Main AC:WW Town


Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
Town name: Dafdilly
Concept: Whimsical flowery village, which is home to fairy Twisk, along with charming animals who live in colorful houses with checkered doors.
Founded: July 3, 2011
Town fruit: ( Other: )
Nook’s: Nookington’s (items from group C are most common)
My house: Final expansion
Museum: Almost complete, only missing a firefly!

Animal Neighbors

















Previous neighbors: Rod Blaire Vesta Patty Rowan Roald Amelia Olivia Kiki Agent S Pierce (from Bundeena) Joey Maple Peewee Baabara (from StarCity) Nan Tipper Curly Lobo (from StarCity) Pudge (from Kesh) Sally Curt (from Red Bank) Lily (from Bundeena) Snake Goldie (from StarCity) Punchy Hugh Aurora (from Anicotti) Octavian Bill Pippy (from awesome) Monique Antonio Margie Maelle Big Top (from Red Bank) Filbert Kid Cat Kitt Rolf Jay Apollo Lucky Patty Elvis Whitney Samson Static

Human Residents

Birthday: Jan. 15

Birthday: Jul. 31

Birthday: Nov. 4


Dafdilly Town Map

Dafdilly Map by TeruDafdilly Map by Teru
Gridded Dafdilly MapDafdilly Gridded Map


Side AC:WW Town


Town name: Suncombe
Concept: Rustic village nestled in a valley in the English countryside.
Founded: April 2016, but remained remote until 2018!
Town fruit: ( Other: )
Nook’s: Nookington’s
My house: Cabin of four rooms
Museum: Only the fossil exhibit is complete so far!

Animal Neighbors









Previous neighbors: Butch Gabi Friga Pudge Pierce Static Anchovy Chevre Bluebear Big Top Limberg Opal Deena Rowan Genji Pecan Agent S

Human Residents

Birthday: Jan. 15
Birthday: Apr. 6


Suncombe town map


Other AC:WW Towns

Cutetown — My first AC:WW town from 2005 was called Cutetown, my character Amy. I didn’t reset for this town, or give great consideration to the town name, obviously! When I got back into playing again after years of not playing AC:WW much, I decided to restart my town and look for one with a better layout and other specific features, like house exteriors, and Dafdilly was born.

Imladris — This is a side town on one of my extra AC:WW cartridges that I use to grow more hybrids. For more information, see this post.

Red Bank — I’ve mentioned Red Bank some in my posts on Dafdilly, so here’s a little explanation. My dad played AC:WW for a while when it came out, and his town was Red Bank. He doesn’t play in Red Bank anymore, so before I restarted my original AC:WW town, Cutetown, I moved my character Amy to live in Red Bank so that my catalog would be preserved. So I’ve ordered things for Dafdilly using Amy’s catalog, and I also use Red Bank as a bit of a storage town sometimes.

216 thoughts on “ACWW

  1. Hey, thank you so much for the response on my private comment! It helped me a lot, and I already downloaded it with no problems, now to work on the header or background…


    • No, I stopped playing it a while ago, before I fixed my WiFi to be compatible with the DS. But that’s true, if I get into those games again I can get friend codes and play online! So maybe I’ll find out my friend code sometime and get back to you. 🙂

      • … hehe, if you do, i wanna have a wi-fi battle with you. xDD If it’s possible, but i’ve been battling via wi-fi lately.
        Who’s your favorite pokemon there? 😀

        • Hmm, not sure if I remember the pokemon in black/white too well. But I got a shiny Munna that I liked a lot, and when it evolved to a Musharna it had really pretty colors. 😛 So I guess Musharna is my favorite, I also really like the fire/dragon pokemon that came with pokemon black.

          • I saw a shiny Musharna during a wi-fi battle! 😀
            I also liked it too! The blue body and violet/purple mist and toes!
            What starter did you pick? I’ve been smart and picked Pokabu/Tepig, Because Fire (Fire/Fghting when evolves) is mostly effective on the Gym Leaders on Unova, with the rock, fighting and fire moves he learned while leveling up.. he’s unbeatable. 😆
            I really wanted to pick Snivy.. but.. he’s un-effective on mostly all gym leaders. 😦

            • Wow, really? You must wifi battle a lot!
              I went with Snivy because I thought he looked really cool (yes, I favor certain pokemon becaus of their looks xP). But you’re right, choosing the fire/fighting pokemon is the best move; I also remember he was quite offensive compared to Snivy, who is more defensive. And in regular gameplay, not WiFi battles, it’s best to just have a super powerful pokemon to sweep everyone I think.

              • Yup.. literally what i do at every game.. pick a strong character and find the opponent’s weakness.. lazy animals = delicious desserts. xDD
                I know! I really wanted Snivy! and it’s evolve forms! Serperior.. Superiorrr… but as long as you have a nice group of pokemon, your truly invincible! I got Emboar, Simisage and Swanna. (A Fire/Fighting,Grass and Water/Flying pokemon team i currently have)
                They’re low leveled compared to the after-game trainers.. which are level 60+ mine are still 50 + .. but i’ve beaten them all.. xP including Cynthia’s (err.. spoiler..) from Undella Bay.. which are 70 +

  2. Err.. Just askin, but are you hoping to continue your Pokemon White? o3o
    … wi-fi battle between registered friends is allowed in Pokemon White. loool.

    Hope i’m not too annoying. *^*

    • I wasn’t exactly hoping to, but maybe I can at least get my FC so we can battle sometime. 🙂 The thing is, I think I’m in like N’s castle or something, about to catch the legendary pokemon(odd place to lose interest in the game, I know). So I don’t know if I can get my FC where I’m at…

      • LOOOL. No worries! …I usually don’t return on the game if i keep losing on the hardest parts.. and if i get back to it, I win without breaking a sweat. 😆
        You can transport back to N’s Castle and the pokemon center of the pokemon league OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I think on the 3rd or 4th floor of N’s Castle, You have the choice to transport back to the Pokemon Center in the league. BUT You have to meet Ghetsis to do that (i think) if you somehow lose to Ghetsis, your transported to the last pokemon center you visited, go to the (somehow) pokemon center in the poke league and you’ll see a plasma grunt that will let you transport back to N’s Castle. 😀
        I think you can get an FC if you open up your Pal Pad. 😛

        • At the moment I’m pretty busy juggling school and Animal Crossing as it is, so I don’t know if I can start playing White again right now (I’d have to catch the legendary pokemon and fight N, I think, before I can get my FC). But I’ll probably do it sometime and let you know. 🙂 And wow, thanks for all the info! Maybe I could find out my Platinum FC first or something, that’s actually my favorite pokemon game. And I think Platinum and White can battle/trade/etc., right?

          • I loved Platinum! .. the distortion world was favorite! … I just don’t know if wi-fi battle is allowed on Platinum.. I lost my Pokemon Platinum.. ;_; that’s why i can’t play it anymore.

            • I’m pretty sure all the DS pokemon games can connect, otherwise how could you complete the national pokedex in Pokemon White/Black? I don’t feel like digging up my pokemon games right now, though. xP But I’ll do it sometime! 🙂

              • 😀 Alright! …June is coming though, i think it’ll be summer for you guys, so i guess we can play at some day that month? xP I think it’ll also be enough time to restart my town too! 😀

              • U.S. History and English. They’re condensed, one month-long classes, so there will be a lot of work in a short time, but hopefully I’ll still have time for some AC and this blog. 🙂

              • Abraham Lincoln. 😆
                Wow Amy! Your so hard-working! I really want to help you but i don’t have much to do for you since i’m so far away from you. o3o lol. I can put your town in your current date since i don’t have much to do all day than restart,pokemon,computer and research hard-core. xD
                All i can do now is… Good luck! xD

    • Whoops sorry I went to post on the pattern page but decided against it so posted here. I forgot I put “these patterns are amazing”. The patterns are amazing though lol!

      • Thank you, I appreciate it! 😀 Yeah, if you want to! Animal Crossing blogs are really fun to read for AC fans, people like seeing pictures and stories from other towns than their own; and it’s also cool as the blog owner to look back at your old posts and remember what went on a certain week or WiFi meeting. 🙂

        • I don’t have wi-fi on my DS though. Hmmm… I’ll try it anyway, it’ll be anyway so could you have a look, thx for replying anyway.

          • Awesome, I look forward to it! :mrgreen:
            And that’s fine too, many AC bloggers don’t really focus on WiFi — more on every-day events in their town. I didn’t have WiFi for my DS either when I first started this blog. 🙂

        • That’s fine, I was happy to add your blog! 🙂 I made mine using a plain text widget, but you can also make a blogroll using WordPress’s ‘Links’ part of the Dashboard and delete the links you don’t want and add new ones, I think.

              • Oh okay, sorry I couldn’t help in time. 🙂 For the text widget of my blogroll, I used a code that begins like <a href= but I can't type it all the way or else it would turn into a link. In using the Links feature of the Dashboard, once you're done removing the links you don't want and adding+saving the links you do want, you can drag a Links widget over to your active widgets and it will automatically have all the links you added earlier (without having to do the a href codes I mentioned).

  3. I noticed the new profile pic ! That’s really cute 😀 And it looks like you had a hard time deleting the background. 😮 If it were me, I’d just leave the background xD

    • Oh , I just noticed! You made my artwork your icon! 😮 I didn’t know how you reduced the size xD but that’s awesome! Thank you Amy! I got shocked (in a good way, of course! xDD)

      • Thanks! Yeah, I think it would be fine with the daisy meadow background too, but I made this a while ago when I was experimenting with deleting backgrounds and used it as my avatar for an AC forum. It’s not too hard with photoshop, you just select the pixels/area you want to keep and then delete the layer behind it. But it’s not a perfect square, so some of it was cut off when I made it my gravatar.
        Yep, I hope you don’t mind! I thought it would be a nice change from my old one and I really like your drawing of Twisk 🙂

          • Thanks monkeydoodle, it’s good to hear from you again! 🙂 Ah, well I wouldn’t say everyone has photoshop; there are many people who don’t, and I only got mine recently as a Christmas present last year. But it is essential for some jobs (like graphic designers) and I bet most people with an interest in photography or design (or just want to edit things in ways that aren’t possible with other programs) save up and buy it at some point because it’s probably one of the best editor/illustrator programs out there. But there are other great, less expensive/free programs available too.

  4. I’m here!! YA! i cant wait for new leaf to come out! i should have it cuz’ my b-day is a few days before so I’m putting my present on hold so i can get it! Still haven’t figured out wifi yet and blog is on hold also! hope to talk to you soon!!!!!!
    P.S TreeHill is deleted and i now have SeaDove main chara. Selena!

    • Hey Lilli! Yay, what great news! I look forward to AC:NL coming out and WiFing with you! 😀 WiFi for AC:NL should be easier, I have a feeling WiFi for AC:WW wasn’t working for you because of your internet security settings not being compatible with the (now old) DS, maybe. These links might help in setting up WiFi for the 3DS:
      SeaDove and Selena are both really nice names, I hope you’re enjoying your new town. 🙂

      • Its nice but I broke my heart when I deleted TreeHill, but i suppose thats normal right? I plan on trying again with the wifi. So far i tried at my mom’s house AND my dad’s but still no luck. So I’ll try again, infact everyone in SeaDove want me to bring some friends over! 😀 I’ll loook at those links! THANKS!

              • Oh okay, well hopefully we will be able to WiFi for New Leaf. 🙂 Just to clarify a bit, the links I gave earlier are for 3DS WiFi connectivity, which will be helpful for AC: New Leaf. But if you’re trying to connect WiFi with AC:WW, you’ll have to pretend that your 3DS is just a DS. AC:WW is an old game and can’t take advantage of the 3DS’s advancements. When learning how to connect my AC:WW game to WiFi, I found a certain online guide really helpful. Here’s an excerpt from the guide screencapped and made into an image. Maybe that will help, or maybe not, it could be that your internet isn’t compatible with AC:WW.

              • We will probably have to wait for New Leaf to come out… I’m sorry I can’t figure it out… (I have really bad internet) but that’s okay I can’t stop dreaming about New Leaf! IT LOOKS SO FUN! In fact new leaf makes wild world look boring! I have an idea for my town now this is it: Aiedail.
                It means “The Morning Star” ha ha I got it from the Inheritance series! (also known as the Eragon series)

              • Ooh, I really like Aidail 😀 Haha that’s true, sometimes I get that impression too. I mean Wild World has its share of faults and limitations, while AC:NL has a ton of new features along with features brought back from all the games. It should be great, maybe the best yet!

              • Probally, infact I hope so! I will probally stay up late hiding under the covers during the summer playing New Leaf haha! (i will mess with the time!) >:) Don’t tell anyone! XD

              • Haha, I won’t 😛 That sounds so cozy, I like playing in bed sometimes too. That’s part of what’s great about Wild World and New Leaf, you can play them anywhere!

              • Exactly! All though I need to be careful; my sister sleeps in my room. I can’t wait for June though.. Its going to be the best 9 days of June! day 1+2- A weekend no school, days 3-7 I’ll be at Nature’s Classroom and the 7th is my birthday, and last of all days 8-9 a weekend I will be at my dad’s house and on the ninth everybody knows; AC: NL COMES OUT! YAY!

  5. Pingback: A Little Village By The Name of Sherwood | My Animal Crossing Hub

    • I haven’t watched much video footage of AC:NL because I guess I don’t want to “spoil” myself too much. But I’m jealous, I’m so eager to see what the gameplay and stuff is like! 😀 I have seen lots of pictures, though, and I’m really excited about all the new customization options for your character and town.

    • Hey again! ^_^
      I’m sorry, I don’t. 😦 I still have Claire from An Ville added, though. xP You could try asking Teru, maybe, I bet she still has it! 🙂 Or digging around on your blog maybe you could find it somewhere, in some old post… good luck, and I’m sorry I can’t be of any help. >_<

      • Thank you! I couldn’t find it on my blog so i tried asking you but hey, you got it. proves you got more blog digging skills than me. xD

        I was opening up my ac:ww page again, to put my old towns and to let people know i don’t play only city folk or new leaf in the future. 😛

  6. Hi Amy! I have a quick question, if you scroll up to the top of this page and look at the photo representing Dafdilly, how did you get the pattern on the ground to look like stepping stones? It’s really neat! Love the blog by the way, and feel free to visit my blog that’ll be open once New Leaf comes out ^^ its called the Shantaki Times :3

    • Hi! Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog, I’ll be sure to visit yours later on! 🙂 I made the pattern using palette 12, a unique palette that contains colors that blend in with the colors of the grass and dirt in AC:WW. Most of the pattern has a dirt background, but on the edges of the pattern I added grass so that it could blend in with grassy areas. I’m glad you like it, the whole thing can be found on my patterns page if you’re interested. ^^

  7. I have an idea for your town.On your main characters birthday, you should hold a party, and invite people over by WiFi and eat loads of fruit and sparklers! You could have races too 🙂

    • I’ve had WiFi parties in the past, including one for my birthday last year. 🙂 Don’t think I’ll be doing much more of those, AC:WW WiFi is very scarce these days and some of my old AC:WW WiFi friends have stopped playing.

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