Beginning of March (2014)

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The beginning of March in Citàlune has brought festivities and events like Festivale and a new Fishing Tourney. Beautiful weather like golden sunsets and meteor showers have graced the skies. New paths have been laid, and there are hints of new villager changes on the way. Spring truly feels like it has arrived. 🙂

One day early in March I sat down to admire the sunset because I thought it looked a tad different than usual.

As the sunset deepened, it became clear that it was a special fiery sunset! It was good to see one again; the last time I had one (last summer), my town wasn’t very developed.

March 3rd was Festivale, which is an especially fun event since there’s confetti and feathers flying about! The first feather I saw and caught was a rainbow one, how lucky. ^^ When I had Festivale in my other town, I searched for a rainbow feather for a long time and never saw one. (This time I got over five!)

I changed my path back to this mosaic one I made a while back! I looked back on old pictures and found myself missing the vibrant color these paths added to my town, and I thought they’d be fitting for the bright colors of Spring and the pink cherry blossom trees coming in the near future. And maybe I was also inspired by the confetti and festive atmosphere of Festivale. ^_^ Though I do like this path, I’d still like to try making a new path eventually — maybe once I catch up to present time and don’t have to worry about my time-travel catch-up process anymore.

I really loved the confetti! :mrgreen:

Besides admiring the confetti and collecting feathers for myself, I also spent a lot of time fetching feathers for Pavé, and made sure to get all the Pavé furniture before the day was over (though I don’t really have plans for the series). He’s quite the character! 😛

It was also really cute seeing my neighbors singing around town in their Festivale outfits and headdresses:

My neighbors enjoying Festivale

Overall it was a fun event and I really enjoyed it, even though it could be frustrating at times collecting the furniture with all Pavé’s repeats. And I got tons of feathers, so if you need any, feel free to let me know! xP

Gloria talking about customization

Gloria going over some of the things I love most about this game, all the customization options and things you can do to make your town and character and AC life your own 🙂

Melba wanting to watch the town tree grow

Nooooo 😥 Her saying this really gutted me, since I’m planning on letting her go 😦

It’s not that I’m spying, his house just happens to be in the middle of the dang road — kinda hard to avoid T_T

Alice talking about her calligraphy and dictionary memorization

Sometimes the “normal” characters in New Leaf actually seem rather…strange 😛

Bow wig at GracieGrace

Ooh, this famous hair accessory appeared at GracieGrace!

Rod thrilled about his perfect fruit gift

Haha, it’s always fun seeing how neighbors react when you give them foreign perfect fruit!

And he gave me his picture in return! 😀 I’ve gotten the most villager pics from giving perfect fruit, and from returning lost items. Sometime I should take a picture of all the villager pics I’ve gotten so far, but I’ve been too lazy. -_-

I wanted to cover up the town tree plaza’s pavement with a flowery pattern again, and decided to take a lazy approach by just recoloring the same pattern I made last Fall for Spring. 😛

The first rain of 2014 in Citalune! I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’m sick of the rain like I was last year, but for now I’m enjoying it and love seeing everyone’s umbrellas again! And some of my neighbors’ umbrellas I hadn’t seen before, since they moved in during the winter months.

I thought it was really cute how Estel’s preferred umbrella matched those of her two koala buddies! ^_^

Wow, Alice remembering a past town! And this wasn’t the town I got her from, so she must’ve lived in multiple towns before Citalune.

I heard Lyra's birthday wish was for Paula to move in!

Urgh, I really regret making this wish public… >_<

I decided to use the princess furniture Megan gave me in a new bedroom for Violet! 🙂 It might seem kinda similar to Estel’s, since they both have the cloud flooring and a similar style, but I think there are some key differences. Estel’s room is supposed to be a sort of tribute to nighttime with the aurora screens, lunar horizon wallpaper, full moon vanity, and other similar touches. Violet’s room has rainbow screens instead, and a more playful feel with the toys and such. I also wanted it to feel somewhat whimsical/magical, which is a loose theme I want to continue throughout her house, like the magician’s workroom, the fairy feast room, the ~enchanted midnight garden~ in the back room, and so on.

Oh no, I guess it’s getting close to time for Melba to go. 😦 I’ve said it before, but the reason why I’m letting her leave is because I’m being picky about my villagers’ house exteriors and house locations in Citalune, and Melba’s house doesn’t match the others well and isn’t aligned correctly with the others either. I’m sure it seems strange, but maybe you’ll understand better once you see the house of the neighbor who will move in to replace Melba — it’s one of my favorite house exteriors in the game! (Or maybe you’ll continue to think I’m weird. xP) I’ve decided that I’m going to move Melba to my other town, though, so I can continue to interact with her there and have Estel visit her whenever I want. 🙂 But I’m not going to lie, it does sadden me that she won’t be in my main town anymore, and that she won’t get to visit Citalune again (except on Main Street). She hasn’t moved out yet, so I’ll be sure to enjoy my last few days with her in Citalune! ❤

One day I scrolled through my PWP list and I noticed this for the first time! 😮 I wonder how long I’ve had it unlocked, I don’t remember ever getting any notice from Katrina or anything.

I built it right away, of course, and now my Main Street is complete! :mrgreen:

After receiving my first reading in her new shop, Katrina offered to sell me a Tingle hood, which I think gives you good luck whenever you wear it? I remember when I saw Ryann wearing this in a WiFi a while back, I thought it was a pikmin hat. xP

Wooooo, my tree grew a bunch! 😀 It’s really getting pretty big now! ^_^

There was another meteor shower in my town! This spot above the bridge is good for watching sky-events, I’ve noticed.

Shooting stars

More pics of the shooting stars.

To wrap up this long post (sorry about that, but I guess it’s been a fun and busy half-month!), March’s Fishing Tourney 🙂

It was crucian carp-only this time, and mine got third place. Alice won for the second time in a row! ^^

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50 thoughts on “Beginning of March (2014)

  1. Wow I love the changes in your town you mad for spring (especially the paths)! And do you have a post showcasing Violet’s rooms. I really like your ideas and theme for her house! 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad you do! 🙂 I shared some of Violet’s rooms in this post, though some of the rooms are under construction, especially the magician’s workroom, which I’d like to make more obviously magical 😛 Also might add a mermaid room or other things I think of later ^^

      • Thanks! By the way, I am going to make a nature themed town, and I have been thinking about making one of my characters a “fairy” for a long time. Would you mind if I took inspiration from Violet’s house for my fairy character.

        • Aw, that sounds like a great theme and idea! Sure, I wouldn’t mind! ^-^ In general, a mix of lotus lamps, plants mushroom furniture, weeding day/flower furniture, etc. would probably be good for that!

  2. Wow! 5 rainbow feathers!? I searched and didn’t even get one! Lol.
    That plaza pattern looks great 🙂 ooh, I want that fortune tellers shop. Apparently you have to visit the fortune place 20 times for you to build that.
    Aww.. meteors are so pretty.
    Btw, I get what you mean about house layout. I’m currently trying to kick out a pig in my town.

    • Aw, I can give you one sometime if you want ^_^
      Thanks! Yeah, I didn’t keep track of my visits to her tent, but I was starting to feel like it was about time that I should unlock her shop…but I don’t remember getting a notice from Katrina, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the option in my PWP list!
      Hehe, good luck in kicking out your pig neighbor! 🙂

      • Thanks 🙂
        Your welcome. Ever since I discovered you could get her as a PWP, I’ve been frantically visiting her ;P
        Thanks 🙂 ; it seems he likes it here though ^…^

  3. Awww that is a gorgeous shot of the lighthouse area in the fiery sunset >.< And the confetti goes with your town colours really well 😀 Haha wow, you had great luck during Festivale! I think I only found one rainbow feather, and I was chasing feathers for a fair few hours xP I loved seeing all the villagers wearing feathers and singing on the day – it really made the festival come alive. It’s interesting how Julian wears his headdress further back to make way for his horn. He looks pretty handsome with it like that 😛
    o_O You think your normal villagers are weird… but it sounds to me like they’re pretty dang talented =.= Lol 😛 But awww, it’s kinda sad now that you have a set date for Melba’s departure 😦 But it’s nice to hear that she’ll still be around. And that’s such a cute picture with the three of you with your lacy parasols out ^_^
    Oooh, Violet’s bedroom looks nice! I love this interesting and unique new character you’ve turned Violet into. Now I feel like I know her much better, and whereas before I kind of saw her and Fern as equivalents or similar characters, now I can vividly recall each of Violet’s wacky and whimsical rooms, her magical side and her cute and almost secretive garden entrance.
    That’s weird, that you unlocked Katrina’s shop without her telling you o.o My Katrina made me stop on my way out her tent to tell me about it. I haven’t built it yet though so I can see her beautiful tent a few more times 😛 I also kind of wish her shopfront was more like the one in City Folk – I think it had nice vines running along it?
    And lastly, wow your tree has gotten big 😮 I’m a bit confused by the stage mine is at because it grew once during the winter, and still hasn’t gone back to the large squarish shape it was before the fall. Do you think the trees are still not fully recovered yet from the winter and your stage would actually appear even larger in the summer? 😕

    • Yeah, the confetti, feathers, outfits and all were a lot of fun! 😀 I ended up spending several irl days on the in-game date of Festivale since I enjoyed it so much, so that probably explains why I got that many rainbow feathers 😛 It might be one of my favorite events so far ^_^ Ooh, and I didn’t notice that about Julian’s headdress! I wonder if there are any other animals whose headdresses required an adjustment like that.
      Hahah I agree, they do seem very talented and dedicated to their pursuits! Though memorizing dictionary definitions and doing calligraphy on tissue paper seems like tedious work 😛 I find it interesting in that I don’t remember normal characters saying things like this in past games, so it seems to me to be a sort of personality change/update, similar to how (I’ve seen others say) that the cranky villagers are less cranky now, and the snooty characters are less snooty than they used to be. It’s almost like everyone’s gotten older now, from Tom Nook and Katie to all the villagers.
      Aww yay, I’m glad you like the change! 🙂 I like that I get to express the more whimsical aspects of my tastes in her house now, since I already get to express elegance/fanciness in the two castles, and will get to show a cozy cottage-y feel in Fern’s house. I didn’t have a whole lot of ideas for Violet’s house before, but now I feel like there are a bunch of different options with the new direction!
      Oh, that’s interesting! I don’t remember her saying anything, but it’s possible I wasn’t paying attention and just jammed on the B button or something. I also got some readings from Katrina in other towns, so that might’ve prevented her saying something, if I was in a different town? Hehe I remember you’ve always liked Katrina’s tent, and even pieced together a beautiful full picture of it in Wild World ^_^ I agree that the exterior of the shop is a bit of a downgrade from the tent appearance-wise. I wonder if I’ll get the other special visitors more often now…
      Yeah, I think that’s probably the case! I’ve heard people say that the town tree isn’t fully recovered from winter during the cherry blossom festival, for example. I wonder when they will be fully recovered; it does seem to take a bit of a long time, unfortunately 😕

      • Haha I never thought of it that way – It’s clear Tom Nook and various other NPCs have aged or matured, but that the villager personalities have mellowed due to age is another way of looking at it. It sounds better than Ninty toning it down to be more kid-friendly 😛
        Oh yeah maybe that’s what happened with Katrina. I never visited her in another town and she actually stops you at the door; you wouldn’t have missed it. That’s a good point, if I hurry and build her shop, I’ll get Redd and… Redd more often 😆
        Yeah I was expecting the tree to recover a bit more after the cherry blossoms but all it did was turn from pink to green 😛 I do like that there’s so much variation in the town tree and slow changes throughout the year. At first I assumed that there would only be 2 “batches” of town trees – those in Japanese towns from late 2012 and those in Western towns from mid- 2013 that would be repeats of the Japanese players’ trees, but I was totally wrong from the moment we started playing in a different season, and even within our own 2013 batch of trees this goes to show that there’s still a lot of variation. At least when we all get to the stage your tree is at, we’ll be sticking with it for a while 🙂

  4. Awww your town is honestly so gorgeous, I love the “new” colorful mosaic paths, and covering up the rock tile around the plaza tree, mind if I do that too? It looks so gorgeous! You’re really making me quite jealous, Amy. My town is not nearly as developed as I’d like it to be, hahaha.
    So the tree grows according to the town development, I suppose? Yours looks huge!! I can’t really do anything to my town right now, my neighbors will not request ANYTHING, do you think it’s a glitch of some sort? I wish I had started my town in March, the festival is gorgeous and I love the confetti too!
    Mind if I ask what a fiery sunset is? It looked amazing with the lighthouse!!!
    Yay! Congratulations on completing your main street!! And you also got pretty shots of shooting stars!!

    • Thanks Jemma! 🙂 And nope, I don’t mind at all; it’s actually a fairly common thing in general to cover up the town tree plaza with patterns. Some people have little river/water patterns running around their tree, lots of people do flowery patterns like I did, and some just tile their plazas with something other than the regular cobblestone. The tree grows according to how much you’ve played, like how many hours and how many days you’ve been playing.
      Aww, I can definitely relate to you, since I felt the same way when I first started my town in June! I was frustrated by my neighbors’ lack of PWP requests, and that my town was so empty. I’m sure you’ll start to feel differently in a couple of months, though 🙂 And it’s fine to go slow, and take your time! I recommend not comparing your town to those who started their towns much earlier (or compare in general, really!) Just focusing on pleasing yourself with your town ^^
      I don’t think it’s a glitch! I had the same problem, it seemed like my neighbors hardly ever requested anything…maybe twice a week I’d get one? And then it’d most likely be one I wasn’t interested in -_- If you’re interested in speeding up the process, there’s a trick people do to increase the likelihood of getting PWP requests. You’ll need a wet suit, because the trick is basically just swimming out to a corner of the ocean and just hanging out there for 5-15 minutes, and then going back to town and walking in front of the neighbor you want to get a PWP request from. Because you were out swimming for a while, they’ll most likely get an exclamation point over their head (with a sound effect like “ping!”) and run up to talk to you. Sometimes this will be a PWP request, but not always…sometimes they’ll ask for a new catchphrase/greeting, or say something random. But if you keep doing the diving trick again several more times, chances are you’ll get a PWP request! Oh, and you can increase the chance that they’ll request a PWP by filling your pockets up with things like seashells, flowers, and bell bags; this will prevent them from asking to buy something from you, or to sell something to you. Someone explained the trick here probably better than I did, if you want to check it out too ^^
      The fiery sunset is what I call the special sunset that happens every now and then, which is only special because of its rarity and because of how the colors of the sunset are different than usual. Usually the sunset is pinkish purplish, but during a special sunset, it’s bright orange and reddish instead 🙂 There’s also a special sunrise (~5 AM). Usually the sunrise is just a gradual lightening from dark blue to medium blue, but during a special sunrise the sky is this really pretty purple!

      • Oh wow, this was so informative, thank you! I didn’t mean to compare towns too much, but it’s hard not to think you’re not being productive enough when you see really pretty towns, heheh.
        Well, so far they haven’t requested anything but I’ll see if that trick helps me out, thank you so much!!
        Special sunsets and sunrises must be beautiful, I can’t wait to experience one on my own!!
        Again, thank you so much for helping me out, it’s so great to have such a large community of people to whom I can ask anything I’m having troubles with. 😀

  5. hey! I checked out your wish list, and I can offer you the mama polar bear, medicine chest, paper wall lamp, and queen!

    • I also have the mama bear, too, is there anything you’ll offer for these? just to let you know I live in pacific time zone (sorry to ask if you do) 🙂

  6. Awww Melba is finally leaving? She is so cute! I’m glad she will still be on your other town though so you can visit her! What neighbor are you going to replace her with? I really like the new spring pattern around the town tree! It’s so pretty! Congrats on getting the fortune teller shop open 😀 I’ll have to keep an eye out for that in my town once I get my 3ds back.

    • Yeah, I’m glad she’ll still be around 🙂 And I’ll keep that a surprise for now, hehe! ( But I think I’ve already given it away in a few posts, like my gridded map one 😛 ) Thanks! 🙂 I bet you’ll get it quickly, since Katrina seems to like your town ^^

  7. I got New Leaf! Whooo!

    Too bad I don’t have my own 3ds. A friend of mine has one and is willing to let me borrow it sometimes though so…

    Since I probably won’t have a whole lot of gameplay time I don’t screw up my first town. I have also not played City Folk because I don’t have a Wii. Basically I’d like to be able to lay down a path ASAP.

    Are there any other tips you might have that people would normally just figure out by screwing up their town?

    • Wow, hey Kiya, long time no see! It’s great to hear from you again, and with such exciting news! 😀 Congratulations on getting New Leaf!! Hopefully you can get your own 3DS eventually over time 🙂 But I hope you enjoy playing it, and good luck with it!
      Here are some tips that come to mind:
      – Choosing a map/town: Here are all the river layouts! Browsing those could give you an idea of what you might like, or dislike. Other things to consider as well are the building placements (of the town tree, town hall, Re-Tail), the town fruit (only your town fruit can grow as “perfect” fruit trees), the default train station colors and town hall colors (unless you plan on remodeling those later), the number of ponds you might want, and the grass shape (same options as previous games). However, these things don’t have to be considered if you don’t want them to be! 🙂 Just tips in case you wanted to reset for a certain town.
      – Be careful building your mayor’s house, and choose carefully! It can’t be moved later. The place where you stand when you talk with Nook is the space that will be in front of the doorway, and the house is a 5×3 rectangle.
      – PWPs that can’t be demolished and you should be careful about building: the campsite, cafe, reset center, and police station. Even though it might be tempting to start building these things right away, it’s not a bad idea to be cautious and wait until you’re sure. Sometimes the placement of these non-demolishable PWPs ends up being peoples’ biggest regrets about their town. Feel free to go wild with other PWPs, though, which you can always demolish later! 😀
      – You mentioned wanting to make a path, so I recommend talking to Sable every day until you unlock the QR machine, which will allow you to scan awesome QR code paths! A good collection of them can be found here, but you can also always make your own too!
      – The villagers’ house placement method in New Leaf can be inconvenient and destructive. They can move pretty much anywhere in town, no more sign posts to dictate where they go. The only rules are that they must be two spaces away from a PWP, one space away from a rock or other natural obstacle (like a cliff or river), and at least one space away from pavement. Some people like to spread PWPs around town, or in specific places, solely to repel houses from landing there. There’s also a common trick people use to control villager house placement, so that neighbors don’t land on top of paths and gardens and such, and which is explained pretty well in these links: one, two
      I hope some of these tips help! I’d be happy to give more as I think of any, or if you have any other questions! ^_^

      • LOL actually we talked the other day and you asked if I had New Leaf 🙂

        And thanks so much! I’ll probably lay down blank patterns where I want paths for the time being so I don’t screw up any other grass until I get the QR machine.

        My boyfriend is lending me his 3ds and claims he wants to buy me one with the money everybody is giving him for his graduation… he’s so great 😀

        I don’t think I could do a blog though since I don’t have the 3ds at all times. Maybe when I get my own though!

        • Hehe, I think you’re think you’re thinking of Jemma; I remember seeing you comment on one of her posts (which I was excited to see 😀 )

          That’s a good idea! I totally forgot about grasswear as a tip, I’m so used to it now.

          Aww wow, that’s so nice of him!! 🙂 And it’s exciting to hear there’s a slight possibility you’ll return to AC blogging :mrgreen:

  8. My 3DS XL came back finally! And I’m done with finals so now I can play animal crossing. Oh remind me to give you the birthday cake table next time when we wifi so you can duplicate it 🙂 Right now I am stuck plot resetting and I am sooooooooo frustrated! Quick question: I put PWPs or villagers houses to the north, south, east, and west of where I want my dreamie to go so they land in exactly the right spot and they are all two spaces away. It looks likes this: P=PWP N=neighbor house
    O=open space G=dreamie’s house including door spot. (I wanted to send a pic, but I think I’ll have to post it on my blog) The symbols are about as lined up as they are going to get 😛

    Is it possible for my dreamie to move here? It seems to follow your theory you talked about with Julian’s house. They seem to like this one particular spot right next to Autumn’s house and it’s driving me crazy!!! XD

    • Yay 😀 Congratulations! And thank you, that’s really nice of you to do that 🙂
      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your plot resetting woes! >_< Of course, I can relate…might have to do some plot resetting myself soon, ugh. Just keep trying, you can do it! And I see you've done a post on it, so I'll go reply to that.

  9. I love your town, honestly it is really gorgeous and splendid! It’s sad to see Melba go, but at least you still get to visit her in your other town! 😀

    • Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you to say :’)
      I agree, it’ll be hard to see her leave Citalune! I hope she’ll flourish in Bywater, the town I’m taking her to! I have some new plans for her house exterior and interior, a sweets themed interior and a rose arch leading up to her house’s entrance. 🙂

  10. Hey Amy! Do you want to wifi sometime soon? I still need to give you that birthday table to duplicate and I just got two more items on your wishlist for you- the sloppy carpet and the throne 😀

    • Wow, really? :O Thanks so much! Like the birthday table, I could simply dupe those and give them right back. I wonder if I have anything new I could give you…recently I did some Club Tortimer island hopping looking for a pink wetsuit, and I came across a beach chair, a ukulele, and a sea globe; maybe they could be used in your summer castle if you don’t already have them? 🙂 And sure, I’d love to WiFi again soon! What time do you think would be good? Today, or another day, and the time?

    • I do, it’s on my QR codes page! It’s under “bordered versions with grass on the edges”, at the very end of the list. You could do a CTRL+F for ‘snow’ to find it 🙂

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