QR Codes

These are patterns I’ve made, mostly with my own town(s) in mind, but you’re free to use them as well if you like! Giving credit is appreciated, especially when it comes to re-posting and sharing the patterns. But if you’re simply using the patterns in your town, you don’t have to go to extremes to credit me — maybe just point someone in my direction if they ask where the patterns came from, or if you have a credit section/page/post/widget/tag on your ACNL social media/blog where you post pictures of your town, you could list me in some way if it’s not too much trouble. But I get happy to see others using my patterns, so please don’t worry about it! 🙂

Page last updated: January 25, 2017

Fairy-Tale Bridge Path QR Codes

Plain version with no border pieces: click (8 total)

Bordered version with stone on the edges rather than grass: (28 total)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

Bordered versions with grass on the edges: (Each has 28 total)

___ Early Spring (Feb. 25)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Late Spring (May or so? Sorry for the vagueness, but it’s a subtle change anyway.)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Early Summer (I think it’s like June/July. Again, sorry for the vagueness.)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Late Summer (August)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Early September (Sept. 8)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Late September through early October (~Sept. 17)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Mid-to-Late October (yellow trees)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Early November (orange trees)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Mid-November (red trees)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Late November (red-brown trees)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

___ Snowcover (Dec. 11 – Feb. 24)
Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) | Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

Mosaic Path (#1) Qr Codes

I made two versions of basically this same path, inspired by the in-game mosaic tile & wall:

Star motif version: Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) [28 total with corner pieces]

Sun motif version: Horizontal (6) | Vertical (6) [28 total with corner pieces]

The corner pieces for both versions above are the same:
Top left corner (4) | Top right corner (4) | Bottom left corner (4) | Bottom right corner (4)

(The corner pieces just have swirly-type things, so you can see how they’d work fine for both versions!)

Sun Mosaic Path QR Codes

Main 2×2 repeating mosaic tile:

(click the image to view larger)

Middle 2×1 mosaic pieces (allowing the path to “end” on an odd number of spaces):

(click the image to view larger)

Spaced Bricks QR Codes

Actually, these are very much incomplete and need many more pieces! But I am putting these here to motivate me to finish them, which I hope to work on once I’m done with my pattern-making for Citàlune. And who knows, maybe someone would like to try these vertical ones out for now~

(click the image to view larger)

A tile I made to try to match my fairytale bridge path.

A marble tile pattern I made, looking at a tile I found on google images for reference. As the title suggests, this was my first marble tile attempt!

Later on I made more marble tiles:

A brick pattern I made, inspired by the brick bridge PWP.

A small mosaic tile of a crescent moon.

A small mosaic tile of a setting sun.

A pattern I made to cover up the pavement around the town tree, attempting to turn my plaza into a flowery forest clearing. This was only made to blend in with the mid-to-late October grass (when the trees are yellow), so it will look strange at other times of year.

A recoloring of the flower pattern for spring grass.

I also then did a slightly lighter version so that it would blend in better with the faded grass around my plaza. (Faded grass is lighter than fully grown grass.)

These are similar flowery grass patterns to cover up my plaza, but in different densities of flowers to create a slightly less tiled effect:

I made this pattern to customize alpine and classic furniture with, in order to try to match the manor wall.

Custom wallpaper for my character Violet’s room.

Purple-tinged wooden flooring to go with the violets wallpaper.

Starry flooring to go with the lunar horizon wallpaper. It’s supposed to sort of match the light blue that’s at the bottom edge of the wallpaper, but of course, the lighting in the room and time of day can change how well it blends in.

Version with brighter stars, depending on whether you want the stars to be more visible or subtle.

These are QR codes for crescent moon stained glass windows, specifically designed for the simple border customization:

Ballroom window wallpaper designed to go with the golden flooring (Spread in room > Wall, Rotated). The stars do unfortunately have a tiled effect, but I didn’t know how to avoid that while still having the starry sky look I wanted.

These are patterns I made specifically for Happy Home Designer projects. They may be less detailed since they’re only to be used for a yard instead of a whole town, but I thought I would share them anyway.

Sweets-Home QR Codes

(click the image to view larger)

Halloween Path QR Codes

The main, non-bordered, repeating pattern:

Bordered version: There are many pieces, but just use what you need.

Main Pieces (2×2) | Outside Corners (2×2) | Inside Corners (2×2) | All 1×1 Pieces

Harvest Path QR Codes

The main, non-bordered, repeating pattern:

Bordered version: There are many pieces, but just use what you need.

Main Pieces (2×2) | Outside Corners (2×2) | Inside Corners (2×2) | All 1×1 Pieces


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  1. These Are So Awesome TYSM 4 Sharing 😀
    I So Hope to see more of you & your Awesome patterns here ^_^
    Do you think you might do more paths to go with the different bridges,
    town halls, Train stations????
    These are some of the Best I’ve seen 😀
    TY again Peace 😉

    • I don’t have any immediate plans for doing a zen or modern style path, but I did kind of hope to make a path based off the bricks in the brick bridge, maybe I’ll try to do that soon! And I think there are already very good paths out there based on the cobblestone bridge 🙂
      Thanks so much, I’m glad you like them! 😀

      • Hello! I’m from korea
        I have an question
        I want use your bordered qr codes
        but That’s no middle to three rows pattern….
        You Don’t have use pattern instead middle?

        • I don’t, I’m sorry. It’s just a two-space wide path and not a very flexible one!

  2. l’m from korea
    doog!!! ^_^

    • Cool, thanks for checking out my QR codes page! 🙂

  3. Oh!
    lt is so beautiful!
    I’m from Korea!!!

    • Thanks! 🙂

    • 별 Tea님도 오셨네요ㅎㅋ

  4. I love your marble design! I’m actually putting it down in my town right now! When it’s done, I’ll add my dream address! If you don’t mind, may I put it on my blog? I’ll add a link to yours! 🙂 ❤

    • I’m glad you like it and that you’ve found use for it in your town! 🙂 And sure, I don’t mind!

  5. Wow your so sweet hon TYSM 4 answering so quickly 🙂
    I was wondering will you maybe be re-doing the stone to match the bridge more?
    And Maybe less pc’s and a solid tile to make wider paths ?
    I tried to put it down in my town with 2 char.’s ..
    And borrowed a tile from the one w/o border 4 the sold tile lol
    But I kinda just wound getting frustrated and gave up..
    And i know u had a couple where it be less.
    But they didn’t have the gold part on them ..
    And that’s kinda why you want this pth cause it looks like the bridge…
    I’m sorry i don’t mean to be a pain…
    TY again 🙂
    Take care Happy gaming ^_^

    • Ah, I did the best I could for matching the path colors to the bridge, but I’m aware it’s not perfect. My only options were: 1) using grayscale colors (which wouldn’t match, and it would look dull imo), 2) using light brown-ish colors (which doesn’t match perfectly, but I think it looks better than grayscale), or 3) using a blend of both grayscale and light brown-ish colors to achieve the perfect color. So option #3 might be ideal, buttttt the problem is, I don’t have enough room on my palette to do that fancy color blending, while still leaving room for the other colors I have to use in the path (blues, golds, grass/snow colors). I hope this makes sense! In short, I think I’ve done the best of my ability with matching the path to the bridge.
      I don’t know what you mean by “less pc’s”, sorry! And as for making the path wider, sorry but no, I can’t; it is solely meant to be 2×2. It’s just the way the pattern of stonework is. I’m sorry the path is not very flexible, and that it takes up a lot of pattern slots, but keep in mind that I only made these paths with my own town in mind, and I didn’t necessarily have to share them at all in the first place.

      • Hi there!
        I just wanted to say I LOVE your Fairy Tale paths. You had mentioned that the reason you couldn’t achieve the “perfect” color to match the bridge was because you had used up all of the other colors with the other paths. What if I gave you another copy of the game? I have 10 copies (obviously that is SO wrong LOL…). Then if you felt so inclined you could make a path that was the perfect shade though to be honest I’m tickled pink that we have access to the beautiful one that already exists. I just wanted to offer you another copy of the game on the off chance you did want to do that and/or other projects. Your quite talented and I want to thank you again for all of your hard work and for sharing it with all of us (big smile).

        • Hello! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them 🙂 Actually, the reason why the path isn’t an exact replica of the bridge color-wise is because at the time of making it, I thought I only had two options for a fitting color: a light tan, or a gray-scale. And I thought the light tan looked so much better and more natural than the gray-scale, so I used that. However, looking back, if I had mixed tan and grayscale together, through a checkerboard-arrangement of pixels, I could’ve maybe achieved a more accurate color for the path compared to the real bridge. But I didn’t know about this technique back then (this path was made in like 2013), and even if I edited it now to be that way, I may run into issues with the in-game palette limitations. You can only choose a palette of like 10 colors to work with for every pattern you make, and this path also needs to make use of different shades of blue, gold, and grass on the edges, in addition to the colors used for the stone. I hope that makes sense — so extra copies of the game wouldn’t be what’s needed, but I do very much appreciate the offer, you’re incredibly sweet! 🙂

  6. GOOOD

  7. The path set is awesome. It really brings the Fairytale PWP set to life all throughout the town.

    I used up three character slots for this path set. It’s worth it. It’s a bit to manage if you’re like me, and accidentally scuff laid paths while harvesting. I tried to set up the save slots so they made sense, giving one character the top left corner set and the horizontal set, another had the top right corner and the vertical set, and the third used up the remaining bottom corners with two slots to spare. I chose two single-tile path patterns I had found online that had complimentary colors.

    I’m not terribly happy with the effect of a path three across. Had I used one of the two spare save slots for an appropriate border-less image I may have been more happy with the result.

    It was a good path set for me because I only have the three character slots available for use.

    • Awesome, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the path, and your pros and cons, in a courteous and respectful way! 🙂 I’m glad you like the path! It’s true that it isn’t really meant to be three spaces wide, or 1-space wide, or really anything other than 2 spaces wide. That’s one of its limitations, and it has to do with the stonework pattern being like a 2×2 repeating tile — not as flexible as a simple horizontal brick pattern, for example. If you want a matching single-space wide stepping stone, I might recommend the ones that can be picked up at the dream address of 2800-0184-0482, or the one I made myself recently. I’m also interested in doing more fairytale-style stepping stone sorts of patterns in the future, maybe 🙂

      • Hi Amy, I totally love your fairy tale path! Unfortunately, I am looking for a pattern to match the fairy tale bridges that only requires one pattern save as I only have one character. I did see yours but I am really wanting something that does not have a blue border around it. I went to the dream address you suggested (2800-184-0482), totally loved the path but Wendell was not there. Do you happen to know where I can get them if no longer available at that dream address? Thanks!

        • Thank you very much, glad you like it! 🙂 I’m afraid that I don’t know where you’d find the paths otherwise. Maybe try googling the town name and see if someone’s blog comes up? Though it’s in Japanese…
          Also, are you quite sure that Wendell wasn’t there? Sometimes he can just be kinda hard to find if there’s no megaphone. I’d visit myself to check but I’m having trouble connecting to the internet with the dream suite for some reason.

          • I finally got them! It took 4 dreams but I finally found him. Thanks for your help!

        • Here you go: http://i.imgur.com/MlgWBlx.png

    • I posted some pics to my Facebook photo-album if anyone would like to see.

  8. You know the WW patterns you did? Could you plz do them as qr codes here plz?

  9. With acnl ground and grass,, not acww please.

    • I’m sorry! But that would be quite a project and I don’t have time to dedicate myself to that right now. I recommend using a speckled mix of matching greens to blend in with the grass — it looks good enough! Or if you have round grass, you could try this pattern or try making your own.

  10. Hi, Amy! What tones of brown/green would you recommend for matching acnl grass and ground? I find it quite hard to match a couple patterns. Actually I’m probably set for grass but I can’t find any brown even close to that ashy-brown color the gorund naturally is, have you found one? Thank you in advance!

    • I recommend mixing colors instead of trying to find one perfect matching color! For example, try mixing different greens to produce a best matching grass color, looking closely at the grass to try to see what mix of greens you should use, and adjusting via trial-and-error. When it comes to mixing the colors on the grid, you could use a checkerboard/alternating pattern, like this:
      with X and O being two different greens (or whatever).
      Another option is to draw blades of grass in different greens to try to create a grass texture while matching the grass at the same time.
      Unfortunately, since my town’s behind, I think my grass color is different than yours at the moment, but I may be able to help with the dirt colors! I recommend mixing a brown and a gray, like this. This isn’t a perfect match (it’s hard to in New Leaf), but feel free to experiment to see if there are better matches 🙂 Good luck!

      • Thank you so much! It totally helped, I found a mixture of greens I’m happy with, and I’m off to try the grey and brown mixing, hadn’t thought of that, thank you!

  11. Tysm!! This really helped, but I was wondering if you have a made a qr code for winter to go around the plaza tree?

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t at the moment! I think it would look kind of odd to put a flowery pattern on a snow background. What I was thinking of putting around my town tree in the winter was a snowy pattern with frozen pools scattered around in ‘murals’ — but I haven’t made it yet, sorry again.

  12. why am i having such a hard time pulling up the fairy tale bridge pattern with borders on this site.

    • Oh I’m sorry you’re having a hard time 😦 Works fine on my computer!

  13. Hi I love your moon themed tiles.Is there any way that you could put the QR code up?I don’t have the Dream Suite yet so I can’t get it from there.Thanks!

    • Hey! 🙂 Thank you! And sure, they’ve been added now. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but been lazy about it xP Sorry for the delay!

      • No problem XD!Thanks!

  14. Hey Amy, this might be a little out of the blue but I’m preparing my town for the spring and I’m really struggling with something. Have you managed to find a set of greens which match the early Spring grass (I ask you because your QR codes are always so perfect!)

    • Hey Liam! Aww thank you! 🙂 What I usually do is try to find a base color for the pattern that matches the majority of the grass’s color, like the ‘background’ of the game’s current seasonal grass. Then I look for the best colors to add to this base color (and you can do this through pixeling speckles, lines, or grass-like texture on top of the base color) to match the grass even better. A good reference to look for these are the different colored triangles/circles/square shapes you can see on your grass. For the early spring version of my fairytale bridge path, I used the circled colors here, but it’s not necessarily the best combination possible, especially since I was mostly just trying to match the darkest grass possible (ie. non-faded/non-worn grass).

  15. Hi Amy! I am looking for a path that gives a sort of natural theme for my town.
    Do you have any ideas? By the way, your paths are super. I am seriously no
    artist so yours seem wonderful!😊

    • Hi! Thank you, I appreciate it! 🙂 Ah I’m afraid I don’t really hold on to others’ QR codes or know where a bunch are off the top of my head at the moment, but I recommend browsing tumblr and google images for some qr codes with key words like “natural” “stepping stones” “dirt paths” etc. I’m sure you’ll find lots ^^

  16. Awesome QRs 🌝

  17. Hi Amy!

    I really love your QR code called fairy-tale tile, with the thin blue borders. I was wondering if it was possible for you to make five similar QR codes; four with the blue borders only on the left/right/top/lower, and one with no borders at all? I prefer to use double spaced paths and it’d be amazing to be able to do it properly with this design! Of course I know it’s time consuming, but if you ever got round to it, I would love it! I can give you some Bells for it if you’d like.
    Eloise 😀

    • Ah I’m sorry, I don’t think that would be possible for me. The path is already like 28 pieces and I have the feeling that modifying it further could make the path include more pieces than the game can handle. Plus it would be pretty complicated for me to attempt. I’m sorry again, but thank you for the nice comment 🙂

  18. These are so awesome and amazing!! You are really talented at designing in Animal Crossing, I’m jealous. X) I have attempted to make paths myself more times than I can remember with failure, do you have any tips or advice on how to create paths?

  19. Hello! I’m from korea
    I have an question
    I want use your bordered qr codes
    but That’s no middle to three rows pattern….
    You Don’t have use pattern instead middle?

  20. These paths are so pretty ;-;
    I know I’m asking something pretty big but…
    HOW? just how did you get the pattern colours
    to match the grass so well? do you have like
    a colour guide or something? Sorry if I’m
    sounding rude or anything ;-; I am
    trying to make stepping stone paths (as
    I don’t like using qr codes) and I
    am really struggling! Thanks for any
    help x

  21. I want the QR code for the fairy tale bridge path on the sides mostly the right side I have the middle

  22. Hi Amy! I made a fairytale path based on your wonderful path series, but using a standard brick style instead of you super beautiful design! The similarities are the blue border, which I took massive inspiration from you for!

    Would you mind if I posted these to the Reddit AC forum? I’ll credit you for inspiration of course!


    • Hi! Depending on how heavy or not the inspiration is, if you give very clear credit I shouldn’t have much of a problem, I think.

      • Would you like me to send you it before I post it online? I completely understand if you’d rather I didn’t post it! Thank you for the reply!!

        • Honestly, I don’t mind either way! Whatever you would like to do 🙂

  23. Can you pretty please post the QR code that for the sun mosaic path you finished very recently? It’s gorgeous and I’m trying to recreate it on my own but I just can’t

    • Sure, I did it…just for you ^_^ Well I was going to post them eventually, once I made my new dream address, but with your comment, figured why not go ahead and do it now 🙂

  24. Hi! I just recently started playing ACNL. My daughter received a Nintendo 3DX as a gift, and purchased me one as well. Now I’m hooked! Lol 😆 I love your Sun Mosaic pattern for ACNL! Beautifully designed and the colors are gorgeous!

    • Glad to hear you’re hooked onto ACNL! And I agree with you, the patterns are beautiful!

  25. I’m just wondering, how do you create your patterns like that? I find them very interesting and colorful. Any advice you want to give me?

  26. These are incredible! I hope to see more. (:

  27. lol I am using this for my town thank!

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