WW Patterns

AC:WW Patterns

Click on the pattern’s preview image (or right click > open link in a new tab) to view the instructions/larger grid. Most browsers also have a way you can zoom in, if that helps too.

These patterns are free to copy and use for your town, if you would like. Please just don’t claim these patterns as your own or post them on galleries for sites like ACC. I’d also really appreciate it if you give credit back to me, when appropriate. 🙂

I know that this page does not have every single pattern I’ve ever made, especially because I made some right before New Horizons came out. Please respect that I have a lot on my plate. I don’t like the feeling that I’m required to share every little thing I make, when nothing here was commissioned.

Page last updated: July 4, 2019

For Your Town

Sweets path:
The crackers & cream border pieces are meant to either border the chocolate pattern below, or the chocolate pattern by Wendell.

Red brick flowery path:
The flowerbed patterns are meant to border the red bricks.

White path and waterways:
The water patterns can be used as borders or adornments for the white brick path and the white tile.

Pink and purple pansy path:
The fenced-in pansy patterns are meant to border the bricks below, or the wood pattern in the next section.

Pink and purple flowery wood path:
This can be used as a side path for the main path above.

Pastel flowery path:
The flowery pieces are meant to border the pastel bricks. The bricks are actually continued on a bit into the border pieces to add width to the brick portion of the path.

Spaced blue bricks:
This was made as a sort of side path for the pastel path above, but you don’t have to use it as such. It can wind through tight places (where villager houses sometimes are) better than a 3-space wide main path.

Spaced brown bricks:
This is a natural-looking, non-flashy side path with rustic bricks. It can wind through tight places (where villager houses sometimes are) better than a 3-space wide main path.

Spaced brown bricks 2.0:
This is a slightly modified version of the path above, now with rounded corners and a more gradient shading of the bricks.

For Your Character

I’m not as into making clothing patterns as I am for landscaping patterns. I almost consider taking up a pattern slot for an occasionally-worn dress to be a waste, and AC:WW’s graphics are too pixelated for complex clothing designs to look good on your character most of the time (plus, no pro patterns). I’ll post the few I’ve made anyway, though they’re nothing special.

Patterns by Wendell

These are some of Wendell’s ground patterns from AC:CF adapted for AC:WW.

125 thoughts on “WW Patterns

          • hehe, i see you edited the page to add those pansies. 😀 i love the how you made them! they’re completely different to what i made when you look at them at their close-up pixel form. 😮 but if you lay them down, it mostly look like yours. xD

            Your so amazing at pixeling. ovo

            • Yep, I’ll continue to add patterns over time until most of the ones I’ve used in my town are up. But some of my oldest patterns I’ll want to edit first. xP
              Aww, thanks! I like your pansies too. 🙂

  1. Aww, how adorable and cute, and super genius! Love all of these! The fountain looks amazing and so do the table with chairs and paths.
    I think it’s super useful how you did all types of grass and snow and you even did the dirt in winter and regular!
    Seriously, I can see a lot of effort in this page, and it looks perfect!

    • Thanks a lot Jemma! The ground patterns took the most effort, since it’s pretty tedious to try to mimic the game’s tiles instead of making your own path or whatever. xP I’m really glad you like the page, I’ve always loved your patterns page too! 😀

      • I imagine the hard work it must be to create the ground patterns! Probably triangle grass and star snow, even though you do have star shapes, but you can’t chose their size 😕 And with triangle grass, you have to do 3 lines, edit them, color them, and as happens with all the ground patterns, you have to disperse them very well in the space.

        • You’re right, those two were the hardest and the circle ones were easiest. The more complex the shape is, I guess, the harder it is… although triangles don’t seem more complex than squares so I don’t know why that one was harder. I forgot about the shape tools! So I ended up pixeling everything 😛

  2. Wow.. you posted nearly everything.. as for me.. the lazy me.. has NO idea what to pixel. xD let’s call it an Art Block… last time i had it lasted for 3 years… ._.
    All of your creations are amazing.. although, doesn’t it bother you if someone copies everything on your pattern page and when you come to that person’s town.. it look exactly like yours? ..i created a new pattern page.., that needs patterns. 😆
    If someone requests my patterns on my town, i’ll try to make it at least a better version of what i have.. at least my town is unique. xD

    • I wouldn’t be bothered by that, I’d be happy that someone actually used my patterns and all the work for my pattern page didn’t go to waste. But I don’t know how many people, for example, would be willing to pixel all 13 pieces of the pastel path anyway. >_<
      I also tried to improve my original pattern, which looked like this. The brick part seemed too small compared to the flower part. But it was the first path I ever made xP

      • whoa, 13?! last time i had my candy path it was 12? 😆

        i also have a question, would you use those patterns again for spring or change again?

        • It would be 12 pieces if it was a 2-space wide path. But it’s 3 spaces wide and the pastel bricks, which goes in the middle, is the 13th piece.
          I want to make new paths, but I’ll probably still use the pastel path at some point, maybe when I catch up to the flower fest since it’s flowery (or for longer if I’m too busy to make new paths).

          • oh, that totally makes sense. xD
            My candy path is only 2 space wide.. i think i wanna use it again. xD

            .. and i think flower fest is over? 😆

  3. Ohhhh pastel path??? wow! I love it 😀 I didn’t sow the butterfly! Is awesomeeee. hOW U DO for making this amazing and perfectly patterns? Mine are very irregular…. I’m sure theres some trick for making them better 😀 Like yours 😀

    • Thanks Emma, though I loved the patterns at your party and don’t think mine are any better. My biggest tip is to design patterns on the computer. I open a grid like this in MS paint, add the appropriate colors to my palette, and start filling in the squares. Not only do I find it convenient because I can constantly save my work and come back to it later (without leaving my DS on or having to pay for patterns all the time at the Able Sisters), but I can also tile grids next to each other so that I know multiple patterns will line up nicely and neatly (example, this is how I worked on re-making the pastel path).

  4. Waaw! You got blue flower patterns and a butterfly one, I absolutely adore them, I think they look super realistic, and the blue additions to them (just like in a hybrid) makes them look even nicer, and in my opinion very colorful, maybe even like a blueberry gum small touch to the color 😛

    Was that pastel path the same one you had placed in your town on your first party? Not your birthday party, but the one I called BFF Party when I posted it on my blog, haha I remember being amazed by them, and they look super joyful.

    • Thanks! I don’t know how useful those flower patterns on dirt are, since real 3D flowers look a lot better, but I guess if someone is having trouble growing blue roses they can use them. 😛
      Yep, it is! Well, I edited it pretty significantly, but I don’t know if you can tell the difference between the new one and the old one (a great pic taken by Teru at the party). Remember your glitched pitfall? 😆 I want to add those spaced blue bricks, also seen in that picture, next.

      • I think you could easily confuse real 3D flowers in the game for one of these patterns, it’s a shame that you can’t do a lot of Hybrid colors because of the pallets.

        I had so much fun at your party, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget about the glitched pitfall, it was a little worrying but at the same time very funny.
        Now that you say it, maybe the pattern is brighter? I can’t really tell the difference between them if it’s not that, haha.
        Those spaced blue bricks would do great, I hope you can add them soon!

        • Thanks Jemma for all your support! 😀 And sorry for the late reply, been kind of busy this past week.
          The difference in brightness is because one is an emulator screenshot, but basically I completely re-did everything even though the old path and new path look very similar. 😛 I’ll get working on the spaced blue bricks, but like the pastel path, I also need to edit those first before I can post them.

  5. Hey, Amy! Would you mind me using some of your dirt and grass paths to draw on top of them and create new patterns? I would probably upload them on my blog, linking to your blog. But still, it’s your choice, would you mind? I could always link to Mayu’s blog and use her’s… if you’re not okay with it 🙂

    • Sure, as long as you mention somewhere that the ground patterns (backgrounds) are by me, I don’t mind. 🙂 What goes on top of the grass/dirt pattern is still your creation ^_^

  6. I hope you dont mind i copied your spaced blu bricks on dirts (vertical) and spaced blu bricks on dirt (horizontal)
    Your patterns are super dooper glooper!

    TaMs ~

  7. Hi Amy, just wondering, can I have permission to use both brick patterns in my town, Oceana? I’m kind of getting tired of having my current stone one everywhere. This seems to be one of the only places with patterns that are easy to copy into the game 😉

    • Yeah, sure! I would appreciate others using my patterns, so that my work in putting together the instructions and patterns page didn’t go to waste. So no permission needed 🙂 I hope the bricks patterns work out well for your town!

      • Thanks Amy 🙂 You’re right about them not needing to go to waste, I can definitely see you spent a lot of time on them, I’m hardly patient enough to do the grid thing 😆

        Anyways, I’ll go copy them in now 😀

  8. I remember getting one of the clothes you designed there. 😀
    Well, it won’t much of a problem in new leaf i think, i think there’s a choice if you design clothes and they ask if its for boy or girls, so no boys can wear dresses or skirt while they walk around town i think.
    I don’t know, I think I heard that before but at the same time, probably…fake? i don’t know but i wish there would be such a choice

    • That would be a cool feature! It does bother me in Wild World a bit that the clothes displayed at Ables’ have two purposes: allowing WiFi visitors to get them to wear, and allowing your neighbors to wear them. The clothes I’d design for human characters would be different from clothes I’d want my neighbors to wear, you know? And so would designs for boys vs. girls. So if that’s remedied somehow in New Leaf, that would be great ^_^ I’ve heard that boy characters in New Leaf can wear skirts and dresses if they want, though, and girl characters can wear pants now, which I’m happy about 🙂

      • That’s my problem in WW too. Jocks would wear my girly dresses— looool. xD

        I never liked wearing skirts in real life (except my school skirt, which is part of my uniform so i’m forced to wear it. 😛 ) but i love making my characters wear them which is weird… I would like to have them try out pants sometimes though? Are there shorts? 😮 But trying on something different is cool…and lol, boys could wear skirts and dresses? xD

        • I guess I should try to make some patterns that would be good for both my villagers and visitors sometime, that would be ideal 😛 Like neutral tops/sweaters.
          Yeah, I’m used to the dresses look on my AC characters. It’ll be fun to try something new, though! I don’t know if there are shorts or not, but I’ve only ever seen pants, so I’m not too hopeful. But I bet you could maybe design a one-piece pro pattern to look like shorts and a shirt, or something.
          Edit: Oh, never mind, after a google search I’m more hopeful. xP

          • Yeah, I thought of that too but I couldn’t think of designs that’s okay for boys and girls. 😛

            Well, I’m excited to use the new pants! xD I heard you can even customize a certain hat shape? i think i heard that from the series called “Inside the Treehouse” by Nintendo. 😛

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