(All of) February 2014

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Not enough happened in February to justify splitting it into two posts like I usually do for each month…which was partly my own doing, probably. Despite what I’ve said before about wanting to slow down and savor winter, I might have ended up rushing through this last month of winter, because I kept TTing ahead quicker than usual in the hope that Erik would be the next one to ask to move. But nope, he’s still here, and at this point everyone else in my town has asked to move out (some of them multiple times) since Erik moved in. Recently I heard of the possibility that the newest villager to move into one’s town won’t consider moving out until someone new has moved in. So if that’s the case, I may have to change my determined plan about having Erik be the one to move out next.

Still, there a few events to enjoy in February with Groundhog’s Day and the month’s Fishing Tourney, and the end of February saw a return to a sight not seen for a while: green grass!

February 2nd was Groundhog Day, and I guess Resetti is the closest thing to a groundhog in town, so he was the sort of mascot for the occasion! It would’ve been cool if he actually came out to the plaza for a shadow-viewing ceremony or something; I don’t get to see him much these days, since I haven’t built the Resetti center PWP.

Waving to Melba 🙂 I remember in Wild World you could wave to villagers by tapping them with the stylus, and I realized in New Leaf you can still sort of wave to them using the emotion (a bit less convenient though).

Melba in Citàlune seems like much more of a bookworm than Melba in Dafdilly 😛

Geez, asking a bit much aren’t you? And Rod asked me to catch a coelacanth once when it wasn’t even raining!

For February’s Fishing Tourney, I purposefully got second place because silver was the last trophy color I didn’t have. Since I have all the fish furniture as well, I guess in the future I can just participate for fun. 🙂 And it was really cute to share the podium with my two koala buddies! 😀

Hanging out with Bunnie and Erik in their cozy homes ^_^

Aah yes, I was able to restore Erik’s house back to its 100% original condition! (Before, he had a shirt where the guitar was.)

Melba asked me to dig up a time capsule I’d buried for her a few weeks earlier. Heh, when I think of time capsules, I think of something that you’d bury for 10 years or more, filled with important things, but these Animal Crossing-style time capsules are cute too. 🙂

And she gave me her picture in return! ^_^ I think this is the fourth one, I might’ve lost count.

Aww, when I think about winter things I’ll miss, like auroras and the white blanket of snow covering everything, I probably wouldn’t have thought of the snowflakes fluttering about, but I’ll miss little things like that as well. 😦

But as much as I’ll miss winter, I think it’s good to keep moving forward and enjoy the other seasons, holidays, and events to come — and winter will come again eventually! By then my tree should be bigger, I should have all my dream neighbors, more items, more PWPs, maybe more paths under my belt, and so on, so winter should be even better next time! ^_^

For the first day of spring, February 25 (well, it’s the day the snow melts, at least), I loaded with Violet first because it’s her birthday! Back when I chose her birthday, I thought this date might be fitting because she’s named after a flower and her house has the garden exterior, and I thought it’d be fun to celebrate all the new green with a birthday. 🙂

Melba hosted the party at her house, and if I remember correctly, I think Melba might be the only villager Violet has ever talked to at all. >_> I prefer to not talk to villagers with my other characters.

Violet’s birthday gift was a random wallpaper — ouch! Far from what I was hoping for, a birthday cake. I should’ve guessed, but I suppose you have to be at a certain friendship level with the neighbors hosting the party in order to receive an item from the birthday set.

I thought Violet’s house entrance looked pretty with spring’s changes!

Estel’s castle entrance, on the other hand…

…is a Major downgrade. 😦 Ahh it looked so lovely before with the snow on top of the bushes and the white flowers to match, and now it doesn’t look as good against the bright green imo. But it should look better once the greenery gets darker later on, and after the holly berries go away! I actually didn’t choose holly bushes for Estel’s hedge because of the berries; I chose them because they’d be nice dark, netural bushes for most of the year.

But this is a spot that looks nice with the changes, and it should look even better when the azalea bushes bloom. 🙂

And it’s great to see the roofs in town again! 😀

How the early spring version of my fairytale bridge path looks. I have more work to do to get my town looking nicer for spring, though: re-planting the cedars with oak/fruit trees, flower re-arranging, etc.

Hehe, I thought it was neat that she mentioned her house exterior like this! I agree it’s nice, Bunnie, and that’s a pretty big reason why I picked you to live here. xP


If I can just tack something unrelated at the end of this post here…
I recently made some lists on the AC:NL item catalog site MoriDB. One is a wish-list of items that I’d love to have. In return, I can offer anything in this catalog list, which currently includes all the furniture, carpet, and wallpaper I own (maybe later I can add apparel). But that’s an extremely long catalog list, so I also have a shortened list of rarities I can offer (non-orderables, DLC, etc.) that you can browse instead. I’ll add these lists to the sidebar later so they’re always available! In addition to furniture and such, I can also always offer bells and/or hybrids!

Just to be completely honest and clear here, the reason I can offer some of those rarities is because, well — this is a controversial subject — I have access to two 3DSes and multiple copies of the game, so I have the ability to dupe. I like that I can do this now because it means that I don’t have to be so restricting about giving others non-orderable items, but if you have a problem with receiving duped items, feel free to let me know and I won’t ever give you any (not that they’re any different from real items, but I’ll respect your wish!).

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38 thoughts on “(All of) February 2014

  1. I have the ice-cream case! What would you offer for it? BTW, if you see this on Friday night, I can’t get on until Sunday 😦 (I’ll post more with my other account later, but I just wanted to say this right away :P)


    • Awesome, thanks!! 😀 What I can give in return partly depends on what you would like — is there anything you’d like on my rarities-I-have-to-offer list, or from my catalog? If so, I’d be happy to give that in return, and if nothing there interests you, I can always just give you bells/hybrids, or dupe you a crown (which you can either use as an accessory or sell it for lots of money).

      • I actually already have a crown and a royal crown from a Japanese girl at Club Tortimer! 😛 I thought the afternoon tea set looked nice, but it’s probably asking too much… I’ve seen it go for millions before, after all.
        Onto my real comment… All these changes in your town make me think that maybe some of your characters (and maybe even the town itself) just like certain seasons more than others 😆 Violet’s cottage looks pretty, and so does Lyra’s castle! It’ll be interesting to see what Estel’s yard looks like when the grass gets darker, like you said 😛

        • Oh, no, an afternoon tea set will be fine ^_^ So let me know when you want to do the trade! 🙂
          Hehe yeah, I can see what you mean about that! I think Estel’s castle area especially shines in the wintertime, and Lyra’s castle area would look amazing with the mid-October gold trees (shame that I didn’t have the gold roof yet for Lyra when I had the gold trees in my town). And Violet’s house looks great in the springtime ^^ But the pattern ends there, I think, because Fern’s house will just be a sort of rustic-looking cottage, so it won’t look especially amazing in the summertime compare to other times of year.

          • I’ll probably be open this weekend (at least I hope I will), but I’m going to be really busy for the next little while, so IDK 😛
            Yeah, I thought Estel’s castle looked best with all the snow covering your town, and I agree about Violet’s house favoring the spring! I see what you mean about Lyra’s castle and how it would look great with the golden trees, and now I can’t wait to see how it’ll look then 😆 And I guess that since most people go to their vacation homes in the summer, maybe Fern’s house will be appropriate for the season? I mean, I can’t think of any other time of year it’d look as good in 😛

            • Oh okay, that’s totally fine, whenever we get around to it — in no hurry! 🙂
              Yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing the gold trees eventually too! And looking forward to finally putting Fern’s house together once I get all my dream neighbors 😀 And then we’ll see if there’s a specific season it looks especially good with ^^

  2. Aww! I like Isabelle’s suit in groundhog day! haha. xD and your town looks quite lovely in spring!
    Dang, I have the coffee cup, cream and sugar, ice cream case, marshmallow etc. back in my old town… I could lend you the items so you can dupe them but…. I can’t anymore.. T__T Hm, When I get a new town, I’m gonna help you! (Though, It won’t really be my town.. Maybe a town just to give you some stuff. :D) I can time travel to buy some stuff for a certain season and maybe get to meet up with people who gives out DLCs from other countries–! I should thank you for helping me a lot in the past… though, when I get a 3ds… Your wishlist might be 60-80% completed already;;

    • Thanks, I’m glad you think so ^_^ I was worried my town wouldn’t look good in springtime.
      Aww, that’s so sweet of you to offer and want to help me like that, but I insist that when you get your 3DS and game, you should be focusing on simply playing again and starting up your town, not getting me items xP In fact, I should be the one helping you build up your catalog again, not the other way around 🙂 But again, thanks for the thought, that’s sweet of you! x3

      • You did a lot of things for me in the past, and I just felt like I need to repay you. ^__^ It’s fine! I really don’t mind helping you complete your catalog.. I might only offer a few but at least I’ll get to offer something! Then after that, I’ll focus on my new town. 😀

        • Aww, well you’ve done some things for me in the past as well! We’ve helped each other out, that’s what friends do ^^ But thank you Choco! 🙂 You’re of course free to do whatever you like when you get your 3DS and town 😀

  3. Awww Melba is such a cute villager, this post had lots of pictures of her, and I really got to admire her cuteness ^^ And you got her picture, great!!
    Yeah, one thing I sure love, and miss a little bit, of having a small home is that cozy feeling, neighbor’s rooms are welcoming and warm 🙂
    And your town looks lovely for spring, all the entrances to your houses look amazing to me!! Oh and I also wish we could trade something, but I’ll have to see if I’m able to access any item on your wishlist when I get the game!

    • I agree, she’s so cute and sweet as always! 🙂 I’ve accumulated quite the Melba picture collection.
      In New Leaf you can have multiple character houses (up to four), and for each house, control the size of the house and the size of each of the rooms inside. So if you want, you could have one character have a mansion, and one character have a cozy little house, one could even be a castle, and so on ^_^
      Aww, thanks Jemma, I’m glad you think so! ^_^ And don’t worry about that, hehe, I wouldn’t expect someone who’d just gotten the game to give me stuff on my wishlist xP I’d want to help you out with stuff!

      • Oh!! Very interesting, that’s really cool, I guess being the mayor in your town will just be a very different experience in general, so I should expect numerous surprises heheh.
        Thanks, Amy!!

  4. We have some trading to do!!! I have lots of the items on your wishlist 😀 I should make a wishlist too! I am currently collecting the horoscope series and the flower series. I am also on the lookout for the autumn carpet/wallpaper for Autumn and the dollhouse dress! I’ll message you later with a list of things I can give you 😀

    • Thanks! I love arranging flowers 🙂 And sure, that sounds great! And if you want, after I receive the coffee cup I could dupe it and then give one back to you ^_^ I also have a hibiscus clock I can give you sometime (still need the hydrangea bed though).

  5. I can get you: Wobbelina, tea vase, tea tansu, tea table (I’ll have to double check), gold screen, gold floor, embroidered dress, marshmallow chair, medicine chest (I’ll double check). I tell you if I find anything else 🙂

    • Wow, thanks so much!! I just successfully duped a set of flower furniture for you (though I’m missing the hydrangea bed), along with the autumn wall & flooring, and the dollhouse dress. I also ordered for you the horoscope furniture I have so far, and a few other things that I remember you mentioning you liked in my rooms (the mermaid statue and the dessert case). I can also work on duping/ordering other items in your wishlist that I have!

      • Awww thank you! I’ll double check some of the things on your wishlist when I get home! Oh and next time you are in Citaluna, be sure to visit my golden pear orchard to get so I can pay you back for some stuff 🙂

          • Yeah we should be able to! Maybe sometime tomorrow (Saturday) evening? I know on Sunday, I am celebrating my birthday with people and whatnot 😀 (I wish my birthday was not so close to finals) but I may have time then too! I need to get ordering stuff for you! I’ve been trying to clean out Lenore’s dresser and expand the other houses so I can fit more furniture 🙂

            • Sure, that should be fine! Maybe 7 PM or so? (Or just shoot me a comment/reply when you’re ready)
              Aww, I hope you have a happy birthday! 🙂 My presents for you can be considered a birthday gift then ^_^ It’s a fair amount of stuff, so I hope you have room for it all — there’s always the beach for a safe storage spot, or the train station and Re-Tail plazas, (The town tree plaza isn’t safe because it’s where events and tents go, and regular around-town space isn’t necessarily safe either if someone new moves in)

              • I’ll open my gates at 7 PM my time, but feel free to just drop by whenever you can — no rush! Ah and I wouldn’t want to interfere with your schoolwork, so it’s fine if you can’t make it 🙂 We can always do it another time.

              • Nah my quiz needs to get done sooner rather than later! The longer I wait, the less I will feel like doing it and the harder it will be when I get around to it. I’ll stop by probably around 7:30 or so 🙂

              • Hope your quiz has/will go well! 🙂 My gates are open, but again, it’s okay if you’re too busy and can’t make it!

  6. Haha it’s funny that they went to the effort to put Groundhog Day into the game and make Mr Resetti the mascot. Pity he doesn’t actively participate though.
    I keep wanting to tap on my villagers to wave to them! Obviously to use the emotions you have to be in their vision, so when I see someone across the river or facing the other way, I get the urge to tap them on the screen, and then I realise it’s on the top screen so I can’t >_< Oh well being able to interact with them with a range of other emotions makes up for it 🙂
    The inside of Erik’s home is so cozy x3 I visited a few of the villagers in my other town today which I hardly ever play, and I was pretty impressed by some of these animals’ furniture arranging skills 😮 (Better than mine xP) And you’re good at restoring them, too o_o I usually take a look at a messed up room and give up >.<
    Aww, Estel may have got the short end of the stick with spring, but the rest of your town has adapted well! Violet’s house entrance looks lovely again and it is good to see those roofs once more, as well as the lush colours of the perfect apple trees ^^
    Oh that wishlist is a really good idea! It seriously feels like you have one of everything so this’ll take away the paranoia whenever I wanna bring you something 😛

    • I didn’t use the wave feature enough in Wild World to make it a habit I tried to do in New Leaf, but looking back, I do think it was really cute and handy to easily wave to neighbors like that! 🙂 Now that I think about it, I think they took the sound effect of waving to neighbors in Wild World, and made it part of the waving emotion in New Leaf (could be wrong though).
      I agree, I loove Erik’s cozy cabin-style interior! And I agree many of the villagers are quite good decorators in this game; one of my other favorites is Diana’s. For restoring their rooms, I often make use of the times when they invite me to their house to buy something that’s messing up their interior. Then later on I can give them a piece of furniture (through the mail, or through an errand) to fill up the empty “hole” in their house where the offending item used to be. Sometimes they even flat-out ask you for help in replacing a piece of furniture, too, though sometimes I don’t want to help with such an errand if the piece of furniture they’re asking to replace already looks great in their house! There’s also this villager house re-decorating guide, but I haven’t tried that method myself yet.
      Thanks! I am pleasantly surprised by how much I’m liking my town in the springtime, I didn’t think it would look that good xP Still look forward to when the grass gets darker, though! Btw there’s another guide by the same person I linked earlier, who did an in-depth guide on the environmental changes year-round! But it could be seen as spoilery, so only check it out if you’re interested: http://angiestown.tumblr.com/post/83299191161/i-made-a-guide-because-all-the-bush-and-tree
      Judging from that guide, it looks like the next darker-grass change should be in late April! And then it gets even darker in July.
      Aww, I always appreciate any gifts, no need to be paranoid! ❤ But feel free to let me know as well if there's anything in my rarities or catalog lists that you'd like! 🙂

      • Thanks for the house restoration tips and the link! Sounds like a lot of work but there’s a lot of into in that guide I never knew, like being able to change villagers’ music and letters needing to be 10+ characters to count towards badges O: The houses that caught my eye in my other town were Cesar who had such a delicately furnished house it was funny xD, and Bettina whose kitchen sounds and music track went perfectly together and made it feel like a real home 😛
        I always look forward to seeing your towns in the springtime! You always create really nice colour combinations and impressive layouts across your town(s), so when spring comes around I love seeing how they all come together with the fresh green palettes it brings. I can’t blame you for missing winter though – that was a beautiful time. It’ll come back around though ^^ Wow, that guide is awesome, and they thought to put one of each type of plant O: I chose the holly bushes for their red berries (of course :P), but I had no idea at the time that the other bushes would turn brown in the fall xP

  7. I just got a birthday cake table for my birthday! If I lend it to you, can you duplicate it so then you can have one! 😀 I’ll have to wait until my 3DS XL comes back from being repaired though 😛

    • Wow, congratulations on getting such a cool item from the birthday set, and I hope you had a great birthday! 😀 And wow, that’s reallyy nice of you to offer to lend it to me, thanks a lot! If you do, I promise I’ll dupe it right away and give it right back 🙂 And I hope your 3DS is repaired all safe and sound!

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