like I agree with her about that, but it’s nice to think that my villagers like living here! 🙂

Btw this might be one of the last times I convince Melba to stay, because I’ll be letting her go eventually. 😦 It’s nothing to do with her, but it’s because of her house, which isn’t aligned with the other houses nearby and doesn’t match my house exterior theme that I’m doing (houses with fairytale doors). I’m determined to have Erik move out first, though, and having Melba be the last villager to ever leave.

I visited Bunnie’s house when she invited me over, and I think it’s pretty cute! I guess it’s nothing amazing, but I really like the homely touches. And I think it’s neat that every version of her room throughout the AC series has a piano in it — it’s cool to think that playing the piano is a hobby of hers or something. ^^

Sometimes I like to play in the early morning in my town because I love seeing the brightening sky still speckled with stars, but this day I was especially struck by the beauty of it! I guess it’s because there were absolutely no clouds, nothing obscuring the stars or the deep blue gradient:

* Okay, end of early-morning pic spam 😛 *

This Letter Writer badge was kind of an interesting one to get! I’m not usually a huge letter-writer, but I’ve been sending lots to Erik in the hope of boosting my friendship with him so that he might move sooner. I don’t know if this strategy/method works at all, but it’s based on my personal experience in the past; the few times I sort of ignored certain villagers (for example, I ignored Henry for a while…), they took forever to move, and finally moved out once I started becoming better friends with them. And I know that some of the neighbors I have the highest friendship with (Melba, etc.) have asked to move out multiple times. My thinking behind this theory is that once you’ve reached a high friendship threshold with a villager, the game feels that you have gotten to know the villager enough for their stay in town to feel complete enough to then let them go and meet someone new.

Aww, more warm fuzzies from my villagers expressing that they like our town! ❤

This was cool to get a new rumor, though as always, they don’t last long and I go back to being a pro-listener after a couple of days. 😛

Katrina said that my lucky item was a men’s accessory one day, so I decided to try one on and go island-hopping on Club Tortimer looking for exclusives (specifically, a pink wetsuit), hoping that wearing the lucky item would help some. I always feel guilty doing this because I know many people go to CT to socialize and meet people, whereas I’m usually just looking for items. -_- And I’m sure I looked especially ridiculous this time, with my mustache. xP

I didn’t come across a pink wetsuit in this round of CT island-hopping, but I found this white one, which seemed like it might be fitting enough for Estel!

Food is the way to a lazy villager’s heart! 😛

I like it when the path through my residential area seems busy like this!

*cough* I have no idea >_>

Hehe, Gloria is so cute! Can you just imagine a statue of Gloria the duck in town, maybe in gold or silver like the statues in AC:GC 😆

An especially heavy snowstorm, which at the time, I just thought was really pretty to see!

But it came at a price to my dirt paths! 😮

After a few days I started to repair the damage from the previous snowstorm, but then there was another one, which completely obliterated all my progress and made it even worse than it was before. >_< I started to feel disappointment whenever I saw it was snowing…I guess it's good if you want to repair dirt patches, but it's bad if you have dirt paths you want to maintain! I run laps on the paths every day, but when it snowed it didn't do any good.

When I had Julian over, I thought he looked quite at home and fitting in some of my rooms! 🙂

I tried out the princess bed Megan gave me in Estel’s room! Do you guys think it looks good, or did you prefer the regal bed in this set-up? I’m definitely going to use the princess furniture somehow, though, especially the bed, which is probably one of my favorite items in the game! I’d love a bed like it in real life. xP (Thanks so much again for it all, Megan!! 🙂 )

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29 thoughts on “End of January

  1. The meteor’s are quite pretty, aren’t they?
    Your house looks like an eerie princess castle in that starry pic.
    true; that’s why I always send food with lazy villager’s letters.
    Speaking of the island..
    I got a new room in my house and went to put my flower furniture into that room, well.. I’m kind of a few pieces short (hydrangea bed for example) and Something happened to my game so I can’t receive flower furniture, umm.. do you reckon you could get the last few bits?
    sorry to be a pain..
    (Oh yes, in return would a tropical floor do? its rare)
    I think the princess bed looks great there.

    • They are, so glad I was finally able to see one in my town 🙂
      Thanks! I can see how early morning screenshots can seem kind of eerily beautiful.
      Hehe, I often send fruit to Erik in letters as well, mostly because I’ve noticed they find it strange if you send them bells, and I don’t want to send furniture or clothes that would mess up his lovely cabin-style interior. Funnily enough, he often ends up giving the fruit back to me the next day 😛 Like “hey Estel, you’ve always been so nice to me, so here, take this peach!”
      Thanks for the feedback about the princess bed! ^_^
      Are you missing any pieces besides the hydrangea bed? Because the hydrangea bed is the only one I haven’t tracked down yet, and I thought I gave you all the other pieces besides that one. I’ll work on getting that for you, though!

  2. I think the princess bed looks great with the rest of your house! The pictures of the meteor shower in front of the town hall look incredible! By the way, if you update your dream suite during a meteor shower, will people see the meteor shower when they dream of your town?

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yep, if you update during a meteor shower, an aurora, a rainbow, a special sunset/sunrise — anything weather-related like that — it will be that way in your dream town! The only things that don’t show up in dream towns (as far as I know) are fireworks, confetti, and tents (ie. Katrina’s, Redd’s, etc.).

  3. I never experienced a meteor shower before! Hehe, I saw that tumblr post back then! 😀 Yeah! I could totally imagine Wendell giving out those balloon furnitures like he gave bubble wands and stuff to players back at city folk! xD and I absolutely LOVE your town early in the morning! I bet it would fit with the 2-3 AM tune, I guess? …even the 5 AM music, if possible. xD Early morning music in animal crossing always have a special place in my heart..idk, maybe because I always wake up at early mornings for school and I play animal crossing immediately just to check my town out. xP
    Ack! I didn’t know snow storms could do that much of a repair.. 😮 (for your town, it’s probably considered ‘damage’ haha xP) I was planning to make dirt paths on my new town too… 😦 so would the same happen if there was a storm during spring? (or just a normal rainfall?) Also, it was funny seeing Estel wearing a mustache.. hehe. xD

    • Thanks, I love the early morning too! ❤ I took those pictures around 4:50 AM, so it would have the music many people find scary/creepy because they associate it with Aika 😛 But I've never found it too creepy, more just calming, and yes, slightly on the eerie side, but not bone-chilling xP
      Aww, I can see how the early morning music would have nostalgic significance for you, that’s sweet! ^_^ For me, it’s probably some of the hourly songs in AC:GC, it takes me back and I could cry ;_;
      Yeah I wasn’t expecting that either…I don’t remember ever having any problem maintaining them in late summer or fall, even after it rained! But I’ll pay closer attention when I reach rainy season in AC:NL again (remember how we started AC:NL in the rainy season and everyone was so tired of it? xD) to see if rainstorms have the same affect as snowstorms.

      • Aww, I bet you had really great memories playing AC:GC then! xP Wish I could’ve played AC:GC .. :/
        I think we started AC:NL at summer? idk if I could recall any rain back then (maybe I just forgot. xD) Hm…I wonder if there’s a thunder storm in AC:NL … I would really like to see thunders! hehe.. I kinda actually like the rain in Animal Crossing, how it plays the music box (?) version of the hourly music, the calming sound of water dropping and the villagers running around with an umbrella! haha. 😀

        • Aah it’s okay, Wild World is a great AC game to start off with too! 🙂 I’m just a bit older so it was AC:GC that I started out with (probably around the same age that you started out with AC:WW).
          Yeah, maybe it didn’t rain as much in your town, but it was pretty constant in mine; the sunny days were rare xP My tumblr dashboard at the time was full of people complaining about the rain as well, haha. (I did some complaining myself!) And this bulletin board message alludes to there being a rainy season in June or so.
          I like the rain too! In moderation… I guess the only thing I don’t like about it is how it gets really cloudy and dark when it rains in AC:NL, so sunsets and stars are obscured, and the lighting around town is duller. I think my town looks best with clear skies, but I’ve seen some dream towns updated during a rainstorm and theirs look quite lovely in the rain! 😀 And I agree that the music box-esque hourly songs are really pretty, and that it’s cute to see everyone out with their umbrellas!

          • Yeah.. Sometimes I wish I was born earlier so I could have played AC:GC too. xP
            Ohh, I didn’t know it rained that much in June! It was sunny almost everyday back then when I started my town.. xP haha! I agree.. The skies make me feel gloomy when it’s rainy.. 😛 I could see how many people are complaining about the frequent rain. xD

  4. WHAT?! You’re letting Melba move out? I’m shocked, since I thought she was your favorite villager… Oh, well, hopefully she’ll end up in your second town or another place where she’ll be loved 😛
    By the way, I read somewhere that the last villager to move in won’t ask to move out until another villager moves in, so there’s that? I’m not too sure if that’s true, but it might be why Erik hasn’t asked to leave your town yet…
    I love how Estel looks in the mustache 😆 I also think the white wetsuit will look great on her!
    Hmm, I personally prefer the regal bed, because even though the princess bed is really nice and cute (I even have one just for that reason), it seems like more of a “dainty”, floral item, which isn’t exactly the impression I get of Estel being… They both look really good, though!

    • Her moving away won’t change the fact that she’s my sentimental favorite, and her stay in Citalune is just one chapter in our history, since she was in my first Wild World town Cutetown and my second main one, Dafdilly — where she’ll continue to stay forever, I hope ^_^ But yeah, things like imperfect house placements and inconsistent/mis-matching/unappealing house styles really bother me for some reason :/ Along with things I can’t control, like rocks, but at least this is a flaw I can control & fix, so I feel it’s best I should do so.
      Hmm, wow, I guess that’s something to consider! I’ll look into that, thanks for telling me! I wouldn’t have thought that, since neighbors could move in and then move right out in past games, but who knows…
      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂 I imagine that Estel has a preference for pretty/elegant furniture, but it’s possible that the regal and princess series, while both pretty, do give off different impressions! My worry with the princess bed is that it might be too big and overpower the room a bit in its current layout, like it blocks the view of the full-moon vanity a bit.

      • Well, I see how that could be really annoying 😛 I personally choose villagers because of their appearances and not their house styles, but some of the houses in my town… Marina, why couldn’t you have chosen a better house style?!
        Yeah, it seems strange, and then again, I remember Katie telling me that Tom moved out of her town just a week after moving in, but I’ve never had that kind of thing happen to me. I guess that almost all of the advice out on the Internet about villagers moving out is kind of debatable…
        You’re welcome! I didn’t think about it blocking the full-moon vanity, but it might do that from an angle, I guess? And I would almost say that I thought the princess series would be something that would end up in one of Lyra’s rooms, but I guess it’d be fitting for both girls 😆 Then again, I’m not the one who’s in charge of Citàlune 😛 You’re the only one who can make the decision about who gets what, I guess!

  5. I agree with Marina about the princess bed. It’s really pretty, but I think the blue regal bed fit with the room better. The princess bed is very fancy so it draws your attention away from the rest of the room (which is beautiful). I had the same problem when I put my princess bed in with my gothic white rococo furniture. Maybe your could put a few more princess pieces in there so it’s more distributed throughout the room or put the bed in the upper left corner? The cupid bench would look pretty in there as well or maybe for a bit more color splash you could put a rainbow screen on either side? Just throwing out some ideas though 🙂 I’m always envious of how good your rooms look 😉 We should wifi sometime soon! Citaluna has come a long way (I finally got my statue fountains, but am still waiting on the metal benches to put in the garden). Oh and I think I am going to go with Hazel like you said 🙂 Her house is more colorful and I think Luna would like a squirrel in her town way more than a goat 😛

    • Thanks for the feedback! That was my feeling too about the princess bed, and I think I have a different idea for it now, for a different room. 🙂
      Sure, I would love to WiFi sometime! I’m not good at figuring out times, but maybe just shoot me a comment sometime on a weekend, or on a weekday time when we might both be free, and maybe we can meet up then spontaneously! Otherwise we could always try to schedule a time.
      Glad I could help a bit in your decision with Hazel, she should be a great neighbor (and a great house) to have!

  6. Amy…? Helloo!! It’s Jemma 🙂
    Long time no talk, I missed you so much!!! I missed this community in general, I love coming back here and stalking everyone (hahah) when I’m feeling nostalgic. Reading posts like this really make my day.
    Citalune looks absolutely gorgeous, and the clear sky with stars sparkling through just suits it so well, I also remember getting up early (or just always having my town a few hours behind) just to see the sky clear up, and I loved the little “Good morning everybody” message in Wild World when the clock strikes 6 a.m (don’t quote me on that though heheh). Oh and the sudden change from the relaxing night music to the cheerful daytime tune. Is there still some feature like that in New Leaf?

    Sounds like you got quite some badges, woot woot!! And that large head snowman… hahahahah. Oh and I love the picture of the busy “residential area” it was the perfect timing!!

    Wow and I have really got a weakness for regal rooms in Animal Crossing, or anything fancy like that… oh I just love it!! So the princess furniture is absolutely adorable!! So far, I loved just about everything I saw in this post, it all was so beautiful!

    Anyways, hope you didn’t mind me just appearing here out of nowhere, I hope everything is going well for you!! Hugs!!

    • Awww yay, hiiii Jemma! 😀 What a sweet surprise! 🙂 I’m glad you’re still doing well and like to check up on the community sometimes, that’s really sweet of you! ^-^ And I’m glad you like the post and were able to follow some of it, even though you haven’t played New Leaf!
      I remember doing that in Wild World too! In addition to loving the lightening (but still deep blue) starry skies in the early morning, I also quite liked the 5 AM music in Wild World. The 5 AM music in New Leaf isn’t as good in my opinion, but the switch from that quiet and slightly eerie 5 AM music to the more jaunty and cheerful 6 AM music is similar to how it was in Wild World, I think ^_^ And I think there’s a similar message at 6 AM in New Leaf, too, and many of the AC games, since it’s considered the start of a new day in Animal Crossing.
      Hehe me too, I have a weakness for any furniture that’s pretty/elegant/fancy like that as well, like regal and princess furniture and such 🙂 And I love how in New Leaf I can have a castle exterior to match!
      Of course I don’t mind, it’s always such a pleasure to hear from you! 🙂
      Did you hear about how AC:WW WiFi will be shutting down on May 20th? I might want to host a WiFi or two, and visit other towns if possible, before then! So if you’re interested and still have access to AC:WW-compatible WiFi connection, maybe we can meet up in AC:WW again sometime before it’s no longer possible 🙂

      • Oh, gosh!! I had not heard of the WiFi shutting down, but I just looked it up. Oh that’s such a bummer, my DS is broken (not technically but it just won’t charge anymore), which probably means I’ll be purchasing a 3DS sometime soon, because I certainly still love playing Animal Crossing from time to time. And a 3DS means New Leaf!! But this is all a plan I made up in my mind, so my parents might not agree, but I sure hope so!
        I couldn’t find any confirmed information as to why they’re shutting it down, but it seems a little bit unfair 😦

        • Yeah, I’m not really 100% sure why either, but I assume it has to do with money, like maybe it costs too much to upkeep the WiFi for the DS and Wii, and not enough people are still playing those systems to make the costs worth it? It may also be partly to encourage people to buy the new generation of systems, the 3DS and WiiU, instead. But I agree it’s a bummer, I didn’t expect this at all 😦
          Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your broken DS! >_< But that's such good news about the possibility of you getting a 3DS and AC:NL, fingers crossed for you and luck for convincing your parents! 🙂 It would be great to play together, and to see how an AC:NL town would turn out for you, with all the new public works projects and other customization options! 😀

          • Yeah, it sure would be very fun!! I sort of mentioned it today, and since they know I’ve taken very good care of my DS (I’ve seriously had it for half my lifetime) they agreed that a new Nintendo would be very worth it, I think I’ll offer to pay 50% myself and for them to pay the other half since I’ve got no birthday or celebration coming up soon. 😀

  7. Oh, the atmosphere early-morning really is unique 😮 The way the horizon almost continues into the sky because of the similar hues gives everything an odd, ‘floaty’ feeling xP I played in those early morning hours once (actually super duper late the night before…) and was too sleepy to savour it.
    Wooah, I never made the connection between precipitation and the grass regrowing 😮 I just thought it was weird how people said grass regrows slower during winter months and mine kept coming back really fast. I can kind of admire the game designers for putting in a detail like that, though it is a pain for maintaining paths -_- I’ve been playing in real time and my paths are still not back (though the grass is paling).
    Estel’s room looks nice 😀 I think the princess bed is good, and the pink spots and more intricate pattern than the regal bed help it match the other items in the room more.

    • I agree, the sky and the lighting at that time is so beautiful and unique, and made more special by how rare it is to be up at that time of day to enjoy it ^_^ I think “ethereal” could even be a good descriptor of this time of day, though that’s a strong word to describe the scenery in an Animal Crossing game 😛 (Though it is a beautiful game! 🙂 )
      I kept hearing people say that too! And it was very different in my experience, winter was the one time I had trouble maintaining my dirt paths. I think if there’s one time of year that would have the worst grass deterioration and slow re-growth, it would actually be Autumn; I don’t remember getting much precipitation at that time of year.
      Thanks for the feedback about the princess bed! I actually decided I was too attached to the previous layout to change it at this point, so I found a use for the princess furniture in a different room. Though I agree the princess bed had a variety of hues that would’ve matched the room! Maybe I’ll try refurbishing the regal bed into some different colors for fun and to see how the different colors look in the room ^^

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