Stuck in November

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A few weeks ago, Saima restarted her town Ivy Hill and invited me to visit her new town, Anicotti, home of her character Sugar:

I see she got the red gate and symmetrical pavement she wanted. 😀

I gave her a few hybrids and some of the more valuable items from my closet as a housewarming gift.

Buying a bike from her Nook’s so that she can get Nookington’s one day 🙂

She’s already started to landscape her town nicely, like this row of trees. Rows don’t usually work out in my town. xP I need to test for Dafdilly’s dead spots one day (soon, I hope).

And this blue and green panelled bridge is another example of her early decorating. 🙂

Love the pastel color scheme she has going on so far! I apologize about these pictures, my camera has trouble capturing AC:WW’s evening colors. It takes a few shots to get a decent-colored one, which there isn’t always time for in WiFi sessions.

Soon she wanted to visit Dafdilly, but I got a picture of her map before we partied over. It’s a lovely town and I’m so jealous that she has Bob! 😛 Bluebear is really cute too, I like her a lot.

Welcome back to Dafdilly! This is Saima’s second visit, but we didn’t have much time for the first one. Sorry my town is behind real time (but it was only a matter of days at this point).

We went to my house first and I showed her the rooms and surrounding area, it’s too bad my garden looked so ugly that day. 😦

She was eager to get a haircut, but Nook’s was closed and wouldn’t open for four more minutes, so I set the timer. 😛

She noticed my scallop beach and I offered her one of them. They aren’t cheated scallops or anything (I haven’t ordered from any giveaways and I don’t have AR); I ordered massage chairs over and over one day by forcing the mail delivery, which you can do by having someone visit or sending 10 letters at once over and over, basically. 😛 Then I talked to Tortimer with a massage chair in my posession, received a scallop, entered and exited the town hall, and talked to him again and again, receiving a new scallop each time.

Passing the time some more by visiting a few neighbors, and then…

The bells alerted us to go to Nook’s, in hindsight setting the timer was a pointless idea. 😛

That’s such a sweet haircut! ❤ Unique, too, and looks great with hats. 🙂

And next was Ables’, which is kind of embarrassing since I use it for storage sometimes, or to transfer patterns between characters. Only half of them are for clothes, and one of them is Teru’s, the super colorful one.

Yeah, the yellow flower area here (it used to have yellow roses as well) got really out of hand. 😆 I’m going to re-arrange my flowers soon by mapping where I want them on a gridded map, in particular spreading out flowers that are heavy in certain areas like this. 😛

After looking around a bit longer and taking some fruit and tools, Saima had to go. Thanks for coming over and letting me see your new town, I hope you’re enjoying your new life there! 😀

Kammile also rebuilt her town recently and I was able to help by creating a new town on one of my extra gamecards for her to use as a temporary storage place for her old items:

I’m the boy, accidently said “I’m not a girl!” to Kapp’n. 😛

When she was done transferring items, I went over to her new town for the first time:

The suspense… xD

Yay, my first step in Kammile’s new town of Alp Wood! 😀

Her new map:

Meloetta’s house is on an island and there are lots of ponds, both great features. 😀

Stopping on the way to Meloetta’s house to admire these awesome cracker patterns!

This is her cute pink house on the outside, already upgraded.

I fell into two pitfalls while I was there. 😛

Her Nook’s is already upgraded, too, and in the process of expanding again, so I couldn’t buy anything. 😦

Kammile wanted to come over to Dafdilly with Harmony as the host for a change, so this was Harmony’s fist WiFi session. 😆 As you can see by the timestamp, Dafdilly is still behind the times.

The first item of business was getting a new hairstyle, which is so cute! 🙂

She went to greet Goldie from StarCity, but Goldie only remembers her as Kammile. 😦

Meloetta and Puddles coordinating well together. 😛 I had to go to bed soon after that, thanks for the fun

The reason why my town is behind is because I wanted to finish my fountain pattern before the ground changed to winter colors that wouldn’t match. I had made this rough draft of a fountain pattern over a month ago:

It’s a rough draft because obviously the base of it wouldn’t be left white, I was planning on having it be cobblestone. And the droplets were going to be white instead of blue; I just didn’t feel like coloring every square in the background a dirt color beforehand to allow for white going on top.

If I’d done those things, the pattern would have been “complete,” but I also wanted to remove the base of the fountain and place rocks instead to give a more garden fountain feel:

This took so long to finish because I kept lingering over silly things like how the pond should be shaped (symmetrical or assymetrical?), where the rocks should be located (all around or in certain places?), and how I should shade the rocks and water. I wanted to make bench patterns as well, but it’s really time to move on with the new season, which will be my next post.

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29 thoughts on “Stuck in November

  1. I love the new background image! :3
    It’s so cute and thanks for the contest submission, I was starting to think
    you wouldn’t submit. xD I have my christmas tree and fountain designs left
    on my camera, yay!
    and in my opinion, Your fountain looks like a bird bath but with it’s elegant
    sprinkling action, It really does look like a fountain. (A cute,mini one! x3)
    I’m also planning for Jemma’s contest, Should i design a halloween themed room
    or a banner instead? =___= I guess that contest’s over, It’s waay back at
    October but just in case, I’ll make one. 😉
    I really do think you should go with assymetrical pond. Have you seen a symmetrical pond before? 😆 or perfect shaped one? 😆
    haha, don’t know, Maybe somewhere around the globe? 😆
    but i just want to stick to reality while making patterns. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m sorry I was late for the submission, things got a bit hectic and I underestimated how long it would take to finish the pattern due to my fretting about those silly things I mentioned. >_> It’s funny you make that suggestion because I actually meant for the pond to be assymetrical. 😆 You can see the curves in the pond better in this picture, but it does appear oval-shaped in the photo.
      I was going to do a room for Jemma’s contest; it’s going to be a busy week, but maybe I can squeeze that in. 🙂

      • I edited a few rocks and the top fountain for palette 13. 😳
        Hope you don’t mind. 😳
        Haha, Everyone must be copying that wonderful design of yours. 😀
        It’s awesome! xD Everyone will be liking your pattern page if you
        already made it. 😆 It’s one of the things i will anticipate on your blog!
        SOOO EXCIITED!! :mrgreen:

        • That’s a great start to transforming the pattern for winter, nice. ^^ And I love what you did on the bottom with the different fonts and the signature. 😆 I’m glad you’re looking forward to the patterns page, I will try my best to get it up by the end of the year. 🙂

  2. The background image is fantastic! I think I asked you how you do them but then I went absent during 2weeks and don’t think I recall your answer 😕
    Love the fountain pattern! It really looks great, would you mind if I copy it? (I would modify it a bit if you don’t mind 😉 )
    Lots of photos of different towns! Hehe, just love it! Great post! Congratulations Amy, another fantastic post! 😀

    • Thanks so much Jemma! 😀 Oh yeah, I remember that. 😛 To make the backgrounds I use parts of different computer screenshots taken with an AC:WW rom played on a DS emulator. I found downloads for those things pretty easily with Google if you want to give it a try yourself. But I’d also be happy to try making a background for you if you describe what you want it to look like.
      Sure, I don’t mind if you copy the fountain pattern, here it is. 🙂

      • Would you really want to make a background for me? That’s so sweet! Thank you Amy!
        Well if you can, I don’t really know how to describe it so why don’t you just surprise me? 😛
        If you don’t have time just don’t do it, 😉 I don’t want you to have problems with school or anything for my fault 😕
        Thank you so much Amy!
        PS: Would there be anything I could do for you?

  3. Yeah, I got finals next week too 😦 (except they’re high school finals.)
    Love your town, looks like so much fun! Your patterns are awesome…
    Speaking of which, WE ALL REALLLLLLLLYYYY want your fountain pattern (the one with the rocks is awesome….). It’s not like I wi-fi or anything so…. yeah… and maybe for winter to you can do the winterground and then have a brown fountain with icicles on it instead of water. Wouldn’t that look cool???

    • Good luck with your finals! ^_^ I hope to have the pattern page up sometime in December because after my exams are over, it’s Winter break. 8) The AC:WW patterns will be in that numbered grid I made, but in the meantime, I hope this is easy enough to copy:

      I don’t think that blends in with the current ground color, though. 😦 This color as the background might be the best bet for right now:

      But once snow covers the ground, palette 13 will have to be used to blend patterns in. You’re right, I think a fountain could be made for Winter. There are a few browns on palette 13 for the rocks/base, but they’re the same colors used for Winter dirt, so I would put the fountain on a snow background. Then the pool could be made to look shiny & frozen using the blues on palette 13. 🙂

  4. HOLY MOLY, Twisk!!! That fountain pattern is AMAZING!!

    Hehe, sorry, kind of freaked out there. But seriously, that’s the most amazing pattern I’ve seen in ACWW! You’re so talented, Twisk! I am definetly going to use this pattern in my town! And your winter blog theme is beautiful, the falling snow is lovely!

    Oh, and….


  5. Yay, it’s snowing… on your blog 😀 But your snow behaves differently to mine o_0 And I looove your new blog background ^_^
    Wow, two brand new towns. The ACWW world sure is busy 😛 What’s that thing with Goldie and Kammile? Meloetta is Kammile’s new character from Alp Wood but Goldie remembers her because she’s from the same gamecard or something? 😯
    Your fountain is amazing!!! The rocks and the water are so convincing, and I love the design of the fountain itself! It makes me feel like it’s such a pity patterns have to be flat on the ground x3.
    I’m still stuck in November too 😛 I’m probably behind you now >_<

    • Oh and Teru, While reading through your new post.
      (Since the snow is much noticeable on your blog)
      The snow follows your mouse/cursor/arrow. 😆
      It was fun messing around with the snow. 😆
      I think that’s how the snow works on wordpress. It’s a really
      nice addition. :mrgreen:
      By the way Amy, My characters are currently Mallow and Choco. 😳
      Sorry for all those character FC exchanges! >_<
      These two are my permanent characters for Alp Wood.

      • Oh and i forgot, back then, My character was Kammile, While placing my
        items on Amy’s temporary town on her other game card.
        I noticed Goldie moved and i wanted to greet her. 🙂
        and soon after that, I asked Amy if she could move Goldie to my town.
        When i restarted and got Alp Wood. (On my first try. 😆 )
        I used Meloetta to go to Amy’s temporary town and retrieve the
        items i left on her temporary town and greeted Goldie (again…)
        Goldie only remembers me as my character, “Kammile” from StarCity While
        i was placing my stuff on Amy’s Temporary town.
        but now, I was using Meloetta from Alp Wood to retrieve the items. 😆
        I hope you understand. haha, Can’t see why do i have to make such
        a big fuss about this. xD

        • Ohhh right, yeah I get it now 😆 Like Amy said, that’s kind of sad then 😦
          That’s so weird, with the snow. It was definitely going in the opposite direction to wherever I was pointing the cursor. But I know now that my snow does also follow the cursor. Just not on my static home page 😛

    • Thanks! I didn’t know that about WordPress snow following the cursor, that was a good observation by Kammile. ^_^
      Oh, I meant that when Kammile as Meloetta greeted Goldie, Goldie probably said something like “I just moved here from StarCity!” so that would be bittersweet, being remembered from a past town in a way, but not being recognized.
      I wonder if there will be 3D fountains and such in AC:3DS, and if the outdoor furniture provided will eliminate the need for pattern landscaping. I kind of hope you can still lay patterns on the ground, it’s a fun hobby.

      • Ooh, that would be amazing, if, as the mayor, we could add outdoor furniture and choose where to put them. Maybe some sort of donation or points system? xP And it’s so nice that you can sit on a tree stump, like in real life 😆

        • Yeah, that’s what I imagine you can do after seeing the bushes, the bench, and the well from images online and the trailer. It’s funny because all those things are on my list of patterns to make, so maybe the outdoor furniture in AC:3DS will eliminate the need for landscaping with patterns. 😛 Plus, I have a feeling patterns on the ground won’t look good in AC:3DS because the 32×32 grid will look too pixelated on top of the detailed dirt and grass (even AC:CF suffers a bit from this, I’ve noticed). Not to mention the patterns on the ground will look even flatter in AC:3DS when everything else is 3D. Oh well, I’ll enjoy landscaping with the new outdoor decorations instead of patterns, I guess. 😀

  6. OMG! I really love your new background! It’s really cool for an AC blog 😛
    Your a fantastic artist!!! 🙂 With patterns, backgrounds, ratings….. Good job! 🙂
    I’m in a hotel in Italy so as you can see I’m on a travel, bu the hotel has a PC with WiFi so I have some min to post a comment on your blog! 😛 xD
    My backgroun is ridiculus 😆 well it”s not really ridiculus it’s just….. normal 😉 it’s a photo of the street of Hogsmade in the Hp park in Florida! 😛 I love that photo but I’m triyng to do a background with the insturocions than you give to Jemma 😆 but the final result isn’t good 🙂 jajajaja so at the end I have the Hp park photo in my background!
    Fiu :O long comment xD Wel I have to go and visit the Italy city and of course eat the best pizza and pasta 😛 😆
    See you on Saturday 🙂
    PS: Tomorrow I try to publish a new post in my blog 😆

    • Thanks Emma, that’s nice of you to take time out of your trip to comment. 😛 Wow, you’re in Italy? I’m learning about ancient Rome in one of my classes and would love to see the Pantheon and Colosseum. But I don’t even know if you’re in Rome. 😛 Anyway, I hope you have a nice trip!
      For your background, I recommend cropping out most of the grey sky, re-uploading it, and setting the background settings to “Repeat: No Repeat” (or I guess you can tile it if you want) and “Attachment: Fixed.” I do like that photo too 🙂

      • Oh thanks Italy is super fantastic 😛
        And thanks for the instrucions I think when I finally come back I’ll try to do a better background! 🙂 😆
        Thanks again! 😛 Please comment on my last post it’s special to me! 🙂

  7. Hey. Um. Amy.
    I need your help.
    I’ve kind of totally stolen your blog theme. 😈
    Plus I’d like to ask if you can please make me a background.
    A snowyish one.
    I want like a dusk type sky
    with snowy pine trees. 😛
    Can you please do that?
    If you can, please send it to my email!
    THANKS! 😉

  8. Amy, It’s still MonkeyDoodle on ACC, Aronelo on WordPress,(I lost my password and the reset email sent the wrong link) and I am wondering how you get it to snow on your blog.

    • Hey Monkeydoodle! It’s pretty easy, on the left side of your Dashboard click on “Settings” and then “General” from the drop-down menu. There should be settings about the title of your blog, the blog email address, etc., and at the very bottom there’s a box you can check to have snow falling on your blog until January 4th.

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