End of April in Citàlune: Goodbye cherry blossoms, Hello azaleas!

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The beautiful cherry blossom season may be over, but with the change also comes new blooming bushes around town. It’s nice in a way to return to normalcy and to see Spring continue on. Plus, green foliage suits Citàlune too ^^

Walking outside after the last of the cherry blossoms are gone, the first thing I do is land in a pitfall 😛 I usually have one buried behind Lyra’s castle to prevent pitfall spawnings, but I removed it for my dream update.

I tried to get one of those angrily-jumping-out-of-a-pitfall pictures, and instead got this…

She looks so sad xP

Throughout the cherry blossom festival the weather was always clear and sunny, but now that it’s over I’m seeing a lot more cloudy days and rain. This was some nice calming 5 AM rain, though, and it was interesting to hear the rainy version of that hourly tune *_* I took a lot of pictures of this 5 AM rain since it seemed special to me, and I don’t often play at this time:

The town tree probably looks better without all the pink, to be honest.

Fishing for April’s Tourney:

I got second place, and fittingly, the competitive town jock, Rod, won. 🙂

Silly Colton, I’m trying to buy the compass on top, not the table! It’s actually a pretty big bummer you can’t buy furniture on tables, or tables either if there’s something on them.

Guess what?? I got my first ever AC:NL Streetpass :mrgreen: :mrgreen: It wasn’t in my hometown, I got it when visiting my brother in Virginia. I wonder if I’ll ever get one where I live. (Later Edit: I’ve been to a few conventions since, so now I have tons xP)

Her house exterior is pretty cute ^^

And the interior is decorated with a self-made town flag 🙂 I wonder if she’s a new player of AC:NL, or if she’s had it for a while and lost interest, or if expanding her house just isn’t one of her game priorities. But it’s really exciting for me to have something in my HHA Showcase other than the standard Nintendo SpotPass houses! 😀

I agree actually, Doc! In a town that’s themed around the sun and moon, cloudy days that hide the sunset and stars just won’t do 😦 Though I don’t mind some rain every once in a while, the rainy season gets a little too much for me.

I have fun giving Rod stereotypical pirate dialog 😛

My neighbors anticipating the arrival of Zipper T. Bunny.

It’s a little startling to see beloved areas in your town taken over by rocks on Bunny Day!

Caught a glimpse of Zipper’s zipper when he was doing his winner dance 😛

One of the many sky eggs that floated by. Bunny Day is a great opportunity to get balloon scenery pics, and I probably didn’t take advantage of that enough.

Colorful eggs ^_^ I already got the egg furniture when I had Bunny Day in Bywater, but I thought I’d participate in Citalune too.

Yeah, I got like 5 Zipper pics from the grand prize tickets in my batch of eggs 😮 Not really needing that many pictures of Zipper, and being too lazy to try selling them on one of the AC trading sites, I just sold the extras to Reese 😛

Haha xD I don’t think so, not according to Zipper anyway.

Just a couple of days later, there was another visitor in the town tree plaza!

I’m really glad I happened to have no weeds in town for Weeding Day, because I forgot all about this event. D: I don’t have any immediate plans for the topiaries, but they’re nice PWPs to have. I like to think that Citalune’s landscape isn’t 100% set in stone forever (for instance, I plan on having an illumination park in the winter), so maybe I can try out a topiary garden somewhere one day.

It’s because she’s interested in Rod instead 😛 Still shipping it!

Just hand it right over, Bunnie! And anyway I always refuse errands like this because it can mess up their houses. Once I delivered something to Bruce and he ended up having a horribly clashing lovely lamp in his house for months 😐

I don’t go to the island daily like I should, but I was glad I visited once recently because this cool instrument I’ve never seen before was for sale.

Whatever Tortimer, I’m just here to get lilies and violets for my real AC gardening xP

I wanted to try making the garden arrangement around this pond more ‘sunset’ themed, and this was my first attempt.

I decided I liked this brighter arrangement better, though, so I think it’s going to be like this for a while!

There’s also now a little stump for you to sit by the pond 🙂

I wanted to change the flower arrangements around the winding path from ReTail to the beach as well, and make it more sunset-themed. This dirt path can be seen as a more vibrant, sunny counterpart to the winding path on the moon-side of town across the river. But I’m a little torn what the best flower arrangement for it is, so I’d really appreciate your input!

Option 1: The original layout of tulips and azalea bushes I’ve had for a while, and which is in my dream address.

Option 2: An arrangement of tulips that emphasizes sunset colors more. Yellow and orange near the path, then it fades out to pink and purple farther away from the path.

Option 3: Lilies and violets instead of tulips, still in an arrangement that emphasizes sunset colors.

Option 4: Roses mixed in with the lilies and violets to add a bit of variety. It ends up looking sorta like the garden I have around the ReTail pond at the moment.

(Excuse my blinking, axe-wielding self)

Please feel free to give your input on which of these options above you like the best, or even give your own suggestions as well! I’m really not sure what to go with.

An itty bitty little change I’ve made to the moon side of town is to have two trees framing Estel’s castle instead of four. Before, I had four because I liked the idea of Estel’s castle seeming kinda private, guarded by trees. I also liked the mysterious-looking visual effect of part of the castle being hidden by trees because it makes you wonder just how big the castle is when you see some of its turrets poking out above the foliage, you know? But this way, with two trees instead of four, I like the more open look, the fact that you can see the whole castle from the distance, and that the night sky is more visible. I might end up going back to the four trees though, I don’t know…they both have their pros and cons.

I’m planning on making some changes to Estel’s rooms, like making more of them moon-themed with lunar horizon wallpapers and blue lighting. I’m also thinking of adding a back room.

Basically, I’m just very much trying to continue my efforts in making the sun-and-moon theme of my town more apparent! It might be a while before my next Citalune update because I hope to make new main paths in my town, to replace my current pink mosaic ones. I want them to be mosaic paths depicting the sunset, the moon, shooting stars, etc. I have a feeling it will be pretty complicated and take a while, but hopefully it will turn out well eventually! 🙂

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33 thoughts on “End of April in Citàlune: Goodbye cherry blossoms, Hello azaleas!

  1. Boy, do I miss spring 😦 I really love all the greenery and events April brings. As for the path, I think I like the first option the best, since I feel the tulips bring more of a solid, bright feel than the lilies and violets 🙂

    I remember going through Bunny Day, but I was too lazy to collect the egg furniture, partly because I didn’t have a wetsuit and Zipper was being a little too annoying with his songs and such xD

    Ah, I love the little star stump by the pond, I believe they’re from cutting down cedar trees? I’m actually planning to replace the stump/wishing spot in my town with the special star pattern stump so it’s more magical-like 😀

    Lol, Bunnie, I love how the villagers are so absentminded sometimes, though that could be annoying, too. Heh, once I caught a flea from Bunnie (from my town 😛 ), and she said to not tell anyone, especially not Mint. But Mint was standing right there! 😛

    • I’m liking spring but looking forward to catching up as well. I’m eager for hydrangeas, fireworks, the gold trees in late October, for winter to come again, and for my town tree to get to its full size 🙂
      You know, I kinda agree that I almost feel like the original layout of tulips is the cutest. It just bothers me that it didn’t seem very ~sunset~ themed, and it’s on the sunset side of town. And it would be really cool imo to have a sunset-themed dirt path as a counterpart to what I think of as the ‘starlit path’ on the other side of town >_< Oh well, hope I can figure something out that will satisfy me!
      Yeah, Zipper is kinda annoying, but I also find him amusing at times, and a bit fascinating in that I don't know who's under the costume…like is it a different NPC we know of? 😮
      Yep, I love the cedar tree stumps! It's a bummer to me that cedar trees only grow in the top half of town, because otherwise I'd have lots of cedar trees and stumps on the bottom half. The star stump should be fitting for your wishing spot ^^
      Oh hahah, that's funny, I'm sure Mint must've heard 😛

      • I’ve updated my dream town on Halloween, so if you wanted to check it out here is my DA: 4200-4401-7842

        It’s ok if you don’t have time, I just thought since your town is behind on time, you could experience Halloween yourself by visiting xD

  2. Going with Option 4!

    btw Out of Topic But If your having a hard time doing designs and stuff and the 3DS I know a website that can convert pics into designs! I Don’t know the link but I heard of it sounded very Interesting to me!

    • Thanks very much for the feedback! 😀
      I’ve heard of multiple websites like that, and it’s a pretty cool little tool! Though I feel like they’re best for things like town flags, or if you want to make a photograph-type thing to hang on your wall.

  3. Option 1 or 2, I think tulips look better and brighter, it really reminds me of spring.

    Also, I’ve been following your blog for a while and your ideas always inspire me (I’m kinda new to AC so I’m still learning about town paths and decorations).

    Keep the good work at your town! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the feedback, I appreciate it! 🙂 I do think the tulips worked well for that spot, so maybe I should take the thought process of ‘don’t fix what ain’t broken’ and simply re-arrange the tulips a bit. Part of me liked the idea of switching to lilies and violets because I kind of consider them Citalune’s town flowers, so I was curious to try it out.

      Aww, I’m really glad to hear that, thank you! ❤ I'll try! 🙂

  4. I have to agree with Tanachan, I really quite like the original design – but if you’re looking for change, I really like the variety in option 4. 🙂

    I found your blog recently, and I’m really inspired by the effort you’ve put into your town. It looks really amazing! The moon side of the town is my favorite, but the sunset side is equally as nice.

    • It’s great to get feedback like this, thank you very much! ^_^ Now I know to probably either stick with the tulips, or do the lily/violet/rose combination (both options are tied in votes).

      Thanks, I’m glad to hear that, and it’s really nice of you to say! 🙂 I like the moon side too, and it’s nice to walk through it at night listening to the soothing music and appreciating the cool colors. I wish there was more space to work with on that side of town, though; the sunset side is probably bigger :/

      I checked out your blog as well and it looks great — I look forward to exploring it more thoroughly later. ^^ Ironsage is a cool town name, and from a glimpse at your pictures, I love the brick paths and your house’s cozy-looking exterior. 🙂

  5. I saw this post a few days ago, but then got bogged down with midterms and travel 😦
    I really like the 2nd and 1st options for the flowers! I think the tulips look really nice with Doc’s house! Estel’s bathroom looks so nice with the lunar horizon wallpaper 😀 I didn’t know you had such a tough time getting street passes! I usually just put my DS in my backpack when I head to campus and it picks up a lot there. I also go to anime conventions occasionally and you get TONS of streetpasses there! Those are the main ways I get mine. I’m looking forward to seeing your fancy new paths! Though I do really like the mosaic ones and the fairy tale ones! I’m hoping to do a dream update soon to Citaluna when I make a little more progress on the seasonal castles so you will have new things to explore in dreams 🙂

    • Hope your midterms went well! 🙂
      Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! I’ll keep experimenting, maybe try a new tulip arrangement, see if the lilies/roses can be worked on, etc. Something I should keep in mind is that Doc’s house has a kinda cutesy vibe compared to the more elegant look of some of my other town houses (like Pango’s and Gloria’s seem elegant to me). Therefore, cutesy flowers like tulips rather than fancy ones like lilies and roses might be more fitting.
      Yeah, I’m out of school now (might go back if I want to go in a different direction than I am in now), so no streetpasses there, and I haven’t been to any anime/game conventions, but maybe that’s something to look into 😛 I carry it in my bag to work, going shopping, etc. (even to GameStop sometimes), and I haven’t gotten one where I live. Thanks for the tips!
      I’m glad you’re looking forward to the new paths, and in my turn, I’m really looking forward to that dream update 😀

  6. Personally, I prefer option one. Its really bright like that! 🙂
    Don’t you find it annoying when you can’t buy something a villager has on top of their furniture? 😀 They never seem to want to sell you the interesting items.. 😛

  7. I love all of your blog posts. They’re simply gorgeous(:
    I came across your blog and it inspired me to make my own acnl blog.
    I was just wondering, how often do you post these types of “updates” on your town?
    I just wanted an idea on how often I should post.
    Thanks 😀

    • Aww, thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say and it means a lot 🙂 I think once or twice a month is the way I like to post, but feel free to come up with your own schedule based on your own posting style and what you’d like to do with your blog! My advice is that trying to post daily can be a little too much, but posting weekly or a few times weekly is do-able for some people. ^_^ Good luck, I look forward to checking out your blog and following it!

  8. Hahaha aww, poor sad Estel xP
    Ahh, I hate that too, when villagers focus on telling you the table has something on it when it’s the item on top you wish you could buy >__<
    Ooh how exciting, your first streetpass house!! 😀 It's fun wondering what the story is with each mayor, or what their town might be like when you find a cool house. I hope you manage to get more some time!
    It's funny to hear how your villagers (Julian at least) don't have particularly positive things to say about Zipper T. Something about that guy rubs me the wrong way… And the rocks on Bunny Day freaked me out! I reset several times to try to get rid of them xD
    I don't know if you decided on something in the end, but I think my favourite is either of the two tulip arrangements for the winding path, I think maybe because Rod's and Doc's homes seem like two of the more 'playful' houses in town with the overall house design for Doc and the funky roof colour for Rod, though maybe I'm just imagining that, and tulips seem to match, as well as with the cute tidy shapes and appearance of the perfect apples around Rod's house. I don't know xP

  9. Yeah it’s really annoying and makes it difficult to clear off unappealing stuff cluttering up their tables >_<
    I've gotten a few more streetpasses lately, but no Animal Crossing ones, ah well!
    Haha yeah Julian had some funny snipes about Zipper T! He's certainly different from the other more enthusiastic holiday NPCs, and how he doesn't seem to be a real bunny in the way that Jingle's a real reindeer, etc. What especially scared me about the rocks was that there were rumors online about a glitch that if you didn't get all the rocks removed on Bunny Day, there's a possibility they would become permanent the next day! I heard that wasn't the case for most people at least, but I didn't want to take any chances xP
    Thanks for the feedback! 🙂 I think I will go back to the tulips, those are good observations about the cleaner/simpler and more playful look of the tulips to match the look of the houses nearby! I was probably overthinking it, wanting that area to match the rest of my town, since I have lilies and violets mostly everywhere else. But then again, I also have a few rose themed ares, so why not a tulip one? ^^

    • Whuuut, I’d heard of that rumour too when Bunny Day was happening but I just thought it was silly and didn’t look into it, but it seems to be taken much more seriously than I expected o_o Even Nookpedia doesn’t bother saying it’s a rumour >_> Still though… I’ll believe it when I see it 😛 It is a pretty scary thought, though!

  10. Personally i think that the roses with violets and lilies would work really well. in my town i was trying to figure out the same thing thanks to you I just figured it out 😉😀☺😛!!!

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