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To help get in the Halloween spirit, I decided to create a home for Jack!
To rate/visit, the code is: 0207-5772-957.

In designing his home, I was inspired to strive to live up to his title, “the Czar of Halloween,” by using Halloween-themed items & ideas in the grandest, most elegant ways possible. (For the most part…you’ll see that his bedroom isn’t super fancy.) Jack even tends to talk in a very regal way that you don’t see much from other seasonal characters like Jingle, Franklin, Zipper, etc. When you discuss the prospect of building a new home for him, he says:

“As you’ve heard, I am Jack, the czar of Halloween. … For you see, my home is a dreadful wretch these days. I don’t know how it got so bad, but it pains me. One thing I will not tolerate is insubordination, and my home smacks of it. It shall be replaced!”

So with a title and talk like that, it just seemed fitting to give him the grandest home possible: a palace, elegant gardens, and a throne room.

When finished working on his home, this is what the exterior ended up looking like in the daytime, but I like it a lot more when I visit it at night after finishing a day’s project! 🙂

Here are some views of Jack’s palace gardens at night:

To the left and right of Jack’s home, I tried to incorporate tiny little graveyard features into the garden, but there’s only so much space to do so.

I also made a path for his home, a fairly easy-to-make one compared to the paths I’ve made for New Leaf (the mosaic ones, fairytale bridge one, etc). But for the most part, I plan to not really make many of my own paths & patterns for AC:HHD, because if I was strict about only making my own patterns for all 400+ villagers, I’d probably be playing this game for the rest of my life. >_> Okay, maybe exagerrating, but I want to have time to focus on AC:NL & AC:WW too. I couldn’t find a Halloween path that had the feel I wanted, though, so I made this diamond-tiled one to match the spooky roof, and the path has little bats & jack-o-lantern faces printed on the tiles if you look closely.

Now for the inside:

This is the throne room, which has a mix of Halloween items, lots of candelabra, and cypress plants. I thought the cypress trees would help with the ~elegance~ factor, and they are associated with mourning/death symbolism; you can see that symbolism with cypress trees in the painting “Isle of the Dead” as well.

Here is the room from some other angles:

Zoomed in

Zoomed out 😛

Jack & his loyal subjects

A close-up of the candelabra & cypress plants lining the throne room


In the basement, there’s a spooky little study. I was going for one of those rooms you see in movies where the villain or whoever is sitting in a high-backed chair in front of the fire, as the firelight flickers on the stone walls and he plots and broods on his plans xP

At one point when hanging out in this room, Jack started playing the piano, which together with the music (Hypno KK) and the wilderness sound effects I added, was so…atmospheric, in a haunted house sort of way, I loved it.


For Jack’s bedroom I used his own furniture brand, and he looks very much at home ^_^

Playing with his jack-in-the-box 🙂

Sleep tight and enjoy your new bedroom, Jack~

Jack’s reaction to his new home 🙂

Getting to have some casual chit-chat with special NPCs like this is a fun little aspect of AC:HHD (though I guess you do have to have the amiibo cards).

I hope you all are doing well and have a Happy Halloween! 😀

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8 thoughts on “HHD: A home for Jack

  1. Just created an WordPress account just for telling you how amazing your works are!
    I recently started with Animal Crossing and just when I unlocked the Dream Suite, I couldn’t believe my own eyes how beautiful some of the towns were. I was so impressed that I decided to start organizing my own town in order to get such a magnificent town… that’s actually how I discovered your blog: I was searching for Large Scale Map Grids and one of the few results I could find was your 2014 post: “a post featuring my gridded maps”, and after visiting your town and looking at some of your posts here on this blog, I gotta say… wow, you frikkin’ did it!

    But… I’m still a novice in this game… and I have so many doubts about my Map and other things in general (about organization etc)! For example: Is my map good enough? And my house… wow, it straight up sucks. >->…. let me resume, everything feels a little bit messed up!

    Anyways, sorry for bothering you with my problems! ^3^ and I still haven’t done enough research about organization and this kind of stuff (I will resume that just after I finish writing this, heheh) but all I wanted to say is: Wow, your towns are amazing! :3

    (and I’m also happy that I bought a New 3DS system! wooo!! I knew I wouldn’t regret it!)

    • Also, this all sounds very very off-topic to the post, so I’ll just say: I already started gathering the Spooky furniture, masks and some candy! 😀

      • Okay, wait, I think I’m pretty sure my map sucks. >->
        Also my villagers aren’t that…”important” to me… I think I’m restarting.
        Man, never thought this would be so complicated… I hate having OCD. lol

    • Aww, wow, thank you so much! x3 That’s so sweet of you to say, thanks for all your kind words! 🙂
      I’m sorry you’re having these doubts about your town >_< I had doubts about my map and a few flaws that I saw as well, to the point that I was contemplating resetting… Probably the only thing that prevented me from resetting was deciding that it would be more worth it to just buy another copy (which has gone nowhere compared to my main town, lol). I'm a firm believer that any town layout can be made into a great town, but if you feel that your town layout is interfering with ideas that you have, or if you feel uninspired and sick of it and would rather start over, that's totally fine too. And villagers can always move in again ^_^ I have a feeling the New Leaf update later this Fall will help to invigorate the online communities again and villager exchanging. I hope that whatever you choose to do, you'll enjoy the town-building journey and end up with something you're proud of! 🙂
      Hehe, nothing AC (or otherwise) is off topic! My town is behind real time so I can't participate in the seasonal festivities, but I'm working towards a dream update that I'm pretty excited about. Aw, yay! I got the New Galaxy-style 3DS XL recently and I'm loving it as well ^^

      • Thank you for replying!
        I restarted it, and this time I want to make sure I wont regret it later. I STILL haven’t found a good map layout and that’s because there are 116 maps with different river positions… and that does not include where the Re-tail and other buildings will be. So that is less than 1% chances of finding a perfect layout. Oh well, I guess that’s part of the game! (sorry for my bad english, >->)

        Oh, and I saw that Galaxy Themed 3DS XL.. it’s simply BOOTIFUL *u*, I bet you’re proud of it. u3u
        I recently bought a menu theme for the 3DS to go well with the cover plate I bought for my white NN3DS! The themes are based on K.K. Slider. :3

        Feels good to get started with AC in a near-update time!

        Hope you have a good one. ❤

        • Good luck with finding that perfect town! I hope one of the layouts jumps out to you soon 🙂
          Aw, that’s cute :3 I love the AC menu themes! I’m using the Jack/Halloween themed one right now myself.
          And yeah, you chose a great time to get started with AC, we’re all eager & curious for the new update~
          You too, thank you! 😀

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