A Gallery of AC:WW WiFi Memories

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I wanted to do a little tribute to the wonderful memories I’ve made WiFing with friends in AC:WW, now that AC:WW WiFi is no more. I first started WiFing in AC:WW when I started this blog and met fellow bloggers. Animal Crossing has been a special game for me, being a great way to create my own little paradise world that I can escape in and enjoy, being a bit of a creative outlet (as cheesy as that sounds), and not least of all, a way I can (and have) met lots of awesome people who I’m glad have become a part of my life, even if just in a small way like WiFing together, blogging together, seeing their posts in my Reader/Dashboard. This is a thank-you and an honor to all those people and the memories we’ve made together! 🙂 I’m sorry that not every single WiFi is included, though; I thought it would be best to be a tad selective(?). I hope you enjoy the gallery!

This was my very first WiFi in Animal Crossing ever! It was with Teru (linking to her Wild World blog, since that’s what’s relevant to this post, but she’s also the owner of the New Leaf blog, Lily of the Valley) in her gorgeous town Bundeena! Here we are together in her mush room, which I’ve always liked because of the assortment of items mixed in with it, that still seem to match well with the room regardless!

And this was always my favorite spot in her town, the hybrid garden of mostly pink and purple flowers! 🙂 It was awe-inspiring to see in person for the first time, with the gold rose in front of the apple tree, and Lily’s cute red cottage in the distance! And it got even better over time, as she grew more hybrids. I’m toying with the idea of doing an attempt at fan-art of this spot, but if it turns out too embarrassing, I won’t post it. xD This spot will always be in my heart, though ❤

This was my first visit to Choco’s beautifully landscaped, elegant, and cozy town of StarCity! It was in the middle of a fireworks show, with a view of a constellation called “Rat Face” that I later picked up in my own Wild World towns and still have today. :’)

And this was Choco’s first trip to Dafdilly, I believe! I’ve always liked this picture of us looking out into the ocean in the rain.

This is a moment that will always make me smile, I think! 😛 Choco picked up a path pattern on accident and felt she had to punish herself for it, haha! The act of picking up the pattern=no big deal, easily fixed. This moment=priceless 😀

Setting off sparklers in my first “party” in Dafdilly — hence the silly party hats. xP From left to right in this picture it’s Jemma, Teru, and myself. Choco was on the far left, and unfortunately cut out of my picture.

Here are the four of us again at my party, after a King Tut mask race (since the mask makes you trip)! It was pretty funny because I couldn’t tell who won, since I gave them all Nile shirts to match the mask! Didn’t think that through. xD (I found out later that Teru won!)

In my favorite spot in Bundeena again, with a sleepy Rain! I’ve always loved this scene because our dresses look so pretty in this spot with the matching pastels, and I love the idea of Teru’s character Rain sleeping in the flowery meadow. ❤

This was a later WiFi in Bundeena (as shown by the Autumn trees), but I thought I’d include it after the previous picture because I love this picture for the same reason — our pretty dresses and crowns (Choco and I this time) matching the beauty of this spot!

This is Choco’s Flower Paradise island in StarCity, filled with hybrids! 😀 I always loved visiting her island, it was so beautifully decorated! ❤ Later on she even added a fountain and little park. I love the misty blue sky in this picture, it seems like such a peaceful atmosphere.

Choco and I bed-bumping, always fun. 😛 I like how we have the same expression at the same moment.

Me, Choco, and Usagi setting off sparklers in Usagi’s town Tropica! 🙂

Net fight in StarCity! This was actually when Jemma first arrived to join the party, so our greeting for her was a welcoming net whack. 😛 I remember Choco even had a “battle arena” set up for the net fight, a ring of trees!

Messing with Saima by getting the same haircut and outfit as her (the butterfly dress designed by Teru) in her town Ivy Hill. (Left to right: Saima, me, Choco)

Matching butterfly outfits again, this time in Teru’s town Bundeena! We all really loved that pattern, hehe! (Left to right: Choco, me, Teru)

Choco, me, and Teru showing off some pretty umbrella designs in an Autumn visit to my town 🙂 I like how the trees seem to be framing us.

Showing off umbrellas again, this time in Jemma’s town usa! This was my first visit to her town 🙂

Probably the biggest WiFi party I ever threw, for my birthday in 2012! 😀 I’d set up a CandyLand track — along with candy decorations to match — in my town, and we played that and other games, and set off party poppers! (Left to right: Jemma, Teru, me, Lenora)

Usagi, Jemma, and I having a picnic together in Jemma’s town usa, taking a little rest after playing many fun games during her spring-themed party! 😀 Jemma has several cute picnic spots in her town, along with pretty flowery paths and lots of orchards!

Liam visiting Dafdilly! Had my town all done up in a candy theme.

The two of us enjoying the calming atmosphere by Whitney’s private beach, with the lovely 8 PM music playing.

Then we visited his town Sherwood, where we each got a picture of the other blowing dandelions. ^^

Setting off sparklers with Petite D during my visit to her town Bentley! I always loved reading her blog so it was such a treat to visit and see everything and everyone in person.

Dafdilly’s last hurrah before AC:WW’s WiFi was cut off! See my previous post for more, of course. (Left to right: Jemma, Megan, me)

Visiting my favorite spot in Talie’s town of Osworth, the wishing spot! So glad I got to see this beautiful spot in person, and make my own wish and write letters there. ❤

Well, that’s it for my gallery! I hope some of you enjoyed it, and hopefully it brought back some memories. 🙂

Lastly, I’d like to include this little collage of some of the moments above! Full disclosure: I was heavily inspired by Petite D’s adorable collage of her AC:WW memories here (and in fact, pretty much did exactly the same thing >_>). I asked her if it was okay, though, and she said it was fine, so many thanks to her! 🙂

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27 thoughts on “A Gallery of AC:WW WiFi Memories

  1. Hey Amy! It’s me Megan! I do not have a wordpress account but thought to post a comment! ^.^ Wow this is so sweet and it’s cute to keep the memories! At least you can always look and them and they will be i your heart! :3 Thank you for making the last days count, and I hope we can create more memories in New Leaf! ^-^ Lovely Post! You should be feeling good right now! :3 Your a lovely kind and sweet person! Never change Amy! Love Megan! 😉 ^^ (megantheanimalcrossinggrl!)

    • Thanks for commenting Megan! 🙂 It’s true, though all these moments were posted in the past, it’s kind of nice to have all of them in one place to look back on, I think! And I’m sure we will…just did yesterday ^_^ Aww, thank you so much, you’re sweet too! ❤

      • Awh! Honestly I know how it feels though, I used to have so many memories on ACWW, with friends and it’s sad but what can I say? It has been a great game and so many memories to let go of! ^^ Even if the wifi option isn’t available, I can still play it by myself hopefully! I hope to maybe create a wordpress account soon, along with my tumblr and maybe make posts but I doubt people will be interested as it is an old game now maybe I’ll start New Leaf posts instead! Who knows! ^^

        • Ooh, that would be exciting! 🙂 Well I myself would definitely enjoy reading your posts, whatever game they’re on! And you might be surprised, I think sometimes seeing content from AC:WW can be interesting for people since AC:NL content is so prevalent. But AC:NL is of course great to post about too, and easier because of the in-game screenshots, and a lot easier to WiFi with!

          • Yeah I suppose so! Haha! ^^ I think I’ll make a account now but I don’t really understand how you made a theme and like a box of different posts (e.g: like a certain part for the acww posts and another for the acnl posts). I hope I make sense! If not I’m sorry 😦 ahah ^^ Thank you for all the advice! I will deffinelty keep that in my mind! 🙂

            • Themes are pretty easy! All you have to do is go to your dashboard, which is always your wordpress blog’s url with /wp-admin/ at the end. For example, if you pick this as your URL, the link to your Dashboard would be like this: http://megantheanimalcrossinggirl.wordpress.com/wp-admin/
              Once you’re on your Dashboard, you’ll see many menus on the left side of the page, and one of them is called “Appearance” which is how you can edit your theme, background, header, widgets (the boxes on your sidebar, like where I have my list of ACWW and ACNL posts), etc.!

              • Awh okayy thank you Amy! I think I have my blog created now, I’ll play around with it and see! ^^ Thanks so much again! 🙂 ❤

  2. Awww, Amy this made me tear up! I can’t believe we’ve known each other for years, yet it feels like just a month or so. I loved all of these pictures, definitely brought back some memories!
    I know I’ve already said this, but I can’t wait to WiFi with you on New Leaf! And so long to our Wild World WiFis…

    • Aww, I’m sorry it made you tear up, but I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂 I can’t believe it either, it really doesn’t feel like that long! The time has really added up. 🙂 I know, I really look forward to WiFing in New Leaf too! 😀

  3. I’m so glad you still have some photos from our WiFis! I long-since formatted my old hard drive without thinking and lost a tonne of my DS screenshots so I’m happy you were able to snap a few! Hopefully I still have a handful stored on WordPress somewhere, I’ll take a look later! 😀

    It’s strange to say all this time later, but I doubt I would have ever gotten into Wild World if I hadn’t stumbled across your blog a few Summers ago (even if my playtime was often limited) so although I cannot fully appreciate the shutdown I’m definitely going to miss our Wild World and City Folk WiFis!

    Luckily, I’m having a small break between my GCSEs now (12 down, 8 to go!) and with me spending most of the weekend with a cold, I’ve played a lot of New Leaf and begun planning the changes I’m going to make to my new town, Estrella. I can’t wait to WiFi with you again soon! 🙂

    • Yeah, I still have them all 😀 These are the posts that contain photos:
      https://aforestlife.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/first-wifis-in-a-looong-time/ (you’ll have to scroll a bit, though)
      I guess just like I helped you become interested in Wild World, you also helped me to turn on my Wii a few times and play in my abandoned City Folk town, Seahaven xD It didn’t occur to me to do a tribute to my City Folk WiFis as well, since I didn’t play that game as much as Wild World, but believe me when I say that I appreciated those WiFis of ours too, they were a lot of fun! :3
      Wow, congratulations on your new town! 😀 I really love that name, Estrella! It reminds me of Capella in feel — and sort of rhymes, almost — but it’s different enough to have its own identity 🙂 Good luck with it! And I’d love to WiFi with you soon, too! ^_^

      • Woah, thanks for the links! I’m scrolling through them now. 😆
        Thank you! It’s (as an increasing number of things seem to be recently) the result of my obsession with the Spanish language. It’s Spanish for star, pronounced Est-rey-a. I like how you analysed that, I’d never actually thought about them rhyming but now I can act all proud and pretend that’s why I chose it. xD

  4. Oh my gosh!! I was just smiling reading all this! Now I feel a bit teary eyed… T___T I’m speechless.. I love this post so much! I’m so glad I got to wi-fi with you and a lot of my friends way back when i still had my AC:WW cartridge (and my dsi as well xD) haha, I still can’t forgive how immature I was back then.. xP but all’s well now and i’m happy that we’re all still friends for all these years.. 😥 It seems pretty unbelievable we’re still all here for all these years (and teru being the longest that stayed!)
    okay *inhales and exhales* I’LL NEVER FORGET THESE MEMORIES!! *cries* oh and i’m here to bring good news! (i’m so glad I logged in my wordpress today) I’ll get a new 3ds by the end of May!! ^_____^ I’m so excited to play with all of you guys again! 😀

    • Aww yay I’m glad you liked it Choco, I hoped you would ^_^ It’s fun looking back on all our silly antics in Wild World 😛 I’m glad we’re still all here and friends after all this time too — I wonder if I would’ve expected when I started this blog in June 2011 that I’d still be going strong about 3 years later 😮
      I’ll never forget them either! 😀
      Wowww, what awesome news!! I’m so happy for you, that you’ll get to play New Leaf again and start up a new town 🙂 And I’m really excited as well to get to play with you again, we’ll have to have a party or something :mrgreen:

      • Seems that I’ll be getting it tomorrow by 12 – 1 am, my time..! Yay! It’ll take a few days to prepare my town (it won’t be much though… I haven’t planned so much on my path designs.. xP) and i’ll invite everyone for a party or maybe an AC:WW reunion (now that jemma plays AC:NL as well!) 😀 I’m excited! ^___^

  5. Ahh these brought back memories x3 I read this post during the week while going out on uni prac but wasn’t able to sit down and write a reply >__< It's so nice seeing all these lovely pictures of parties and everyone's towns again, ones that I'd visited as well as ones I read about in your blog, and being reminded of the impressive and beautiful decorations that your town was decked out in on different occasions.
    I think Animal Crossing has been something like that for me too: a place to relax at the end of the day, a little (wild) world to make my own and blog about, and a community for meeting some really cool and talented friends ^_^ And I really have met some 😀
    Heehee, I'm looking forward to seeing your fanart if you do it xP Aww, I didn't know you liked the hybrid garden that much, I guess all that's there at the moment is the golden rose and the apple tree ^^; I can't remember if I mentioned it before but I actually did a really small fanart of Twisk once upon a time too, but I wasn't satisfied with it so I never shared it 😛 Show ya mine if you show me yours 😆
    Doing a final hurrah for AC:WW was such a sweet idea. I didn't get to come but it made me happy to see people get back on their WW games like they'd just done it yesterday and visit each other. And of course Dafdilly is still decked out beautifully 🙂
    Here's to more great memories to come!

    • I think part of what seems special about the AC:WW WiFi memories surrounding the wordpress community is all the “parties” we had with the games set up and such, I don’t know if that many AC players went to such lengths as we did in setting those up xP And the parties seem like a bit of a past-time now, because in New Leaf landscaping is too much of a focus to completely re-do my town for a party (like with PWPs, which would be too expensive to demolish and rebuild; and bushes, which are hard to collect; and with the BT Ordinance, which allows widespread flowers). But I think the island tours help fill the void of the old games and such we used to do! 🙂 I know not everyone likes them, though.
      I agree! ❤ Other games just don't compare to the appeal of Animal Crossing for me, and the special memories and friends it's added to my life!
      I've started the drawing, but haven't finished it — still have a bit more sketching/outlining of things to do, then I can start my favorite part of any visual-art/design-related endeavor: coloring! (To be honest, I don't think I'm that good at "drawing" per se, but I've always enjoyed working with color and having fun applying various mediums.) Ahh I wish I had finished it in time for it to be like a birthday present, though xP I hope you had a happy birthday!! 😀 Ooh, and I'd definitely be interested to see that drawing of Twisk, I'm sure it's great! 🙂
      Here here! 😛 I think it would be great to meet up with you and Jemma and Choco, like a New Leaf version of that first party we had in Dafdilly, doing island tours instead of the old mini-games, and hanging out in someone's town ^^

      • Hmm yeah, the change in the nature of town landscaping is something I hadn’t considered. There are more options and possibilities now but also more permanence. Ah well, I know I had my fair share of amazing themed parties in Dafdilly x3
        Ooh, it’d be cool to see what you do with colour ^^ So far I think I’ve only seen your drawings from Swapnote (which didn’t have the greatest variation in medium :P). Hehe thank you, I did! ^_^
        Ooooh, it’s so awesome that that’s become an actual possibility now xD Can’t wait!

    • Yaaay, hey Tess! 😀 It has been a while, good to talk to you again! ^_^ And it’s really nice of you to continue checking up on the AC community after this long 🙂
      I agree, it’s all so bittersweet looking back on the memories that are no longer possible… I’m sure you have so many great AC:WW WiFi memories too, and can relate! I should flip through your blog later to see some of them myself :’)

      • Aww, it’s good to talk to you too and It’s good to be back! Thanks for remembering me haha. I always love checking up on people after a while ^^
        Yeah, it really is sad that it’s no longer possible. 😦
        Nintendo should decide to bring it back one day! Of course I can relate haha, and yea my blog’s always open 😀

    • WiFi services for all DS games were discontinued so that Nintendo could push their consumer base to buy the 3DS and play the games for it. Plus it costs them money to keep the WiFi servers running. Last I heard, though, there’s a project somewhere online that is trying to run their own WiFi service so that people can continue playing DS games online.

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