First glimpse of Spring in Suncombe

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I know that this isn’t technically the first time I’ve seen green grass in Suncombe, but it was especially exciting to see again because I only really started playing in this town last Autumn! This early-Spring grass is especially warm and vibrant, too, I love it! 💚 In April it will turn a deeper and more turquoise shade of green, so I’ll enjoy this current grass while I can!

Maple: Amy! It's you!! A-bot!

Maple was the first neighbor I greeted on February 25th, this blessed green day in Animal Crossing. :mrgreen: She was hanging around the wooded entrance to my house.

Maple: You see this outfit I've got on right now?

I do see your outfit — we match! xD She’s wearing the dress I made based off Princess Aurora’s peasant outfit from Sleeping Beauty. I’ve always really liked that outfit and daydreamed cosplaying it, and I think it fits the vibe of this town.

Not bad for a Wild World dress, I think! Briefly changed my hair to complete the effect, so if you see me blonde in later photos, that’s why 😛

Waving to Maple gif

I was so happy to see the green grass on February 25th, and perhaps that’s why everything felt so happy & cozy this day: Neighbors chatting with each other on the path, then walking away singing, and delivering letters to each other… ❤

Melba: Huh? A letter from Maple? I can't wait to read it!

Dear Melba, I'm listening to my favorite song as I write. Someday I'm gonna be a basketball referee!

The letter Maple needed delivered in 10 minutes 😛

To celebrate the springlike scenery, I felt like making a gif of fishing for nothing near Melba’s house:

Fishing by Melba's house gif

And speaking of fishing…

Bulletin Board: The winner of the February 24th Fishing Tourney is Bree!

I found out someone else won the latest Fishing Tourney this time! I actually caught two stringfish and was going to show off by giving one for the Fishing Tourney, but that same day I was kind of distracted working on new patterns, so I forget to give the fish in time.

Elegant reflecting pools and white brick paths by the museum

These are the new patterns I was working on! I’ve never been super happy with the museum’s landscaping in Dafdilly, because I feel like the colorful flowery paths don’t match the atmosphere of the building well. So I felt inspired to do something special for the museum in this town at least once, with landscaping that fits the symmetrical and Grecian-looking architecture. I love white and green together, so I brought a few jacob’s ladders from Dafdilly, but I’ll probably put them away when I start working towards perfect town status because I want to feel that surprise when a jacob’s ladder pops up!

Reflecting pool pixels

A look at the pixels of the reflecting pools! I daydreamed about being able to pixel in watery reflections of white columns in the water, but rightly decided that it would be too complicated, and maybe close to impossible to achieve in this game’s limited palette-system.

That’s something kind of refreshing about Wild World, though! Because the palettes are pre-set, there’s only so much tinkering you can do, you know? Like there are only 3 blues and 1 white on this palette. 😛

Melba in her new cake shirt that I gave for her fashion hobby

Melba’s had a fashion hobby lately, and I thought she looked cute in this cake shirt I gave her! She’s also asked for a citrus gingham, spring shirt, and explorer shirt. ^^

Melba gave me an explorer shirt for giving her an explorer shirt

But… an explorer shirt is what I just gave you to wear, after you said you looked everywhere for it… o_O
Since some dialog inserts and gifts/rewards are randomly generated, I guess it can lead to cute mishaps like this! ❤

Giving Goldie two anklyo fossils for her fossil hobby

Lucky for Goldie, I managed to find two ankylosaurus fossils! She put them behind that skull back there, which is…not an anklyo fossil. 😛 Still looked cool, though!

Katrina's tent in the rain

Katrina’s tent looked so welcoming in the rain! 🙂

Katrina reading her tarot cards

The cards have spoken. It is the THUNDER symbol, in its natural state.
An otter holds a strange shell in his paw…
He swims upstream in the river with amazing speed.
None know how he is able to propel himself with such incredible velocity…
He is not unlike a cheetah running at top speed!
Yessss… Very well, we have “Forward Movement,” “Attack,” and “Velocity”…
So what does this portend?
Perhaps it means nothing. But it may mean everything.”

I think Katrina’s trying to remind me to give Pascal the scallop I have next time I see him! I’ll try to remember this time >_<

Bree's house in the rain

Bree’s house looked cozy and inviting in the rain, too ^^ I guess a light on inside just tends to do that~

Alfonso: Huh? It's a me! It's just you, it'sa me.

Confusing 😛

Alfonso is my boyfriend’s favorite in town; I think he enjoys the Mario references like the “it’s a me” catchphrase and the shirt he starts with.

Alfonso: Yay! All right, let's a go!

Once I caught Alfonso with a different Mario-themed catchphrase that Anthony must have given him ^^

I have a lot going on right now, but my current goal for Suncombe is to try my best to focus on making new paths whenever I can! I think the simple single-tile brick pattern looks fine enough, but I’d rather have bordered ones, along with little side roads. I’m thinking I could try cobblestone? But we’ll see! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “First glimpse of Spring in Suncombe

  1. oooh, so many of these pictures make my heart melt! especially the adorable one with you and the girls giving each other a little wave. *O*

    the green grass and cottage style houses is really quite becoming of Suncombe, it definitely feels so much more cozy and warm than ever. it kinda reminds me of a Ghibli movie when they first begin and everything feels comfortable and explorative!

    and the dress is perfect! not only in style for the town feel you’ve got going, but for designing an outfit in WW, for sure. i’ve never seen Sleeping Beauty, but i looked it up and i actually prefer your version of it, it feels less busy and more homely. ^_^

    i know you’re busy, so thank you for still sharing posts about your town 😀 i’m living for all of the love that Wild World has been getting recently. ❤

    • Aw, thank you! 😀 I thought that was a sweet moment, too! I actually kept trying to wave to Maple as she was walking away (that’s why I was inching forward), but I guess she was too busy hurrying after Goldie. 😛

      The March green grass is my favorite version of Suncombe so far, makes me eager to see how it would look with new paths and more areas developed! I’m definitely taking inspiration from anything that feels like a cozy woodland, like can be found in Studio Ghibli movies, in the beginning of Sleeping Beauty when she is at the woodcutter’s cottage, or any idyllic real-or-fairytale village. ❤ I don't personally find Sleeping Beauty super riveting as a story, so you're not missing much there, but I do love the art style. I’m glad you like the dress! 🙂 think it’s funny how I’ve only ever made dresses in Wild World, I guess I find it more complicated in New Leaf with the sleeves and back patterns and whatnot. xP Kinda nice to be able to keep it simple!

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment Talie, I appreciate it! ❤ 😀 I've been loving all the Wild World I've been seeing around on my dashboard, too! I've gotten a decent amount of asks about ACWW gameplay over the years, even after New Leaf came out, so it makes me think that there are still a fair amount of players that return to Wild World every now and then, after all this time, which is lovely to consider ^_^

      • haha, yeah, i noticed that she’s completely ignoring you! they usually like to look back at you as they walk away, especially if you’re moving. but that’s the good thing about having your capture card, you can get lots of sweet little moments that are difficult to snap with a picture! i can’t ever manage to wave and take a photo all in the same span of time XD

        your inspiration is working well, i can definitely see it shine through and can only imagine how much more you’ll get out of it as you keep developing the town. ❤ and well, i guess it's not such a bad thing that i've never bothered to watch Sleeping Beauty, ha! mostly it's because Disney makes it so difficult to watch any of their movies that aren't freshly made, always putting things in the vault or making them "special edition" and overly expensive. 😛

        don't worry, i've only ever made patterns for clothing in Wild World, too. it's such a long process in new leaf where everything has to line up or it comes out wonky and there's too many color choices that i can't ever figure out what goes best with shading, etc. @__@ besides, there are so many talented and creative people already making such lovely clothing QR codes that i'd rather let their work be enjoyed. ^_^

        've been working on my new leaf towns in my spare time, so i put down WW for now (except to wander around a little bit on the same day over and over again :p ), but that only makes for your posts being even more exciting and fun and i think a lot of others are seeing it that way as well and want to join in ^O^

        • I think partly because it was always hard to capture, like you said, and because I kept forgetting it was a thing, I often forgot to wave to villagers in the past. So I thought villagers would always turn to wave if you tapped the styuls, but I guess not, if they aren’t looking your way. xD Kinda a realistic touch, honestly!

          I’m glad I’m not alone there! I think I sunk a few hours into a pro-dress early on in New Leaf, and was kinda frustrated when it didn’t look how it did on the preview screen. I like how paths & wallpaper aren’t 3D, so they’re easier to predict how they will look when you’re designing ^^ (Plus, I had an inkling I’d be ambitious about my pattern slots!)

          Ooh, I look forward to seeing your work on your New Leaf towns, and hope I could visit sometime maybe! 🙂 Moonberi has such a unique feel to it, and I love your posts on Honeybee so far! I’ve been doing the same thing, loading the town on the same date, in Dafdilly for a while (so again, glad I’m not alone there! ^^). I’ve been on this nice day where it rains in the morning, but then stops in time for the sunset, in which it’s still pleasantly cloudy and hazy in that lovely Wild World way, not overly gloomy and overcast like cloudy days in New Leaf often seem.

  2. Hi Amy! I’ve been following your blog for a while (since 2014 or so, my memory is bad though XD) and I always love reading your posts and updates on New Leaf and Wild World. I was wondering, will you be getting the new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch that is apparently supposed to come out this year?

    • Thank you so much for following my blog that long, it means a lot!! 🙂 ❤ I definitely will! I bought a TV for my room in preparation, though I don’t have a Switch quite yet. I figure if I’ve waited this long to get one, I might as well wait to see if there is an AC-edition Switch or something. Excited to hear more about the game! 😀 Thanks for your comment ^^

    • Oh sure, I’ll work on that and hopefully have it up on the AC:WW patterns page ( by the end of the week. 🙂 Thank you so much! ❤

  3. It’s nice to see someone still plays this game! Right now i am doing a stonehenge part of my town. How do you upload and make a blog here?

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