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bloggerHi, my name is Amy! Welcome to my Animal Crossing blog, and thank you for visiting! I’m in my twenties now, but I first created an Animal Crossing blog as a teenager in the summer of 2011, after being inspired by blogs like Mayu’s and Teru’s. It looked like a fun new way to experience Animal Crossing: blogging about town events so that you can remember them later, sharing pictures and stories about your town with others, and meeting other Animal Crossing fans.

Animal Crossing is more than just a video game to me; it’s been a constant hobby of mine for years now, and I truly feel that overall it has enriched my life. It’s served as a creative outlet for me, and the process of building towns from the ground up — and blogging about it here — has felt so rewarding, and has given me little worlds to escape to in my free time and to relax & unwind after a long day. What appeals to me most about town-building is that I’m creating something that is unique and all my own, and yet the town isn’t a static piece to hang on the wall; it’s something I can play in, let evolve over time, and change through the seasons.

Besides Animal Crossing, I’m not the hugest ‘gamer,’ but I usually like to check out the new Pokemon games when they come out as well, and I grew up playing a lot of Nintendo platformers. Some of my loves include art history, astronomy, music, reading, cats, pizza, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, and figure skating.

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I feel better having my blog up with a disclaimer that this is just a hobby for me, so depending on what’s going on in my life, there will be dry spells & sporadic posting! 😛

This is partly because I try to strike a balance in making the most out of my Animal Crossing-related free time; if I spend all of that time on trying to blog daily or meet a quota, then I might not have time to work on more ambitious projects that will be more interesting to share about in the future. Also, I like to keep my blog organized and archival by only posting when I have something substantial to share — not willy-nilly. ^_^ I hope you understand, and thanks so much for checking out my blog, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

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  1. Hey Amy! I just want to say how much I love this new blog! The title is amazing, it makes me think about how Animal Crossing towns technically are forests :)! The only thing I don’t like is the background, the blues just don’t match, sorry to be negative though. I hope your new blog is as successful as the old one 🙂

    • Hey Will, thanks for the feedback! I’ve been waiting like crickets chirping for some comments from people who followed my old blog, lol. >_< Thanks for the input about the background, I had trouble finding a matching color, but actually thought I'd succeeded eventually. (I went on different computers to test different colors.) But if it still looks distractingly un-matching, I might just have to alter the bottom of the actual background image itself in order to match the background color, not the other way around. Thanks for your kind words and the input, I'll try to make the background look better somehow!

      • Wow, I didn’t expect you to reply so soon! And should I take your old blog off my blogroll, or link to your old one too (but say it’s your old one) 🙂 Thanks

        • Yep, I’m online right now. 😆 I’ll probably have to leave in a bit to do something else. 😛 Hmm, sorry, I guess that’s your decision mostly, I don’t really have a preference. Maybe you could write ‘A Forest Life, by Amy, previously of AC Town Record’. So that would be sort of both, I don’t know, you can decide. 🙂 Thanks a lot for adding me again! 😀

  2. Hey again Amy! I seem to be the only person commenting lol! 😆 I just wanted to ask if you would help me with my new Animal Crossing fansite, Nook’s Way. It is private at the moment so I’m afraid you would have to wait until you are invited to view it but I hope you will consider. Don’t worry if you are busy with this site all the time online or just don’t like the sound of this but you would get full recognition. Leave a comment on my blog somewhere if you accept this 🙂

    • Hey Will! Wow, a new fansite! 😮
      I wish I could help, but I don’t know if I would be the best contributor because I have so much I need to do with my own blog and Animal Crossing-related activities. I haven’t even gotten a chance to fix the background issue you pointed out, and I also need to do the things I outlined in this post, fixing old posts and making winter patterns, as well as catching up and rebuilding my town Dafdilly since I’ve decided to start playing AC:WW again. Maybe I could help a little bit, but I would feel bad if I joined the site and couldn’t help a whole lot. 😦

      • That’s OK, I understand if you are busy and couldn’t contribute much but it’s your choice of course 🙂 I don’t need that much help as I got to do quite a lot yesterday, but if you feel you wouldn’t contribute much then that’s OK 🙂

  3. Ahh!! I love this newer blog! (Sorry, I’m kind of just getting back into the blog world and I just saw it for the first time now!)
    The header image is super colorful and cute. How did you make it? It looks like it took forever to make it haha. And I love the headings like the “Welcome” “Subscribe” and “Blogroll”! Do you have a special font for those or do you use a software to create them?

    • Thanks Tess, it’s great to hear from you again! 😀 I made the header by piecing together parts of screenshots I took while playing AC:WW on the computer. I used this tutorial to learn how to make Animal Crossing-style letters; the AC font is called “Fink Heavy,” but the added wood background helps to complete the effect. 🙂

      • Ahh cool! I didn’t know you could play AC:WW on the computer.
        And that tutorial is very helpful, thanks! I would totally make some cool titles but unfortunately I don’t have photoshop 😦

  4. Hi Amy, I was recommended to your blog from my daughter, Katrina (Kiki from Meadow). You have such a beautiful town and it would be lovely if I come over in the flesh, or rather my character to Citalune sometime.

    I recently started up my own AC:NL blog too – Crossing in Cupcakia. You’re in my blog roll too. 😉 If you want to add my blog back to your blog roll, you’re more than welcome.

    As you are probably already aware, I’m following your blog. Take care and above all, have fun.

    • Hi, it’s nice to meet you! Thanks for following my blog and adding it to your blogroll, I’ll do the same for yours! It looks great so far, I look forward to reading more about your town ^_^ And sure, my town is nothing spectacular but you’re welcome to visit sometime! My FC is 3222-6062-4806 🙂

      • Thanks for following back and adding to your blog roll. 🙂 I’ll add your FC to my list. My FC is: 2277-7848-7926.

        I’m working on getting my town beautiful. It seems smaller than everyone else’s towns I’ve visited. I think that’s due to the river placement though. And neighbours moving directly into my flower garden! Ack!

        It’s impossible to lay down 3 spaces wide paths in my town so I’ve had to settle for 2 spaces in the meantime. :/

        • Okay, I’ve added you 🙂 Look forward to WiFing sometime!
          I’ve been trying to work on beautifying my town as well, but it’s slow progress. Planning paths, flowers, and trees in addition to the usual daily activities takes some time! My town also has a fairly curvy river, so I know what you mean. There aren’t a lot of huge wide open spaces, but I’ll try to make the most of it. And yeah, neighbors moving wherever is a bit of a bummer as well. >_< If you're interested, I recommend this trick to control where houses go.

          • Hi Amy, I replied on my blog to your comment, but if you didn’t see it for whatever reason I just wanted to explain that I got the new AC limited edition XL 3DS. I transferred my game save OK, but all my friend codes from the old DS were lost in the process, and it’s assigned me a new 3DS code.

            Sorry for the hassle regarding this but feel free to delete the old friend card that hasn’t been accepted yet (that should make it easier to find if you’ve got a lot of cards). Here’s the new code: 1220-6978-2164. I’ll go add your FC to my DS right away.

            Again, sorry for the hassle. Hopefully we’ll get together soon. I’ll keep an eye out.

  5. Hey Amy! My 3DS is still lost.. I really miss wi-fing with you guys.. and I missed everything in December… even New Year! Can you kindly take a pic of my FC information… You know the one with the mii one, my 3ds fc and shows if i’m online or what… Thank you!

    • Of course! I will definitely do that as soon as I get a hold of a camera (don’t have one with me right now). For now I’ll say that there’s no information indicating that you’ve been online anytime recently (so if anyone found it, they’re not getting online), and I’ll get a picture of it and send it to you asap! I still wish you good luck in finding it, that’s such a bummer that you can’t play in Belltune 😦 I miss you too!

      • Thank you so much! I miss belltune a lot too…. I’m earning money to buy a new 3DS but i’ll definitely miss belltune and my memories with it!! I bought so many digital games there too… T___T Losing it would waste all the money i saved to buy those games;;; sigh… If it’s not going online, then I expect that the battery already ran out.. it’s already been a month since i lost it;;; well that’s good if the battery ran out.. then they won’t have to mess around with my game datas or anything like that;;
        I hope I can find it soon though.. then maybe if i did, I’ll use that money i saved to buy my friend a 3DS for her birthday.. since she thought animal crossing is a really fun game and would love to have one (but she’s sorta broke right now lol) 😛

        • I’m glad you haven’t given up, and that you’re even thinking about buying a new one if necessary! It would be sad if you were never able to play AC:NL again 😦 (But if it comes to that, it’s understandable!)

  6. Hello Amy! Thanx for subbing to my blog.i appreciate it! Love your blog and I’m having fun reading about your town. Would love to Blogroll with you if you want? A lot of my old friends no longer play or blog. I just started up again.

    • No problem, I loved reading about your City Folk town, and I really look forward to seeing what your New Leaf town is like! 🙂 Thanks for subscribing to mine as well, I’m glad you like it! I’ll add your blog to my blogroll right away ^_^

  7. Dear Amy,
    My daughter and I both play AC NL, and we are awed by how beautiful your town is! We both still struggle some with our town layout. Would you mind if we came and visited? We will certainly abide by your rules, and we have some fun gifts as well 🙂 We have been looking to visit someone else’s town for a long time, but just didn’t want to go to a complete stranger for fear of them not behaving nicely. Thank you so much for all of the work you have put into this site!.m
    Jennifer and Annie

  8. Amy. Hi again! Here is my address – 2337-4018-9928, and my daughter’s 4828-4606-7949. My town is rather overrun with flowers but I’m still working on it 🙂

    • Hi! Aww that’s so nice of you to say about my town, thanks so much! 🙂 I’m sure your town is great as well — being overrun with flowers isn’t a bad thing in my book! Sure, I’ve added both of you, feel free to let me know when you want to WiFi! Let me know if there’s anything I can order from my catalog or give you two ^_^
      My town recently moved into spring so I’m still kind of adjusting to the change from white snow to green grass, but the winter version of my town is still available via the dream suite at the address of 4800-2245-2005 if you want to see it as it’s looked in my recent posts. 🙂

  9. Dear Amy,
    Do you find now to be a little to late for starting a copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf. I often times restart my copy of the game after a week of playing. For this reason I have resisted playing for a year. Now I feel determind to play this summer, but I don’t know if its to late. Thanks

    • Hi Garrett! Oh, it’s never too late to start any AC game imo! And AC:NL in particular is still very thriving at this point in time, with DLC still coming out, and many people still playing across various online communities (here on wordpress, tumblr, animal crossing community, bell tree forums, reddit, and so on). It would actually be kind of fitting to start in the summertime, like many did last summer in June 🙂 I hope this helps in your decision, and I hope you choose to play and have a good time doing so! ^_^

      • Thanks Amy, I’ve decided to restart and play through New Leaf again. I was wondering if it was ok if we exchanged friend codes. Mine is 0216-1311-6453. Of course if not your policy to friend random players, by all means don’t friend me. For your sake I won’t friend you until I get a positive response, but until then, thanks again.

        • That’s great, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 And sure, I’d be happy to! My FC is 3222-6062-4806. I think I should say, though, that at the moment I’m currently stuck plot resetting so I can’t really WiFi (not sure if you know what plot resetting is, being a sort of new player to New Leaf, so here’s a link). When I get the neighbor settled into the spot I want, I’ll be able to WiFi again, though ^__^

          • OK, I’ve friended you now, I understand that people have busy lives. Whenever you get the chance, please friend me back.

  10. Hi Amy 🙂

    I have recently bought animal crossing and stumbled across your lovely blog. I am looking for some nice friends to play with and it would be great if we could exchange friend codes. Mine is 3480-3244-5712. If anyone else wants to exchange codes that would be awesome too 🙂

    Thank you,


    • Hi Chibi, nice to meet you! Thank you very much for the nice comment, and I’m sorry for my late reply! And sure, I would love to! I’ll add you right away 🙂 My FC is 3222-6062-4086 if you need it…hope we can meet up sometime! My town is under construction at the moment (preparing for a dream address update), but I’m happy to visit other towns, and to have guests over once my town is looking more presentable again ^_^

  11. Hey Amy! I’m free for 5 days! (It started yesterday, August 21) I just thought maybe we could hang out a bit for a day during my 5 days of freedom. xD Also, I don’t know if you’re available today but I kinda need to sign a petition to “Banish Unsightly Blemishes” for Ruby.. 😆 Then maybe if I finished signing the petition, we could hang out a bit in my town. 🙂 P.S. I got a perfect town yesterday! yay!

    • Aww yay, congratulations on your perfect town!! And I hope you have a really nice break 🙂 I’m sorry I wasn’t available earlier; I had to work late and I was tired when I went home so I went straight to bed. xP But if you’re still interested, I’m still available today for instance!

            • Hey Choco! 🙂 It was reallyyy fun wifing with you and I had a blast, and loved getting to look around your beautiful town! 😀 I think I might have to go soon though and I’d hate to go back to your town after the error and then leave again right after xD Have to take a shower and such before work. I hope you have a good night and thanks for having me over!! ^_^

              • Okay! Thanks for the Modern Wood Bed! I had a blast too. 🙂 It was nice seeing your town during spring. ^__^ It was nice talking to you again. 😀 Uh.. have fun at work? xD dunno what to say if someone’s going to work haha.

  12. Hey! I love this blog so much! I have animal crossing wild world and I really miss that series ;(
    Your patterns are super awesome and I love them!

  13. Hi Amy =]

    I’m new to acnl, only started about a month ago. I was a huge acww fan so when I got acnl for my birthday, I became hooked in an instant. I came across your beautiful yet informative site while browsing through house design ideas. If at all possible, I hope to get a chance to visit your town and see all your amazing designs!
    My FC: 2852 9894 6324
    I will most definitely abide by your town rules.

    Have a nice day


    • Hi, nice to meet you, and I’m sorry for responding to your sweet comment so late! I hope AC:NL is going well for you, and it’s nice to hear you’re an AC:WW fan 🙂 Sure, I will add you and I hope we can WiFi eventually! Right now my town’s way messy & under construction and not at all amazing — I’ll be working on it though! I added you just now ^^ Thank you, hope you have a nice day too!

  14. Hi! I’m Emma and I’m new to the whole blogging thing. You were my inspiration to start a blog and I’m glad I did. I really enjoy your blog and think that it’s perfect.you certainly don’t have to but if you want you can check out my blog @ asimpleacnllife.wordpress.com my blog is A Simple Acnl Life 🙂 like you, I have town rules considering I have had stuff stolen and destroyed in the past. I will certainly go by your rules. 😀
    My FC: 1650-2042-7829
    My DA: 5700-4885-5355
    I’m not the best with words but have a nice day and bye 🙂
    Mayor Emma

  15. Heya Amy~
    Just gonna ignore my blatant long absence (work, work, work) from the AC scene to ask you… Have you heard about the upcoming Animal Crossing side game?? The one called AC: Happy Home Designer. I didn’t hear about it till today and when I watched the videos of it my first thought was, ‘Did they just make Amy’s dream game (though two years too late)…?’ It did seem to be lacking many staples of the series as I saw more of it, but wow they knocked down some walls for us in villager house customisation. Not sure how I feel about it yet but I’ll keep it to myself in case you haven’t seen anything yet.

    • Hey Teru! 😀 Aw it’s okay I’ve been pretty absent too, especially from wordpress. I have heard and seen quite a bit about it! Aww hehe that’s sweet that you thought of me like that, thank you ❤ I definitely have fewer reservations about it than some people do (I've seen lots of criticism on tumblr, with lots of people saying it's a money-grab from AC fans for Nintendo, in the absence of a full AC game), and I'm really looking forward to it ^^ The features I'm most excited about are the even more increased outdoor customization options (like seen here — check out all those adorable uses of outdoor furniture like the garden gnome and elephant slide!! and is that an “official” non-pattern path?), and new interior decor options, especially the use of ceiling lights like this! It’s funny ’cause I’ve been putting together a ballroom-themed room in Lyra’s castle recenty, and it looks sooo similar to that room they teased there — I used round dinner tables like that, and had a piano and a gorgeous counter as a ‘bar’ — but I swear, I put the room together before the HHD trailer came out. And then I see that room and see what would’ve been the perfect addition to complete my ballroom, a chandelier! 😛 From what I’ve seen, it also looks like we can customize the outside of villager houses now, so no more being bummed out at the disappointing look of favorite villagers’ houses — you and I should have fun with that 😀
      Overall it looks really cute and I think I’ll enjoy it! 🙂 I think one thing that prevents it from being my ideal game though is that you can’t free-roam your town and you get around in a HHA company car…so I won’t be able to implement a town-wide landscaping grand plan like I like to do with Citalune, Dafdilly, etc. It seems like landscaping will focus on certain spots and that you won’t get to really connect all the spots together, but maybe I’m wrong? It also will feel a little funny playing an AC game without leisure activity options like fishing, bug catching, etc…though I tend to neglect stuff like that in AC:NL & AC:WW these days anyway.
      I also heard about the new Mario Party-style Animal Crossing game, Amiibo Festival, which I’ll be able to enjoy now that I recently bought myself a WiiU. It’s gotten a lot of complaints as well but I think I’ll enjoy it for what it is, it’ll be cute — man I’d love to play it with like you, Choco, & Jemma, but I guess it’s probably more of a local-connection type game than wifi. I’ve also been enjoying getting to play as Villager in Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, and the adorable AC level in Mario Kart — it’s kinda fun seeing the AC fandom being pandered to a bit more by Nintendo than we were before, it seems like 😛 So what do you think of it all? And I hope you’ve been doing well, it’s great to talk to you again ❤ 🙂

      • Those are my impressions exactly. My introduction to the new game was in video form and I was jaw-dropping all the way through the demonstrations of what you could do now, having a large fenced garden for villagers, placing furniture outside, controlling the shape and exterior of villager houses, seemingly zero restrictions to house placement, ceiling and floor items. A lot of it seemed to be exactly things we had wished for previously o_o
        I was cringing over the apparent lack of town exploration as you said, especially as the town itself is so much more appealing to me than in AC:NL, with the split levels, the design of the ‘city’ section (which you can free-roam but would be so perfect if it was part of a roamable town) and the charming locations you could make now with full control of landscaping. Being able to free-roam and interact naturally with your town feels to me like the backbone of an AC game, as well as something I just really love to be able to do in any game. It is understandable that you can’t do it though, because the new house plots impede access to parts of your town depending on the placement, and any system put in place to prevent this at the time of new homes being placed would be too difficult for the player to understand and would be 10x worse a nag than Isabelle (and we all know how much slack some people gave Isabelle). The only solution would have been if everybody in the game could suddenly jump fences.
        Another thing that worried me when I watched the videos was that there didn’t seem to be PWPs aside from bridges and public buildings, though it makes sense once you understand that you won’t get free roam. I just loved some of the PWPs though that indoor furniture can never quite replace, like iron lamp posts and benches, and the larger things like the windmill and fountains.
        All that aside though, I do love the things I did see in the video previews, from the cosy little gardens villagers are now entitled to, to gorgeous chandeliers and adjustable rugs (god I loved the dining hall room you talked about), to interior and exterior customisation of public buildings. I’m kind of amazed they went out of their way to create a new game that practically lets us do a lot of exactly what we wished for in NL! Too bad a perfect marriage of the two games would be a whiles away and not for the 3DS. (Kinda hoping such a game would still be for handheld, though!) Overall I’m excited for the town I could create with this new game, but wondering at the same time if I would ever appreciate the town as much as one created in AC:NL. (And everyone probably wishes your HHD houses could be transferred to your NL game but I’m pretty sure such a feature couldn’t be accomplished for a pre-existing title.)
        I heard about the WiiU game as well, which looked decent despite all the criticism, a lot of which probably came from people wanting and expecting a full WiiU Animal Crossing game and being disappointed when it was announced. It’d probably be a while (after release) before I ever play it though because there currently aren’t any titles that are really convincing me to get a WiiU xP (and I only just finally moved out of home so I’ll be kept busy for a while by the PS3 and games I bought in secret a while ago :P) I have seen quite a bit of MK8 though (an entertaining Let’s Player I watch called StephenPlays did a series of MK games with his wife.) and love the visuals and the tracks, especially the DLC ones for Zelda and AC that they really didn’t hold back crafting. I love the retro N64 Rainbow Road too ^^ How exciting that you’ve gotten a WiiU in the time since we last talked and you’re enjoying some great games! I’m sort of planning to upgrade to a New 3DSXL some time, because the C-pad on my current XL is getting stuck constantly (a hazard when you’re using a shovel or you’re steering a cart!) and the D-pad on my regular 3DS is peeling and I don’t want to damage it too much because it’s a really nice Zelda edition one and 1st-world-problems yadda yadda… 😛

        • Those are good points about how it would be difficult to implement both free-roaming and some of the new landscaping/house-plot choices and freedoms. I didn’t think of that, I just figured they didn’t have time (or didn’t intend) to develop a full AC game for this. I like your solution of jumping fences though, that’s pretty good imo! Maybe we could have a new button for jumping xD
          I don’t think it’s true that PWPs have been taken away; they might’ve even added some new ones, since I don’t remember the wooden swinging bench seen in this photo. Also, according to this person’s blog post, you can even put PWPs like fountains inside now o_o
          I agree with you that while I’ll have fun playing this game, I might not feel the same ~pride~ and sense of completeness in my town as I do with a standard AC game. No free-roaming, no connecting all the different landscaping spots, etc., are just very important draw-backs. I love being able to wander my AC towns, running around and appreciating everything, it can be a nice stress-reliever.
          I am super curious about what the next full AC game will be for: WiiU, 3DS, a future handheld, or that new home console system Nintendo is working on?? Not that I’ve stopped enjoying AC:NL or anything (still quite busy with it!!), just very curious about the future of AC and when we might see some of these new features in HHD in a full AC game.
          It’s true that I have been expanding my video game playing a bit; at the start of the year I became in a relationship, and my significant other’s got me playing new series for me like Legend of Zelda (played Link Between Worlds, currently playing Twilight Princess), Final Fantasy, and intends to introduce me to more. And meanwhile I’ve gotten him into AC:NL, got it for him for his birthday 😛 I’m also interested in trying out the Tales of the Abyss game you love! Yeah, I have a lot of fun with the Mario Kart tracks, they look so beautiful in HD and I’m in loove with the Animal Crossing level. If the graphics of the hypothetical AC-WiiU game would look like that, it would be great imo!
          Ooh, that’ll be great to get the new upgraded 3DS! 😀 I’ve heard that the 3D is a lot easier to see (like you don’t have to be at a certain angle all the time), that there’s a new control stick, and that amiibo figures/cards will work with it now (which are a feature of the HHD game in some way, I think). I wonder if I’ll ever end up getting one…I’m still pretty attached to my AC 3DS-XL :3 I’ll be happy for you getting one though, and interested to hear what you think of it! I haven’t actually seen one in person.

          • Thank you for pointing out those very obvious PWPs that I somehow missed, I’m so glad they are still there along with removed restrictions and possibly more items! There must have been so much cool new stuff to soak in that my brain didn’t keep up xD
            I still love AC:NL and it still feels fairly ‘new’ so I’m not actively wishing for a new full game either, but if HHD goes well and they really do incorporate some ideas from there into a future game, then I think my dream game will have been born… I just hope playing HHD when it comes out doesn’t put me in a situation where I’m no longer satisfied with either game (HHD or NL) because of the good points they each have over the other >_<. Speaking of the MK8 graphics for the AC track, I would looove if I could for once experience an AC town in 3D and at ground level… for me that would be the ultimate way of feeling like I’m actually in the game x3
            Awww I didn’t know about that reason for your current videogaming picture 😀 (I actually moved out to be with my SO, but he likes the more ‘serious’/realistic games like Skyrim and GTA… It’s nice when the both of you are interested in gaming in the first place though ^^) It’s cool that you’ve gotten to try out those other series, how are you liking them? Zelda TP has such gorgeous visuals but there’s also always disturbing dark sides to the Zelda games >_<. FFIV on the DS is the only main Final Fantasy title I’ve played and I enjoyed it, but then somewhere near the end I got ambushed by an over-levelled leopard next to some item chest and it scared me away from ever finishing it…oops 😆 Ooh tell me if you ever do give Tales of the Abyss a go! I hardly hear anyone outside of the Tales fandom saying they’d like to try it x3

            • That’s a sweet idea about immersing oneself in the AC world better with a ground-level view; I never thought about it before but I guess that would be quite different from the birds’ eye/rolling log type of viewpoint. It would change the way you view your town/landscaping as well, like you could really feel like you’re beneath a tree and in its shade. And I guess the MK8 level does sort of have this viewpoint, so I have something new to appreciate about it ^^
              Aww I didn’t know that about you either :3 Happy for you! 🙂 Hehe and those serious/realistic games like Skyrim are exactly the types my dad is into! But I agree, it’s a nice hobby to have in common and something fun to enjoy together. We play Final Fantasy VII together sometimes when we meet up, switching the controller between us after every battle, and we also read the dialog out-loud with our attempts at voice-acting (him reading male characters, me female characters). FFVII might be an old game and kinda dated, but I’m really enjoying it, the storyline is really intriguing to me (and long! xD never played a game this long before..unless you count AC, but AC doesn’t have an end, you know?). Though I’m glad I have him to help me with battle advice and such sometimes, because the battle system is still kinda confusing to me and not as intuitive for me as, say, pokemon’s is. 😛 Link Between Worlds was a fine game, it was fun to enter the world of Hyrule I’d heard so much about for the first time, being Link and smashing pots xP And the dungeons, puzzles and bosses were a fun challenge. I’m looking forward to Twilight Princess even more, though, because like you said, the visual aesthetic & design just looks so gorgeous, and I’ve heard great things about the game. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet, though. Tales of the Abyss is on my boyfriend’s to-play list, and I also knew that you loved it, so it just seems like something I’d be interested in checking out eventually ^_^

              • Haha what a fun way to experience a game together, doing the voice-acting xD I haven’t played Link Between Worlds yet, but only because I know it’ll take a huge chunk out of my life if I ever do. They always manage to make each game in the Zelda series feel like a fresh experience with new tricks up their sleeve to keep you hooked. The Tales series sort of gives me a similar vibe to Final Fantasy, both having a typical party of different fighting roles (sword-user, caster, healer etc) out to save the world or something and a heavy, long storyline. There’s a bit of general silliness in the mix when it comes to Tales, though 😛

  16. Hi Amy! Love the blog and your patterns are some of the best I’ve seen! On the basis of that would you mind if I used the blue style edges of your fairytale path to make a brick fairy path?


    Kae xx

  17. Hey Amy! I’m new to the blog-site, i love the blogs you post! Keep up the good work. I was hoping to start one of these myself. These blogs are awesome!

  18. Hi, Amy! I kind of want to “turn over a new leaf” in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and I want your opinion on how to do so.
    1: Erase my town. I don’t like this option because I’ve made a lot of progress.
    2: “Remodel” my existing town. This would be difficult, since I’ve spent a lot on PWP and have already made a lot of irreversible decisions.
    3: Buy another game. This seems like the best option to me, but it still feels like a waste of $30 to buy a game I’ve already had.

    I need your guidance lord Amy!
    Also, I would appreciate it if you’d friend me. You don’t have to, but…
    FC: 4485-0224-1917
    Thanks for looking!

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