End of March in Citàlune + some Bywater stuff

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It’s been a whiiile since I posted on regular town happenings in Citàlune, so if you need to refresh your memory on what happened in the beginning of March in my town, feel free to check out this post again 🙂
We’re starting off this post with a picture of Violet, which I took because of her new ‘dazed dress’ that showed up at Ables’ — which was one of my wishlist items! 😀 I think it looks really cute on her and sort of mirrors the diamond shapes that pop up in her house’s design, both the exterior, and the main room’s interior.

Another outfit from later on…I have fun putting together quirker outfits for Violet than Estel would wear ^^

A royal crown popped up at Ables’ and I thought I’d better buy it just to have it in my catalog, though I don’t like it as much as the other crown. But still, in a town with castles and such I feel like I should at least have one of these xP

Right after buying that, I got the final edition of the Shopper badge 😛

Also got a new badge for turnip trading! There was a really good turnip price in Bywater so I sold a bunch of turnips there.

Aww, we definitely will! ❤ After my last post, in which I broke the news that Melba would be leaving, I got to spend a last few days with her in Citàlune. I talked to her a lot, and she actually gave me the chance to revoke the decision to have her move every single day! 😮 But I decided it was the right time, and after all, she's not really leaving *me* for good since she’s merely moving to my other town, Bywater.

My mayor character of Bywater, Rose, coming to pick her up 🙂

Always a bit sad seeing this message 😦 I couldn’t help remembering some of my memories with Melba in Citàlune, who’s been here since my town was very undeveloped, and has seen it grow considerably and pass through various seasons…I remember she even requested quite a few of the PWPs I wanted, like the fairytale clock and whatnot. But ironically, to complete my town to my fullest satisfaction, I need her to move out now, since her house exterior and house location don’t match the others in my residential area. Well, I enjoyed your time in Citàlune, Melba, and I hope you enjoy your new life in Bywater 🙂

Her goodbye letter :’)

Whenever a neighbor moves out, I like to invite someone new to move in as soon as possible, before I pick up a voided villager during WiFi or something. Well, I did the same thing after Melba moved out, inviting Pango to move in right away, but I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into — close to a month of plot resetting o_o

Part of what was frustrating about it was that Pango’s house plot landed very close to where I wanted it to go about 20% of the time, but not quite:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So it wasn’t difficult to get her house plot in the general area, but for some reason it was terribly difficult for her plot to move just one or two spaces up or down, or to the left or right, onto the exact 3×3 spot I wanted. T_T It crossed my mind to accept one of these close-but-not-quite plots, but I was really hoping to get the exact plot placement I wanted because then Pango’s house would be aligned directly across from Gloria’s, and I thought their houses would look beautiful next to each other, having a similar style and color scheme. It’s also partly because it’s my favorite neighbor Melba who I was replacing, and the reason why I let Melba go was because of an unaligned house location…so replacing Melba’s unaligned house with yet another unaligned house would be very unsatisfying, you know?

Sometimes I needed a break from plot resetting, so I’d mess around doing things that I knew wouldn’t be saved later, like eating famous mushrooms 😛

Or experimenting with flower arrangements! This one, as you can hopefully see, is shaped like a crescent moon, and I might try implementing something like it in the nook in the river in the center of town. If so, it would save me some PWP slots to use in other parts of town instead ^_^ Do you guys think it looks okay so far?

Finally, after resetting like 10 times longer than I reset for the town of Citàlune itself, this joyous sight met my eyes!! I could hardly believe it :mrgreen: But I saved it as faaaast as I could xP (Didn’t even take a picture ’til after I saved the plot!)

Wheeeee 😀 Welcome at last, Pango!

Everything about Pango is so pretty: her house, her umbrella, Pango herself, her color scheme… ❤

Well, I guess her house interior is nothing mindblowing — I’ve seen better — but it’s nice enough 🙂 (was trying out a new hairstyle here, hehe)

Haha, that’s cute to imagine ❤

Okay, enough Pango stuff for now!

Rod asked me to replace one of the fish I caught for him a while back with something else, and I thought a compass would be perfect addition to his little pirate ship ^_^

There were some beautiful weather conditions in the second half of March: another golden sunset, meteor shower, and the first rainbow of 2014:

And there were two birthdays, Julian’s and Paula’s:

I gave Julian dandelion puffs just because there happened to be some in my pockets when I went to the party, and was pretty surprised when he actually put them in his house, whoops! xP I remembered this later when it was Paula’s birthday and gave her some flowers that would look nice in her house, orange cosmos. 🙂

Not long after, Paula actually sent me orange cosmos as a gift in a letter:

It’s as though Paula grew more orange cosmos from the one I gave her for her birthday! 😛 It’s the first time a villager has sent me a hybrid, though I’ve heard of it happening for others.

Julian asked me to bring Colton to him, and a few days later, Colton asked me to bring Julian to him 😛 Tehe, my two smug horses ^^

And I bought one of the last paintings I needed from Julian, a wistful painting! Was quite surprised it was 1) actually real for once, and 2) one I needed…what are the chances? xD I still have quite a few sculptures to go, though!

Yesss, Erik finally moved out and off my path 😀 Teru invited him to move to Arcadia when she visited last weekend. I hope you enjoy having him Teru! 🙂

It’s great to have his house off this path now (I keep expecting to run into his house when I’m running along it xP), but he’s left an ugly patch of grasswear that I hope will get cleaned up soon..

I was dreading plot resetting again, and the prospect of another Pango-like situation, but decided to be brave and go for it: invite my last dream neighbor, Doc, to move in! (Erik was my first choice for a permanent lazy resident, but when I messed up plot resetting for his house, I decided that Doc would be a great second option 🙂 )

Plot resetting for Doc turned out to be a breeze, though, taking less than an hour! His house is aligned vertically with Rod’s, and is above the flower-lined path that winds from Re-Tail to the beach ramp — a lovely and scenic house location, Doc is quite lucky ^_^

Welcome! 😀

I’ve seen some players who have school-themed rooms or houses, and I don’t have one in my town… but I have Doc! 😛 He can be the town school-teacher, I guess.

You know what this means, right…??

Sorry, I couldn’t resist xP But yeah! No more plot resetting (at least, not in my main town), no more house-repelling PWPs necessary (can build whatever I want!), Fern can move out of her tent, and I can use all 40 pattern slots and have more storage! 😀 I’m veeery happy and excited and look forward to gradually sculpting my town more to my liking!

The first PWP I demolished in this new era of Citàlune. 😛 Bunnie seemed to want to enjoy it for one last time.

Fern’s last day in her tent ^_^ Decided to give her these eyes with the eyelashes on the bottom instead of the ones I was planning (the ones that look kind of sad/shy), to differentiate her from Rose in Bywater, who has those eyes. Fern will still have red hair and green eyes like I always planned, though!

In my last few posts, I’ve shared about the WiFis and trades I’ve done, and all the people who’ve helped me with my wishlist items! 🙂 So I thought I’d now share about what I’ve started to do with the new items in a few of my rooms (I’m not done yet, though!):

I got lots of new food items from various people (like Megan, someone on TBT, Marina,..), which I’ve either put out in Estel’s dining hall, or saved for later use.

Multiple people also helped me out with the gold series pieces I wanted for Lyra’s sun shrine-esque entrance hall, and this is what I came up with for the furniture arrangement.

For Estel’s entrance hall (supposed to be more moon-themed), I’ve added some things and made changes as well, but it’s still mostly similar to before.

In my last WiFi with Teru, she gave me the suit of armor item, of which there are now two guarding the entrance to Estel’s castle; and the aries rocking chair, which went in Violet’s whimsical bedroom:

Thanks soooo much to everyone who helped me out with my wishlist, I really really appreciate it and I’m so happy I can improve many of my rooms now! 😀 Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you out with ❤


Now for the last bit of this long post, the “Bywater stuff”! I don’t think I’ll blog about Bywater much, but I thought I’d at least introduce it, now that Melba has moved there.

My main criteria for choosing a town for Bywater was having this waterfall! I fell in love with it when I first saw it in Jasper’s town Windfall a long time ago, and I had to have a town with it xP And as you can see, I put the mayor’s house right above it.

The waterfall from some more angles:

I love that I can just walk outside and admire the waterfall any time ^^

Inviting Melba to move into Bywater from Rose’s point of view 🙂

This is where I was planning to put her house, just one space away from the pond, and surrounded by fruit trees.

I ended up compromising a bit, placing it a couple spaces away from where I wanted…I think it’s good enough, though! I’d like to thank Teru for her huge help for me in figuring out where I should put house-repelling PWPs in Bywater 🙂

One reason why I’m happy with this location (despite my original plan) is that it lines up exactly with the path going north from Rose’s house xD I’d love to put a rose arch or two over this path connecting our houses, if I ever get that PWP suggested!

Melba came to Bywater with all the same furniture that I gave to her in her old town 🙂

I plan on changing her layout of furniture, though! Eventually I’d like to switch it to a sweets theme, like the series from GracieGrace, and some dessert items scattered around, etc. I’ve been kind of bitter that they took away Melba’s sweets theme in New Leaf, seemingly giving it to Merengue instead. Well, I’m gonna give it back to her xP I’ve started by sending her the birthday table in the mail, that Lenore gave me in our last WiFi. 🙂

Because I don’t know if everyone knows this or not, but Melba is kind of a food-themed villager like Merengue, Zucker, etc.:

– for example, this Melba Toast, which is a thin crunchy toast, is why Melba’s catchphrase is “toasty”!

– the dessert Peach Melba, made with peaches and raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream

melba sauce
– and Melba Sauce, which is a raspberry sauce that I assume you can use on the Peach Melba dessert ^^

All of these foods were created and named in honor of the Australian opera singer Nellie Melba, by a French chef. I wanted to allude to AC-Melba’s food theme by planting some dessert-like fruits around her house (like peaches and cherries) and re-decorating her house with sweets furniture. If everything works out, she might end up being a much better fit, and even happier, in Bywater than she was even in Citàlune! 🙂

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48 thoughts on “End of March in Citàlune + some Bywater stuff

  1. You have some super cool rooms like the sun shrine and entrance hall! I also like the ideas to give Melba sweets furniture and plant cherries and peaches around her house!

  2. Aww, I never knew about Melba being based off food, makes her even sweeter 😉 Hopefully your plans for getting sweets furniture for Melba will be here soon. Lyra’s main room looks absolutely amazing! Got to get some of that golden furniture soon 🙂

    • For a while I didn’t know about her sweets/food connection beyond the fact that she had sweets wallpaper+carpet in her room in Wild World and City Folk. It was really fun and cute for me to discover the connections to real-life foods and products, like the Melba Toast, which I’ve bought and like to have as a snack with peanut butter, and Peach Melba, which I’m interested in trying to find a recipe for 🙂 Yeah, I’m a little worried about how the redecorating process for her house will go…like if I should mail her the sweets series or wait for her to ask for new furniture as a favor, and what if she puts stuff in all the wrong, awkward places? Ah well, it might just have to be a matter of trial and error, and duping to create unlimited copies of the sweets furniture to send to her over and over 😛
      And thanks, glad you like it! 😀 I don’t have the full gold series but I could give you the pieces I have the next time we WiFi if you want~

      • I gave Francine a card shelf for a favor to her and she put it in her house, so Melba might do the same thing. Of course she might not want to sell the stuff to you (like Francine said it was too priceless to let it go :P), so if the furniture is in an awkward place that might be a problem, too. The golden furniture is lovely, but the only piece that I really want is the screen, sorry if that was misleading xD

        • Yeah, I love it when they ask for a replacement for a furniture piece, because then there’s no doubt about where the furniture you’re giving them wil go. It might take a long time to completely redecorate a house that way, though, since you can’t always count on regular furniture requests like that. Ah well, hope it will work out somehow, it might just take a while, that’s all 🙂 And sure, I do think the gold screen is nice! ^_^

            • Sure! 🙂 I can’t have any visitors to Citalune right now because I’ve been working hard on my rooms and have items strewn all over the place, but I could always visit your town again, if that’s okay ^^ And I could bring the golden screen. Feel free to let me know a time that works for you for the WiFi!

  3. Wow! I am excited to see this new era of Citalune develop! I can’t believe you had to plot reset for almost a month to get Pango in the right spot! I hope none of my dreamies are that stubborn (which they probably will be when I move them back *cough* Purrl *cough*). I reset for 3 weeks to get my town so I know how you feel! And you got that good omen for Doc-he moved in fast it looks like! But now you are done 😀 Congrats!!! That will be great to have all four of your characters and houses to use! I’m slightly jealous 😛 I can’t wait to be done with plot resetting! What are you going to put in place of the fence? I always liked the fence with the baskets of apples 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad you’re looking forward to it, I am too ^__^ Yeah, I really wasn’t expecting it to be that difficult, maybe a couple of days at most o_O Glad it’s all settled now, though! I knew it would really bug me if I compromised for a slightly-off house location. I actually did that with Rod (wanted his house one space down from where it is) and it still bugs me a bit to this day, so..
      Aww, I’m sure it won’t be too long before you’re all finished with your dream neighbors moved in too! Because you seem quite fast at it compared to me, I mean I’ve been working on it since around September (when I got my first dream neighbor, Colton), and you almost completed your dream neighbors in a matter of months! I look forward to seeing how your town develops as well once you have that freedom 🙂
      Ah really, you liked it? I always thought the nook in the river in the center of my town was one of the most lackluster parts, and I was really eager to try something else with it once I got all my dream neighbors. Right now I’m thinking of putting some fancy flower arrangements there, like the one of the crescent moon in the bottom part of the nook, a sunset gradient in the middle part of the nook, and a sun part in the top part of the nook. This way it could sort of be a special garden area representing my town’s themes 🙂 I’m also interested in trying out a topiary garden if this idea doesn’t work out, or an illumination park — definitely want some illumination projects when winter rolls around again eventually 😀

  4. Congrats! I can’t wait to see what Fern will end up doing 😛 Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Pango and I have the same birthday! 😆 You should also post more of Bywater if you get the chance!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Hope you like what I end up doing with Fern! Oh hahah, really? xD That’s cool, I’m sure I’ll think of you whenever it’s Pango’s birthday ^^ I share my birthday with Gladys, I think 😛 Yeah, I might slip a Bywater photo or two in my posts if there’s something I want to share! Have to admit I’m not playing in it a whole lot at the moment, other than to check on Melba. It’s the cherry blossom festival over in Citalune so I’ve been enjoying that 😀

      • Cool! Well, Rose’s house looked pretty interesting to me, so maybe one idea could be a tour of it? And if it’s the cherry blossom festival, then that must mean you have more than one non-fruit tree in your town 😆

        • Hehe I actually just have a feng-shui setup in Rose’s house right now xP It’s because I go Club Tortimer island hopping with her a lot, so I’m hopeful that the feng-shei helps my luck — there’s a specific aspect of luck in AC that helps with items ^^ But I definitely have different final decoration plans for Rose’s cottage, so I’ll be sure to share them when I make more progress, thanks for the idea! 🙂
          Yep, I tend to have lots of regular oaks on the south half (nighttime themed) of town, and I planted some more in the top half too in preparation for the festival ^_^ But I can definitely understand not wanting to go through all that replanting for just the 10 day festival; I’m already groaning at the thought of all the perfect apple planting I’ll have to do when the festival’s over.

  5. Aw, nice weather conditions. Its really nice to have a nice sunset or rainbow 🙂 wow, I love that food room. Its really nice.
    I always thought Melba was a food sort of person, but Melba toast? 😛

    • I agree, and I really love that there’s such a variety of weather/lighting conditions in this game 🙂 Thanks, glad you like it!
      Haha it’s good that her food theme came across to you ^_^ Yep, Melba toast 😛 I wasn’t really familiar with it for a while, but I have some now and like to have it as a snack sometimes xP

  6. *throws confetti in honor of dreamie completion and subsequent Lord of the Rings reference* Congratulations! That opens up so many more possibilities! I’m pretty jealous–I’m waiting to move in my final character as well and some of my waterways have no corners because I don’t have the pattern space yet >x<
    Even though it's not even your main focus, Bywater is still a pretty sweet town. I, too, got a second copy (digital this time) of ACNL recently and have decided to make it into an exact replica of Veilstone City from the Pokemon games. Do you have plans for Bywater in the future? ouo
    Oh, and, I was wondering if I could bribe you to come visit me soon in lil' old Miagen c: I have all but three dreamies and have been putting some real time into finishing my three player houses and furnishing those of my dreamies with custom blue series (i.e. sapphire polka dot furniture w/ Blue Soda pattern for Francine, Blue Plaid modern series for Hugh, etc.) Would you be interested in an Aquarius urn by chance? 😉

    • Hehee thanks so much! 😀 I know, I’m so excited about the new freedom! I hope you’re able to complete your dream neighbors before too long so that you can have the same 🙂
      Thanks! It would definitely be fun to use Bywater to show a different town aesthetic than the one I have in Citalune, and I’m planning on building all the permanent PWPs like the resetti center, cafe, police station and such there, so I get to at least experience them a bit, having not built any of them in Citalune. I plan for Bywater to be a pretty casual, regular ol’ town — nothing too fancy. Thinking of having a forest area in one part (the part where Melba and Rose live, actually, and I was thinking it could be a sort of ~rose forest~), and a more developed, town-like area near Re-Tail, where I’ll put the cafe and PWPs like benches and things. That’s about the extent of my plans right now xP Ooh, Veilstone City, that sounds really cool! 😀 Sinnoh region is my favorite, I love it ^_^ I’d be really interested to see how that turns out, and follow your progress! You should post about it on your blog when you’re ready 🙂 I’ve missed you and Ryann’s posts and our WiFis together, I admit! But I’m sure you two are quite busy.
      Ooh I’d love to visit Miagen again! :mrgreen: Would you like any help with the furnishing of those houses, like do you still need some of those sets or pieces? That sounds like it will be a cool theme throughout your neighbors’ houses, btw! And I’m all caught up with the horoscope items now, but I do love the aquarius urn, thanks for the offer! 🙂 I can WiFi Sunday in the late afternoon (like after 3PM my time — NA EDT), if that works for you? But if that’s too short notice or doesn’t work we can figure something else out, of course.

      • Hmmmm, could later on this week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-ish) work for a Wi-Fi because I’m at my Dad’s house and Wi-Fi-less from Sunday till Tuesday? I’m not going too far all summer, so even if this week’s not optimal, I’m sure we can arrange something for the near future 🙂

        • Feel free to let me know what day and time works for you, if you’re still interested in a WiFi this week! I’m very flexible since I’m off from work these days, so I thought I’d leave it up to you 🙂

  7. When you were plot resetting for Pango, did you set up a PWP 2 spaces away or was there not enough room because of all the surrounding houses? I am starting to plot reset for Lolly and have tons of PWPs set up. The thought of plot resetting for a month TERRIFIES me O_O

    • I didn’t set up a PWP 2 spaces away; I took the approach of only building them in hotspots. I did the same with Doc though and his was no trouble at all, so it’s hard to draw a conclusion. I’d build a PWP 2 spaces away from the back or side of the house if possible, avoiding putting one too close to the doorway (I’m suspicious that messes things up, but I have no proof). Good luck with plot resetting Lolly, hopefully it’s quick and easy! 🙂

  8. Wow! Great idea about setting up the PWPs by the back and sides of the house! As I mentioned in my latest post, both Lolly and Lily were pretty easy to move in 😀 Makes me wonder when my luck is going to run out though with 3 more dreamies to move in XD I’m trying to open up a spot so Beau can come back (stupid cycle villager is living in his spot)! Thanks so much again for holding onto him! Have you built more of the PWPs you want around town? I’m really excited to see Citalune develop to it’s full potential now that all the neighbors are in! I love the idea of putting the moon flower pattern in the middle of town! Have you updated the dream address lately? I’d love to see it! Maybe we can wifi sometime soon 🙂

    • Well, hopefully your luck won’t run out, hehe 😛 Ohh let me know when you have that spot free for Beau — or whenever you want him — and I can make a point to TT him out 🙂
      I have! ^-^ I’m keeping things relatively simple and it’s not like I’m putting every PWP in the game all over the place or anything (still have a lot of fairytale streetlights, for example), but it’s really nice to have things like streetlights in just the place I want them, not in a random place to repel houses. Nope, I haven’t updated my dream address, but that’s what I’ve been working towards lately, getting my town in order and fixing up the houses, PWPs, landscaping and gardening so that I can do an update during the cherry blossom festival soon 🙂 The moon flower pattern actually isn’t up yet, haha, flower-arranging is one of the last stages I go through xP I’m working on Fern’s house at the moment.

  9. Oooh what gorgeous new (though not really anymore… :P) springtime pics of Citàlune and interesting glimpses into Bywater!
    Congratulations on getting the golden badges, all the paintings, royal crown, Doc and oh my gosh… Pango x_x Your game seriously didn’t want you to put her house in that exact spot xP Oh and a BIG congrats on finally getting all your dreamies. You’re freeee~
    That moon flower arrangement looks really nice :o. Maybe when you use it in the river nook you could use more solid white and blue (or other colours) flowers like the carnations, roses and violets, but it already looks pretty cool and is a great idea for saving on PWPs.
    What an eventful second half of March with the weather events ^^ Lyra’s property looks stunning in the golden sunset and I looove the serene view of Reese and Cyrus’ pond with the rainbow.
    Aww, that’s sweet how Paula sent you orange cosmos after you gave her some for her birthday. I got a letter like that from Deirdre a long time ago when she sent me an orange tulip, and then a ‘negative’ version of the same letter recently, where she was sad her flower died. (I sent her a reply with her original orange tulip x3)
    Speaking of these strange and cute instances of seemingly connected dialogues with villagers (and because I probably won’t post anytime soon), on the day Erik finished unpacking, before I spoke to him I randomly visited Deirdre and the first she said was to deliver a present to Erik. So I went to his house and delivered the present and he gave me an orange in return. Then I opened a conversation with him, and the first thing he said was some compliment about Deirdre xD. Then I spoke to him again, and he sold me a 2nd orange. Then I spoke to him a fourth time, and he sold me a cherry 😆 Finally after all that I was able to have normal conversation with him for the first time xP
    I love Rose’s cottage across the river in Bywater; that’s the house exterior I’m waiting on at the moment for my 2nd house. And Rose has my favourite face option ^^ (I just didn’t have the energy to select it every time during resetting :P)
    It’s lovely seeing Melba’s new home in its pretty new location. I also had no idea about her food theme 😮 I just assumed she was named straight after Nellie Melba or Melbourne. I never even knew about all these foods honouring Melba >.<

    • Thank you so much, it does feel really good! 😀 Now I just gotta make sure to keep ’em all there!
      I really look forward to properly implementing and fine-tuning the moon flower arrangement in its spot in the nook in the river, and I hope it turns out well, thanks for the feedback! Something that probably inspired me was revisiting my Platinum game recently and going to Cresselia’s home 🙂
      Aww, poor Deirdre! That was such a sweet thing for you to do in response, though; I bet she even has it in her house now and everything x3
      Hahaha oh my goodness! xP Besides that being an interesting series of seemingly connected dialogs, I think I have additional meaning i can add to it! 😛 The reason why he was giving all that fruit is because I sent fruit to him in letters over and over when he lived in my town, attempting to boost my friendship with him so that he would move quicker. When they receive gifts like that that they can’t put in their house, they tend to have it saved in a sort of inventory, and then they’ll randomly give you stuff in their inventory during trades, gifts for errands, etc. So he was giving you fruit from Citalune x3 But it’s also pretty cute that your two deer Deirdre and Erik seem to be forming a connection already! ^^ I’ve mentioned before on my blog that Gloria and Rod continually reference each other over and over, in almost a sort of romantic way. Like Rod’s always giving Gloria presents and musing to me about how he’s going to talk to her or ask her to go on something that sounds like a date to me 😛 But I tend to forget to take pictures when these instances occur, or move past the dialog too quickly.
      I’m glad you liked the little glimpses into Bywater! 🙂 It wasn’t intention to copy you or anything, but it’s cool we both arrived at these riverside cottages independently haha 😛 I really liked the idea of a cozy, lopsided seaside cottage, and I was thinking of decorating the interior with some ocean accents like seashells, a bottled ship, and a ship model ^_^ And I’m glad you like Melba’s new house location too! I think the location really suits her house style much better than the one she had in Citalune, actually. Thanks so much again for your help with that! 😀
      Ahah, I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know about Melba’s food connections! I asked my parents and they knew what Melba toast was right away, so I felt silly for not knowing about it.

      • Ohh yeah I forgot about Cresselia and her home in D/P/Pl. Now it feels like she was a Pokemon made for you xD
        Wow so that’s what was up with Erik’s fruit 😮 It’s like I got souvenirs straight out of your town! I ate them all though xP Yeah the animals say some really cute or unexpected things sometimes! But I often skip through them before I finish processing what they say >_<
        That seaside cottage idea is interesting! For the inside of mine I was just going to make it a gloomy, stuffy house to match its owner with old furniture and creepy walls and floors 😛 That’s if I ever get around to it.

        • Hehe I do really love Cresselia, along with other moon-associated pokemon like Clefable, Umbreon, etc. The beautiful and fanciful moves like Moonlight, Meteor Mash and Lunar Dance that they can learn really appeal to me *_*
          Aww thanks so much, I really appreciate that! 🙂 It’s so nice of you to offer to keep your town on that date for me! x3 If I’d known I could’ve saved myself some time, I would’ve taken you up on your offer, but I TTed a bunch in Bywater when it looked like TBT couldn’t help me, and eventually the right wall popped up xP Thank you again though! 😀 Good luck as well with the house parts you’re seeking for your own cottage (if you still need them, that is)!

  10. You have such a cute town! I recently visited your dream address and was filled with so much inspiration. My poor town is no where near the state of yours, I’ve just recently started looking online at other people’s towns and been astounded at people’s creativity. I’ve read a couple of your other blog posts and it seems like you’re very helpful with filling people’s wish lists. I’m not sure what I could give you in return, but I missed the afternoon tea set when it was a DLC and have regretted it so badly ever since. But if you can’t help me, that’s ok too, thanks for sharing your beautiful town!! ^_^

    • Thanks so much! 😀 I’m glad it could inspire you! I have a lot of fun decorating my town, but that’s not the only fun to be had in AC:NL, so don’t feel bad if you’ve been appreciating your game a different way 🙂 And sure, that would be no problem! I have no shortage of afternoon tea sets, since I got four when they were DLC and since then have duped myself and others more 😛 What’s your FC? Mine is 3222-6062-4806 ^^ Then we can figure out a time to meet.

  11. Gaaaah your town is so beautiful! I remember visiting it in Chrono and it was very lovely. I like looking at this blog for inspiration on landscaping :>
    And congrats on getting all of your dreamies! Doc is a real cutie. I love his house too! I want to design a character with a schoolhouse one day.
    Bywater looks pretty interesting too. I especially love your character’s house exterior. I forgot the name of it but I really want to use it for my mayor’s house. (I believe it starts with a C?)

    • Awww, thank you!! x3 It’s nice to hear you think Doc is a cutie, he’s actually not considered as such by many people xP It’s called the chalet exterior, yep! It reminds me of a tudor cottage, not really sure why it’s called chalet.

  12. Gosh your town is so pretty! If it’s okay, could we one day hang out via Wi-Fi? I don’t know how I’ve missed your blog for so long! Also I can steal some creative tips, of course >:) Aha c:

    • Sure, that’d be great! 🙂 My FC is 3222-6062-4806, what about yours? ^^ The only problem is that my town’s very under construction right now (working towards a dream update atm), but I’d be happy to have you over when I’m done, or to visit your town in the meantime!

  13. Hey, would it be ok if I used your WW pattern for the red bricks in my town? I’ll try to make it more original but if anyone asks I’ll give you credit 🙂

  14. Hello there! I’m resetting my old town, and I need some help. First, I was thinking about theme, which led me to 2 options- a cafe town, and a regal kind of moon-themed town like the Moonrise side of your town. I’m also worried about paths and landscaping and how that’s gonna work out… Either way, do you have any tips on making a town and landscaping/placing paths? Thank you so much!

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