Suncombe’s first Yay Day & Bright Nights

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Winter reached its peak in Suncombe with the festive, week-long Bright Nights event in February, and now we’re getting closer and closer to Spring. 🌸 There are a few things to cover from the end of January, too, since my last post on Suncombe only went until January 15th.

January 20th was a Fishing Tourney:

Tortimer mentions his aching back at the Fishing Tourney

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d gotten the massage chair from Saharah, from the sequence referred to as the “red turnip trade.” I forgot to give Tortimer the massage chair during the New Years’ Eve celebrations, and I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to give it to him again until Bright Nights. But no, he’s here for a Fishing Tourney, and very helpfully reminded me by complaining about his back! 😛 I probably would have forgotten again if he didn’t complain like this…

Giving Tortimer the massage chair and getting the scallop

In return he gave a scallop, which predictably, I forgot to give to Pascal the next time I saw him. xD It’s just tradition to forget these things, what can I say! My sense of urgency might not be the strongest because I’ve just been borrowing a golden axe (one of the end-goals of the red turnip trade) from my main town. 😛

Letter of congratulations for winning the Fishing Tourney

Won the fishing tourney with a random sea bass!

Gold fishing trophy on my table

Showing off the trophy in my main room 🙂

Becky's birthday

Towards the end of January, it was time to celebrate another birthday! ^_^ This character is based off my mom; I was inspired by my dad’s town Red Bank, where he had characters for himself and my mom sleeping up in the attic. I thought that was cute, and carried it over to Suncombe, since this town has other personal touches.

Becky's birthday wishes from Melba

I was kinda jealous that Melba was the one to deliver her cake! xP I think it’s because I used Becky to lock Melba in town through the delivery trick, so that’s how they know each other.

Birthday letter from Melba

Becky’s only birthday letter was from Melba, and it didn’t have a present attached, so this helps confirm that a high friendship level with my neighbors is why I got 8 letters with gifts attached for my birthday. I notice that unused side characters really don’t get as much mail in general, not even the letters from mom — an interesting choice!

Amy and Becky eating the birthday cakes

Chowing down the January birthday cakes ^_^

The end of January also brought the first Yay Day I’ve participated in Suncombe, which is a holiday exclusive to Wild World about sharing compliments. I noticed Alfonso and Chief were the only ones who had compliments for me, though! 😛

Compliments for me on Yay Day

Compliments flowed more heavily in the other direction:

Compliments for my neighbors

I tried to give each of my neighbors a compliment based on my personal experiences and perceptions of them, and thought that some of the reactions were pretty cute! I love Chief being confused about his, Ruby confirming that “moon bunny” is totally her, and Melba saying “I couldn’t have said it better myself” when my compliment for her was her own catchphrase: toasty! ❤ But she has the dreaded "cheeseball" catchphrase right now, which has been spreading around my town like a disease.

letter from my mom about Groundhog day

Now we’re into February! Nope, no groundhog/Resetti event in Wild World. I guess you could always reset your game if you wanted to check for a shadow, though! 😛

So… I have a bit of a thing for gyroids! I just love the way they come in different sizes and families, each with a name and a sound that corresponds with their theme. Even though I’ve collected most of the gyroids in New Leaf and displayed them in the museum in Bywater, I can’t bring myself to sell them all in Wild World. I want to keep at least one of each! But storage is a problem, so I’m attaching them as gifts in the saved letters at the post office — I even made a Google Doc spreadsheet to help me out. xD

Gyroids in Post Office

The first section is my character Amy’s letter storage (highlighted ones are gyroids I have so far), and the second section is Anthony’s letter storage. I didn’t want to make my boyfriend send 50+ letters to neighbors for gyroid-storage purposes, so I did it myself playing his character.

Letter from Bree to Anthony

I died at the “Exfoliate!” at the end 😆

Waving to Melba

Waving to Melba, who’s across the river helping me water flowers ^^ (I wish)

Tree-lined path

This is a pretty long tree-lined path that came out well! 🙂

Other areas in town are definitely still a work in progress as far as tree-planting goes… I’m being reminded of how much of a pain it is to recover from a completely bare town from dead-spot-testing! Plus, I’m trying to be pretty careful in planning because I want the layout of trees to look good in all seasons: cherry blossoms, autumn, winter, summer, everything. Anything to cut down on seasonal maintenance! xP

Growing baby trees

Baby trees are a common sight lately, and will probably continue to be for weeks to come, until I finally arrive at the layout of trees I like. I think it’s helpful to focus on the overall structure of town and trees first, because otherwise, how do I know what patterns I need to make, and where?

Cozy meeting with Ruby and Teddy in the snow

I thought this looked like such a cozy little meeting on the path in the snow! ❤

Teddy says we're photo pals

Teddy went on to talk about how we’re photo pals, but I can’t find his photo anywhere! >_< I've looked in all the characters' dressers, and all over town for anything dropped. I might have just sold it on accident, or something. :/

Group of pictures I've gotten so far

Temporarily dismantling my bedroom, I wanted to take a picture showing all the villager photos I’ve received in this town, but it’s missing Teddy’s. 😦 Ah well, maybe I can ask Anthony to see if he can help Teddy in particular with hobbies, so there’s a chance I can get another one.

Appreciative Goldie

Aw, sweet moment with Goldie 🙂 I also thought the lighting was nice, as well as the way her face was peaking between the foliage. ^^

Caught a bee

Bees have given me so. much. trouble. in this town ❗ I’d pretty much given up on catching one! But in this picture, I was going around shaking cedar trees during Bright Nights, because I heard a tip from someone years back that you can get a few un-lit cedars to change into festive ones by shaking the bells, furniture, and bees from them every day. It’s not a miracle-worker (there will still be many un-lit cedars), but I have confirmed a few of those will change to festive cedars this way!

Bright Nights

A festive photo of Bright Nights in the corner of town with the stone houses! ✨

My house on Bright Nights

I even tried hanging lights on mine! 😉 (should’ve used a sharper brush 😛 )

Tortimer and the villagers make it clear that Bright Nights is not just an aesthetic event, it’s a fierce competition! I have trouble taking it super seriously as a competition, though, because the layout of lights is determined by the house exterior structure the villager has. Who would you pick as the winner ❓

Alfonso's house on Bright Nights

Alfonso’s house

Maple's house on Bright Nights

Maple’s house

Goldie's house on Bright Nights

Goldie’s house

Chief's house on Bright Nights

Chief’s house

Teddy's house on Bright Nights

Teddy’s house

Melba's house on Bright Nights

Melba’s house

Bree's house on Bright Nights

Bree’s house

Ruby's house on Bright Nights

Ruby’s house

Bright Nights winner is Ruby!

The winner in Suncombe this year is Ruby! Ruby icon I actually didn’t get a chance to vote because I wanted to wait until the last day, but it turns out that was too late! Anthony and I were in agreement, though, that Ruby’s was pretty nice with the lights draped over the wall. Many of the other houses just have lights on the roof and fence.

Trying to congratulate Ruby

I went to go congratulate Ruby ’cause Tortimer asked me to, but Ruby didn’t have anything to say about Bright Nights! I think she would’ve, had I voted for her, probably. :/ She did have something to say about Katrina, though! 😆

Valentines Day roses in Suncombe

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Suncombe with a heart of roses! ❤ I just did this 'cause I don't have a layout of trees figured out for the island yet. 😛

Wilted flowers

I went almost a week without playing, and was greeted by many wilted flowers on my return! o_o I wouldn’t want my town to look like this all the time, but I actually think it looks kind of cool & rustic-looking with the newly green leaves!

And next time I share about Suncombe, it will have green grass! ^_^ Sorry this post was so long — I should’ve posted after Yay Day, and not waited ’til Bright Nights. I’ve been busy with tree-planning and blog house-keeping, though (check out the newly re-formatted QR codes page, it looks much more organized now ^^)!

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5 thoughts on “Suncombe’s first Yay Day & Bright Nights

  1. oh! Suncombe is turning out to be a lovely town and every time you make a new post my heart jumps with joy! the residents are all so fitting to the town and seeing the growth of trees is so exciting! 😀

    • Thank you so much Talie, I’m glad you like them, that makes me happy! 🙂 I always get a similar burst of happiness when I see something from Osworth, Moonberi, or one of your other towns. 😀 I really like this group of neighbors too, how several of them remind me of woodland animals. ^^ I still have ways to go on Suncombe, but it’s exciting to be working on something new after years of working on mostly completed towns. It’s felt really satisfying whenever I get a part of town just a bit closer to how I want it! 🙂

      • aw, thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say ^o^ yes, that’s exactly what it is about the neighbors! especially seeing Teddy, Maple, and Melba around, they seem to fit into the “cozy” feel that your town has in winter. i’m really glad that you decided to start a new town in wild world out of all of the AC games to choose from, too! i feel as though a lot of people put wild world down in terms of “what to do” when playing it long term. there’s so much more than just paying mortgage, keeping the town clean, and completing the museum, and it really shows when someone like you gives it full attention and love. 😀

        • I agree, and I especially loved the idea of having a big bear and a little bear! ❤ One time Maple was telling me how she has a cheer routine for Teddy's workouts. ^_^ I'm a defender of Wild World as well, in that I think the biggest criticism I see all the time for it is that it lacks the big holidays. But while I enjoy the holidays in other games, it's not really the main reason why I play AC in general — more for the day-to-day enjoyment and town growth. Also, I think Wild World deserves a lot of credit for all the main-stays it introduced: WiFi, haircuts, hybrids, watering flowers, patterns on the ground, accessories, villager photos, etc. All on the first portable version ^^

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